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Brad Pitt's New Tattoo

Brad Pitt's New Tattoo

THE WRITING IS ON THE ARM :: Brad Pitt shows off some mysterious markings on his left arm as he heads to a meeting in Hollywood on Wednesday. Could he be following in ladylove Angelina’s Jolie‘s tattooed footsteps? The couple recently announced the formation of the Jolie/Pitt Foundation, which pledged $2 million to aid global humanitarian causes.

Anyone think they have a good interpretation of Brad‘s new tattoo? Well, if you can call it that. More pictures in the gallery!

UPDATE :: Apologies, images removed!

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  • Let me see

    Hmmm first!

  • Dancer

    Looks like a scar to me!

  • Let me see

    Brad’s tattoo says “Angie I can’t live without you”.

  • stella


  • lizzy

    well i must say that i dont care if it is or if it isnt a tattoo. i think hes fine no matter what. if thats what he wants to do then good for him. its really hard to see what it says if it says anything.

    anybody know what it says?

  • tabloid addict

    Angelina is changing Brad everyday. Now he is also wearing tattoos. I wonder if he will soon have a vile of Angelina’s blood around her neck like she did with Billy Bob.

  • raqchel

    Well it def looks like a tat. I dont think it is a scar. And sure as hell cant make it out. Well from what i see its black but thats about it.

  • Amy

    He got a streak of grease or paint on his arm! Not a tattoo. Actors don’t need tattoos, they’re stupid to get them.

  • its ME!

    SHUT UP STELLA! it must not be that boring ifyou had the time to coment on it. u must not have a life at all if u can come on here and say just how boring this al is.

    UR A LOSER!!
    (just in case u didnt kno that already)

  • poxygirl

    its ME! learn how to spell. it makes your comments (or coments as you call them) much more credible.

  • Anon

    I looks like a scar.

  • jjoy

    ole ole….jj thanks for another thread….brad the man, the husband, the partner, the father is looking good…. :) hey fanustons….are you all jealous??? :lol: oww that hurt’s chinleatherskinton is old and alone….not really….she has norman the dog….hehehe

  • who cares

    GEEEEZ, it’s just a scar or a little road rash (dude’s a biker isn’t he?). And yeah, even stars can get them.

  • Be sane

    OK, my bet would be that’s Shiloh’s birth location as Angie has M and
    Z’s. It’s getting crowded on her arm so it’s his turn LOL maybe…

  • Jill

    I want to see a wedding ring on his left hand. That’s what I want!

  • Patti

    If it’s a tat, why don’t they get decent looking ones. I mean, even if it is that longitude/latidude crap, at least it could be done nicely. This looks like Angelina branded him with an iron…

  • qwerty

    Brad Pitt = over rated + pretentious

  • april

    Tatto says: “I never thought I could be this happy”

  • Jack

    Jill, you will, when the gay community can marry, remember? You better call Bush now!

  • Jack

    qwerty, agreed!!!

  • Jill

    It actually looks like stiches over a cut.

  • fossil

    You know, to me, it looks like that line that forms when you have your arm hanging out the window…like an indentation. That’s all.

  • malibumom

    Where oh where are the complaints?
    By the way-if Brad is so overrated why did Michael Douglas’ comment about him help to tank the movie???? Same for Ms. Aniston-try to criticize the man in the media and watch what happens. . .

  • magwangi

    his tattoo is the Himba blesssing: “Oono magwangi bangooo waalombah” which meaning ” I way cooler than any of my walmart-shoed, bleach haired fans”

  • Vera

    it looks like he scraped his arm or grease or something lol

  • sheryll



  • black

    Hope it´s not a tattoo….does he not have a personality at all?

  • fossil

    #28 black,
    He does….it’s called Angelina’s

  • Poor timing

    Dammit-All I had to do to get Superfamous was have Brad’s baby!!!!! Instead I had all of these bad movies, magazine covers that showed how desperate I was, and a parade of deranged fans who cannot get over the fact that I screwed up big time. Insecurity, lack of self-love-anxiety-Perfectionist-OCD-I just shoulda took Brad at his word-He loved me unconditionally with all of my faults and immaturity-I thought he would be here forever-I will never get over this-

  • dqp

    It’s actually a scar. Angelina was thirsty and needed a major vein.

  • sigh

    Jen made a mistake, big mistake.
    I cant believe she will let him go.
    I cant believe she will choose movies over family.

  • mel

    I don’t understand the whole not getting married until everyone can. Weren’t they both married before? Did they just crawl out of a hole and realize there are gay people who can’t marry? Or did they just start caring? I think they ought to stick with helping orphans and quit trying to make everything they do or don’t do into a cause.

  • sheryll

    11 POXYGIRL==
    i guess yu have no life coz you even notice the wrong spelling of comment, huh!poor girl…

  • Della

    I am also praying (like Stephen Baldwin) that he marries that girl as soon as possible.

  • supersucker

    Would you would rather suck Brad’s Vein than Vince’s Penis?

  • Oh lord

    If he has Angelina’s personality I’ll probably like him a lot more. He’s always seemed so boring to me … up until now of course.
    I think he also has a tattoo on his back .

  • they are married

    Brad said when the country-they got married in Canada where all ppl are free to marry!

  • sasa

    Jen sucked neither !

  • kiki

    #18 qwerty

    Get a life, how many websites will you be entering that one liner? I’ve seen it on two already. To call someone pretentious that is donating money to charities is just crude and unfounded. the guy has two adopted children, and its children like them that won’t have the luck to be adopted who will benefit. Shame on you

  • How do U know??

    The way she was straddling Vince’s ass on the Balcony you sure as hell couldn’t tell -You have NO idea WHAT Jen has sucked-Sources said Jen stayed on her back for a while in order to break into hollywood and that she has a collection of knee pads because she stayed on her knees all the time-Maybe she was doing a special “knee Yoga”

  • plio

    These are AJ’s tattoos. She has more than a trailer park!

  • shaz

    Would you would rather suck Brad’s Vein than Vince’s Penis?

    #36 | supersucker | 09/21/06 2:40 PM | Report Abuse

    hahaha, u crack me!!ROFL

  • wet

    “I adore Vince Vaughn, but I’m not going out with Vince Vaughn…. I like a lot of people, but I’m sooo not ‘in like’ with anybody.”- JA. Keep reading the tabloids and playing into the created ambiguity.

  • Passing Through

    Another new thread? I haven’t even read the last one yet!

  • dqp

    It’s actually a scar. Angelina was thirsty and needed a major vein.

  • sasa

    It reads :” Mugguuba treyuumy wentah heaplli” which means “I prefer African’s in Namibia than those in Compton”

  • alero

    Because People mag acts as if this is something new does that mean JJ has to do the same. JJ has posted pics showing the tattoo before. We have seen this before in the O13 pics. This tattoo has already been talked about months ago. Except if there is knowledge about what is says then this is old stuff.

    So did Brad go to Vegas for the filming of O13 or is he already back from filming?

  • OMG

    Aniston has the perfect chin to rest a set of balls on….. :-)

  • Anon

    Please Please Angie.. No more tattoos. You are beautiful just the way you are..

  • Ken

    Does anybody know about the tattoo “Quod me nutrit me destruit” (Latin for “What nourishes me also destroys me”) several inches below her navel? What does she mean by that? She said in an article interview that if one does not understand what it means, one they will. What does it mean??? Does it mean anorexia?? If she eats, it will destroy her career?