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Katie Holmes @ THE IVY

Katie Holmes @ THE IVY

New mom Katie Holmes looked rather radiant yesterday during a shopping spree yesterday afternoon.  Katie, 27, took along her mom, Kathleen Holmes (lower inset), and her future mother-in-law Mary Lee Pfeiffer (upper inset).  The mommy trio also made their way to The Ivy to grab a bite to eat before baby clothes shopping for Suri.

Just yesterday evening, pictures of Katie Holmes, fiance Tom Cruise, and baby Suri on the cover of Vanity Fair started to circulate the Internet like wildfire.  Pick up your copy of VF in NY/LA today!

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  • Susieq

    She looks great!

  • SusieQ

    Woho! First!

  • Nekrasova

    One nit-pick comment – Tom’s mom is not Katie’s mother-in-law. They aren’t married, remember????

  • aycaramba

    Katie’s mom looks very old compared 2 Tom’s mom, how old is her mom neway, ne1 knows? Kate looks good…

  • Just Jared

    Thanks so much, Nekrasova! I made the adjustment…

  • aycaramba

    Katie’s mom looks very old compared 2 Tom’s mom, how old is her mom neway, ne1 knows? Kate looks good…

  • me

    Katie looks great, and I love the shirt she’s wearing!

  • SandiJ

    So…is there a wedding this weekend? (both moms together again) She looks great…better on the top half than bottom half though. I don’t care for the skinny jeans. They are unflattering to alot of people.

  • equinox

    Mama Holmes doesn’t look too happy.

  • Rica

    Why does she keep wearing those god awful shoes. Sh never wore shoes that hideous before. they look like the latest in ‘hooker’ fashion and I don’t care how much she paid for them. Her mother looks pissed and uncomfortable, media frenzy will do that, but she looks as though she does NOT want to be there.I was really indifferent to katie…never could stand Tom. But now both of these idiots are starting to get on my nerves. Everything has to be a picture op. Why can’t this girl find something worth while to do other than shopping? God how many outfits can a person buy? Doesn’t she have enough? Then again, all she wears are jeans, so maybe not.

  • ladieswholunch

    What this is called is spin control? Tom’s entire career and life is out of control in the public – so now they are trying to give us cause to kill the rumers – we see the baby, katie’s mom has seen the baby – odd that for the last 5 months none of this happened.a covered baby in a parking lot on the way to the doctor’s; or a shot of the extended family out for dinner – odd very odd

  • Me Again!

    Rica…don’t be so hard on her…she’s a new mom. Have you finished that fanfic yet?

  • aveeno1

    The damage control machine is on full swing ha? Mrs Holmes(katies mum) doesn’t look happy I wonder what her thoughts are in this whole mess.1. Tom gets fired, followed by an embarrassing jibe from Paramount2. Damage control begins… Suri pics (that were taken a while a go are finally ready for release)3. right before that he goes to apologize to Brook S (the day before she goes on J Leno) and she of course then talks about it on Jay Leno4. Soon after Suri’s pics are released5. Day before that Katie (who looked quite shabby before a spa treatment), comes out looking good in tow with her mum, Tom’s mum and scientologist minders at the IVY… and then to shopping….. all along with paparazzi’s recording every move…. everyone who goes to the Ivy goes to be seen, once that was done the next destination they would be followed….I hope it works for them, … that baby is cute though very Asian look but I guess that isn’t bad either…

  • Deede

    All of you that complain about Katie shopping all the time, probably hit the Malls several times a week! She hasn’t been out all that much because of the Pappz. First you people say Tom has Katie imprisoned and now that she’s out and about, you say it’s all for publicity. The girl cannot win!!!!! I hope people are as hard on you all as you are on Katie.I think Katie looks great, and I’m sure her Mom and Tom’s Mom does NOT LIKE having their pictures taken constantly. Give me a BREAK! Leave these people alone! One picture would have been enough.#13… Asian look ? Suri Cruise looks a lot like I’d think Katie would have looked when she was a baby …. like black hair. Maybe the kid was getting sleepy.I think some of you people did not want Suri to be real. Must be a bummer for ya!