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Britney Spears: ICE CREAM

Britney Spears: ICE CREAM

Burgeoning belly Britney Spears is expecting her second child next month (rumored to be a baby girl), so of course she had the munchies last night! Perky as ever, Britney picked up a few scoops from a local ice cream parlor in Malibu and was accompanied by 15-year-old sis Jamie Lynn. More pictures in the gallery!

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  • sal

    is it really gonna be a girl?

  • paris herpes

    Jamie looks like she’s sick of Britney’s dumb ass shit…maybe she’ll tie her tubes after this one…

  • Linda

    She is so having a girl the shape of her belly is so different this time, she also looks slimer this time around.

  • Susan

    I’ve not always agreed with some of the thing’s that Brit has done in the past but I can honestly say that she looks happy. I guess that’s all that matters.

  • megasqueeze

    OMG. Britney looks like a damn black porky pig with loads of creme de la creme pudding or fuckin munchies, whatever. y’day i saw ‘baby one more time’ on vh1. she used to be really normal. at least, not so fuckin annoying. i miss old britney.

  • *******

    a damn black porky pig????What the fu*k is that? Would it be better if she looked more like a WHITE porky pig?Racist piece of sh*t!!!!!

  • Liza

    Ya’ll are a bunch of idiots. Call a pregnant woman a pig? Wow that’s really low.I’m not a fan but she seems really happy with her life and honestly that’s what matters. money and fame doesn’t buy happines.

  • LN

    I agree with liza.Seriously let the girl live

  • Tathinha

    Liza you are so sentimental…Britney sis is trash like her big sister.Britney is a fat pig lol look her feet ewww

  • steph

    okie…wut dose it matter wut her feet look lik….yeaa shes fat…cuz shes PREGNANT calling her a pig is so dumb…..and trashy… them w.e u want cuz in the end no matter how..fat..piggy…or trashy she is…..shes got $ and lots so..say wut u want..shes rich…and ur not!!! :)

  • Katie

    I think I’m a gross pig too, I’m 7 months pregnant and I would love to like she does in those pictures. She has amazing legs my legs don’t look like hers :(And I agree calling a pregnant woman a pig is low and you’re the one who seems trashy here. She is in the most beautiful stage of a woman can be, don’t you know she has a baby inside her body?Wow some of you really need help.

  • vickey

    she DOES look happy. that’s all that matters.

  • doug

    brit looks, uh, pregnant – but she seems happy which is good.jamie lynn’s expressions are priceless!

  • Anonymous

    It’s beautiful see Britney with her sister. She seems be very linked at her family

  • Ariel

    Compare Britney with Heidi Klum – this is the difference. Heide is still looking good.Heidi Klum didn’t need a cesarean.

  • lisa

    she luks gud

  • Rosie

    She looks super happy I can’t wait to see her new baby. Sean P is such a cute little boy so her next baby is going to be as cute as Sean.

  • Mama

    Brit is an idiot….does she really think that C-Sections hurt less than Vaginal birhts. Ever heard of a damn epidural? You are walking around fine later that day and not stuck in bed for a week….idiot!!

  • loua

    Britney is so very fug very very fug

  • Luis

    Who fucking cares if she is having a C-section? Damn some of you really need to focus in your own lifes.Back to the pictures she does look happy.

  • Anonymous

    No it is justin timberlake’s sperm. No way kfug could have sperminated so many dumb chicks

  • Estelle

    It’s not like she planned the c-section w/ Sean. She said she thought she would need one but if she didn’t she would get an epidiural. When the news media announced his birth they said she tryed to do it and ended up getting a c-section. Don’t talk if you don’t know. She looks happy and excited these past few days.

  • JeS

    I think they practiced their steps. Every photo (almost) shows their legs/feet in the same position. Just an observation.

  • Anonymous

    what’s with her? getting pregnant so soon again!

  • creativegirl

    I just wish she’d do something with her hair. Why can’t she get a cute cut like her sister or at least run a comb through it before you go out.

  • oh mama

    #15 Ariel, Brit didn’t *need* a c/section, she asked for one last time and this time too. She is the prime example of an uninformed girl trying to play grownup and not understanding that her whims affect her babies life long health ( her diet, her weight, her surgery choices….) And it DOES matter because lots of young girls shockingly enough, look up to her and think because she is rich she must be smart which is most certainly NOT the case.

  • ?

    She musta really hurt Justin cause he’s still writing music about her. Check out "what goes around comes around" on his new cd.

  • Sandbitch

    i dunno what it is but BP always looks like she needs a good wash, a good hairbrush and a good sleep. If she doesn’t stop rutting, she’s gonna need an anterior and posterior repair as well.

  • Rachel

    BRITNEY IS LOOKIN BETTER. SMILE TO THE PAPZ. THEY’RE NOT KILLERS. TRUST ME, IT’S GOOD PR. BRITNEY WON’T GET CRITICIZED AS MUCH, HOPEFULLY. SHE NEEDS TO LOOK SWEETER IN FRONT OF THE CAMERAS SO THAT PEOPLE WILL BE ABLE TO RESPECT HER MORE. OTHERIWSE, THEY’RE GONNA THIK SHE’S A BITCH.Her sister does her own makeup good. Jamie Lynn looks really attractive. Maybe Jamie should go into acting or modeling. She’s really good looking here. In regards to #27′s comment, i didn’t hear Justin’s song, "what goes aorund comes around," but I think he’s an a-hole. I hate Justin Timberlake. I hate when guys do things like that. I wonder how Britney could have done so wrong. OKay, maybe she cheated. But Justin, get the F— over it! WHY DOES JUSTIN HAVE TO KEEP ATTACKING BRITNEY IN HIS FRIGGIN SONGS?? IS THIS THE ONLY REPRESENTATION OF WHAT LITTLE ARTISTIC SIDE HE HAS?? Plus, Justin, is really, really, reeeeally ugly! And so is Cameron Diaz. Cameron even had to go COPY Britney and dye her hair dark. GET OVER YOURSELF, JUSTIN. GET OVER YOUR GRUDGES AND VINDICTIVENESS. SPITE NEVER WORKS OUT IN THE END.

  • lauren

    i think britney looks good with ANY kind of hair. you all are just jealous

  • Abby

    Let those girls live.They are only having fun.Brit looks happy,and JL is
    also very cute. So just let Brit live her life.Now that she is a mom she will figure things out.Even through she got married and doverced the
    next day doesnt mean she is a bad person.Just look @ her yall.She is
    so beauitful