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Daniel Smith's Last Photos

Daniel Smith's Last Photos

The upcoming issue of In Touch Weekly exclusively has Anna Nicole Smith and her son Daniel Smith’s final moments together. We learn that Anna Nicole’s son met his newborn sister hours before his death.

The photos have racked up more than $600,000 — InTouch paid $400,000 for the print exclusive while Entertainment Tonight and The Insider shelled out $250,000 for television rights. Anna Nicole was the one selling the pictures, earning her hundreds of thousands of dollars from the sale of the final pictures.

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# 1

This is too sad that he died
He has such a beautifull sister I think he shouldnt have died becaus
ehe’s mom loved him and he never go to enjoy his little babaysister

# 2

I just feel there is something not right about her making a profit from such a tragic situation… all a bit bizarre. Poor lad.

# 3

If Anna was half a parent, maybe he’d still be alive!

# 4

Another celebrity using their child for money by selling private photos. This is really sad.

# 5

BTW…anyone notice Anna got her lips done?

# 6
rashroosh @ 09/20/2006 at 4:11 pm

ifeel so sorry 4 him no one should die this young its so sad icant imagin what anna is putting through it i true that life isnt fair it makes you think of your own life somehow

# 7
rashroosh @ 09/20/2006 at 4:17 pm

btw..kelie no one cares if she got her lips done you are unbeliveable no parent no matter how bad they are should lose akid ,idont like anna but we should at least respect the dead boy cuse he was ahuman being

# 8

poor kid. may he rest in peace and watch over his little sister. i hope anna can raise her daughter right

# 9

Poor kid. Its bad enough he had to grow up with that embarrssment of a mother making a total ass of herself all the time and acting like a twit. Now his death gets smeared everywhere.

winnowill @ 09/20/2006 at 4:42 pm

i never cared for anna nicole either… but in this instance i highly doubt she had anything to do with the selling of these pics. she is, after all, a grieving mother, and from all news accounts she’s pretty much existing on valium. i highly suspect that brown-nosing, schmoozer, **** Howard Stern guy sold the pics.

sultrydame @ 09/20/2006 at 4:48 pm

I never liked Anna Nicole either… but I feel for her sons. What really bothers me is that Nicole would sell the photos so she can profit but again, that’s ANNA NICOLE SMITH. Her eyes are full of dollar signs. Her son did not deserve this and death itself. My condolences goes out to her newborn, and the family.

OMG! That is gruesome! Why would ANYONE sell a picture like that??
Money really rules the world..

I guarantee that she’s probably too sedated to even know these
have been published. Blame the sleazy lawyers!

I really feel for her baby girl. Hopefully she will avoid the same fate 20
yrs down the line. I just read that the pap father wants parental
rights. Let’s pray the child grows up with a sane dad.

Well, even if she did get money for the photos, I hope she puts it to good use for like a funeral and stuff. Gawd knows she didn’t need it.

It’s being reported that Anna herself profited off the pictures, about $600,000. Why can’t celebs just leave their kids out of the limelight. It’s bad enough for them with the paparazzi, but do the parents themselves have to sell the pictures???

Anna is really pretty even with no makeup on, a crazy dark tan and just after giving birth. I feel really sad for her…You could tell she adored him when they were on her reality show.

I hope she can get through losing him for the sake of her new baby girl.

How tasteless of Anna Nicole and InTouch. This money made better go to charity.

Anna is really pretty even with no makeup on, a crazy dark tan and just after giving birth. I feel really sad for her…You could tell she adored him when they were on her reality show.

I hope she can get through losing him for the sake of her new baby girl.

oops! sorry for the double post. i didn’t think my first post got through.

I sure do hope that this is the media doing what they do best again as in turning a very sad and tragic situation into a public laughing stock. For someone who had to be sedated due to grief that sure would be a quick recovery to realise that she can make money out of this, which she doesn’t need anyway that’s really peanuts to her I’m sure. The whole thing rings suspicious and I’m pointing my finger at the cruel, heartless, money whoring media twits with no morals for spinning this.

littlemisssunshine @ 09/20/2006 at 7:43 pm

wow, she sold those pictures? That seems so creepy to me. I feel badly for her, but wow, I’d think those would be treasured photos. Selling to a tab is icky.

Who cares if she sold the pictures? We all want to look at them. She can still treasure them even if they’ve been published. Get over yourselves.

Lay-off her @ 09/20/2006 at 8:31 pm

Yes, she sold the pictures. It’s not like other celebrities don’t sell pictures (Tom & Katie, etc.). If anything, I commend her for selling the pictures and making money, since if she didn’t the tabloids and TV shows would be the only ones making money, and if anyone deserves it, it’s her.

crybabyAniston @ 09/20/2006 at 8:38 pm

I think people need to stop bitching about selling the photos…she want to get out how happy her son was the day before he died. This is a business and if she wants to set up some memorial for her son from the money or whatever…she has that right. It is not profiting from a loveone….is protecting the rights and denying anyone else from profiting off the photographs. No money in the world can bring back her child…I truly believe it Anna had a choice between the life of her son or money…she would choose money. I would rather the family got the money, then strangers profiting from the death of her son.

Geesh want a bunch of haters. You would do the sam thing and most folks do…what about all those true life stories movies of the week, regular folks sell their rights all the time and no one goes on a website and complain about that…they just call it….getting paid.

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