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Daniel Smith's Last Photos

Daniel Smith's Last Photos

The upcoming issue of In Touch Weekly exclusively has Anna Nicole Smith and her son Daniel Smith’s final moments together. We learn that Anna Nicole’s son met his newborn sister hours before his death.

The photos have racked up more than $600,000 — InTouch paid $400,000 for the print exclusive while Entertainment Tonight and The Insider shelled out $250,000 for television rights. Anna Nicole was the one selling the pictures, earning her hundreds of thousands of dollars from the sale of the final pictures.

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  • Cristhel

    This is too sad that he died
    He has such a beautifull sister I think he shouldnt have died becaus
    ehe’s mom loved him and he never go to enjoy his little babaysister

  • coco

    I just feel there is something not right about her making a profit from such a tragic situation… all a bit bizarre. Poor lad.

  • Kellie

    If Anna was half a parent, maybe he’d still be alive!

  • Sad

    Another celebrity using their child for money by selling private photos. This is really sad.

  • Kellie

    BTW…anyone notice Anna got her lips done?

  • rashroosh

    ifeel so sorry 4 him no one should die this young its so sad icant imagin what anna is putting through it i true that life isnt fair it makes you think of your own life somehow

  • rashroosh

    btw..kelie no one cares if she got her lips done you are unbeliveable no parent no matter how bad they are should lose akid ,idont like anna but we should at least respect the dead boy cuse he was ahuman being

  • Dudette

    poor kid. may he rest in peace and watch over his little sister. i hope anna can raise her daughter right

  • stanley

    Poor kid. Its bad enough he had to grow up with that embarrssment of a mother making a total ass of herself all the time and acting like a twit. Now his death gets smeared everywhere.

  • winnowill

    i never cared for anna nicole either… but in this instance i highly doubt she had anything to do with the selling of these pics. she is, after all, a grieving mother, and from all news accounts she’s pretty much existing on valium. i highly suspect that brown-nosing, schmoozer, fuck Howard Stern guy sold the pics.

  • sultrydame

    I never liked Anna Nicole either… but I feel for her sons. What really bothers me is that Nicole would sell the photos so she can profit but again, that’s ANNA NICOLE SMITH. Her eyes are full of dollar signs. Her son did not deserve this and death itself. My condolences goes out to her newborn, and the family.

  • SusieQ

    OMG! That is gruesome! Why would ANYONE sell a picture like that??
    Money really rules the world..

  • j-dog

    I guarantee that she’s probably too sedated to even know these
    have been published. Blame the sleazy lawyers!

  • SusieQ

    I really feel for her baby girl. Hopefully she will avoid the same fate 20
    yrs down the line. I just read that the pap father wants parental
    rights. Let’s pray the child grows up with a sane dad.

  • Erin

    Well, even if she did get money for the photos, I hope she puts it to good use for like a funeral and stuff. Gawd knows she didn’t need it.

  • Sad

    It’s being reported that Anna herself profited off the pictures, about $600,000. Why can’t celebs just leave their kids out of the limelight. It’s bad enough for them with the paparazzi, but do the parents themselves have to sell the pictures???

  • ?

    Anna is really pretty even with no makeup on, a crazy dark tan and just after giving birth. I feel really sad for her…You could tell she adored him when they were on her reality show.

    I hope she can get through losing him for the sake of her new baby girl.

  • taube

    How tasteless of Anna Nicole and InTouch. This money made better go to charity.

  • sunshine

    Anna is really pretty even with no makeup on, a crazy dark tan and just after giving birth. I feel really sad for her…You could tell she adored him when they were on her reality show.

    I hope she can get through losing him for the sake of her new baby girl.

  • sunshine

    oops! sorry for the double post. i didn’t think my first post got through.

  • Bee

    I sure do hope that this is the media doing what they do best again as in turning a very sad and tragic situation into a public laughing stock. For someone who had to be sedated due to grief that sure would be a quick recovery to realise that she can make money out of this, which she doesn’t need anyway that’s really peanuts to her I’m sure. The whole thing rings suspicious and I’m pointing my finger at the cruel, heartless, money whoring media twits with no morals for spinning this.

