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Nicole Richie Head Wrap

Nicole Richie Head Wrap

Nicole Richie (nice head wrap!) was snapped at upscale eatery, Cipriani Resturant in SoHo earlier on today for lunch with pretty boy boyfriend Brody JennerNicole, 24, and Brody, 23, have been spotted together all around town this past month.  More pictures in the gallery!

Nicole‘s dad Lionel Richie gave his approval: "I was there when Brody was born. They grew up together. To see them together now is like, ‘Where are you going with this?’ But they’re having a wonderful time. He’s a great kid."

Brody‘s songwriter mom Linda Thompson also gave her approval: "Nicole is like my godchild. … She’s a darling girl, very intelligent and very together.  I think they’re very cute as a couple. Will they get married? Who knows? He’s young and so is she."

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  • lalala

    this axl rose phase is really not cool…what is she thinking???

  • wow

    doesnt look like she really wants to eat whatever it is that she eating… she knows the paps are around so she’s putting on a "show".Really dont care if this rich girl eats or not. I mean, the get all this money for absolutely nothing and then refuse to use that money to eat…! Give me some money and see if i’ll starve myself…Helllll no…

  • nobody

    her arms are disgusting theyre all bone. gross.

  • theoriginalbitch

    I luv how this girl seems to always be eating but yet still looks like a walking skeleton. She obviously is doing all this dining out for the sake of the cameras and possibly to appease her father but at some point, she’s also purging. This chick needs an intervention.

  • d. c.

    Ban Lionel Richies music until he takes his daughter to the hospital and she recieves full medical treatment before she dies.

  • betduke

    Finally she is caught with something in her mouth. Other photos show her holding food not eating it.

  • Caz

    She’s looking a bit healthier if you ask me. Definitely put on some weight. People who have been anorexic cant just go from being skin and bones to having a figure like Scarlett Johannson….it takes time. She’s obviously trying to nourish herself gently and put on weight in a sensible manner. Good for her. Good luck Nicole. Anorexia sucks man, its a fucking disease and the more people realise that and support those that suffer from it rather than diss them then a better planet this will be.

  • anorexic

    Nicole Richie does not look any healthier. And why would she be having such a difficult time gaining weight when she put on so much weight within a month of rehab when she supposedly gained all that weight? She started to look healthier about a month ago and lost all the weight she looked like she gained a month later. She knows what she is doing, it’s for attention. She wasn’t getting any when she was "chubby" aka "normal" and now the media won’t leave her alone. SHE KNOWS WHAT SHE IS DOING. SHE LOVES THE ATTENTION. She will end up dying before putting on 10 lbs.

  • SusieQ

    The problem is all the positive attention Nic gets when she is sick. Why would she want to gain weight? Before she started looking like skull and bones she was only known as Paris’ chubby sidekick. Now she is a fashion icon. The media, bloggers, photographers should take some responsibility and all just steer clear of her untill she is well. No press attention untill she has gained weight is the one thing that could get her into treatment before you can say Rachel Zoe.

  • azz0r

    Has anyone noticed she always has the coolest outfits?Shes got style.

  • Megan

    Did everyone see that recent magazine cover photo of her in a bikini in the supermarket stands? That is unhealthily skinny. I don’t know what she was yellin at the papz about not being anorexic. She is anorexic. That bikini photo of her on the mag showed her boobs sagging and seperated by bone in the middle. It was disgusting. Her ribs were showing. Even her organs were showing! Maybe she needs to take some advice from Jessica Alba or Jessica Simpson about being healthily skinny. Because that’s just not right. She is definitely anorexic. No doubt in my mind. ALL these hollywood starlets are anorexic. If you’ve been to Beverly Hills hotels, or wherever, and you see ‘em in person, they’re all really short and skinny. The camera adds on ten pounds so you can’t really see it on tv or in the movies. It’s like if you stand a little far from a mirror, your body looks wider and taller than if you stood up close sometimes because of distortion. It’s the same on camera. But up close in person, these starlets are extremely skinny and shorter. And if it actually shows on camera that you look anorexic, imagine how skinny she is in person. And what else is she taking? Fat burning pills? Diet pills? Exercising 8 hours a day? Grapefruit diet? That girl is unhealthily skinny, whether or not she’s anorexic, and it’s going on too long. What’s her secret to staying so skinny then? In your early 20s you are not supposed to be getting skinnier. Your metabolism slows down. Nicole Richie needs some diet help. Call Jessica Alba!

  • movie fan

    I don’t think that she became a media darling when she got skinny — it started when she stopped putting in fuchsia hair extensions, and started to dress like a young lady rather than a lazy high school kid in T-shirts and ripped jeans. She styled her hair and she looked good. But THEN she went too far in losing the weight to wear those things. Maybe now that she’s not in emotional turmoil with her on-again off-again romance with DJ AM she’ll feel better about herself and eat right and put on the RIGHT kind of weight, not fat, but muscle and be strong and have good posture. Maybe she can take up dancing again. I’m hoping that Brody Jenner is a good influence on her.

  • lola

    The only problem this chick has is her inability to admit to her eating disorder/s. She is def anorexic. She looks like she is dying of AIDS or cancer. I agree with SusieQ 100%…media needs to get over her because all they are doing is encouraging her. Another thing is no matter how untalented she is, with this much media covering her, she reaches out to that many more young girls who will develop eating disorders striving to get that emaciated look because its the "in" thing of the moment. She is sick and needs help.

