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Brad Pitt in Mission: Impossible?

Brad Pitt in Mission: Impossible?
  • Brad Pitt is denying rumors that he will star in the next Mission: Impossible after the demise of Paramount’s relationship with Tom Cruise. “It’s totally made up,” his rep told the Daily News.
  • Rosie O’Donnell gave co-star Julian McMahon an eyeful when they were shooting a sex scene for Nip/Tuck. O’Donnell told Access Hollywood that when the tube top she was wearing for a scene kept creeping up and getting into the director’s shot, she fixed the situation by pulling it down. The actress said McMahon (plastic surgeon Dr. Christian Troy on the show) looked down and told her “nice boobs,” adding that she’d “love to do that show again and again and again.” The episode airs Oct. 3.
  • Leonardo DiCaprio is house-hunting for himself and his mother New York, he told the NYP at Butter during Butter co-owner Richie Akiva‘s 29th birthday party this week. At present, DiCaprio is in contract to but a $5 million penthouse in Hudson Blue, a complex being built in the Village.
  • Five-year SNL actor Seth Meyers will enter the ranks of show alums Chevy Chase, Dennis Miller, Norm MacDonald, Colin Quinn, and now Tina Fey when he joins SNL‘s “Weekend Update” this season. Meyers will replace Fey as Amy Poehler‘s co-anchor, the show’s creator and executive producer, Lorne Michaels, said on Thursday. Like Fey, Meyers will also be one of the show’s head writers.
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  • anustin

    owww really…

  • gitane

    i quarantine myself for one day and come back to four new threads…jared, you rock! thanks for keeping us current on the jolie-pitts!

    doesn’t brad look too damn good in that picture? even with the cancer stick dangling from those luscious lips! ah me!

  • ((chanel))


    angie 4 life!

  • gossippup

    Brad is the biggest star on the planet, they would be lucky to get him… he could do anything he wanted right now. He is red hot and he does not even have a movie out yet. I guess the JA/Huvane war has back fired on her. Damn he is so hot… why am I so obsessed …my husband likes my new obsession…let’s say with all these threads I am really fun to be around most nights…always ready to go

  • gia

    love brad and angie

  • maria

    ohhhh God he’s so good looking!
    they might just be denying it till the contract is locked. (wishful thinking? I hope not)
    but it’s not the end of the world, he’s got his own producing co. He’ll be a major player in hollywood for a long long time. And angie ain’t doing too bad either, careerwise. lots of love and luck to both of them

  • maria

    oh1 and it’s so nice to find a site with sane people

  • Missouri Fan

    WOW!! Handsome Brad !!

    Thanks Jared & Audrey!

    6 | maria : I left a message to you in Angelina Rocks Shiseido Shades

  • someone

    Brad is absolutely NOT the biggest star on the planet…but good for him if he gets this role, Tom screwed himself with all the craziness.

  • Frenchy

    Brad is very in demand now. Good for him. I hope he has projects lined up all the way to 2010. That includes having a another baby!

  • freidaflo

    JJ —- U — ROCK!!!!
    It is raining PITTS all over. The world can’t get enough of the PITTS, and so are we. hah…
    Next stop — INDIA
    Airlines and tourist industry (India) are seeing big bucks with the Pitts entourage and the paps chasing them. Wishing them the best of time in
    India…. Cambodia is a few hrs. plane ride , maybe they’ll bring Maddox to his birthplace.

    MF – HI YA . I think the poll is over. Hopefully we’ll find out when Hello will announce it formally.
    Blessings to L’il Brad.
    Have a nice day….

  • Joy

    Just want to say HELLO to all the BAMZS’ers out there!

    “Raining Pitts” I like that, it is their time to shine, not that they didn’t shine before. I can’t wait for their respective movies and hoping for the possibility of Brad and Angie grace us in the red carpet. Wouldn’t it be amazing? Can you just imagine, the wild uproar, chaos, excitement, applauds, flashbulbs and the media?

  • movie fan

    While he’s in India, I hope he negotiates to do a role with that
    beautiful Indian actress who can also sing and dance, where he
    can dance some more, but I can’t remember her name. Rai is part
    of the name, she was in Bride and Prejudice. I think they would
    make a great pair on-screen!