  • littlemisssunshine

    wow, she sold those pictures? That seems so creepy to me. I feel badly for her, but wow, I’d think those would be treasured photos. Selling to a tab is icky.

  • diamond

    Who cares if she sold the pictures? We all want to look at them. She can still treasure them even if they’ve been published. Get over yourselves.

  • Lay-off her

    Yes, she sold the pictures. It’s not like other celebrities don’t sell pictures (Tom & Katie, etc.). If anything, I commend her for selling the pictures and making money, since if she didn’t the tabloids and TV shows would be the only ones making money, and if anyone deserves it, it’s her.

  • crybabyAniston

    I think people need to stop bitching about selling the photos…she want to get out how happy her son was the day before he died. This is a business and if she wants to set up some memorial for her son from the money or whatever…she has that right. It is not profiting from a loveone….is protecting the rights and denying anyone else from profiting off the photographs. No money in the world can bring back her child…I truly believe it Anna had a choice between the life of her son or money…she would choose money. I would rather the family got the money, then strangers profiting from the death of her son.

    Geesh want a bunch of haters. You would do the sam thing and most folks do…what about all those true life stories movies of the week, regular folks sell their rights all the time and no one goes on a website and complain about that…they just call it….getting paid.

  • Callie

    What I heard she was doing something for her son. Plus, think about it. Those pictures would have come out anyways so isn’t it better that she makes the money instead of some tabloid? It’s her son and if she uses the money for some foundation in his name or even for his sister its better than some stranger getting the money for their own selfish reasons. I feel horrible for Anna and Hananh. It just breaks my heart :(

  • donegaveup

    It was my understanding that Anna had arranged the sale of the pics before her son died. Anyways, I can’t believe anything could be worse than losing a child…I never thought I’d feel sorry for Anna Nicole Smith but I certainly do feel bad for her.

  • Yorkie Girl


  • Emes

    She had to sell the pictures in order to have enough money to give her son a proper funeral.

  • Kellie

    rashroosh – the only reason I pointed out that she got her lips done is to point out that she’s self-centered as usual. Even though she was pregnant, she would have cosmetic things done to her body. That’s just sick.

    And to elaborate on my first post…what I meant was that if Anna had been half a parent Daniel’s whole life, maybe he’d still be alive. It seems, from the reports that he had a few medications in his system that didn’t mix well and caused a grave reaction. One of those medications was an antidepressant. There aren’t many 20 year old guys out there on antidepressants and certainly not many that are on more than one type of medication that would cause a reaction. This would lead you to speculate that he has been to at least two different doctors and wasn’t letting both doctors know exactly what the other doctor proscribed for him. Doctors know what medications don’t mix with others and therefore won’t proscribe them together.

    This all just screams of a troubled 20 year old guy. And from her constant dealings in the media you can see that she’s not very sane herself. It’s a wonder he lasted till he was 20.

    I do mourn his death as I would mourn any 20 year old. That is just way to young to die. All I was trying to say was that Anna is not a good mother and had she been a good mother, maybe this guy would still be alive today.

  • Victoria

    Kellie, you don’t know what the eff you are talking about. There are millions of twenty-somethings out there on antidepressants. Most psychological problems surface in the early 20′s… have you ever read about depression throughout the college years?
    Obviously you are not a very well read person but rather an ignorant one making judments on other people. People are not on antidepressants because their parents are bad parents!! What a classless post to be blaming a mother for her son’s death because he was on antidepressants!!! And ALL drugs have the potential to have interactions and even deadly interactions. Antidepressants aren’t candy and can cause different reactions in different people. Your whole post is just disgusting and ignorant. Doctors DO mix up prescriptions.. it happens all the time.. pharmacists are there to safeguard against interactions, and even then, an OTC (over the counter) medication can counteract with a prescription. It does not mean he was doing illegal drugs, or had different doctors he was lying to. Your assumptions are ridiculous. What a hateful post!
    Sending energies to them in this difficult time

  • Shining light

    i am really sorrythat he died.i think it isnt such a big thing that Anna Nichole sold the pics… all celebs do that…and anyway they were gonna come out soooner or later…i just hope that Anna Nichole will get through losing him but keeping his memory alive.i do hope shell tell stories about him to her baby girl when shes old enough to hear them

