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The very first official Suri Cruise pictures from the upcoming issue of Vanity Fair have surfaced! Proud parents Tom Cruise, 44, and Katie Holmes, 27, are on the cover with their beautiful baby girl.  Katie Couric revealed these pictures during tonight’s broadcast of CBS Evening News saying, "After much speculation as to why she’s been undercover for so long, here is proof positive. Yes-Suri (Yessirree), she does exist!!"

Vanity Fair‘s celebrity go-to photographer Annie Leibovitz snapped the photos at Tom‘s home in Telluride, Colorado back in July when baby Suri was 3+ months old.  Tom said, "It seemed only natural to have Annie take the first public photographs of SuriAnnie is the only professional photographer who ever shot Bella and Connor as children."  This Vanity Fair issue of baby Suri hits newsstands tomorrow in NY/LA and Sept. 12 nationwide.

You can’t deny Suri Cruise is super cute though!  But from what I can tell, baby Suri looks hapa (of mixed descent) with the blue eyes and black hair but I’m sure she’s not… you can blame it on the grainy screencaps. More pictures in the gallery!

Can I get a collective "Awwwwww?"

THOUGHTS? :: What do you think of baby Suri?

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suri cruise vanity fair 01
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285 Responses to “Suri Cruise: VANITY FAIR PICTURES”

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  1. 1
    aquame Says:

    omg! first!

  2. 2
    too old Says:

    the baby is cute but looks too old to be there’sguess we know why they waited so long

  3. 3
    Rosie Says:

    She’s kinda ugly. and look sbig for a 5 month old.

  4. 4
    julie Says:

    why does it look weird? it sort of has katie’s nose and intense, scary tom cruise eyes. and what’s with the elvis hairdo?

  5. 5
    cheryl Says:

    Really cute! Looks exactly like Tom.

  6. 6
    emmy Says:

    first pic’s awful, but yeah, i guess she’s cute. i like her dark hair.

  7. 7
    aquame Says:

    now that i’m done being lame…the baby is absolutely adorable. at least it is cute when it is with kate only. the pic with all three of them looks like they photoshopped the baby so that one could see a resemblance to tom. that pic does not look theory: that baby is NOT tom’s and is older than they are letting on. i know this, i feel this strongly. it’s just what my gut is telling me.

  8. 8
    shilohandsuristar Says:

    ugly what! she is beautiful people are blind omg!this kid wanna be so ******* great like shiloh when she gets more older shi and suri rocks..she looks like tom in this pic.

  9. 9
    FITR Says:

    She looks like Katie.

  10. 10
    cheeky Says:

    Forgive me for being rude, but that child doesn’t look like either of them to me.

  11. 11
    honey Says:

    No doubt the baby is cute but **** me, I swear the father is Chinese. Tom? Katie? somebody needs to fess up,Who donated the sperm? Now that’s the question????

  12. 12
    j Says:

    I think the baby looks like Bjork – and that is not to be mean, as I think Bjork is cute and so is Suri, but the resemblance is intersting :) I can’t really tell if she looks like Tom or Katie – I guess time will tell.

  13. 13
    MarieMJS Says:

    Unbelievable!! How did you do that LOL!!!And I have to say she looks very cute :D With a very very particular face, she looks a lot like Katie actually, but there is something of Tom in the mix I cant still figure out… I dont have any interests in these two, but I guess that it proves "it" then :)

  14. 14
    jjoy Says:

    wow…jj…you got the first scoop of suri’s pic!! is she the real suri or a model baby?? good job jj…you must know someone from vf….you got the first pic of the mysterious suri!!!

  15. 15
    Frenchy Says:

    She looks like a boy. Cute though looks Asian. Wasn’t there talk of them doing photoshopping of the baby? Now everyone can move on.

  16. 16
    Sarai Says:

    Suri is B-E-A-Utiful baby girl. She looks just like Katie and will be an amazing woman when she is older.=D

  17. 17
    Hmmmm.... Says:

    #12, well, she sure does look like Bjork. Wasn’t Tom in Japan just days before Suri was born? Aren’t those eyelids somewhat Japanese? Wasn’t it strange that he was so sure Katie wouldn’t go into labor and have the child before he would be able to return, since he was 15 hours away in Japan? I’m going all Lainey on you here…..

  18. 18
    aaaa Says:

    Obviously this kid has been adopted…well maybe not but nothing would surprise me about these two weirdos, Tom for his well-known antics and Katie for letting herself be sucked into this cult. I feel very sorry for her parents, they are living a nightmare

  19. 19
    Aveeno1 Says:

    The baby is cute but looks nothing like them….her eyes are not just small or like Katies… they do look very Asian… Hmm.. maybe other pictures will look different…. she doesn’t look like them..

  20. 20
    Cute Says:

    She is adorable. Looks a lot like Katie… I think I can see a little bit of Tom too. She also looks like she might be half asian. Soo cute though.

  21. 21
    Alexanderina Says:

    She is a cute and adorable, but the shape of the her eyes looks asian to me

  22. 22
    MarieMJS Says:

    Hey does anyone have pictures of Tom and Katie when they were small? Sometimes its very cool to take a look at them, and see how particular their faces were(and that would explane the eyes thingy)… I honestly think shes definitely real, at least she really has her mother’s nose!!!

  23. 23
    Orchid Says:

    How many millions for these pictures?

  24. 24
    Syracruse Says:

    Beyooooootiful Baby! Suri is very cute, love her hair but that child is as Asian as they come. Tom you’ve got some ‘splaining to do.

  25. 25
    Juliane Says:

    Pretty child but the pictures do look extremely off somehow. Anyway, the child is cute but I wouldn’t pay to see her

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