  • to #13 movie fan

    I think her name id Aisha or something like that. She is almost as beautiful as Angelina. She has green eyes. Very lovely girl.

  • to #13 movie fan

    i think her name is Aisha. She is as beautiful as Angelina..with green eyes.

  • to #13 movie fan

    Sorry.. correct spelling is AISHWARYA RAI

  • Alexanderina

    Damn Brad is so HOT in that pic, he is alway hot, but damn, he looks yummy in that pic.

  • gitane

    16 | Alexanderina

    hello there! are you mostly lurking today?

  • Alexanderina

    17 | gitane | – Hi Gitane, yeah I am, I have a lot of work to do, my desk is crazy right now, so am trying to do as much as I can today, working in a law firm is not easy at all, so much damn paperwork, I will try and post throughout the day but maybe not as much until later :)

  • movie fan

    Yeah, that’s her! She’s GORGEOUS — and very talented! Will be a
    hoot if she ever gets to be in a movie with Pitt! Something comedic
    would be fun.

  • remember da truth

    Hey guys! I just got word that someone I know will be an extra on
    Ocean’s 13 on Tuesday! I’ve demanded a full report — and
    surreptitious photos from a smuggled cell phone. :-)

  • tina

    i’m sorry but no one can replace tom cruise on mission impossible it would be crap, brad pitt is gorgeous but david beckham is better!

  • creativegirl

    That is one of my most favorite photo shoots Brad did. It was for Vanity Fair, November 98, shot by Annie Liebowitz in upstate NY.before he hooked up with the ex. I’m looking at it right now, SIGH, it’s in my Brad Basket that I keep in my office. All my back issues to feast upon when I need a little pick me up. Sooooo hot..

  • Alexanderina

    21 | remember da truth | – Hi RDT, that is great for your friend, and it would be super cool if your friend can get some pictures etc…, but if he/she can’t that is okay too :)

  • gitane

    19 | Alexanderina

    i’m playing catch up, too. that’s what i hate about taking a day off–the work keeps piling up.

  • shrug

    I don’t get the big deal about Brad. I must be the only person in the world who doesn’t think he’s gorgeous.

    21 | remember da truth |

    I heard that Brad is done filming his part in O13.

  • Alexanderina

    25 | gitane | – I know what you mean I took a day off last week and I am still catching up from that day. Did you get the link I sent you regarding the video? Oosp, I am such a bad friend, how are you feeling? I hope you are better or almost there :)

  • gitane

    27 | Alexanderina

    a lot better than i was yesterday. still not 100%, though. i’m trying to stick it out a full day, but that’s not likely to happen.

    i got the video link, but i haven’t looked at it yet. i will when i get home and can access yahoo.

  • Passing Through

    I seriously doubt this is true, but if it is, I sure hope Brad demands a better script than that trite crap that TC put out! The TV was more about deception through artifice and using their brains to fool their targets. It was not one stunt after another building to a climactic explosion!

  • Passing Through

    Hey RDT – if you’re still around…have Jared send you my e-mail address!

  • Missouri Fan

    MF – HI YA . I think the poll is over. Hopefully we’ll find out when Hello will announce it formally.
    Blessings to L’il Brad.
    Have a nice day….

    11 | freidaflo |

    I was wondering why is not showing the poll ? At last the voting is over! Let me know who will be the winner if i miss it.

    Thanks freidaflo! May God takes care of you/family always.

    Have a good afternoon.

  • Passing Through


    Okay guys, here’s the thing – we’ve gotten a lot of requests to join the group and it’s just overwhelming us. First of all, there’s not just one person making the decisions concerning the group. We’ve got to figure out how things are going to work first, so please don’t get upset if you don’t hear back from African Girl, Alexanderina or Estelle for a few days. We’re trying to work the kinks out as fast as we can, but almost everyone involved works full-time and has a family life, too. So for now we are not going to let anyone else into the group. Also, please stop asking Jared to forward your messages to us. He’s got enough on his hands with his server issues.