  • Cin

    I bet she only eats in public. She probably fasts for like 2 days then goes and eats a slice of pizza when she knows the paparazzi are watching…

  • Cin

    By the way, anybody notice she’s startint to look like her stylist Rachel Zoe…she’s another one with a serious eating disorder problem. She even has the bulima chipmunk cheeks. I wish they stopped giving those sick people so much media coverage :( At the same time, I can’t help but watch in with a mix of discuss and fascination…

  • Kristen

    Why is no one around Nicole helping her? She is obviously so SICK, and anyone who thinks otherwise is clearly just as sick as her. Her body is not the product of "stress", "a fast metabolism", or "dieting and exercise". That kind of body comes only from a serious illness like AIDS or cancer, or in her case, an eating disorder. She is clearly anorexic or bulimic and probably takes some kind of pill as well. If she doesn’t wake up and smell the rotting flesh soon, she’ll be dead.

  • Aveeno1

    **********She’s looking a bit healthier if you ask me. Definitely put on some weight. People who have been anorexic cant just go from being skin and bones to having a figure like Scarlett Johannson….it takes time. She’s obviously trying to nourish herself gently and put on weight in a sensible manner. Good for her. Good luck Nicole. Anorexia sucks man, its a fucking disease and the more people realise that and support those that suffer from it rather than diss them then a better planet this will be.# 7 | Caz*************************I agree with you Caz, she is happier now and getting back to good health…. when it becomes a sickness as did with Nicole it can take upto a year or so to get back to full good health. To me it seems she’s getting there slowly but surely. She also attributed the massive wheight loss to the stress from the break up and long shooting schedule for TSL. Both of those for the past 2 months or so seems to be gone… she’s with Brody now and seems happy so with less stress and getting over the breakup she’ll be able to gain her wheight back.Megan #11. that pic on the mag was doctored to make her look that sickley, we had seen that same pic here on JJ and other blogs and she was thin yes but not as bad as the magazine photoshopped it to try and sell their story…..Mags photoshop pics all the time to try and sell their made up stories… this did so this week with Nicole Kidman…. we saw a pic of her and didn’t look pregnant but a tabloid took that same pic and photoshopped in a little bumb and proclaimed her pregnant… same with Angelina Jolie one of the weeklies took the pic of her coming out for a photo thing with Brad and puffed up her face to say she’s added wheight and is pregnant again… etc don’t believe the pics you see on the weekly tabloids… they make them fit the story they’re trying to sell.Nicole is thin but if you look at her VMA pics it looks like she’s getting back to good health and looking good… I love her and wish her the best… maybe by this time next year she’ll be back to looking much much healtheir… and doing her thing…

  • paris herpes

    At the VMAs her upper body looked sicker then her bottom half, which made me wonder how tight the bottom of her dress was. I didn’t really like the dress too much on her either. Her arms look really bad. She’s starving herself and loving the attention. So she ate a cracker at lunch, look how she eats it, she knows the pap are around so she does this whole drama and we all eat it up with a spoon (more so then she ever will). Stupid dumb ass bitch should starve herself to death already, she’s not together, she’s not intelligent, she’s a media whore. Her bony body should just go away, I’m bored of her denying her own eating disorders, she looks like hell in anything she wears. Maybe someone should tell her that. Do us all a favor…

  • Janet

    I don’t understand it when people make comments like she looks "healthier"! Healthier than what? A corpse? Because she looks that close to death to me. I’m so tired of her lame ass excuses. "I was always thin", yea right, there are pics of her as a kid with bigger, more muscular arms then she has now. "I don’t do cardio, I’m too thin", then why are there pics of her ass jogging around LA all the time? She needs to grow up and admit she has a problem instead of contradicting herself all the time.

  • Janet

    Oh and one more thing…Brody Jenner must be a pedophile.

  • Pete

    LOL Look how she nibbles on her food and acts like she is chewing a huge amount of food. She probably stores the food she puts in her mouth in her cheeks and spits it all out once the cameras are gone.

  • Fat Ass

    I wish I looked like Nicole Richie. I’m going to try injecting myself with a deadly disease and maybe when I get close enough to death I will look like her. When did it become a good thing to look like a crack head dying of AIDS? I guess if we get Rachel Zoe to dress up a random addict they will become the new "style icon".

  • blah

    Janet, if you’re so f.ucking tired of her excuses, then why the do you post on here? What’s wrong with excersising regularly? When most people get out of the hospital, they tell you to excersise daily.

  • André

    She’s thin and she’s almost dying…but she certainly looks better this way…LOL

  • Oprah

    Blah missed the whole point with the exercising comment made, Nicole Richie has stated that SHE DOES NOT DO CARDIO, yet there are always pictures of her DOING CARDIO. She is full of shit and the only people that can’t see thru her bullshit are herself and other anorexic girls.

  • gfdg

    give nicole a break man! everyone has struggles with weight at one time or another in life! if the girl wants to be thin, than more power to her. take a look at most of the celebrities out there….they are ALL thin! but because she lost weight, we all just have to criticize her! take a look at yourself before you critique. don’t tell me you never worried about being too fat or too thin! and do you do something about trying to stay fit and thin? or maybe not? some of us don’t care about our appearances and just eat away and not exercise. but if they are comfy with themselves being that way, than more to them as well. bottom line is….to each there own. nicole i think you are a cute girl and i love your hair!!!

  • ines

    i think you fat asses need to get a life.she looks great.if america wasent so overweight we wouldnt bash on her people need to get a life and stop wasting your time obessing over peoples weight maybe you could exersice more