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Smallville on the Green Carpet

Smallville on the Green Carpet

Mo’ pix from the WB Main Lot from last night’s Launch Party for The CW in Burbank, California. Behold, the cast of Smallville! Tom Welling, 29, Kristin Kreuk, 23, Erica Durance, 28, Justin Hartley, 29, and Aaron Ashmore, 26. The season premiere, episode “Zod,” is scheduled to air on September 28th @ 8PM ET/PT. Many more pictures in the gallery! (Be sure to check out the cute pics of Kristin and Kristen Bell!)

BREAKING :: Tori Spelling will make a guest appearance on a future episode of Smallville as a gossip columnist for The Daily Planet. Her powers will allow her to turn herself into silicone water. SPLASH.

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  • Elissa

    Where is hell is Allison Mack? You know the actress who won a Teen’s choice award & plays Smallville’s most popular female character.

  • jaromir

    Who is the blonde guy that is not Jimmy Olson…

    On a side note; Boy I wish Superman Returns was half as good as this show. Despite the crap fest that was the last season. (raise fist at person who wrote Lana character last season; DAMN YOU!!)……..j/k

  • AngelLily

    OMG!! NO!! Not Tori Spelling!!

  • Charlie

    The blonde guy is Justin Hartley. He was going to star in a new Aquaman series, but it didn’t get picked up. So the producers of the show cast him as the Green Arrow on Smallville. I agree with poster number 1, where is Allison Mack?

  • ML

    My SUPERMAN is Hot!!

  • Dee

    The two Krises look so cute together!!!

  • Dee

    The two Krises look so cute together!!!

    I think AM and MR didn’t come because they probably had to work.

  • silera

    Kristin looks so cute!

  • Carol

    Tom looks so hot, sexy and gorgeous!!!

  • DEE

    FYI !



  • Sim0ne

    Erica looks GREAT !!

  • rosalind76

    They look amazing. Love the Tom and Kristin pics especially, but very disappointed that MR and AM couldn’t attend. I believe they had to work as well. Beautiful cast.

  • BAMZ

    Is it just me or does Kristin Kreuk remind you of ANGELINA JOLIE?

  • Cris

    KK is so amazing! She the best thing on smallville. And I’m so happy that Allison Mack wasn’t to CW Launch Party. I miss Michael.

  • duders

    Kristin Kreuk is better looking in real life. I used to work at an electronics store where most of the smallville cast would come and buy tv’s. Actually, they’re all better looking in real life. The dude who plays Lex’s father was a bit of a wierdo though.

  • design_offcier

    i still think superman returns was a great movie. it had comedy and good writing and was smallville with a much larger budget. where the hell is michael rosenbaum and who are these other tools? i’m just glad chloe wasn’t there. ugh, so annoying.

  • Katherine

    Wow the 2 most dynamic & interesting characters on Smallville, & their best actors in Allison Mack & Michael Rosenbaum not in attendance.

  • WorldCup

    Finally some new pics of Kristin!! She’s breathtaking.

  • sultrydame

    I love LOVE smallville shows! Both Tom Welling and Michael Rosenbaum (too bad he’s not pictured here) both are so hot!

  • yepyep

    Who makes Kristin’s dress? Anybody know?

  • World Cup

    Yeah, there is definitely a similarity between Kristin and Angelina Jolie. They both have seductive eyes, dark hair, beguiling smile, high cheekbones and beautiful lips.

  • yeyyey

    What brand is Kristin’s dress? Anybody know?

  • silera


    Ktistin was on E!News tonight and was asked about her dress and she replied that she didn’t know who her designer was. LOL!

    Bad Kristin, bad!

    And I agree with whom ever said Kristin looks like Angelina Jolie!

  • Hutu

    18 | Katherine
    WORD on that. Give me Michael & Allison any day!

  • frayed

    i am so excited i love smallville (although last season was a bit hit and miss). tom welling… YUM!

  • thea

    no offense or anything.. but i dont see the resemblance between kristin and angelina.. i dont know. it just seems like they’re in two totally different leagues. anyway.. jared, thanks for posting smallville pics here! please please keep em coming! i wish michael rosenbaum was here! i luuuve him!! I

  • Skyler

    I don’t think Michael Rosenbaum or Allison Mack attended, her fans are pretty gung-ho so I think the pictures would have come out with these.

