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Vanessa Hudgens: All Giggles and Glee

Vanessa Hudgens: All Giggles and Glee

Just Jared received an exclusive interview yesterday with the one and only Vanessa Hudgens of High School Musical fame. Vanessa was nothing but a sweetheart on the phone and giggled throughout the entire interview. Read on about what Vanessa had to say about High School Musical 2, why she had to create a new MySpace account, what she has on her iTunes playlist, and of course, her upcoming album.

Just Jared :: Vanessa Hudgens, thank you so much for taking the time to speak with me this afternoon.

Vanessa Hudgens :: Hey, of course.

JJ :: How are you doing today?

VH :: Good, thank you!

JJ :: Are you at home relaxing right now or are you busy in the middle of work?

VH :: Yes, I’m actually chilling at home. Finally, I get some time off.

JJ :: Congratulations on your success with “High School Musical.” How does it feel to be part of one of the biggest phenomenons of the entire year?

VH :: Thank you! It’s really great. We had no idea that it was going to do so well, so for it to blow up like it did, we were really fortunate.

JJ :: Has your schedule cooled off any since then or are you still running full steam ahead?

VH :: It’s definitely full steam ahead! So busy right now, I can’t even believe it.

JJ :: What do you have on your plate right now?

VH :: I have to start rehearsing for performances I’m going to do. I’m going to do “Regis [& Kelly]” and “Good Morning America.” So I’m really excited about that. And after that, I’m going on tour. And after that, we’re going to be shooting “High School Musical 2.”

JJ :: Are you able to rattle off any details on “High School Musical 2″? Anything you can spoil, I mean share, with us?

VH :: Actually, I haven’t read the script yet. So, I’m eager to see what happens. [laughs] Okay, you get to listen to me watch back a music video — a performance I did for Yahoo! for the first time.

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JJ :: Was it a good performance?

VH :: Yeah, actually. It was really good.

JJ :: So, summer is winding down. School is back in session. Were you able to kick back at all this summer and go on vacation?

VH :: No, I actually didn’t. [giggles] I was so busy. But actually, I got to spend a week in London and just hang out because I was there with “High School Musical,” so I got the opportunity to just stay there and hang out. My director Kenny [Ortega] actually took me to Paris for a day and after that, I went to Pittsburgh to do an autograph signing and a performance.

JJ :: Speaking of performing, could you tell us about your new album?

VH :: Well, the album is called “V.” Of course it stands for Vanessa but it also stands for Variety because my album is kind of a mix tape. It’s not just a specific genre. It has Pop/Rock, Pop/R&B, and Pop/Dance. It’s just a wide mix of things. I recorded it pretty quick and I’m really happy with what I did.

JJ :: How long did it take for you to record the album?

VH :: A month and a half to two months.

JJ :: Your nickname “Baby V” comes up in “Come Back To Me.” Was that nickname something your friends called you or was that just created in the studio?

VH :: [giggles] It came up in the studio. The producer who I worked with, Antonina [Armato]. She was just so fun and all over the place. She kept calling me Baby V and somehow it just got thrown in there.

JJ :: Do you have any big plans for the debut of your first album? A kick-off party of sorts?

VH :: [giggles] I think I’m going to have a barbeque. So I mean, that’s fun!

JJ :: Your music video for “Come Back To Me” had some very cool effects with the chandeliers and all the lighting. Was it fun making that?

VH :: Yeah, it was so much fun. My director Chris Applebaum made it so fun. I had such a blast doing it.

JJ :: Was it different being in front of the camera by yourself rather than in front of the camera with other cast members?

VH :: It is because all eyes are on you! It’s not like where you’re with an entire group of people. It’s just on you and that’s all.

JJ :: Do you feel more pressure that way?

VH :: Kind of. In a way, I almost felt like I could just let loose because I didn’t have to blend in with everybody. I could just do whatever I wanted.

JJ :: Your first tour kicks off in about a month from now. Have practices started yet?

VH :: Almost! That’s what I’m actually starting tomorrow.

JJ :: Are you traveling on a bus for your tour?

VH :: I actually am going to. I’m really excited because I’ve never really done that. I’m excited to see how we’re going to sleep and everything.

JJ :: How will you pass the time traveling from city to city?

VH :: I’m bringing my computer. It keeps me preoccupied very well.

JJ :: Which do you enjoy better — the filmmaking process or music making process?

VH :: Goodness. You know, music is definitely more grueling. It takes a lot of effort. I mean, both of them do but the music industry is way more tough. I enjoy doing both so much. They’re both so fun but they’re completely different. In music, I started off listening to music and finding out what I liked and going to recording studios. That was really tiring because I hadn’t actually gone in and recorded things by myself. I was so used to singing showtunes, so when I’d go in and work with different producers, they’re like, ‘Stop over pronouncing your words.’ [giggles] I’m like, ‘Okay, sorry.’ Finally, I got the hang of that. Then I went to work with another producer and then they’re like, ‘You need to over pronounce your words.’ I’m like, ‘Oh my gosh, I’m never going to get this right.’ [giggles] In a sense, it was very tiring. I put tears and laughter into it. But it’s like a journey. And the whole thing just tells a story.

