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Kate & Owen: OFFICIAL?

Kate & Owen: OFFICIAL?

After sneaking around some on “separate vavations” in Maui last week, it would seem that Owen Wilson and Kate Hudson aren’t taking too many precautions to mask their relationship anymore. Owen, 37, was spotted visiting Kate‘s Pacific Palisades home this past Friday afternoon.

Earlier on in the day, Kate, 27, took 2 1/2 year old son Ryder Robinson for a bike ride. She was carrying around a little Davines hair care shopping bag. Nearby, Owen was spotted picking up a pair of swimming googles during that time. To go swimming in Kate‘s pool, perhaps?

The “secretive” couple was then spotted at the Chateau Marmont hotel later that evening. Owen left a couple hours before Kate left on her own with a girlfriend… Is this blonde bunch in it for the long haul? Hmmm…

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29 Responses to “Kate & Owen: OFFICIAL?”

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  1. 1
    CradLe Says:

    First!!! They make such a cute couple

  2. 2
    rowena Says:

    oh lalala!

  3. 3
    viki Says:

    heya i’m a first time poster but i thought i read somewhere that owen wilson is dating some fashion designers daughter. i maybe wrong but thats where i heard and read n a webbie

  4. 4
    juligen Says:

    i wonder if the media will react with the same furia that they reacted against Brad and Angelina, since they are in THE SAME SITUATION, with the differece that Kate had a son with her husband, and Brad and jen didnt have kids.

    just to show how crap the media is.

    BTW I wish all the hapiness in the world for the couple, they trully are cute,

  5. 5
    juligen Says:

    just to add

    Owen is a much better men for Kate, at least he isnt stone all the time

  6. 6
    crybabyAniston Says:

    They need to stop using Chateau Marmont if they want privacy. Rotflamo!

  7. 7
    coco Says:

    er… juligen, i share your admiration for the couple, but not so sure he is any less of a stoner! check this out:


  8. 8
    Sandbitch Says:

    Man boobs, beak for nose, bare feet! WTF?

  9. 9
    briseis Says:

    Is Kate’s divorce from Chris Robinson already official? I mean, didn’t they just announce the separation in July? Where are all the moralists out there who should be screaming ADULTERY! CHEATING! especially since there is a child involved?

  10. 10
    breeze Says:

    until their are actual pictures of them together .I don’t really believe this.

  11. 11
    +++ Says:

    10 | breeze

    Kate divorced from her husband was not finalized yet, so, don’t expect to see them in public. another note is Kate is suppose to be American sweetheart, right ? so its okay for her to “cheat” , this is what we call the double standard of the media.

  12. 12
    creole Says:

    Isn’t OWEN a homewreaker?
    And Kate a **** and cheater ?
    odd we heard nothing about the marriage’s keepers around there!
    Where are you all the moralists?
    Poor husband , nothing for his defense?
    No vanity fair advocate ?

  13. 13
    jensmama Says:

    Yes, where are all the moral police ranting about homewrecking? Or is it because Kate is cute, so she doesn’t need the pity like Chinnifer.

  14. 14
    Remi Says:

    Hey Jared! What’s a “swimming google”? lol j/k
    Thanks for the pictures!

  15. 15
    creole Says:

    Because Kate has a little boy, she doesn’t have a dog to raise ;

    BTW, good for them, i’m not policing others’s relationships;
    but i’d say they are not interesting, that’s all;
    They don’t sell papers;
    Life is rude

  16. 16
    mooshki Says:

    Kate has been separated from her husband since spring. She & Owen didn’t start hooking up until after her marriage was over. Angelina broke up Brad & Jen’s marriage. Owen had nothing to do with Kate’s marriage ending.

  17. 17
    juligen Says:

    Kate has been separated from her husband since spring. She & Owen didn’t start hooking up until after her marriage was over.


    MY ASS!!!!!!!!!!!

    the filming dates of Me and Dupre started in september of 2005, last year, so dont tell me that Owen had nothing to do it!!!

    if they separeted in spring, during the filming of the movie they still were togheter, they still were a family

    do i hate them for that, NO, do i judge them for that, NO but dont tell me that this is diferent

  18. 18
    design_offcier Says:

    let’s get this out of the way. owen is a homewrecker.

    blah blah blah. there you go.