    Secondly, we have been getting a lot of requests from lurkers who’ve either never posted before or post so infrequently that we do not know who you are by name. Those requests are going to be turned down. If none of the current members knows the person and can vouch for them, then we’re going to deny the request. Please don’t even bother to call this a “clique”. We’re just trying to keep the haters and trolls out. There are currently almost 25 people in the group, so if you’ve posted here semi-frequently in recent times, someone is bound to know you and can tell the group you’re okay to let in.

    Last, we do not intend for the new group to replace Jared as our main BAMZS meeting place. We will still be using Jared as our springboard. The group is mainly a failsafe in case Jared has server problems or so we can discuss personal issues without being inundated by sick people
    like the troll who made vile remarks about Elena’s personal tragedy and Guli’s son. That was uncalled for and evil.

    When we have things settled we will discuss when/whether or not to open the group up to new members. At that time we will provide an e-mail address for you to send your requests to so that Jared won’t have to act as a middle-man again.

    Passing Through

  • Alexanderina

    28 | gitane | – I am glad that you are feeling much better, but don’t do to much today, take it easy

  • remember da truth

    Passing Through, sounds reasonable. Original Curious and Stef both
    have my regular email address.

  • remember da truth

    #23 Creativegirl
    I subscribed to Vanity Fair then and someone stole the magazine
    with him in it out of the mailbox! I never got to see it. Yeah,
    whoever that was who said it, you MUST be the only person in the
    world who doesn’t think he’s gorgeous.

    This guy saw Brad a week or two ago, not sure when, on the
    Warner’s lot and said he was taller than he seems onscreen and
    startlingly handsome, before makeup, just regular on his way in. A
    STRAIGHT guy! Well, anyway, if Brad is all done shooting, that’s
    too bad, but I’m still excited and hoping he’ll see Pacino, one of my
    all-time faves, and he can give African Girl some George Clooney
    updates like when he saw Clooney playing basketball with the
    crew. Yes, he was called by a casting agency. He’s not an aspiring
    actor, but signed up almost like signing with a temp agency for
    some part-time work. He’s been so good, he all of a sudden has no
    time for anything else! He’s been on lots of TV shows, and even
    gets call=backs and sometimes lines. I told him he SHOULD be an
    aspiring actor, but instead he’s an aspiring writer. He’s been
    trying to get onto the ocean’s extra list for weeks, and finally got a
    call for Tuesday. Apparently, it’s not going to be at the warner lot,
    but they have yet to tell him where, what scene he’s doing, or who
    it’s with. He thought he’d be in the background of a casino scene,
    but now he’ll probably be walking on a street or something like

  • meena

    don’t really care about rai or like her that much.

    I know Angelina has met one of the biggest stars from India: Shahrukh. She went to some Indian award show and even presented an award with him. He even mentioned that he thinks she is one of the most beautiful women after he met her. Hehehe. so cute. I wonder if they’ll meet up. Anyways the shooting of The Mighty Heart will be in Pune. That’s not close to wear the stars live so I don’t think they’ll hobnobbing with the stars that much, especially if they are going to be traveling with three kids. I think it will be more like get in, do the movie, and leave. They are really busy for the next few years.


    The film adaptation of Mariane Pearl’s ‘A Mighty Heart’, who is the wife of American Journalist Daniel Pearl, is going to be shot in India. Angelina Jolie who will be playing the role of Mariane, will be in India on October 1, along with boyfriend Brad Pitt and their three kids. The hottest Hollywood couple along with their kids will be in Pune for a month or so, for the shoot.

    The film also stars Irfan Khan and Aly Khan who play important characters in the film.

  • remember da truth

    Passing Through, I don’t know how to tell Jared to give you my
    address, so that’s why I said to ask original Curious or Stef for it!
    Unless Jared sees this, then can you give Remember da Truth’s
    email address to Passing Through? lol I feel kinda silly, but I’m
    about as ignorant about computers as you are knowledgeable.

    I don’t know how ill you are Gitane, but I hope you feel better. I’m
    fighting a cold and bad sinus infection. Am mixing Hennessey and
    Sudafed now so desperate for the pain to go away! So expect
    more typos than usual!

  • piper, with a low

    I hope BP doesn’t do it. Mind you, I’ve never seen any of the MI movies, but shouldn’t 3 movies be enough? Whenever franchises go beyond 3, the quality deteriorates markedly. And why should BP be tapped for fa franchise that may be on its last legs?

