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Alyssa Milano: HAIRY ARMS!!!!!

Alyssa Milano: HAIRY ARMS!!!!!
Check out Kevin Federline‘s "Lose Control" music video.  It’s pretty much Kevin swaggering through Pure nightclub, swinging his arms around from side to side. Come on K-Fed, I wanna see your back-up dancer moves!!!!!!!!  Wait for the ending.  He winks at you.  Holla!
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  • It’s not that bad

    Federlines song is not thaaaaaaaat bad…it’s catchy…..

  • brubs

    what the hell is wrong with me!?I KIND LIKE IT!

  • Fabiana

    Que tipo tan perdedor !!!El video apesta, el apesta, la cancion apesta !! Es lo peor

  • whatever-girl

    k-fed go find another job!!!! plzzzzz

  • suprised

    honestly, i think i kinda like it. i didnt think i would but its pretty not gonna like go out and buy the record. (unless there are more decent/good songs. )but people will give him a hard time cuz hes white and cuz people think they know his reputation.

  • suprised

    honestly, i think i kinda like it. i didnt think i would but its pretty not gonna like go out and buy the record. (unless there are more decent/good songs. )but people will give him a hard time cuz hes white and cuz people think they know his reputation.

  • birdiebird

    The beat is ok, but the lyrcis are so self indulgent. K-Fed is such a show off.

  • Souhila

    I may appreciate the rythm only !! He has to thanks the pianist !!

  • Melissa

    Uh, yeah… K-Fed sucks.

  • candice

    so the song itself doesn’t suck, but the video does! kevin should have done like a whole little dance routine, and stop making those gay ass faces! he looks like a pompous ass, and all i could think watching was." damn i wish i could marry a rich woman like britney spears, and then anything i wanted I could.." tone down the jackass antics kevin, and realizing the world is pointing its’ finger at you, and laughing, and then maybe you’ll get somewhere…

  • i luv pat

    alyssa hairyano! to bad she is so fuking sexy that I dont care!

  • Amy Leigh

    Dear God, real women have HAIR on their arms? Who’d have thought. The horror.

  • Joy

    # 2 | brubs I don’t know what the heck is wrong with me either. I Liked his song. I think he’s cuter than Justin Timberlake when he’s all cleaned up! *ducks underneath the computer desk* ;)

  • Sue

    ‘k, man, her arms are not that hairy, alright? Stop obsessing over these little insignificant things!!!!!!

  • sheri

    i seen alissa milano on charmed in a scene that had a close up of her arms.i was realy surprised that nobody had ever told her that it looks terrible.she is way too cute to have monkey arms.its nasty lookin!

  • tina

    i loved it, love it love it love it, my 4 year old daughter was also dancing to it, forget the fact he’s mr spears and judge it on its own merit and i loved it

  • Anonymous

    alyssa is a beautiful woman inside and out.

  • Beth

    # 12 | Amy Leigh Ha! Yeah, God forbid anyone be themselves and be happy with the way they are, eh? People are so superficially critical of others and it takes away from the important things in life….sigh….but such is the world…………

  • Sarah

    I must be out of my mind, but I think it’s not that bad, I only like the rythm though.

  • FYI

    Charmed was the best tv show

  • chachadeus

    Beats-average, Rhyme skill is poor, he rhymes superstar *with* superstar. It’s like watching rap on Sesame Street. Nothing is truly original here, his song sounds like "The Final Countdown" or samples massive aspects of it. Honestly, his boys should have checked him on this instead of sucking up to him. Oop, and nobody gave him the memo on Cristal, I take it.I semi wanted to like this loser, but at this time, no.

  • lala

    i hate how he talks about all the nice things he has like fast cars and all that shit. he only has on those nice material things because of brit.


    Well, being a woman, I don’t like men with too much hair, but what can I do about it? Gotta accept it I guess. But if it were a male celeb with excessive body hair, people would be pointing that out too. Alyssa is no exception. I remember seeing her in that Poison Ivy sequel movie, and in one steamy scene where she raises her arm back, besides seeing her normally hairy arms, you could see the pores or stubs of hair where her hair grew on her arm pits. I was like, wait a minute, how can the camera pick up on that? She’s one of those hairy Italians. What can you do? I don’t know what the big deal is, for both men and women, to be a little more nude and remove the hair. I feel so much better after I get a full body wax. Like a baby. And it’s probably better for the skin, cause it’s cleaner and can breathe better. I personally don’t mind if a guy is hairy, but it’s kinda cute and feels real good when a guy removes hair for me. And lemme tell you, if I don’t feel any roughness, I’ll be more into it, and want it more and more, if ya know what I mean. Um, actually, nah. Sometimes roughness is good.

  • deb

    if this guy was a real dancer there’s no way he wouldn’t be tearing up the dance floor with a beat like that….this guy cant dance or rap….i would love to see one video this guy was a backup dancer in…..britney found this guy in an alley….he sucks the big one…..i hope he bankrupt her so she can see how it feels to be a working mother with kids from a loser…..

  • freddie

    federline’s such a fucking joke. and alyssa milano is hot, hair or no hair.

  • Sandbitch

    Doesn’t every girl shave her forearms? Why not?

  • robert

    brittney has got it made. in a few years if her carrer starts to slump, she simply has to have a nasty divorce from that dork. everyone will understand and she can have a great come back album!

  • ricky

    omg kevin federline song is so catchy!!! HE’S SO HOT!!!!!!!!!!!! I’M WET WATCHING HIS VIDEO..

  • KatsNotSpecial

    Check this out!! , it’s only new but it has potential!

  • Sandbitch

    I watched for 1.32sec – repititious crap goin off in yer head isn’t music! Auditory abuse. I’m off to watch Lionel Ritchie…again.

  • Jenn

    God forbid a woman has any hair on her. Geez, seriously, do people have nothing better to do than critique and scruntinize every inch of a celebrity’s body? Give the girl a break. So she’s got hairy arms, what normal female doesn’t?

  • alex

    I don’t get what’s wrong with her arms. She’s so darn hot and the hair is really not that much. And it doesn’t matter at all, considering how good she looks. I’m sure every woman has hair on her arms, and if some if you don’t than you should check yourselves. Nothing wrong with Alyssa God she’s sexy!!

  • pinkie

    I hate the attitude he projrcts in the video, like if he was snoop dog or something, poor guy, he reminds me of vanilla ice.

  • WOW # 14

    im sorry but YES they are, look

    i mean, damn.
    theres one worse than that but geeze

  • larry

    alyssa’s hairy arms are BEAUTIFUL all girls who have hairy arms are EXTRA beautiful

  • stupid

    @WAX IT OFF:
    um, no. removing hair is not “better” for the skin. hair is there for a reason” it protects from the harmful pollutants in the air.