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Jolie/Pitt Foundation Formed

Jolie/Pitt Foundation Formed

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have formed the Jolie/Pitt Foundation to aid humanitarian causes around the world. The newly formed charitable foundation is giving away $1 million to the Global Action for Children and $1 million to Doctors Without Borders, to help families affected by HIV/AIDS and extreme poverty.

The U.S. director for Global Action for Children, Jennifer Delaney, said: “Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt not only care, but more important, are taking concrete action to address the fact that there will be 20 million children orphaned by AIDS by 2010, and millions more orphaned by tuberculosis, malaria and conflict or whose parents are sick and dying.”

The couple’s spokesman, Trevor Neilson, released a statement saying: “Angelina and Brad are committed to using their resources to help the world’s most vulnerable people. These two organizations are focusing on crises that receive far too little attention and Angelina and Brad are happy to do their part to help.”

And here’s a list of Brad and Angelina‘s Banksy art purchases:

  • $226,000: The “Picnic” painting depicts a white family of four merrily lunching under an umbrella on a red checked blanket while 15 starving Africans – including several children with distended bellies – look on.
  • $75,000: A white bust with a bleeding bullet hole in the forehead – was a particular favorite of Jolie‘s. “She went nuts for that one,” an onlooker told the mag. “She told [her baby daddy], ‘I must have that one.’”
  • $75,000: Portrait of a man hit in the head with a custard pie.

UPDATE :: Added pictures in the galllery of the aforementioned Banksy art that Brad and Angelina purchased. Thanks, Susanne!

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  • cyanide

    Good morning! Thanks Jared for the new thread.

  • kidi

    These are good people.

  • hyacinth

    wonderfull!!! well i’m off, getting ready for school,good morning to everyone!!

  • bamzs 4-ever

    First one! Yeah. How are you guys today! They are grrrreat! I love them!

  • bamzs 4-ever

    I was happy too soon. I was beaten to it. Damn.

  • Pinay

    Beautiful people with beautiful hearts! What more can you say? I pray for more blessings for BAMZS so they could share more to others who needs it.

  • narcissist

    Now, don’t get me wrong, I love me some Brad and Angie and think it’s great that they are giving money away. But as someone who does give away a third of her income to charity, I’m just wondering why the need to create a foundation in your own name. That’s really a bit of a narcissistic exercise. And the best example of how that isn’t actually necessary is Warren Buffett. I personally know that you don’t control how your money is spent better because it comes from a foundation in your own name than if you give it directly to a charity. Now, if you create a foundation in your name because you are going to personally administer to that foundation’s charitable activities, that’s different, but I think Brad and Angie are a little too busy to do that. Even Bill Gates is quitting Microsoft to spend more time on the Gates foundation. Just my two cents.

  • millie

    beautiful job done! im all :D being in this post listin in either 7 or 8 haha dont kno if im gonna make sense but who cares! they rock! agree?:D

  • bamzs 4-ever

    Thank you JJ for the news on the Jolie-Pitts. I pray that they will be blessed with a little boy to be Maddox’s friend.

  • black girl

    love this family may God continue to bless and protect the BAMZS.

  • Linely

    It’s an old picture? What’s this haircut Brad ?

  • Erin Leigh

    Jared, isn’t it “$1 million to the Global Action for Children” not $1. I know, it’s early.

  • Peaches

    Some may not see it as necessary to have a foundation, other do like you said Bill Gates has a foundation in his name, Oprah has the Angel network and a few other foundations, lots of stars do. I don’t think it should really matters how they give or help, just that they do. I don’t see having the foundation as narcissistic.

  • arbie

    These two are so far up their own arses I don’t know how they can walk straight!

  • creativegirl

    I think a foundation is a legacy for their children to one day carry on with, a tool they can utilize to make a difference in the world. I realize they are busy, but with these two I think it’s safe to say they will be super-involved in it. It’s not just some publicity front. These two put their money where their mouth is – they are a force to be reckoned with. I thank God every day that Brad is with her – he’s harnessing his star power and putting it out there to a better use. It just makes me love him more. I think 20-30 years from now, Brad will be saying how these were the best days of his life. He has a partner who has taken him to a higher level – and he is the grounding force that Angie so desperately wanted and needed in her life. They are a perfect match, I wish them nothing but happiness and lots and lots more babies.

  • Early AM Poster

    I guess the $2 million came from Shiloh’s pics … I heard that they fetched for more than $10 million world-wide … most expensive pics in history.

  • reality

    why aren’t they helping people in LA ? she drives downtown and spends half a million on graffitti art and ignores the homless there ? there are LOTS of poor black children in LA too…

  • louloute

    I thought the $4 million from shi’s pics had already been donated to charity. anyway who cares, the most impotant thing is to take a “concrete action”

  • one dollar ?

    “The newly formed charitable foundation is giving away $1 to the Global Action for Children”. This isn’t news. A dollar isn’t going to change much. Maybe Global Action for Children should ask Banksy instead ?

  • bamzs 4-ever

    I love how they turned the power struggle around between them and photographers and mazagines. They get the proceeds and give to charity instead of allowing the magazines to get rich and not give anything back.

