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Brangelina Love Banksy

Brangelina Love Banksy

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie were spotted out and about late last night in Los Angeles. The couple turned up for an art show featuring pieces by world renowned, London-based graffiti artist Banksy. The exhibition, titled “Barely Legal,” is billed as a “three day vandalized warehouse extravaganza” with its main feature, a live elephant which has been painted in a floral wallpaper pattern. Keanu Reeves and Jude Law was also present at the art show.

VIDEO :: Brad, Angelina, and Keanu Leave Banksy Exhibit

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brad angelina art show 01
brad angelina art show 02
brad angelina art show 03
brad angelina art show 04
brad angelina art show 05
brad angelina art show 06
brad angelina art show 07
brad angelina art show 08
brad angelina art show 12
brad angelina art show 13
brad angelina art show 14

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  • cheryl

    They are such an awesome couple. Glad to see them find some time to be be together alone without the kids.

  • pp

    Wow – they’re gorgeous!

  • Karen

    Angie should sack her makeup artist…. there’s something seriously wrong with the eye area….

  • kidi

    What a hot couple.

  • suz

    OK, i love the Angelina,,,BUT,,,,,, she needs to get a new stylist,,,, she’s dressed like the first lady!!!
    THAT is not what i would have worn to an art opening, certainly not to an istallation for a grafitti arist!!

  • Be sane

    Jared you are quick !!
    Jolie looks STUNNING! Is that another St. John coat? Boy that
    company raised their visibility 10 fold! What a cool coat!

  • Ivy

    Jared, YOU ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ivy

    I love her coat!!! beautiful ..they both look great. Holly looks nice too.

  • Anna

    Angie looks beautiful, I just wish she knew of more colors, I’m getting tired of seen her in Black.

  • ariel

    Thanks Jared for the photos. Love them.

  • kidi

    Love Angie’s coat and shoes. Brad looks casual and stylish. These
    two are amazing–no wonder Shiloh is adorable.

  • briseis


    You are really quick with anything BAMZS. Thank you for these new photos. You really spoil us, that was why we were at such a loss when your site went down.

    Love Angie’s coat. She rocks.

  • melanie

    “Angie looks beautiful, I just wish she knew of more colors, I’m getting tired of seen her in Black. ”

    Maybe she was wearing something extremely colourful under her black coat…

  • Carne trémula

    omg thank you j@red!

  • angelah

    wth.. 14 was me.

  • Ivy

    She looks so classy.. like Jackie O.

  • angelah

    aww holding hands on the video..

  • Mediterranean

    I like her coat and there is nothing absurd wearing a chic coat to the exhibition, for God’s sake! If you insist to find something wrong, at least, do it reasonably!

    By the way, she is THE first lady!

  • kk1


  • Meli

    I think these photos are from when they arrived at the art show.The pics where they are holding hands must be when they left.That’s what i’m waiting to see.

  • angelah

    theyre so hot!

  • Just Jared Fan

    Good morning all, thanks for the new pics jj, I do enjoy waking up and seeing these people, kinda makes my day, Love bamzs family yah its good to see them out on there own most likely a date night, tee hee

  • Anna

    #13 “Maybe she was wearing something extremely colourful under her black coat… ”

    Maybe but I can’t see it. I just think she looks realy nice when she wears colors.

  • Rica

    Wow Jared!!! Thank you!!!

    As usual, they are gorgeous and out doing their own thing, which I love.

  • think positive!

    I think these photos are from when they arrived at the art show.The pics where they are holding hands must be when they left.That’s what i’m waiting to see.
    20 | Meli |
    You’re so right ! Thanks Jared for these wonderful photos and video.Brad is hot and I adore Angies coat! And finaly they are holding hands in the video
    ooohooo!!You made my day man :) :) :)
    I have to see it again!!

  • Joy

    What can I say, but love, love, love this couple. Beautiful Power Couple.

