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Brad & Angelina: More Banksy Love

Brad & Angelina: More Banksy Love

Here are some brand spanking new pictures of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie getting in on the action late last week at the street art warehouse show for British artist Banksy (real name Robert Banks). Some Angelina whispering (sweet nothings) into Brad‘s ear and Brad reaching on over into Angelina‘s coat… More pictures in the gallery!

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brad angelina banksy 01
brad angelina banksy 02
brad angelina banksy 03
brad angelina banksy 04
brad angelina banksy 05
brad angelina banksy 06
brad angelina banksy 07
brad angelina banksy 08
brad angelina banksy 09
brad angelina banksy 10
brad angelina banksy 11
brad angelina banksy 12
brad angelina banksy 13
brad angelina banksy 14
brad angelina banksy 15
brad angelina banksy 16
brad angelina banksy 17
brad angelina banksy 18
brad angelina banksy 19
brad angelina banksy 20
brad angelina banksy 21

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  • Honey

    OMG..I’m FIRST!!!

  • BeCool

    Second…I think. They look so cut together!!!

  • Be Cool

    I mean CUTE, not cut!!!

  • Just Jared

    Cute!! Yes… they look CUTE. Cut… maybe. :P

  • riana

    Yipiiiiiiiii, My favourite Couple!

  • Angielover

    I bet they did the McNasty when they got home, lmao

  • angelah

    Thanks for the other pics j@red!! but still in a little gloomy state..

  • angelah

    i’m still*

  • memememe

    i luv luv luv this couple…ignore the haters please! i mean look at how they gaze upon one another…that is true luv…they are amazing!!! beautiful…and so in LOVE!!! and i adore them

  • Estelle

    JJ and Audrey, you guys are the best in the world. Beautiful pictures, I love them. Today is really a good day. Right ladies ;)

  • em

    Wow, I was ready to retire for the night and Jared posted additional pics.. Brad and Angie are truly gorgeous and beautiful to look at. They both have that glow of being in love.
    Thank you Jared!

  • Alexanderina

    Jared and Audrey you guys ROCK. Thank you so much, they look so great, love the pictures, just love the way they look at each other and their smiles are incredible

  • Maniston

    Sweet Fancy Moses! We have hit the motherload! Thank you Jared for the lovely pix.

  • lylian

    I love it when they smile at each other. They look so happy, they

  • AJGoddess

    THank you JARED!! You are the best…OMG How cute do Brad and Angie look, i like the little touches here and there, the whispers, its so very SEXY…nothing but RAW SEXINESS from Brad and Angie. They are so hot together, LOVE BAMZS…i like that they go out and have a little alone time with just themselves and no kids, they need some quality time! LOVE BRAD AND ANGIE FOREVER!

  • cjniqo

    thanks jj





  • jeannified

    Love them!!! So glad to see them happily smiling and interacting with each other for a fun night out on the town!

  • alida

    Wow! Fireworks of beauty! Thanks JJ!

  • Orchid

    I bet they did the McNasty when they got home, lmao
    6 | Angielover
    Of course! Is there anybody who thinks they’d just hold hands? :) :P

  • Alexanderina

    Good Night to my fellow BAMZS Fans, talk to you all manana. I know I must go to bed but I can’t stop looking at the pictures, so freaking beautiful.

  • guli

    JJ ad Audrey you are the best!!! I can’t believe you guys are always on top of things before I swoon over the pics PLEASE KNOW HOW MUCH WE APPRECIATE YOU BOTH. Okey Dokey now I am going over to swoon, so I guess I’ll be late to my new day job tomorrow. Alex sorry honey……:lol:

  • hyacinth

    nice pics!! she’s so beautiful and he’s handsome as always

  • angelah

    j@red, there are new AJ pics just driving the rover around sunset blv.

  • ShimmeringDew

    Hmmm makes me wonder if she shared she has nothing on under that coat. She has it closed well in each pic….is that Brads peaking in and the huge smile he may have….they do look soooo happy.

  • Joy

    Holy Moly, We sure did hit the “motherload!” :-)

    I hope to see more pics like this in the future, So, BAMZS’ers be prepared. You guys know they have movies coming out, So we are going to see them promoting their respective movies, more latenight show and interviews. I can hardly wait.

    Oh yeah, the pictures are awesome they looked so lovely, love how they look at each other smilin’.

    Thanks Jared and Audrey!

