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Kate Bones-worth Looking Bleak

Kate Bones-worth Looking Bleak

These’s nothing to see here… except for the GIANT VIEWING PORTAL à la Kate Bosworth. Eeeeewwwww!!!!!! So… not attractive.

Kate was attending a private dinner hosted by Another Magazine and David Yurman held at Milk Gallery and Penthouse in NYC this past Tuesday, September 12, 2006. These pictures were far too disgusting not to share… I hope you ate your breakfast before you came here!

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kate bosworth no chest 01
kate bosworth no chest 02
kate bosworth no chest 03
kate bosworth no chest 04
kate bosworth no chest 05
kate bosworth no chest 06
kate bosworth no chest 07
kate bosworth no chest 08
kate bosworth no chest 09
kate bosworth no chest 10
kate bosworth no chest 11
kate bosworth no chest 12
kate bosworth no chest 13
kate bosworth no chest 14
kate bosworth no chest 15
kate bosworth no chest 16
kate bosworth no chest 17

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  • Vix

    First!! Hells Bells thats so not attractive!!!

  • skyla

    No wonder Orlando Bloom dumped her. She’s a pretty girl she just needs to eat.

  • VW

    How disgusting. somebody please give her a chicken bone. that is not a pretty site.

  • Marie

    If you just look at her face you can’t even tell that she’s too skinny. Her face is beautiful . Too bad the rest of her makes her look like she’s starving herself.

    She is the thinnest lady in HW.

  • Vix

    thinner than nicole richie? agrred v pretty face though..

  • Vix

    is it me or does she have 1 blue eye and 1 brown?

  • the eyes

    Vix: she does have one blue and one brown eye, you can see a close-up of it in “Blue Crush” in the beginning of the movie somewhere.
    Holy Moly, I met Orlando Bloom in Hyde Park in London because our dogs played with his dog. I should have told him to please feed her a few hamburgers. Maybe he dumped her because he can see her vanishing in front of his eyes. It’s too bad, she looked really cute in “Blue Crush.”

  • Jenny89

    oh GOD! That is so wrong. Please eat something. Seek help. Oh man thats just so sad :(

  • Izabela

    She’s really pretty, give her a break. I wish her all the best :)

  • Elle

    She’s beyond gorgeous. If she just got some help.

    What I don’t understand is her skin looks clear and beautiful and not under nourished at all.

  • Charity

    Yeah…she is really pretty, but my God she needs to get healthy before she widdles away to nothing. Poor girl….needs help. How sad. Girls/women and their distorted self images are a huge over looked problem in this world!

  • Thin is In

    I think Kate looks amazing – I love the really thin look……….all you people must have cellulite asses and hate the fact some people actually have self control and don’t stuff their faces from moring until night!

  • Erica

    You think Kate looks amazing? You must be some little chick.

    The way Kate looks is NOT healthy, nor is it sexy.

    It doesn’t surprise me that Orlando is gay.

    Get this: MEN LOVES CURVES. It’s a fact of nature that cannot be changed.

    Only a woman or a gay guy can appreciate a really thin body!!

  • clambot

    Oh for Pete’s sake, Orlando isn’t gay.

    But I’ve heard that Kate is.

  • pandy

    They both are.

  • Christina H.

    That’s really nast-astic! She definitely has an eating disorder.

  • sprite

    For god’s sake people you can count each and every rib on her from her chest to her hip in that second top main picture! that is way beyond scary. Her face isn’t sunken in yet, which means she still has hope, but if she keeps going like this she will have serious internal problems, like reproduction, just to name one. She was beautiful in that surf movie, ? Blue Crush? or something. Thin, but still looked womenly, now she looks worse than the Olsen anerioxic. Very scary to watch people do this to them selves.

  • André

    She looks ok by me on the other photos..those first two photos are bad..but she doesn’t look that thin on the other ones..