  19. 19
    remember da truth Says:

    OHHHHHH PUH-LEEEEZZZEE!!! How old are you? Do you really
    believe a third party can break up a marriage? Yeah, and Prince
    Charming will marry the princess, and all live happily ever after.
    NO ONE breaks up a happy marriage. If you think that a happy,
    solid, normal marriage can be broken up when a sexy member of
    the opposite sex comes on to your husband, you’d better never
    let him out of your sight, And you’d better get some therapy —
    FAST!! You’re as insecure and fragile as jen was, and THAT will
    drive a man away quicker than a sexy woman flirting with him.

  20. 20
    Dr Jube Says:

    I can’t believe all of you believe this **** already. Do you believe EVERYTHING the tabloids feed you?

  21. 21
    Emi Says:

    Kate has been separated from her husband since spring. She & Owen didn’t start hooking up until after her marriage was over. Angelina broke up Brad & Jen’s marriage. Owen had nothing to do with Kate’s marriage ending.

    16 | mooshki |

    this is B.S.

  22. 22
    XXX Says:

    16 | mooshki |

    Did Kate announced their separation ? Her divorced was not even finalized. Owen ahd nothing to do with Kate’s marriage ending ? that’s pure double standard and BS !

  23. 23
    mona Says:

    Kate deserves to have a good man in her life. Her hubby, according to many sources, including his band members, cheated on her left and right. Some even mentioned that he pressured her to participate in threesomes. I never saw him taking care of their kid either. I don’t have a problem with her moving on to someone else.
    That being said, it’s funny how the morality police goes after Angelina whereas Owen is off the hook even though there is a CHILD involved here. I firmly believe that the only reason why Angelina gets all this crap is because she’s the Temptress who stole the Prince from Americas’s Homely Sweetheart. Never mind what really happened there, some people will project their own insecurities and past experiences of being rejected on this situation and immediately identify with the underdog (pun not intended). Being gorgeous and not afraid to show your personality and sexuality is a huge no-no in America—it’s never been about what Brad and Angie did or didn’t do, it’s always been about Angie being threatening to all the insecure women out there.

  24. 24
    Julez Says:

    I think this situation is different because it was said that Chris cheated on her, that he is fond of threesomes while on tour. Jennifer didn’t cheat on Brad and then he went and got with Angelina. Nobody is ‘off the hook’. Angelina got so much bad attention for it because for years she said how she would never date a married man because of how it ruined her parent’s marriage and hurt her family so bad. Then she goes and starts dating Brad before his marriage is finalized. On the other hand, the ‘finalization’ of a divorce is only paperwork. The relationship is done and the couple has moved on, so Kate and Brad are free to see whoever they want.

  25. 25
    rememer da truth Says:

    Great post, Mona.
    Yes, Angie said she’d never be involved with a married man, and
    she wasn’t. The only people who seem to think that after filing for
    divorce you are not supposd to date until the settlement are Jen
    fans, who had a double standard for their girl, too. By the
    accounts of all involved, not the tabloids trying to make a buck off
    stirring up Jen fans into a frenzy, there was no cheating. And
    everyone knows the kind of person Brad was pre-Angelina — the
    only stud in Hollywood NOT to be out shagging everything he
    could. And Angelina was a beautiful woman who has always had
    more of a reputation for sleeping around than facts to back up
    those allegations. She could have any man in Hollywood, yet
    didn’t, and was even celibate for long stretches of time.
    Kate is blond, young, sweet, cheerful and so she can get away
    from things that those who are afraid of Angelina will accuse her of
    even if she never did them.
    I think Kate is better off with owen anyway, even if her husband
    DIDN’T cheat. She needs someone carefree, and giving, and her
    husband seemed very into himself. THAT part is very similar to
    the other marriage, and again, why someone who has more to
    offer seeks someone who has more to give.

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