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Beyonce VMAs Video

Beyonce VMAs Video

Not surprisingly, Beyonce brought the biggest and baddest performnace to last night’s MTV Video Music Awards.  I personally thought she did a better job than Justin Timberlake‘s "Sexy Back" opening act…

Beyonce performed her latest single "Ring the Alarm" and tore up the stage with a bevy of other in freakum-dressed ladies all decked out in patent leather high heel boots and a full-length trenchcoats.  Watch the video below!

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  • wow

    I wasn’t impressed….she could’ve done it better

  • xchillinx

    to that wow person, how can u not be impressed? that performance was amazing, the whole show was amazing.. mtv video music awards are the biggest and most best award show u can watch and this year was the bomb! but how can u say that she cudve done better when that was the best performance for me that she has ever done.. she made a crappy song become a amazing performance and u cant top that.. ur jus stuck up and u need to get a life and u need to appriecate whut she done and u get ur head out of ur ass u idiot. u have no f uckin respect and saying that she couldve done better was jus moronic . lets see you dance up dere like that.. oh wait, your not even famous.. haha your such a loser. plus nobody cares if ur impressed or not.. your a nobody.. so whut do we care?

  • freedog

    Maybe Beyonce isn’t your taste jj, but i found her amazing. But the taste are taste.

  • Aveeno1

    She’s trying too hard to copy Michael Jackson (the rock guiter at the beginning) as well as copying Janet Jackson… the dance routine in the middle of her performance was very Rythem Nationesqe that Janet Jackson did many many years ago….Granted B tries to give a good perfomance and immitating the greatest there ever was is a compliment to them but B’s music/lyrics are just bad… uninspiring and she tries too hard to be sexy and sell sexy…. its not coming out naturally it looks forced… which is sad… wonder how this album will do.

  • raqchel

    Did anyone beside my self think of mr and mrs. smith when she was coming out of the celing at the start of the performance. I saw it and I was like oh no a bad aj impression. Beyonce is a lot of things but aj heck nall. No one can do that and look as fly as she did in that movie

  • *me*

    I didn’t think her performance was great…her song is not that hot either…and she totally ripped that trenchcoat entrance from Mr. & Mrs. Smith…..her songs are not that hot this time around….I don’t like that she yell/sings….

  • raqchel

    and she totally ripped that trenchcoat entrance from Mr. & Mrs. Smith….. # 6 | *me* |I thaught it was just me who felt the same way. She could at least tried to be original. Damn, and if you going to copy someone at least do a good job at it.

  • marco

    i agree to me this was the BEST PERFORMANCE of the show. Go B

  • georgie

    as soon as i saw it I thought janet jackson…i guess she believes imitation is the greatest form of flattery

  • paris herpes

    I really can’t get over how overrated she is, her voice makes me want to staple my ears to my head…she looked huge in the trenchcoat too…

  • LeeAnne

    Okay everyone, I don’t usually leave comments, but I have to say that Beyonce is very talented and such…but i’m sorry, this performance was NOT her best. It wasn’t wretched mind you, but it’s just not her thing. In my opinion, Justin Timberlake’s "Sexy Back" was the best part of the show, along with OK GO! on the tredmills. I am 33 yrs old and have been watching the VMA’s since they have been on, and I can honestly say this one was the worst one I have seen. Jack Black (who I usually enjoy) was NOT funny, the celebrities who announced looked unhappy, there were many sound/technical errors and most of the performances were "eh"….just my thoughts…anyone else agree???

  • Curly

    I loved her show! It´s true there were much copied from Michael Jacksons Dangerous show, but hey, she did it well. Besides I´m glad she´s chosen this path. I´m so tired on watching these pussycat dolls and etc who are just stripteasing on stage and videos. If I want to see striptease I´ll go to a striptease club. But if I watch a popmusic show or video I expect class and style with proper performance. And rather with clothes on.

  • Adam O

    Loved it hehe.


    this was one of the best performances EVER on the VMA’s. It’s already a classic.BEE, you rock and i love u

  • daphne

    leeanne, i totally agree. i like beyonce, i think she’s very talented, but the fact that she is always ultra glam and ultra sexy is a turn off for me. she has to let it go and move naturally. she has that natural beauty. i thought the show was very mediocre. one of the very few things that impressed me was christina aguilera’s song. the one she sang with the red dress. it was an extremely hard song with the high notes and she pulled it off nice.

  • Yazu

    Dear chillinx, This is an intervention so please pay attention. You care way too much about what another persons thinks about someone else’s performance. How can you call someone a loser because they were not impressed with something u liked. Maybe that person has a different more refined taste than yourself. And to say one has no respect? Youre the one using profanites. You need to seriously calm down and get a life.