  • guli

    Thanks JJ I don’t how you do it, but we love it :)

  • angelah

    13 | melanie

    wouldn’t i love to know?:lol:

  • Be sane

    18 | Mediterranean

    ITA, Angie is THE first lady of Hollywood, but not because of her
    man, but all the combined qualities. I’m sure a certain pity party
    hostess misses not so much her ‘man’ but this status LOL

    Guli, How are you!? My little son is starting school on Monday.
    Recently he is biting me, when asked why he said, “I love you so
    much I bite you” (!) Did your kids do this!? LOL

  • renee

    oh jared! u rawk!!! but i cannot open the video. pleas put
    up the holding hand scene!!! please! please!

  • Missouri Fan


    JARED you are fast! GOOD FRIDAY to you & Audrey.

    Thanks Angelah for this link… Salamat Eneng!

  • Trish

    They look great as usual!! Thanks JJ!!!

  • g121

    world’s most beautiful pair!

  • renee

    angie doesn’t need to look colorfull to be the center of
    and about the bestdress list, people will forget about it in the
    next days, especially when the person is telentless and
    boring and mediocre.

  • guli

    30 | Be sane |Hi be sane, I took three showers and still can’t seem to wash off the ritzzy-bitzzy bitch off of me from my encounter with her last night :) I should know better..

    Your kid is starting school, that is so cute. No mine didn’t do the biting, but right before school started they all had their own way of showing that they didn’t want the summer to end. My daughter always wanted to sleep with us the night before etc…

  • Missouri Fan
    they have new video from angie and Brad
    665 | ell | 09/15/06 6:47 AM |

    I love the video so much…they were holding hands and Brad called Angie honey…OMG

    675 | piyutra

    Thank you Ell & piyutra : BRAD protecting Angie and they were HOLDING HANDS & ‘HONEY”.


  • Mediterranean

    I shall ignore to respond to some “meaningless, stupid” comments! Because I can NOT put myself all way down to their levels.

    to BE SANE, Angelina has the quality to be a stunning first lady.

  • Missouri Fan


  • briseis

    #40 Tina

    Yeah, she can keep it AWAY from her face and cascading down her back to show her beauty in all its splendor, unlike some people who USE their hair to cover their faces.

  • Missouri Fan

    10 | ariel |
    12 | briseis – tumulog ka na.
    21 | angelah

    Magandang Umaga ( Good Morning) Oy.. ang gandand tingnan ano? ( Nice to see them together).

  • piyutra

    Angie is GORGEOUS!!!!

    BTW, JJ thanks but where are the holding hands pics??? JJ PLEASEEEEE :)

  • briseis

    Char (MF)!!!

    Hindi pa inaantok, so andito lang ako sa computer, drooling over the video of Brad and Angie holding hands, being sweet together, kahi’t maduduling na ako kasi madilim at sobra ang flashbulbs in their faces.

  • Passing Through

    Uh…Angie’s covered up again…I can see the tabloids now – “ANGELINA HIDES NEW PREGNANCY BENEATH TRENCHCOAT!” Instead…it was just a cool night in LA…or she’s wearing a St. John’s coat….

  • Maniston

    Morning BAMZS Fans! I love this couple. Their hotness is undeniable. Thanks Jared for the photos and video. Check out the video to see them holding hands while walking to the car.

  • Missouri Fan

    36 | guli | Thanks for depending me to that useless ritzzy gal. I went to bed early last night . I just found it this morning- I told her ” HA…HAH.. HA. HA.. I cant stop laughing……. So you are a foreigner too !!! Sorry ritzygal you’re nothing to me anymore, I leave it to God’s hand… “it” means to me shes no longer a person but “it”

    30 | Be sane – shout out “Hello there in New York!!

  • weng

    …… sweet!

  • Sophie

    Great pictuers! but I can’t watch the video for some reason… anyone else have the same problem?

  • bradlurker

    They look amazin. Thanks Jared, and on the video I heard he said “baby”

  • Missouri Fan

    44 | briseis lol… lol..
    43 | piyutra : we are happy !! Hi there in Bangkok!!


    Thanks Jared! You rule. They held hands!!!!!!