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Jennifer Aniston: Room 10 Movie

Jennifer Aniston: Room 10 Movie

As reported last week, Jennifer Aniston was spotted leaving "The Village Recorder" recording studio in Malibu with underground DJ / producer Scott Hardkiss.  What you didn’t know was that Scott is composing the music score for the directorial debut of actress Aniston for the film entitled Room 10.  Click "More Here" for more info…

And according to one JJ reader, Room 10 is really a cover as Aniston‘s actually been "hanging out" with him and recording a top-secret technno-dance club track with him (as that’s what Scott usually does).  Who’s ready for some Aniston beats? I am!

Above is Jennifer Aniston and BFF Courtney Cox-Arquette enjoying a Labor Day Weekend party yesterday evening at a friend’s beach house in Malibu.  More pictures in the gallery!

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Aniston’s Directorial Debut

Scott Hardkiss has been busy at The Village Recorder in LA, composing the music score for the directorial debut of actress Jennifer Aniston and co-director/screenwriter Andrea Buchanan. The film, entitled "Room 10" and starring Robin Wright Penn and Kris Kristofferson, is part of Glamour Magazine/Moxie Pictures "Reel Moments" series. Scott has spent the past few weeks flying between New York and LA working closely with Jennifer and Andrea on his music for the film, and the past few days in marathon sessions at the legendary Santa-Monica recording studio completing the final score with the two directors, Music Supervisor Stephanie Diaz-Matos of Search Party Music, and an ensemble of some of LA’s finest session musician’s including Wallflowers/ Foo Fighters keyboardist Rami Jaffee.

"Room 10", a very moving drama with first-rate performances, is currently in the final stages of post-production in preparation for a fall release. This is the second year of the Reel Moments series which was created as a way to raise profits for the charity Film Aid by giving the opportunity to have selected Glamour readers’ true stories brought to the screen by high-profile, first-time women directors. Last year’s films included shorts directed by Gwyneth Paltrow and Trudie Styler and stars including Rosario Dawson and Debbie Mazar. This year’s series includes Aniston and Buchanan‘s film, as well as a film directed by actress Bryce Dallas Howard.

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