  • Pandy

    I love Beyonce` i think she is a very good performer, but this one dint impress me that much, she confused me from A to Z

  • madkow

    I dont really (ok never) watch MTV , but I did watch the very lame awards show. Beyonce’s performance was pretty good considering. And as far as Janet Jackson imitations go,Janet is now doing bad impressions of herself 20 yrs ago. Her songs are lamer than ever and she lip syncs. At least Beyonce sings live. I liked the OK GO treadmill thing and I loved Pinks impression of a "stupid girl". Love Jack Black , thought he was wack ( imma poet). MTV managed to suck the funny right out of him. The crowd wasn’t even really into the damn show. All of this reminded me of why I don’t watch MTV anymore. It’s definately for teens and the 21 (I can drink now) crowd.

  • Amy

    I don’t think B was exactly trying to copy AJ with the trenchcoat–she wore something like that in the music video. Anyway, fiyah performance. Christina still brough it, though.

  • LeeAnne

    Thanks Daphne, I agree with you about Christina…what a voice on that woman…really…think about when she first came out..the same time as Britney/Jessica Simpson/Mandy Moore….and he career has WAY surpased them all! Just wish she would tone it down with the red lipstick, but it really doesn’t matter, she rocks! Did anyone else see the tension between Jared Leto and Amy Lee??? She looked VERY aggravated with him…I think he tries too hard to "fit in"..I liked him in "My So Called Life"..but what’s up with him lately???

  • Lito S

    i thought she sucked. i mean how much of the song did she actually sing? it was all backing tracks. i’ve seen beyonce live and i know she has a voice, but she didn’t share it last night. i thought christina a was the only performance worth noting. she hasn’t looked that clean n std free in years!

  • siren

    Beyonce was entertaining…she gave a good performance and did some Janet Jackson (Control) moves that weren’t fresh but worked well. Since some of you brought up the MTV awards overall. I think the whole show was way too serious along with many presenters and performers taking themselves way too seriously. The whole Al Gore speach was truthful but silly in it’s format. It’s not about one generation being the saviors of the world. IT’s everyone’s trying to do thier part to help our planet’s global issues.Christina Aguilerra, should have done her video nomination performance to "ain’t know other man", would have been more lively than retro and boring. VMA’s overall….big fart! Liked Fergie’s opening….ok….and My Chemical Romance’s performance on the top of Radio City Music Hall’s building.Ok, I’m done with my review…have a good night or morning…everyone ;-)


    I think it was the best performance of the night

  • diane™

    it reminded me of rhythm nation.



  • sherry

    Are you kidding me? That performance was FIRE!!! It really was the best of the night and the best performance i’ve seen on the VMAs in the past couple of years. And a lot of people that normally don’t like her or the song enjoyed the performance. It reminded me of the days of Janet/Michael where when you turned onto an awards show you got your tv’s worth. Same with Prince/Madonna. I think Bey is up there b/c she is always a big draw. And you can judge that from people’s reaction in the audience when the alarms came on. As for some people criticizing her, look all I know is Justin tried to be Michael Jackson/Prince in one performance and I’m sorry that came off lame to me in my opinion. I expected more and all he did was just do the same moves he did his first VMA performance. And he is supposed to be the heir apparent to MJ? Um, I agree with the review in that I think Bey did do much better than him. Plus I’m sorry Sexyback is not that good of a song! And I got sick of the references as well. Otherwise Ok Go, Christina and Shakira were the other good acts. Oh, and My Chemical Romance in the pre-show as well. Jack Black (although he’s funny in movies) does not make a good host. Paging Chris Rock…..The camera and audio was horrible. The only bad moments was the constant panning to stupid Paris Hilton. Jessica playing dumb again…heeehee..oh, shut up! The PCDs long speech like they won the Oscar…No wonder they got booed. And there was no point to Brit and Kevin being shown at all except the sad enjoyment of knowing they got booed. Otherwise, even though people call it the worst..Every year the past 10 yrs has been the worst though…I have to say it actually in my opinion I think it is a slight improvement over the past two horrid, dreadful yrs in Miami. And again mental note…Chris Rock as host…Beyonce performs again next year.

  • mona

    I wonder if Angie was watching. Beyonce and Angelina are both beautiful.

  • Brittany

    man I loved that performance.. it was the best of the whole night.. she is a very good performer

  • ..unknown..

    i think beyonce is amazing..she is better than know..she also looks freekin adorable..very great..keepin moving..and please stop teasing her..she’s awsome..yeah you know it..i like all parts of her..her natural beauty..her voice..her performence..and many more..gosh..that is awsome..

  • pissed off motha

    beyonce is amazing she owned the vma stage last night, no other compares to her performances presently. so what she patterend behind some of janet moves she is beyonce’s icon like justin is fond of michael jackson. the 2 performances that actually truly bored me were christina’s and shakiras. i almost fallen asleep.zzzzzzzzzz

  • aila

    is it just me that thinks beyonce’s performance has so much resemblance to janet’s even the trench coat and leather outfit makes me think of janet jackson. right?

