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Brad & Angelina: NEW ORLEANS

Brad & Angelina: NEW ORLEANS

Brad Pitt announced the winners (New York city architects Andrew Kotchen and Matthew Berman, of the firm Workshop/APD) of his architectural design competition at a news conference in New Orleans earlier on today. Brad worked with Global Green USA in hopes of creating the environmentally friendly housing in a redevelopment project in the Lower Ninth Ward of New Orleans, a neighborhood hard hit by Hurricane Katrina.

Brad shared this at the news conference: "I am appalled and embarrassed that residents still do not have the opportunity … to decide if they want to get back into their neighborhoods and recreate their communities… [But] I’m very, very excited about the result.  There are a lot of great ideas that came across the table."

Brad was accompanied by his family — Angelina Jolie, Maddox, Zahara, and Shiloh (not pictured).  More pictures in the gallery!

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brad angelina new orleans 01
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  • freidaflo

    THANKS JJ/AUDREYThe JOLIE-PITTs look great.The kids are growing so fast. I miss Shiloh.

  • athyena

    FIRST!! Yay!! shoutout to BAMZ Fans and all of chicago!!! woo!!

  • Estelle


  • African Girl

    No Way….am I first? Thanks Jared you are the absolute best!!!!

  • susie

    yeah, finally get to see Zahara and now the tabs are saying she looks pregant! Whatever. Does anyone know if she named both adopted kids or were they named?

  • CCCC

    Thank JJ, what can I say… you are the best.

  • African Girl

    # 1 | athyena Lol…. shout out to you too FROM Chicago!!!!

  • old lady

    He……………………y! I am 4th.

  • susie

    more pics on keystone site

  • gitane

    JARED YOU ROCK!!!!!!!

  • Leila

    Thanks Jared:) I’m so happy to see this family.

  • angelah

    Thanks j@red for this new thread and these pics!! 10th??

  • guli

    Thanks JJ- This family is just wonderful inside and out. And baby Zee is gorgeous like mom and dad :)

  • angelah

    Thanks j@red for this new thread and these pics!! 10th??

  • Ivy

    I love little Z and her pigtails. Angie looks great, but not pregnant to me. Brad looks HOT!

  • old lady

    Still 7th! That’s in the top ten!. Thank you God.

  • Rizos

    Hola to all BAMZSers They just look fab. I hope this project give New Orleans a big help that they really need.Que Viva La BAMZS fam!

  • Alexanderina

    Jared, YOU ROCK, thank you so very much for the new Thread, damn I just love this family, beautiful pictures. Maddox and Z are such cuties, Z is really getting big, I love her little pigtails, reminds me of when I was younger, Angelina is beautiful as always, and damn Brad is HOT as always, the man sure know how to wear a suit

  • tabloids

    God bless the Jolie-Pitts. Thanks JJ.

  • angelah

    oh well. Aww they are all cute!!Hi Rizos!! where have you been???!!!! how are u??

  • Alexanderina

    # 17 | Rizos | – Hola Rizos, how are you?

  • Brad Twit

    Brad can preach about Green when he LIVES green. Otherwise STFU.

  • QQQQ

    Thanks Jared, as always u ROCK….

  • Brad Twit

    Brad can preach about Green when he LIVES green. Otherwise STFU.

  • freidaflo

    THanks – JJ and AUDREY!!Love them PITTS.Kids look good.


    Yipppeee!! Even though we got word on the fam in NO, hours ago — there still ain’t nothin’ like a fresh BAMZS thread w/ coffee! Thanks JJ!!((((((LOVE THEM!!!!!))))))ET is about to come on in 20 min or so here — will they be reporting on this?

  • Leila

    #8more pics on keystone siteSusie, would you please give the link to keystone site? If there are supposed to be more pictures in the gallery , I can’t see them for some reason.

  • facts r facts

    Blah. Who Cares.

  • Original Curious

    WHOOT! Thank you JaredBrad looks fantastic, Angie and the kids too. I think Zahara is going to be tall – Maddox had best watch himself!I hope the Global Green way of doing things takes off in NOLA. It would be so good to have the rest of the city [aside from the French Quarter] rebuilding again. I’ve been watching some of the 1 year anniversary stuff, and my friend down there keeps us up to date too. Sadly, she posted pictures the other day with debris still in the trees.

  • Sophie

    Zahara is Cute. Brad looks old. I’m indifferent to Angelina.

  • truth

    Angie and kids supporting dad. Awwwwww!


    Thanks JJ! Can anyone provide the link, to the AP story re Brad/Angie ?


    My fav of Brad is #13 w/ Pam and that other dude. Pam looks like she just tickles him to death.

  • gitane

    # 17 | Rizoshola rizos! donde estabas? a lot of folks have been asking about you!

  • Carmella

    Brad looks confused–like he’s winging it. Why is somebody who flys private planes and drives big a$$ cars and lives a totally non-green lifestyle a spokesperson for anything green. That makes NO sense. Guess he just needed some good press.

  • wow

    Brad looks damn good for a man going to turn 43. He looks good and happy at peace. Zahara is a cutie I agree. Brad could be 85 and I always love him, he has a good heart and no matter what the haters want to say and feel , that won’t change.

  • cheryl

    Good to see Brad and the family out together.

  • Rizos

    Hi guys How are you? Was in Puerto Rico for 3 months ( AHHH!!! the live), but I’ve reading a lot at my friends computer can’t write but reading. Happy to be back, I missed you guys a lot ( even the vermin ones) got to go for now catch with you later :)Que Viva La BAMZS fam!

  • sophie >idiot

    Brad looks old. # 31 | Sophiewhat an idiot..

  • gitane

    # 29 | facts r factsthe people of new orleans care.

  • guli

    # 17 | Rizos |Where have you been, I missed you. I even had a glass of wine for both of us for this family while I was in Turkey :) Not Berringer but was still great!!!

  • Reality Check

    brangelina needs a hairbrush. just saying.

  • old lady

    Love to see this family. It’s great for them to be so unhollywood. Thanks JJ and Audrey.

  • mamadog

    Thanks Jared for the new pictures. You are awesome! I posted this on the previous thread; but, there are more photos of Brad at the news conference at splashnews.

  • sad

    Carmella, it is called giving back, and you should try it sometime, it is called helping your fellow human being, New Orleans needs all the press it can get at this point or it will be eventually be forgotten, You make no sense.

  • a

    # 36 Don’t tell me that you’re all for green! Good press? whatever you want to believe then so be it! At least this guy [Brad] is contributing big $$$ and actually helping uplift the devasted places in New Orleans.

  • Leila

    Oh ! I can see the other pictures now. They all look good and definitely Angie does not look pregnant at all. I hope that’s the end of this pregnant nonsense.

  • think positive!

    More pics here: you Jared.All you have to do is put the Keystone pics and you are the BEST! Please put them up!

  • Renee

    Thanks Jared. Z is such a cutie pie. How could you not remember her name? They are so precious at that age. What a beautiful family! Angie looks great. Brad is the finest of all wines…

  • Alexanderina

    # 40 | Rizos | – I love PR, I have been there a couple times, but it was stop and go, never spent a night there, but I want to go one day and spend a couple days