    Again, I haven’t seen any of the MI movies, so what do I know?


    God, I hope he doesn’t do it either.

  • remember da truth

    I don’t want him to do it either. First off, he needs no one’s
    leftovers. Secondly he’s moved beyond this type of movie — as PT
    says, it’s just car chases leading to a big explosion. Nothing here
    to stretch his acting muscles. I saw the first one — forgettable.
    Watched part of the second one on TV with a guy I was dating
    thinking he would want to see it. About 15 minutes in, he looked
    at me, and said, “This is awful. Why did you pick this?” Thats all I
    saw of the movie, because I was so pleased with finding a guy who
    not only didn’t want to watch stupid action, but was honest
    enough to say so, and we found other ways to be entertained that
    evening! The third go-round you couldn’t have paid me to go
    spend two hours watching Crazy Cruise do anything.
    At this point, a movie means time away from his family to Brad, so
    I’m sure he’ll choose carefully, and being fulfilled artistically, or
    hanging with a bunch of frieds like Clooney and Damon while close
    to home like in Ocean’s 13 will be the criteria, not trying to mimic
    the Crazy One.

  • Original curious

    4 | gossippup – You are too funny! Good to know all these hormones running wild are getting used up somewhere! LOL
    21 | remember da truth – Don’t forget to get ALL the details in writing so you can send it on to JJ and all of us! How exciting for your friend! OH! I just read you post #40. Isn’t that a HOOT? He wants to write and they want him to act! lmao What a lucky man – I’m willing to bet there aren’t too many aspiring actors people are asking to write stuff! It’s all about contacts right? You never know, he might meet someone that helps him in his writing. Smart Guy.
    I’ll send Passing Through [as soon as I remember her REAL name - LOL] your address.

    43 | piper, with a low – Me too Piper. I don’t see why Brad would want Tom’s leftovers anyway. Besides, I get the feeling Brad doesn’t want to be tied to a franchise. Remember, it seemed they had to romance him a bit to get him back to O13 and he’s hardly carrying that flick.

  • not true

    Brad Pitt is scoffing at reports he’ll star in the next “Mission: Impossible,” now that Paramount has bounced Tom Cruise. “It’s totally made up,” says Pitt’s rep.
    last paragraph in the column

  • angelah

    just dropping a quickie..
    No, brad doesn’t need MI..please no MI brad!:-P

  • Passing Through

    36 | Passing Through | 09/22/06 4:14 PM

    Apparently there was some confusion in my earlier message about the e-mail group because we’ve received another 23 requests. So, once again, PLEASE DO NOT SEND US REQUESTS TO JOIN AT THIS TIME.

    Honestly…at this point most of us don’t know if we’re coming or going. We’ve got mail coming out the ying-yang, so please, do us a favor and give us a few days to get things worked out.

    Basically the way it stands right now is this – if you e-mailed us yesterday or before the time stap of my previous message – more than like you’re going to get into the group. The only exceptions to this is probably going to be newbies. As I said earlier – if nobody can vouch for your sanity…you’re probably not going to get in right now. That’s not to say you’ll never get an invite. We’re just being super cautious right now.

    As we sort through the requests we will either send you an e-mail with an invite or totally ignore you…just kidding about that last part…

    BTW – I AM NOT the ring leader, so haters spare me that mantra. I’m just the mouthpiece.

    Passing Through

  • valski

    jimmy fallon is a weekend update alum too!

  • pants on fire

    He’ll probably do it since he said it’s all rumors. We all know he lies!

  • Pinnochio

    Hey pants on fire # 51. Just liek how Jen Anuston lies & denies. I know she’s good at it. A calibre liar this fucking Aniston

  • not again

    if he doesnt’ do it then you are freaking loser and if he does decide to make the movie…then yeah his pants will be on fire..because I’m sure $40 fucking million dollars would burn a hole in any person’s pant pocket! :P :D

  • Passing Through

    RDT – Just go to the top of the page and click CONTACT. Jared’s got a little form set up and all you have to do is put in your username and e-mail addy and write him a message to send me your address.

  • gitane

    54 | Passing Through