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Angelina Rocks Shiseido Shades

Angelina Rocks Shiseido Shades

Wow. I didn’t even know Shiseido made sunglasses but Angelina Jolie definitely rocks them! BAMZS! More pictures in the gallery…

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angelina jolie shiseido sunglasses 01
angelina jolie shiseido sunglasses 02
angelina jolie shiseido sunglasses 03
angelina jolie shiseido sunglasses 04
angelina jolie shiseido sunglasses 05

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  • angelah


  • FITR

    Wow, great shots, love the sunglasses!!

  • angelah

    ITA j@red! Thanks for posting these pics :D

  • anon

    okay…angie is hot. No question. But why are her lips looking so cracked and icky in the 2nd big pic?

  • emmy

    angie rocks guys….she s the sexiest lady ever…lucky brad

  • Eyes

    hmmme, beautiful pictures of a beautiful woman.
    btw anon, that is not a crack, her lip has a ‘dip’ or so, but it could be that Brad overdid it the night before??? LOL.

  • bdj

    Just Jared you are on a roll today. You are the Wizard of OZ, who sits back in a chair in your bathrobe, eating cornflakes and posting threads to get the fans and haters jumping. You are the Zen Master of Blogs. AJ looks great. She is wearing those sunglasses.

  • Mediterranean

    After looking at their photos, all I would like to say that Angie and Brad are so lucky to have each other.

    For the rest of people in the world could just look at them.

    Most of them would admire, like, adore, envy, respect them.

    A few would feel jealousy, hatred. Just ignore those, because they were created for this reason!

  • Alexanderina

    Thanks Jared for the new Thread, Angie is rocking those shades. She looks Hot, but then again, she is always HOT

  • david

    She is so freaking hot!!!!!!

  • Just Jared

    bdj, I actually prefer Honey Bunches of Oats with Almonds.

  • ((chanel))

    these are the pics that i put on the brad pitts new tatto thread lol well i have to say it again angelina looks beautiful and i love the sunglasses

  • kidi

    This woman can’t take a bad picture!

  • ((chanel))

    14 | kidi
    yep thats true angelina jolie cant take a bad picture.shes so beautiful and gorgeous and amazing and shes always stunning!!!

    angie 4 life!

  • ell

    Angie rocks !!! :lol:

  • bluemoon

    She looks so HOT.

  • ell

    18 | filou

    dont cry !!! maybe one day ????

  • bdj

    #12 Just Jared
    My Bad!!!!. Keep up the good work. This blog is entertaining. Best Wishes to BAMZS.

  • Ashizawa Kazuko

    Gorgeous pictures

  • sunny

    I always wonder what brand her shades are. She always wears cool sunglasses.

  • Ewwww

    Her lips are repulsive. They look like two huge ape asshole lips.

  • Renee

    What a wonderful surprise. Click on the home page and Miss Angie appears. This is how it ought to be… Thanks Jared…

  • Jolie4ever

    Deng girl, why do yo have to be so beautiful???…those lips…Lips to die for :lol:

  • freidaflo

    Thanks JJ and Audrey for these nice pics.
    Shiseido got their money’s worth.
    The shades look great on a beautiful face.

  • rashroosh

    OMG ijust hate her with her buetifull skin and lips and ihate her 4 being such agood person and ihate her more for having brad most of all actually ijust love to hate her …betch

  • Idi

    Great pictures. Thanks for sharing

  • Brad

    Her lips looks like an anus…..

  • Jolie4ever

    bdj, I actually prefer Honey Bunches of Oats with Almonds.

    12 | Just Jared
    Hey JJ, that’s my favorite!!!…ROCK ON!!!

  • think positive!

    Hey Jared you are on a rush today!

    But of couerce thank you and Audrey!

    The pictures are HOT!! I love the sunglasses but most of all I love her lipstic!! :)

  • Jen’s Mom pleading her to move on

    30 | Brad
    hey JEN, is that you sweetheart???

  • http://rosaarmygirl lettie

    yes, She look Hot lady and beautiful mother. Her daughter too.. Brad is very lucky! God bless them

  • sultrydame

    I wanna the same sunglass…. she gotta be the most BEAUTIFUL woman in the world’s history

  • Anon
  • Julie

    great pictures.
    I will definitely buy those shades.
    as for the cosmetics, if they have the non fragrant one, i will switch.
    i used to buy sheseido, for cosmetics, at that time, they didnt have sunglasses. but i later switch to clinique..
    those lips, what can i say, she is such genetically blessed.
    i believe God is fair. I am also blessed, though not genetically blessed like she is in appearance. But I am blessed in other ways. Therefore, I am thankful.

  • Estelle

    THANK YOU JJ AND AUDREY!!!!!!!!!!!!WOOOHHHOOO….. beautiful, she’s gorgeous, I did not know they have glasses as well. Amazing.

  • Mrs Smith

    This is exactly what the doctor ordered when you’re stressing out
    between soccer drop offs, tennis pickup, and swimming lessons
    with your kids. Thanks Jared! You’re always there when I need my
    BAMZS fix, BEAUTIFUL Angie in those cool sunglasses, and SEXY
    Brad in the other thread. What else can you ask for? Well, maybe
    some picx of them kissing at that Bansky art show.

  • bamzs 4-ever

    Thanks Jared! You made my day. Brad and Angie on the same day! hey, how do I get the happy faces?

  • Estelle

    37 | Anon |-where is the tattoos on her upper left shoulder and the tat, ” knows your rights” across her neck?…I thought she has a large tiger behind her back?…I don’t see the pic. of the tiger either…are you sure it was her?

  • Anon

    #42 Estelle

    I am pretty sure that’s her…a few years back may be.

  • #30 boyfriend

    #30 Brad Your Penis look like a big old vagina bitch boy. Your breath smells like a stank anus.

  • crybabyAniston

    Angie is just gorgeous and I also didn’t know Shiseido made sunglasses.

  • Estelle

    43 | Anon -thanks for the link, still I thought the tiger’s tat was the last tat on her back…any how, I could be wrong.

  • Estelle

    #41 : lol : or : )
    just no spaces in between

  • Andrómeda

    Uaaauuuuuu….Angie looks amazing….so beatiful…OMG, what a woman….

  • Original curious

    Thank you Jared. She is so lovely. And isn’t it nice to know it’s not just the outside. Lots of people are lovely to look at – she’s just as lovely if not more on the inside. What a lucky man Brad is!

  • Irene

    # 42 # 46 | Estelle
    That picture was taken in July 2001. What you see on her lower back are the dragon and tribal tattoos. She got the Khmer/Sanskit tatoo on her left shoulder and the tiger on her back in 2002/2003

  • Estelle

    50 | Irene – oh, thanks Irene…that’s good to know.

  • ((chanel))
  • African Girl

    Jared you are the best. Thanks for the pictures of the always beautiful Angelina Jolie.

  • gia rod