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Madonna's Crazy Cut

Madonna's Crazy Cut

Madonna and famed fashion photographer Steven Klein teamed up for “Madonna‘s Photography and Videography Collaboration.” The pair arrived earlier on today, September 19, at the Louis Vuitton Roppongi Hills Store in Tokyo, Japan. Check out their photography exhibit after the jump… more pictures in the gallery!

QUESTION :: Is Madonna‘s new do CRAZY COOL? or PLAIN CRAZY?

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madonna short hair 01
madonna short hair 02
madonna short hair 03
madonna short hair 04
madonna short hair 05
madonna short hair 06
madonna short hair 07
madonna short hair 08
madonna short hair 09
madonna short hair 10
madonna short hair 11
madonna short hair 12

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  • jackie

    Madonna looks FAB!!!!

  • d.

    I think her haircut looks great – very edgy.

  • louveciennes

    I dunno, I kind of like it.

  • memememe

    i like it too! its different and edgy. it could be a wig though too. still kinda cute

  • finn

    love love love the cut

  • movie fan

    She looks younger than she has in years.

  • AddictedtoBAMZs

    Love the hair. Terrific. She looks half her age.

  • Leandro Toro

    Perez Hilton just named 5th most influential man under 42 by Details magazine. Also on the list is Pink Is The New Blog. We have nothing against the latter — but out of the millions of blogs, JustJared is a top one with 9,935 and Pink is rank is good but quite lower, at 20,394. Hmmm.

    As to Perez Hilton — does he look cuter, sexier, more influential with blond hair or brown? With or without a stubble? With or without designer clothes?

    See our ratings on Perez Hilton at http://WWW.LEANDROTORO.COM (pages 742,743,744).

  • Leandro Toro

    Re Madonna’s cut: It’s cute — she didn’t gain her fame through beauty initially so much as personality. She is really holding up well. Leandro.

  • Ew


  • iona

    Holy crap she is so skinny now. I reallllly like the hair. I think it’s a love it or hate it haircut, tho

  • Dudette

    It’s not so much the cut, but the color! Yikes!! It should be darker!

  • Bla

    She is the most pathetic, the most over-rated singer of our times.
    All she did to get famous was to flash some boobs.
    I can’t stand her. She is showing off her crotch to the world and getting sleazy with young men… when in fact she should be a grandma by now!!

  • duders

    Madonna kind of looks like a transvestite now. No offence to transvestites around the world, of course. Just an observation.

  • msguidedmama

    Looks good on her, very age appropriate.

  • jj

    hey bla…..get off this jump then idiot!!! How can you be so wrong?? Sad. She is one of the smartest business women ever! She knows how to shock and awe and make $$$$$ doing it! Good for her and her crazy creativity! LOVE HER

  • theoriginalbitch

    you’ve gotta be kiddin’, yellow teeth, hair the consistency of straw on a woman fast approaching 50 attempting to look like a teeny bopper. Oh yeah, that’s real attractive.

  • apelilae

    Worst. Haircut. EVER!

  • sarah

    i’m going to give the new hair 2 thumbs up!!
    she needed a change after that confessions-of-a-dance-floor-disco-feathered-farrah-fawcett-wavy-hair.
    gotta keep it fresh! go sista go!

  • mopno

    the farrah-fawcett cut worked for her and her alone. it even looks bad on tyra banks.

  • Ida

    WOW! Gotta love the hair!

  • Liz

    She completely ripped this look off of Gwen’s fashion show. Madonna is a sleazy, unattractive, no talent fake. Are people really that stupid to think anything else? I guess so.

  • JAY

    I have seen Madonna this summer during Confessions tour in London. I had front raw seats by the catwalk, so I was only few feets away from her. She was so beautiful I could not believe my eyes! This new hairdo fits her, reminds me of her Who is That Girl years almost 20 years ago! Although I think the new hairdo is a wig as part of her new video shooting – Jump-, she still makes a statement! You go girl! Keep us suprised!


