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Angelina Jolie Pregnant Again!!

Angelina Jolie Pregnant Again!!

"Angelina Looks Pregnant Again!" reads In Touch Weekly‘s latest headline.  According to the Daily News, the editors at In Touch are basing their story on one photo of Ms. Jolie with a "telltale bump!"

One source claims: "Angie has been looking extremely big around the mid section. She lost a ton of weight after Shiloh was born, and now she seems to have gained it back plus some. Pals are buzzing the reason for the expanded waistline is she’s carrying another baby."

Brad Pitt‘s rep was amused by the latest cover story: "It’s so stupid.  That magazine is a joke." 

The above photo is of Angelina and Brad taking children Maddox and Zahara to Roissy Airport from their apartment in Paris back in early March (she was six months pregnant with baby Shiloh).  More pictures in the gallery!

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  • briseis

    Jared,Thanks for the new thread. That other was getting harder and harder to read with so many pages. Boy, if Angie is pregnant again, wouldn’t Bradley be in 7th heaven! Didn’t he say that he’s gonna get going until someone tells him to stop?

  • shy

    seems that this mag dont have anything to do thats why they are making up stories for these golden couple to boost their sales!!!hahaha what a pity!!!

  • No Fan of Jokie

    What do you expect from low classy trashy. Thought she didn’t want to have babies when she could save another orphan instead.

  • NomoreBrangelina

    So how hold is Shiloh anyway then? I mean…really.

  • carolina a.m.

    she looks sloppy here.

  • carolina a.m.

    she looks sloppy here.

  • morepower

    More power to them. Best wishes to Maddox, Z and Shiloh.

  • Oh C’mon

    It’s tabloid and not likely to be true, just like most of the malicious gossip and lies you read in this and other blogs. That said, WTH knows what ridiculous attention-getting thing Jolie is likely to do next. Brad, you lost your golden image man.

  • Not a Fanof Jolie

    She is not all that pretty without the airbrushing…and very out of shape and saggy for a 30 year old.

  • Cliniquad

    I’m even getting tired of her.

  • briseis

    For those trashing Angelina just because she might be pregnant again, and calling her low classy trashy, I hope to see you in Britney Spears and Heidi Klum’s threads, and I hope you are bashing them too, because didn’t these two get pregnant again so soon?[

  • kids

    They are probably going to have a total of six kids. At least now they have a house with 11 rooms that can house them. Good.

  • judi

    I hope she has a baby every year, that way when she dumps Brad, he’ll be paying tons of child support for the rest of his life..LOL

  • Brad Twit

    Brad is such a puppy now–and that hat just looks ridiculous.

  • JenFan

    Only STUPID people would believe this! Their baby is only 3 months old! There is no way she could be showing that much at 6 weeks along. You are not supposed to have sex for 6 weeks after having a child. Even if she is 3 months preggers she would not show this much.

  • pagebetty

    ====== This is an old photo! When the family was in France, there were a lot of shots of Brad with that beanie thing on his head! No wonder he laughed about this story.

  • Old news

    Old pics but the rumor is rampant everywhere based on new pics. She has been looking thick around the middle but she’s never had a great body anyway.

  • Hat Makes Sense

    Brad IS a beanie-weanie.

  • angie

    Angie is the bread and butter of tabloids. She must be a very nice and level headed person to not respond to any of these rumors.

  • Me

    she is so FUGLY

  • sultrydame

    Bah to 4, 8, and 9.. This is an OLD picture of Angelena. Duh. You have to expect that pregnant ladies cannot look pretty at ALL times. Double duh. On the side note, I’m so happy for them and can’t wait to see more new babies from them!

  • Blah who cares

    I’m so sick of brangelina I’m about to give up celebrity gossip. LOL

  • sultrydame

    #18, you couldn’t have said it better.As for you haters, just get lost already.

  • fascination

    There is little information about the Pitts. Everything is made up.

  • Who Cares?

    Never respected Angelina. Now I like Brad even less.


    Er, riiiiiight #17 – that’s why she gets voted hottest bod on every poll in the known universe, including winning polls WHEN she was 8 mos. preg. Hahahahaha! Get a life losers. Face it. J.Maniston needs a bag over her head – Brad looks upon those years as a nightmarish waste.

  • Don’t Twist

    Cliniq you are so worng. Hottest Bod?? LOL. No way.Name ONE.

  • em

    Why even take time to post if you have nothing good or positive to say? If you are not a fan, don’t waste precious time blogging in this thread and starting your day with hate, envy and bitterness. What kind of lives do you have to have all this negative energy? What you post is a reflection of you more than that of Brad and Angie.

  • get a grip

    Angelina didn’t win any "hot bod" polls if pictures here were used. LOLOLOL Gross.

  • oldpictures

    Angie will still look good in rags.

  • ME

    Could someone please donate a brush or comb to that family?

  • To em

    It’s just a ‘balancing act’. You know that–or at least you should by now.TEAM ANISTON

  • ME is RIGHT

    A comb, some shampoo and a body wash might all be helpful. Just saying.

  • sarah

    # 28 | emwhy do you people do the same on Jens threads?

  • Tabitha

    There was only a couple photos recently that "seemed" to make Angelina a bit thick in the waist. Recent photos seems to show that angelina has lost most of her pregnancy weight. Angelina looks great. It’s up to Brad/angelins when they add to their family.

  • Brad is Ugly Now

    Brad Pitt sure has lost his leading man edge. No longer credible.

  • truth

    All the people posting negative comments about a pregnant woman here are a disgrace to motherhood and all pregnant women around the world. Since you are all indentified by name, at least we know who you are and you should cover your head in shame.

  • Sorry for Brad

    She;s thick waisted and thick headed. Poor Brad.Got more than he bargained for I bet.

  • Cliniquad

    Brangelina is really boring. Why are these old pics news? Let her be the next Mia Farrow or Joan Crawford. Don’t tell me about it.

  • JenFan

    You know…..this woman has reminded me of something for a long time…..but I just couldn’t put my finger on it until I saw that last picture of her alone……she looks just like an ENGLISH BULLDOG!!!!!!!!!

  • gitane

    i see illiteracy is still a major problem in the world since some folks can’t read the whole caption and find out that the pitt’s representative refuted the whole trashy in touch story. i think i’ll join angie’s quest to have all children educated–it’s obviously a worthy cause.

  • lies

    I like pregnant women, truth, and you can’t say otherwise since you don’t know me. I just really don’t like Angelina Jolie much and I’m not interested in hearing about her lastest antic. Just want my voice to be heard so Jared will know how I feel too.

  • real truth

    Oh, please. no more brangelina. I couldn’t stand another 9 months of Jolie, the Tabloid Queen, news.

  • JenFan

    # 35 | TabithaThat’s because she has to do something to get the attention back onto her with Jen now doing the NIKE ad and something else in the recording studio. Jen has so much going for her and all aj can do now to keep braddy is keep getting preggers or act like it. I personally do not think she is pregers. she just loves the media attention so much that she will lie to be in the news.

  • Brad Twit

    I said it once and I took another look and I gotta say it again. Abuot that hat? WTH was Brad thinking???? lol

  • HAHA


  • Yawn

    Boring. Where’s Joaquin?

  • judi

    I really could care less about Brangalina, and when the Brangalunatics stop posting thier hate on Jen pics, maybe I will stop posting on Morticia Holie pics, turn abouts fair play IMO

  • fan

    All you filthy people can have this blog to yourselves. The pictures are old, the news is false. The Jolie-Pitts fans are in the current news blog. Thanks.

  • sarah