  • so right

    Reality : you are so right, I guess it’s just not high profile enough for them. If they were really serious about stopping poverty they would live on about 5% of what they earn – more than most of us earn in our lifetime, and give the rest to help the poor. It seems EVERYTHING they donate has to end up with the world knowing they are giving money away. Why spend $400,000 on artwork – just think how many families that would help. They are so full of selfrighteous @#+!

  • Early AM Poster

    16 | reality

    I think you better do your share of helping the homeless in LA first rather than criticizing people for helping others.

  • cheryl

    They are giving so much back to people who need it. Cheers to them!!

  • kinju

    The major problem in Africa isn’t poverty, it’s wars. I hope they make a difference but what is needed isn’t photo shoots with poor black kids in places they never visit again. They need to work with the red cross and exisitng charities, and use the combined weight to lobby drug companies for free medicines in poor countries.

  • Early AM Poster

    Why spend $400,000 on artwork – just think how many families that would help. They are so full of selfrighteous @#+!
    20 | so right

    Art collection is an investment. It is better than just putting your money in the bank to earn interest.

    Please be reminded that they just gave $2 million for the less fortunate.

  • Be sane

    Jared, you made a spelling mistake on ONE DOLLAR.

    Poor haters are grabbing straws on that though LOL!

  • inday

    Arbie.. it is too early in the morning to have this negative vibes. Go back to sleep and maybe you’ll find that your part of the world is great but there are other parts that need all the help they can. What Brad and Angelina do, are their business and if you can’t give a cent to any humanitarian organizations, just shut up. If you do give, you should be happy other people give too. I came from a third world country and I know how desperate a humanitarian org. can get when there are no aids/help coming in. I really hope Jolie/Pitt Foundation could do more, especially for Doctors Without Borders.. Thank you, Brad and Angie..

  • reality

    why aren’t they helping people in LA ? she drives downtown and spends half a million on graffitti art and ignores the homless there ? there are LOTS of poor black children in LA too…

  • bluemoon

    Angie has been cast in a new movie anyone here a variety subscriber, I can’t read the whole thing :(

  • reality

    dealing with poor black kids in Compton isn’t glamorous enough for them obviously

  • fakers


  • Be sane

    dealing with poor black kids in Compton isn’t glamorous enough
    for them obviously
    29 | reality

    Go tell your President Bush to help Americans.

  • Meli

    27 | reality
    Maybe your goverment,instead of killing innocent people in other countries,could spend the money to help the homeless of your country.Why don’t you ask them this question?Angie and Brad are just two people who are trying to do something good.They are not responsible for all the problems of the world.

  • Rica


    You people (haters for no reason) just don’t quite. Get over it.
    You see guys (BAMZS family), this is what I mean. This is why…

  • La la lah.

    31 | Be sane

    right on.

  • reality bites

    Hey reality …will you just stop posting over & over again. I know there are problems around the world. but to be an effective humaniatrian you have to concentrate on charitable organization & not be helping all that are troubled. It’s is not good, they will be drained. Hey they have to earn a living too & they have their own family to think about. They are giving a lot already be happy.

    Hey reality, why not ask Jennifer Aniston about it. She spending a lot more on clothes & tanning & salon. Think about it.

  • jbl

    for those of you who are complaining about the fact that theses people are giving money away HOW ABOUT YOU PROVE TO US HOW MUCH MONEY YOU ARE OR HAVE GIVEN AWAY TO ANY ONE IN NEED right here on JJ you gutless wonders.

  • fakers


  • La la lah.

    I see jenhens wakes up early and goes cuckoo.

  • Early AM Poster

    Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) is an independent international medical humanitarian organization that delivers emergency aid to people affected by armed conflict, epidemics, natural or man-made disasters, or exclusion from health care in more than 70 countries.

    Each year, MSF doctors, nurses, logisticians, water-and-sanitation experts, administrators, and other medical and non-medical professionals depart on more than 3,800 field assignments. They work alongside more than 22,500 locally hired staff to provide medical care.

    In emergencies and their aftermath, MSF provides health care, rehabilitates and runs hospitals and clinics, performs surgery, battles epidemics, carries out vaccination campaigns, operates feeding centers for malnourished children, and offers mental health care. When needed, MSF also constructs wells and dispenses clean drinking water, and provides shelter materials like blankets and plastic sheeting.

    Through longer-term programs, MSF treats patients with infectious diseases such as tuberculosis, sleeping sickness, and HIV/AIDS, and provides medical and psychological care to marginalized groups such as street children.

    if you want to learn more about them ….

  • julia

    Angie has been cast in a new movie anyone here a variety subscriber, I can’t read the whole thing :(
    28 | bluemoon

    Jolie shoulders ‘Atlas’

    Angelina Jolie is set to star in the film adaptation of Ayn Rand’s iconic tome “Atlas Shrugged” for Lionsgate.

    Howard and Karen Baldwin (“Ray”), who hold the rights to Rand’s most ambitious novel, are producing with Media Talent Group topper Geyer Kosinski, Jolie’s manager.