    WOW… That look rocks!
    She has eternal beauty, gets better and better everyday!

  • Julia

    I cannot STAND Madonna; I also find her extremely ugly and feel that she is NOT aging well.

    BUT–this haircut is a HUGE improvement over the Farrah nightmare–that cut was so massively unflattering, somehow managing to draw attention straight to her wrinkles, her preternaturally huge forehead, and her weird teeth.

    This is such an improvement, I can’t even adequately express it. And although I don’t think platinum hair on a woman her age is a good idea, it works far better than the darker blonde–that just made her look haglike for some reason. This puts some color in her face, or something.

    Anyway–YES, good cut, MASSIVE improvement!!!

  • Someone

    Is it a wig perhaps???

    Either way, I like it!

  • Sandbitch

    It suits her but I think it’s a wig. “Scalp” looks fake, static fringe like Lego figure.

  • OMFG

    I love it!
    She Looks so young almost Blond Embition era!
    I love it!

  • taube

    I like Madonna better with long hair. This is a wig though, I’m pretty sure.

  • Loly

    It’s so Funny that All Stupid Gossip Bloger saying this is Bad hiar cut But most of People Love it.
    I also Love this hair cut.
    It’s really cool and unique.

  • Dr Jube

    Am I the only one who thinks it ages her?
    Am I also the only one who thinks she is MASSIVELY overrated? She can’t sing.

  • carrie nae

    Looove it!!!!!

  • t

    Looks a bit wig-like to me.

  • aiisha

    It’s gotta be a wig. She still has a couple more “disco” shows to do in Japan and that hair isn’t exactly disco. Most likely it’s what she’ll look like in her new video.

  • pinky

    she’s too old for that haircut.

  • Mac

    listen up!
    Leave the girl alone, it’s not her fault if she’s the best female ever
    she has up to 36 top 10 songs, no one has done that before other than Elvis. Just because you don’t like some1 that doesn’t mean you cannot admit that this person has talent. for example i dont like beyounce or Michael jackson, but Guess what? they are really talented.
    She’s been in the business for 2 decades and on top, she’s the best and not retiring anytime soon, Get used to it. My brother never liked her and recently he admitted that she’s the best.
    It was a simple question, do you like the haircut or not? It wasnt a question about your opinions on her music or her fame.
    Madonna? u’re fab, go get em girlfriend. and I can wait for your new album. Nice haircut bythe way

  • Sandbitch

    Thanks for that tip Caz. I’m the same vintage as Madge but I’ll make sure I get my hair cut before I hit 62 or I’ll learn to walk permanently backwards. :)

  • asher

    Is she going through menopause right about now? Is this the female version of the mid-life crisis?

  • sean

    Madonna rocks! I love her!

  • Nika

    Love it, i had my hair like that four years ago. Looks good on her!

  • Maria

    Julia: I so agree with you. I can’t stand Madonna either — I don’t get it, but everyone has their own tastes and opinions, and this is mine. She got her fame using ‘sex’, not talent. She’s not a great singer, nor is she a great dancer. As my ‘real’ dance friends say — ‘she’s a mover’. I will say that the cut is much, much prettier than that lousy one she was sporting a few months back — the ‘I’m still young’ cut. This cut is nice. Still don’t like the woman, though.

  • XD

    ptin ca la vieillli madonna :o!!!!

  • turenne

    the girl looks hotter than ever any bad critic is pure jealoooouuuusyy!!!!!!
    we all need her for inspiration

  • lotus881

    listen all of you!face it ,she’s great.we all wish we had her business
    sense.and her new cut….banging!!!!!!she sets trends quicker then
    we blink.she is my favorite.

  • lotus881

    listen all of you!face it ,she’s great.we all wish we had her business
    sense.and her new cut….banging!!!!!!she sets trends quicker then
    we blink.she is my favorite.