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Jessica Alba @ Kate Somerville

Jessica Alba @ Kate Somerville

Jessica Alba used one of Hollywood’s secret weapons yesterday morning (left).  How does the world’s sexiest woman maintain one of the most gorgeous complexions?  Why, a session with facialist to the stars Kate Somerville, of course!

As for the outfit, it all seems to work.  The calf-warmers are off-putting at first but then they kind of grow on you.  New trend among Hollywood starlets? 

Earlier this week, Jessica Alba and co-star Dane Cook were shooting a kissing scene for their new film Good Luck, Chuck when they banged teeth.  Jessica claims: "I lost a tooth. Isn’t that disgusting? Dane and I were smashing our faces together."  Well, it looks like she got her snaggletooth replaced already!  Picture perfert once again…

To the right is Jessica, 25, on the celly yesterday afternoon after feeding the parking meter.  More pictures in the gallery!

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  • keira82

    Such a beautiful young woman but really have to say "no, no, no!" to the leg warmer things

  • mahsnowy

    I am so jealous of her size and skin. I wanna to be her… OH DAMN LOL….

  • emma_gurl

    those are called Spanx…they suck you in and smooth out all the lumps and bumps (not that she needs smoothing…she has a great body!).

  • getreal

    lost a tooth? yes, that happens when you have an eating disorder, your tooth health is not as strong as it should be. FEED JESSICA!

  • hr

    i’m not feelin the sheer leggings/spanx. love the dress though.

  • pagebetty

    ===== Yuck. Talk about skeletal in that first picture. No wonder they call her lollipop head. She’s top heavy or something. What a weird body shape. In some pics she looks like a boy when she’s wearing a hat.

  • Gretchen

    Those are the cutest shoes…anyone know who designs them?

  • pagebetty

    It’s Albatross. She’s too skinny. And no, she is not the most beautiful woman in the world. Love that movie clip of you on YouTube. Doesn’t matter if it was a body double either. So what was the problem with Playboy putting you on their cover? Hypocrite.

  • Malkavian

    Geez Pagebetty…bitter much?And YES she is one of the most beautiful women out there.Is she skinny, yes, too skinny I don’t think so.If she did have on more weight, then you would be calling her

  • Me

    she is gorgeous. Amazing skin! I’d kill for it. However, I saw her hosting some awards show recently and..well..that killed it. Completely cringeworthy! What a knob.

  • Bunny

    Who could possibly be jealous of Jessica Alba? She is SO OVERRATED, she lies to get people to see her movies, and she has linebacker shoulders! I will never understand her appeal.

  • pagebetty

    === Me Bitter? No. She is a hypocrite, and a snob. She ignores fans who wants her autograph, and she talks stuff about her heritage. I’m done.

  • Lady

    I used to like her because she looked sweet, but after I began to read all the things she would say in interviews I can’t stand her. I couldn’t stop laughing when she had the nerve to say at the kids choice awards that if you truly wanted to be sexy all you have to do is "be yourself" She’s full of herself now, I liked her better when she was quiet and in the background.

  • Anonymous

    i don’t really like her in particular, but the disc-shaped looking necklace she’s wearing caught my attention. Does anyone know who makes that necklace?? I have been looking for a similar one for months.

  • Mari

    she is amazing!!!!!

  • lala

    She is pretty and sexy but she can’t act !! eventually, she’ll be a nobody next year.

  • AlbaLover

    LOL @ the h8rs!! Jessica is what a real woman should look like. NO FAT CHIX!!!

  • rialygonadelvis

    jessica is weird shaped… no hips yet her butt is huge… what?

    i watch her in the fantastic 4 and the attire they strap her in makes her look odd below the ribcage.. like.. very, very tapered then suddenly POW! her lower hip line is like REALLY there…

    not child bearing hips.. but… butt hugs the office chair look.

    i certainly hope that doesn’t grow on her when that certain age hits where the spread is unavoidable.

    it just looks strange.. i wonder what diet her trainer or she’s on? whatever it is… it’s got her way disproportioned below the belt.

    not that i have to worry it’s just…. very interesting has me curious.

    a diet makes all the difference… but i think her diet has to be not correct for her genetics or something?

    oh well.. hell with it.. come on jess, tell them friends of yours to make another fantastic 4 eh?

  • Laurenzo

    you are the kind of people that make girls think down on themselves. why are you so critical? if you really don’t care for Jessica Alba then why waste your time posting such rubbish like that?