  • h2O

    I really like Kristin’s dress because it’s so different from what the other actresses were wearing that she stood out from the crowd. She is such a stunning woman.

    Allison Mack and Michael Rosenbaum probably had to work. Somebody had to be on the set.

    Angelina and Kristin are similar because they both have a unique beauty that’s different from the cookie cutter actresses in Hollywood.

  • jenna

    Kristin and Angelina look nothing alike. Two complete different looks. Kristin is a very cute hapa girl and Angelina is a very sultry woman

  • World Cup

    Sorry, but Kristin is not just cute. She’s gorgeous. Actually the pics that Jared posted here doesn’t do her justice. There’s other sites that have pics that made my jaw drop. Her face is amazing almost perfect up close.

  • erica

    Aww, I miss Allison Mack and Michael Rosenbaum. Those two are a major reason I watch SV.

  • kai

    Umm, KK and AJ look nothing alike..maybe it’s just the long hair, the hair color is very similar, and the black dress (AJ wears a lot of black). AJ’s very seductive and womanly, KK’s very cute and girly.

  • Valentina

    foto bellissime e soppratutto sono bellissimi loro…bye

  • Natalia

    Wish Alison had been there. She’s honestly the only thing that’s keeping Smallville alive at this point.
    Chloe is the best character so they better not have any ideas about killing her off!

  • david10006

    erica durance…so…so hot!

  • http://september25th,2006at6:22pm paulette

    kristin and angelina look nothing alike.
    i love.LOVE smallville shows
    both Tom Welling and MichaEL BOTH ARE SO HOT

  • 2985

    Why aren’t there more Tom Welling news? He’s beyond HAWT! I sometimes think Tom Welling must really be an alien, coz ya know, what better gig to hide the fact that you’re really an alien: play a guy who’s an alien! No earthly man can be that stunning…really…he’s an undies-wrecker, just looking at him will do that. And love Kristin Kreuk, gorgeous beauty, different in a good way, like Angie. I can see what the others meant by that, not coz they look similar but there’s something, I agree. I love this show! Alison Mack, John Glover and Michael Rosenbaum too!

    Erica Durance was hired for her implants, I’m still convinced of that. AlMiles had to do something to inject ‘newness’, pity, the original cast DID NOT need that. Like Tom Welling said in an interview in the Smallville Yearbook he didn’t see the reason for Lois in Smallville. So far her character has been half-naked, scene filler or combo of both. And AlMiles are under contract NOT to have any kind of romance btw Clark and Lois anyway, from the comics people, they’re very strict with the material, so really, get rid of Lois! It’s called SMALLVILLE for duck’s sake, not Metropolis Al Miles!!! Ugh…

  • Blade452

    Erica is the real woman, hottest thing alive

  • http://nose elisa

    solo se ke tom esta bien guapo
    osea } is a very sultry man


  • christin pfitzenmaier

    omg tom welling is sooooooo hot! YUMMY kristen kreuck is so pretty so is erica durance. Tom if you read this you are soooooo sexy

  • not

    Erica has style. Kristin Kreuk looks like a little beaver weird. ugly.

  • not

    And what?? hapa girl looks more like AJ’s new adoptive than AJ. Lol

  • Robert

    What the hell. How can you forget Allison Mack. She is the most beautiful woman on Smallville. Though I won’t stay pissed at you because you have Kristen Bell in there.

  • sandra

    hi america i’m french and i love smallville i love tom weling!!i look everiday sorry for my bad english!vivaaaaa america

  • perla patricia vazquez

    me encanta smallville no me pierdo ningun episodio, aparte de que estoy enamorada de tom welling, es mi actor favorito y es muy buena persona, de mexico,cd. juarez(chihu)

  • perla patricia vazquez

    me encanta smallville no me pierdo ningun episodio, aparte de que estoy enamorada de tom welling, es mi actor favorito y es muy buena persona, de mexico,cd. juarez(chihu)

  • patricia

    smallville es mi serie faborita, no me la pierdo por nada del mundo.
    tom me encantas, eres superreal, me enamoraste desde el primer dia que te vi, dios te bendiga a ti y a tu familia.

  • http://eeee assk

    toom welling isss ssoo fucckkiinngg hoot <333
    and u who think kristin look like angelina are u stupid or somethiinnggg

  • isagill

    me encanta smallvilley chlark bueno tom is hot and everything but i would love to see allison mack both actors keep me watching this show i love them