    Jolie, a longtime fan of Rand’s, was eager to play the role of Dagney Taggart, the most powerful female character in any of Rand’s books.

    A movie version of the Russian-born author’s novel, which runs more than 1,100 pages, has been long in the making. For years, producer Al Ruddy tried to bring “Atlas Shrugged” to the bigscreen, attracting the interest of Clint Eastwood, Robert Redford and Faye Dunaway along the way.

    Also producing are Lionsgate vice chair Michael Burns and president of production Michael Paseornek, who were instrumental in bringing the project into the indie studio.

    The Baldwins acquired the film rights in 2003 upon leaving Crusader Entertainment, a partnership between Philip Anschutz and John Aglialoro’s company.

    Jolie will next be seen in Robert Zemeckis’ “Beowulf” and “The Good Shepherd,” directed by Robert De Niro. She’s about to start filming “A Mighty Heart,” based on the book by Mariane Pearl, widow of murdered Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl. In addition thesp will lend her voice to animated pic “Kung Fu Pand

  • QQQQ

    20 | so right | STFU….. Oprah lives a very lavish life as well as BONO, Bill Clinton, Bill Gates and his wife are they living on 5%? They too wanna end poverty.

  • Peaches

    So Right, so let me get this they work hard everyday and should reap no benefit from their earnings? Should get none of the things that they want in life for them or for their children from the money they earn? Because God forbid they buy art, or a car or anything. It isn’t enough that they give more than half of others in Hollywood but they should now give more and only live on 5% percent of their income and not by anything for themselves because well that is just selfish. Come on, you can give to charity and still enjoy some of the spoils of your labor they are not mutually exclusive.

  • julia

    It’s an old picture? What’s this haircut Brad ?
    10 | Linely

    His hair was for the movie he was filming last year the legend of Jesse James..

  • African Girl


    You people (haters for no reason) just don’t quite. Get over it.
    You see guys (BAMZS family), this is what I mean. This is why…
    33 | Rica

    Oh we know….believe me, we know. *Shakes Head*

  • Early AM Poster

    Launched in September 2003, Global Action for Children (GAC) is an independent, collaborative campaign of nongovernmental, faith-based, and student organizations dedicated to supporting orphans and other vulnerable children (OVC) and the communities that care for them. GAC’s unique strength lies in the diversity of its coalition partners and allies and its ability to mobilize a broad range of constituencies in support of advocacy for OVC.

    The magnitude of the crisis facing children in poor countries worldwide is clear. By 2010 the number of children orphaned by HIV/AIDS globally is expected to exceed 20 million. Millions more are made vulnerable through the loss of caregivers, teachers, community leaders, and health care workers.

    According to UNICEF, there are now one billion children living in poverty worldwide. The World Health Organization estimates that 11 million children under age five die each year from preventable or treatable diseases such as diarrhea, pneumonia, malaria, and measles, and more than half that number die from malnutrition. The International Labor Organization estimates that 211 million children aged 5-14 work, often in situations that are illegal, hazardous, exploitative, or forced.

    These statistics remind us that millions of children around the world remain vulnerable to poverty, preventable diseases, physical and sexual abuse, armed conflict, trafficking, lack of educational opportunities, and disease. In particular, the HIV/AIDS epidemic is exacerbating the already desperate situation of children worldwide—killing parents, teachers, and health workers, destroying the social fabric of communities, destabilizing nations and their economies, and leaving a generation of orphans in its wake.

    if you want to learn more ….

  • Peaches


    Presidnet Clinton is working with the drug companies to get medicine for those in need in Africa. Bono and others are also doing things in Africa. Oprah is building a school should she not do that until the wars are settled? George Clooney and other are addressing Darfur. JZ is involved with clean water for those in Africa. Matt Damon is involved in another Africa project and AJ and Brad in another. I think it is good that they all have their focus and disciplines and maybe many things can get done for many different problems. They don’t all have to focus on the same things. Lets face it some of the problems are out of any celebrity hands and in the control of the governement and UN. All they can try to do is bring attent ion to the plight of those caught in the middle and and try to help with the things they can, to give them a better quality of life and that is what all these celebrities seem to be tryinng to do.

  • bluemoon

    Thanks Julia.
    For some people it’s never enough, they ALWAYS complain, why didn’t they donate more money, why don’t donate in private, they only do it for PR. At least they are doing something and that´s what it counts in the end.

  • piyutra

    40 | julia

    WOW, I hope it true! Angie with Clint Eastwood, Robert Redford and Faye Dunaway…OMG it’s like a dream project!

  • think positive!

    Reality-Where the hell were you when Brad was in N.Orleans to help rebuild houses for the Katrina victims?? (Under your rock I gess) Isn’t N.Orleans located in America? Am I missing something here?
    And as other said tell your beloved G.Bush to stop eating cookies and through bombs all over the place and start to help the poor Americans.

    23 | kinju |-Really? The main problem in Africa is not poverty?? Then why the hell children are dying every minuite from hunger and from lack of water?Plus they already gave $1 mill. dollars to Doctors without borders/MSF witch means lots of free madication.

    Any other complain??
    BTW how many times did JA went to her manicurist this week??