  • rachel

    get this girl a cheeseburger

  • joshua

    i think she looks ok, most of people´s comments are “she should eat a burger” and that´s the main issue here, in the american culture, where the main dish is a greasy, 2000 calorie, trashy food, it´s seen wrong when a person loses substancial amount of weight, give the girl a break, what if she doesn´t want to gobble down any of that toxic, unhealthy, “food” anymore, do you even know what all of that processed food does to your body? how many shit wallows in our system! it´s her choice to change her eating habits however she feels like, and people should not judge that, she looks great as the result of not eating shit anymore, and no matter how criticized her thin figure is, at the end of the day she should feel ok with herself, i mean we call that “disturbing” “disgusting” or “appalling” , but have we ever felt grossed out after eating a fried eggs with bacon, pancakes with whipped cream and a cherry on top of it? no! we call that an average breakfast, and that is pretty alarming too, we don´t have control of ourselves, we much rather prefer eating at “mac shittydonals” than eating tuna and a salad, society is a big piece of shit, the answer is not stuffing the girl with all your vomiting ideas of what you consider the girl should wolf down. it´s just about respect everyone´s decision to choose how they want to address their life

  • kate

    Is that HELENA CHRISTENSEN she’s talking to?

  • rachel

    #21 joshua

    In response to your comment:
    Get this girl a tofu burger.

  • rachel

    on wheat. with 2% milk swiss cheese. and lettuce. and tomato. no mayo.

    i can respect someone’s decision to choose how she wants to address her life, but have you considered that being UNDERweight can be unhealthy as well?

  • kayla

    Kate Bosworth is NOT Pretty. she looks so ugly. she’s very very skinny so I don’t think she attractive.

  • kaka

    baggy, dark clothes… not posing once for the camera with her teeth showing… putting her arms in front of her stomach in a few pics… she’s so anorexic. i don’t say this in a mean way, but honestly, i wonder how much longer she can go before her heart gives out…

  • kaka

    fyi, her hair is totally falling out, that’s why she’s got a hair piece on the back to give some lift. tsc tsc.

  • Mimi

    Kate looked so healthy and beautiful in Blue Crush, it’s
    heartbreaking to see her so painfully thin these days. We all
    know that the trend towards extreme thinness is sick, we
    can recognize the problem when we see it.

    Eating a hamburger isn’t the answer, but good, well balanced
    food, and enough of it to nourish the body for that inside-out
    glow of health [not the kind provided by makeup experts]
    just seems impossible for these gals [and some guys] in the
    throes of eating disorders. They have a distorted self image
    and it’s “fed” by fashion models and stylists. Thing is, a
    pretty face won’t last without care, and meals of lettuce
    leaves and cigarettes can’t sustain beauty.

    There is nothing normal about looking like a starving
    concentration camp refugee. Those unfortunate people
    learned that starving the body means that in order to live,
    the body will eat itself, taking what it needs to survive from
    muscle and organs instead of from food or stored fat.

    Just as it’s unhealthy to be obese, it’s unhealthy to be

  • Laurie

    You can say all you like about how she maybe just doesn’t want to eat crappy food–but that’s BS. This woman is STARVING TO DEATH. Yes, she needs heavy-duty calories, cheeseburger or whatever. It’s not a matter of personal preference when a person gets that thin; it’s an illness, and Bosworth is suffering from it. FEED HER.

  • rachel

    eww! uggh. yucks. those are ust a partial expression of how i feel from seeing those photos.

  • Mikki

    Orlando is better off without her.

  • yoyo

    she looks so terrible!!!

  • arizon

    i love kate. and i think its cool to be that skinny. after all thats what hollywood calls batiful now a days.

  • arizon

    i love kate. and i think its cool to be that skinny. after all thats what hollywood calls beatiful now a days.

  • em

    look, she may be suffering from an eating disorder but thats her choice. i would kill to have a body like that, consider her lucky.

  • eal

    that look is not attractive but hey, I wouldnt want to look like that but maybe she has a problem and is trying to fix it? so dont be mean :)