  • claire

    First I wish Anna and her family all the best. I wish her son God’s speed and peace!
    I wasn’t going to comment but I feel I have something to say whether people like it or not.
    Anna agreed to publish those pics before her son died. The fact that she only got a few hundred thousand shows that… I am sure they would have been worth a lot more now! I think that if she sold them for the money oh well at least it is a family photo and not her taking her clothes off… who knows she may need the money! As for the way she raised him… you never saw him in the tabloids acting up, drunk driving or anything else like you do with all these other young rich kids. After his death they speak very highly of this young man and said he was an honors student, quiet and trying to do things with his life. She evidently was doing a damn good job of raising her son. As for her public image, she must not be like that at home. This young man must have been grounded and a great love and support system at home for him. I can’t say I like or dislike Anna I think she is who she is and a lot of us are either too uppity or no confident enough to be ourselves. I feel bad for her and I wish her heart love and time to mend and I wish her well. I can’t believe some people out there that can be so cold and uncaring. No mother or father should have to bury their child. It is the saddest thing I believe a parent can ever endure.
    God Bless and keep you Anna, you and your family!!!!

  • claire

    and getting her lips done are you crazy… pure nonsense… everyone looks swollen and tramatized after giving birth come man!

  • Katie

    I feel deep sympathy for Anna with the tragic loss of her son, as many have said before I can’t imagine anything worse than the loss of a child. Anna is an entertainer and her lifestyle had nothing to do with the death of her son. If you don’t like her, don’t watch her. Many good parents lose children, good or bad parents have children with problems needing help with antidepressants in this day and time and the world we live in. Some of you judge as if your lives are flawless. It must be nice for you because wake up its the real world the rest of us live in. More power to her if she has had cosmetic surgery, who wouldnt want to look better and feel better about themselves in this vain world we live in where looks and money have such an importance placed on them everywhere we turn. Anna Nicole if you read this my heart breaks for you, a joyous moment in your life has turned to a heartbreaking tragedy, but know that Daniel did look happy and you can see it in his eyes that he loved you and was happy for you and loved his new sister. He will live on in the photos and in memories that you shared. And yes you hypocrytes out there, youknow everyone wants to see the photos, so however they end up in the magazines I am glad they are being shared with the world.

  • Beatrix

    I can’t believe you people. I am not a fan of Anna Nicole Smith, but she seemed to have done a good job raising her son. He wasn’t on drugs, or in any kind of trouble, so how can you trash her as a mother.

  • Rosie

    First of all, I personally know Vicky Hogan’s mother brother and sister- that would be Anna Nicole Smith to the rest of you. Secondly, yes she is very self centered. Her mother is a GREAT GREAT person and nothing like the Anna Nicole that you all see and know BUT.. regardless of everything Anna Nicole has done.. regardless of all the hair brained things she has said and done she would never and I mean never harm Daniel.. She would never do this..Granted she might not of been the best mother but he was loved by his mother without a doubt and he knew his mother loved him dearly. This is just a case of a strange sad death. Anna Nicole mother had a brain anyerisuem* not sure if I spelled that correctly* Anyway, her mother was not old, in good health and FULL OF LIFE.. she was giving a speech at a conference and fell over and by all rights she should of died *Thank the lord she did not* Anyway, noone knew she had this problem, no one suspected. When I received the call after it happened I was shocked! Not her, she is to full of life for this to happen to her and I think that maybe just maybe this could be a problem with the family. His grandmother has elevated heart rate problems as well. They will figure it out sooner or later but please for all he things Anna Nicole Smith is.. she is not a murderer of her only son and life force before the baby was born. I dont believe it and I will never believe it. Anna Nicole is alot of things but not this.. Not Vicky.. We are all waiting to find out the results and pray that results and peace are found soon and that something good somehow and someway can come from the loss of Daniel’s life. Please speak badly of her if you want, call her just about any name you want.. but the murderer of her son she is not.