  • Ladyn

    Christina’s performance was great! the gurl can sing, she separated her self last night by performing something that wasnt to the norm! good on her! as for beyonce she was good too

  • Shi Shi

    What happened to Beyonce? What happened to the whole Independent woman thing? Her video for Deja Vu was horrible especially when she was simulating fellatio on Jay Z. And now this shiteous song with the equally if not more shiteous performance. There was little if not any creativity behind it. She needs to quit copying people because she isn’t interesting anymore.

  • angel

    Beyonce totally copy janet jackson rythm nation she does not have her own style

  • angel

    Beyonce totally copy janet jackson rythm nation she does not have her own style

  • lolu

    Beyonce is always Beyonce. her performance was ok to me considering Deja Vu. the beats to that song was just catchy and the lyrics matched well. As for the costumes, the coat was really ripped off Mr and Mrs smith and I wish she had just been sexy normal and not sexy forced.Anyway, I guess this is wat this celebritys do when they r about to release a new album. the differnce is some attract nice comments frm the media while others attract the bad. Beyonce got tired of being praised so she wants to know how much bad comments her fans can really go. There you go gal!

  • Tony

    Loved B’s performance. She rocked the house like no other. It was live vocals and she gave you something different. JT’s performance was OK but nothing special. 1st she came out with the alarms and then the break down in the back on the screens was like something from V for Vendetta. B is the queen and gives alot of energy, so don’t hate, congratulate!!!!!

  • xchillinx

    there yazu person.first of all, my opinion is my opinion, i can express whutever opinion i want and at least its for a good thing.. becuz when u put something down like that first person said to beyonce.. i backed her up saying it was a good performance so my feedback was positive.. you have no right to call me out for defending someone on the positive side.. its like your fight spiderman when hes trying to fight the green lantorn.. how stupid is that. and guess whut, if u read what the first poster said. he said that she couldve done better and thats whut made me blow a fuse becuz that was very arrogant and cocky to say. if he said he didnt like the performance and thats that.. than i wouldve been cool with that.. but he didnt. your wrong for backing up a person who jus gives negative feedback over a person who gives positive feedback.. mistake on your part. yamu

  • david

    I thought the routine was ridiculous. Hated the song, hated the routine.

  • Ange

    Wow. Anyone who thought Beyonce’s performance was "amazing" is way too easily impressed and must have been born after 1990. And as expected, she stripped off into her hooker outfit because she cant hold an audience’s attention otherwise.Madkow, you said "at least Beyonce sings live". You must not know what a pre-recorded track is, do you? Anyone who thinks she sang that crap live must not. Especially that long last note as she raised her head up high? Totally a backup track. It was obvious to me.

  • maniston

    beyonce is trying too hard and it is not working and i think she’s copying other artis but she should slow down and think for a second and not put out albums every year if she keeps doing what she’s doing she w’ll lose a lot of fans wich i use to be one of her best fans but she lost me but i wish her the best

  • VM

    Beyonce said she was inspired by Jolie in M/M Smith because she finds AJ so beautiful so the trenchcoats is ala Jolie.

  • alch

    Beyonce’s performance was unimpressive. Her screaming gave me a headache…that hollering and screaming was too much for me. Her leather outfit looked very sluttish. I agree that she stole Janet’s dance moves. Beyonce needs to disappear…I am tired of her.

  • Bee-Bee

    Hellooooooooooooooooo! Did anyone go to the Destiny’s Child Fulfilled Concert or get the DVD. The dance routine was already done by their male dancers check it out. The dance routine was recycled.

  • passin’ by

    apparently, that was a total rip-off of britney spears’ 03 AMA performance. so sad.

  • Lindsey

    WOW.. I was on Perez’s site, and he’s showing pictures comparing this performance to Britney’s performance. Beyonce TOTALLY ripped it off of britney!!

  • eric

    first of all she did sang live so shut the fuck up and get a life secondly the performance was hot better then anybody elses and don’t even compare beyonce and britney beyonce has natural rythym not that little stiff body choreography that britneys trailer park trash ass use to do shes already fucked up anyway fucking around with kevin federline her career is over.also christina did an amazing job and she does look very clean i’m glad she got out of that whole dirty black hair thing she just looked so nasty back then.justins performance was hot to i love his new song my love.shakira was good but i wanted to see more dacing she usually dances her ass off on the vma’s.ludacris was hot and the pussycat dolls were too.t.i & young dro was ok i’m getting tired of the shoulda lean song though its getting to much airplay.

  • Anonymous

    Not only did B’s performance of Ring The Alarm borrow heavily from some vintage Janet Jackson, but bitch pretty much flat-out stole Britney’s entire performance concept of Me Against The Music from the 2003 American Music Awards. Almost IDENTICAL!Doesn’t Beyonce have an original idea left?

  • Anonymous

    oh yea.. and she sounds like a man… i mean.. *($&@>

  • xhillinshie

    Xhillin=arse hole REmember you are annoying and a nobody or are you Beyonce?At least wow has a right to her opinion