JJ :: When you’re filming, you’re surrounded by a lot of your peers. In music, I assume you’re surrounded by mostly adults. Is that less exciting?

VH :: Well, I got to work with some great people. The people I worked with, I really did get along with, connected, and basically had fun. I can still hang out with my friends whenever I want. It didn’t really take away from the experience. It was just working with older people basically and in a more business-y way.

JJ :: I understand that you are a blend of Filipino, Chinese, Latina (mother) and Irish and American Indian (father). Is that all true?

VH :: Yeah. I’m Caucasian, Filipino, Chinese, Latin American, Irish, and Spanish.

JJ :: Being of mixed race, do you cling to one race more than another?

VH :: Oh, no. I’m friends with everybody.

JJ :: Do you celebrate any specific cultural traditions or holidays?

VH :: I don’t celebrate Day of the Dead or anything. [giggles] I’m pretty much living the American lifestyle.

JJ :: Do you visit blogs? Keep in touch with friends through MySpace?

VH :: I actually do. I used to be so addicted to MySpace. It was ridiculous but then people started taking my pictures. And so I deleted mine because I got really annoyed by it. But recently, I just made a new one. So, I’m getting hooked again. [giggles]

JJ :: A lot of celebrities privatize their MySpace accounts and tag their pictures so people can’t steal them.

VH :: Yeah, my picture isn’t even of me, so it’s okay. [giggles] And my name isn’t even my name, so nobody will find me. [giggles]

JJ :: Which songs are on repeat on your iTunes playlist?

VH :: Okay, let’s go look.

JJ :: Do you have the HS Musical soundtrack on there?

VH :: Actually, I don’t. [giggles] But I have my CD on my iTunes. [giggles] Okay, let’s see. I have a wide range of music. I have Zero 7, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Wu-Tang Clan, The Blood, Sublime, Postal Service. Oh god, this is really bad.

JJ :: Do you have some music you’re ashamed of?

VH :: That’s just what I’ve been looking at. Yesterday, my friend and I were just hanging out. We were kinda bored. So we decided we’d buy the Paris Hilton CD. [giggles] And, uh, yeah.

JJ :: Were you able to listen through the whole CD?

VH :: I listened to a few songs.

JJ :: Did you like them?

VH :: You know, some of them, I was kinda digging. It’s fun. She did really well for what she had.

JJ :: Which celebrity are dying to meet that you haven’t met yet?

VH :: I haven’t met a lot of celebrities. I still get starstruck. I’d really want to meet Christina Aguilera because I’m a huge fan. And I’d want to meet Angelina Jolie because I’m a big fan of hers too. I’d want to see her in real life.

JJ :: I know that you love scary movies. Do you have a favorite?

VH :: Not really. You know, okay, I get so scared at scary movies. My mind totally takes me on a ride. My friend and I were sitting around at my house last night. We were watching TV and “The Grudge 2″ commercial comes on. So we’re watching it and I’m like, OMG, it looks so scary. I’m already freaking out just by the commercial and she puts her arm right by me and she goes, “BOO!!!” and I scream really, really loud. I don’t know. I don’t really have a favorite scary movie. I just love watching them. Yeah, actually, I watched “Zodiac” yesterday.

JJ :: How do you like to unwind at the end of the day?

VH :: How do I unwind at the end of the day? See, the thing is, I get really busy at the end of the day. At night, that’s when my energy goes up again. I usually just wear off my energy. That’s how. There you go! I get my second wind at night. I kind of like go crazy and I’m really energetic and I jump all over the place and I just crash.

JJ :: What time do you usually wake up and go to sleep?

VH :: It depends. Sometimes I go to bed at 10, sometimes at 1. So, between 10 and 1. And I usually wake up between 8 to 10.

JJ :: What was your last major purchase?

VH :: I was in Pittsburgh and bought a Chanel ring. That was not yesterday, but the day before yesterday.

JJ :: Do you have anything to say to any of your fans out there?

VH :: Just thank you for being so supportive of me. There’s a whole bunch of bashers out there. And I think it comes with the territory but I’m so glad my true fans stand up for me. I really appreciate it. And don’t forget to check out “Good Morning America” on the 26th because I’ll be singing live!

JJ :: Wow, that was amazing Vanessa. Well, thank you so much for your time and I look forward to seeing you on tour next month!

VH :: Awesome, thank you!


DON’T FORGET :: Watch Vanessa Hudgens perform on Good Morning America next Tuesday, September 26th and on Regis & Kelly next Thursday, September 28th.


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