  • Jessica Evans

    I just think the whole thing is sad. Everyone deserves privacy at a time like this, even celebs. I’m waiting to hear the true outcome like the rest of the world. This story has the world captivated. I hope that she (Anna Nicole) stays strong thru this. It’s truely a bitter-sweet event. My God bless her and her family.
    Jessica, Arizona

  • Hutu

    Who profits from their dead kid? That is harsh!

    Fell sorry for the kid but not for her, she was a terrible parent.

  • virginia

    Look at “their eyes” and ‘body language” in the pictures of both of them when they are together. You can see the MUTUAL LOVE and ADMIRATION they had for each other. Just by looking at his face when she is holding him “THAT YOUNG MAN KNEW HE WAS LOVED ABOVE ALL FROM HIS MOTHER”!! He obviously was blessed in this world to be loved that much. In this world, where most young adults disrespect or avoid their parents, I find it to be admirable and a testimony of their relationship! I hope my children have that look. GLORY to Our Father in heaven because His love is even greater than that. I pray that is where Daniel is right now. God Bless you Daniel & Anna Nicole you are in my thoughts and prayers, Sincerely.

  • jimmy

    you are a bueatiful person,inside and are in my thoughts and prayers….

  • Mark

    I am AMAZED at the number of people who have ripped Anna as a parent. Do you honestly think the TV Anna was real? I will not to pretend that I know anything special about her or Daniel…but as a parent….there is no way any of us intentionally do a poor job raising our kids. As for publishing the picks….THAT’S LIFE, after death for a celeb. Some BONEHEAD would have published the pics, selling them to the highest bidder and made a fortune off of Anna’s loss. It may be difficult for people to understand…but c’mon!!! If your parents pass away and left the car in the driveway…would you give the keys to a stranger? HELL NO!!! We would all take the car and sell our current vehicle or sell the one dad left behind.
    The perception and swiftness to judge Anna and Daniels relationship in life…and in death….is the really sad thing here. RIP Daniel. Big Hug Anna.

  • http://yahoo tasha

    You people aren’t her and you don’t know what goes on in her personal life and it is none of anybodies business. She is a regular human being that has maybe made a few mistakes in life..the fact of it all is don’t judge someone until you TRULY know them. Also do any of you have children, and did you see her treating her son bad. I didn’t think so!!!! GET YOUR OWN LIVES!!! The only reason I am even writing anything on this is because I read some of you ridiculous comments about her. She is a MOTHER and her FIRST BORN just passed. That is hard enough with out adding on people saying LIES about her. Like she was a bad mom. Oh god give me a break.

  • http://yahoo tasha

    None of you know if she was a bad mom, so just don’t say it. All your comments are just RUDE!
    And also Rosie, Anna and family please excuse any people that have said bad things about you in there comments. You know what you know and that is what counts not what these people that have no clue who you truly are and how you act in life OFF THE CAMERAS. god bless you threw this hard time and stay strong.

  • Brandi

    It is no ones business if or why she sold the photo’s. I personally think it had more to do with her wanting to share his memory. She loved the kid. I saw her shows. I thought she was fantastic!! The thought that stays with me the most is when your time is up, it is just up. Maybe God knew she could not survive this without another to take his place. I have always though she has a job to do in her lifetime.
    Bottom line, it is none of our business.

  • natie

    Maybe now she will focus on what is really important in this life.

  • natie

    Son died of combination of drugs. Methadone – a pain-reliever, is also commonly used by people recovering from drug addictions. That mixed with ANTI-DEPRESSANTS. Sounds like this 20 year old had problems at home for a long time.

  • natie

    It’s amazing anyone could defend the quality of a mother Anna Nicole could be. She degrades herself, cuts down others, has no morals, I feel sorry for her new baby! Go a head and rip me up for having an honest forthright opinion.

  • Linda

    My heart goes out to Anna, the loss of a child is like living in hell. She will never get over her son; but will have a beautiful little girl to care for. My prayers are with her. To the jerks on this board that have posted ignorant, thoughtless remarks you are low life’s, your day will come. Never ever point fingers – it does come back to haunt you. I hope it does. God Bless you Anna and your family.

  • natie

    Anna Nicole doesn’t focus on anyone else but her self. Who’s the ignorant one here!