  • jjoy

    24 | Alexanderina …nitey nite…i am also turning in for the night…

    thanks jj and audrey and to fanforlife, estelle, angelah for updating us on this new thread….

    i am just so sad to hear about elena’s tragedy…..that’s why i am going to live for the moment but meaningfully not recklessly…. :)

    anyways….love bamzs family always….they rock and rule!!!

  • ariel

    Thanks Jared for the superb pics. To all BAMZS fans let us all say prayers for Elena & her family.

    Hello Ate Cha…kumusta na.

  • angelah

    Thanks Estelle for the nancy acct and PT for forwarding it :roll:

  • Shaz

    They are looking so cute. Thanx for the new pics. I really want to see Angie in more colors, though I loved her coat, its very stylish!

  • angelah

    i mean you did sent it estelle but I didn’t get it. Only got PT’s* ok nvm..carry on.

  • xenia

    Oh my! Love them. So stunningly gorgeous.

  • lylian

    BTW, Thanks a whole heap JJ and Audrey, you guys must be
    staying up late to post these photos.

    Not wanting to seem ungrateful and all that but your mission
    now, should you choose to accept it, is to get photos of Brad and
    Angelina making out and kissing as that reporter Steve what his
    name alleged in his write up. May be mission impossible as I
    suspect Steve what his name was exaggerating – something
    gossip columnists seem prone to do.

  • Indie

    For those of you that have been asking about Elena, I posted this on the previous thread, I am reposting it on the new thread.
    I was just about to post when I read your post.
    I spoke to her today and she is going through something that no parent will want to go through. She lost her two boys. They died in an auto accident about 3 weeks ago. One was a medical student, and the other just got into college. She is devastated, but she is dealing with her grief like the woman of substance that she is, so if you all could please keep her in your prayers. I will be seeing her tomorrow, I’ll let you guys know. She has not logged on here as you can imagine, when you go through such tragedy, it puts things in perspective for you.

    It makes you wonder, how one goes from 2 sons and a daughter to just having a daughter. But she is so grateful that she had the boys in her life and was blessed to have been their mother. As some of you regulars know, Elena is big on volunteer work and she passed that on to her children, and apparently her sons touched a lot of lives as well.

    All I can say is that life is certainly too short, live everyday like it were your last, and touch as many people as you can, that really is our legacy.

  • Rae

    She seems to be holding her belly in a few of the pics. Is it just me? I thought maybe he was touching her belly… like acknowledging another baby…. hmmmm…. JMO

  • piyutra

    I LUVVVV IT!!!

  • xenia

    If you look at the 19th photo with Brad shaking hand with a fan. Enlarge the photo…the guy Brad shaking hands with is looking at Angelina. Go see it.

  • Rae

    OMG How awful. I don’t know who that it but my prayers are with her and her family. That is horrific no one should ever have to go throught that kind of pain. My deepest sympathy.

  • juie

    more pics… them

  • xenia

    Our Condolences to Elena. You’ll be in our prayers.

  • Maniston

    If you look at the 19th photo with Brad shaking hand with a fan. Enlarge the photo…the guy Brad shaking hands with is looking at Angelina. Go see it.
    40 | xenia

    And he’s looking at her HARD too. Damn! LOL

  • kk1

    Thanks for the new pixs! These pixs should erase any doubt that some have that they are not a couple, and/or that Brad is only with Angie for the kids(I know that is just a hope on my part as the doubters and nonbelievers will continue with their denials as to the reality of this couple). Angie is just glowing, more beautiful than ever, and Brad is as handsome a MAN as we will ever see(Angie has made a man out of Brad). Pixs 7,8, and 12 are simply the best I’ve seen that clearly show how much these two care for one another. Love Love Love them!!

  • Alexanderina

    37 | Indie | – Hi Indie, I am so sorry to hear about Elena’s tradegy, please tell her that she and her family are in our prayers and thoughts, so sad

  • jjoy

    40 | xenia …. i did see that… :lol: maybe he was trying to see if angie will look at him so that he can also say that he shook angie’s hand but angie is to shy :lmao:

    ariel…are you feeling better…sorry for not responding at the TIFF thread…it was too many pages….also i almost turn in for the night but then i clicked and enlarged these photos and i am still giggling like a teeny boopers… :lol: want to scream BAMZS BAMZS…. :haha:

  • Sunny

    I love these pics too much. I just can’t get over this damn couple. They look fabulous together.

  • jjoy


  • cheeky

    My fav couple! So sexy and so in love!!

  • jjoy

    hey angelah….how to make smilie of lmao and haha??? i tried to copy like the one in EA but it didn’t work :(

  • angelah

    I don’t think those smileys work here, jjoy.