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Banned it like Beckham

Banned it like Beckham

Ask before you look at Mr Golden Balls.

David Beckham and wife, Victoria, were spotted picking up two of their sons from school — Brooklyn Beckham, 7, and Cruz Beckham, 19 months. More pictures in the gallery!

Recenty, David Beckham slapped a ban on an art gallery trying to display images of him in the buff. In April 2004, the National Portrait Gallery screened a video of Becks sleeping, but now new documents reveal that the gallery is banned from profitting from the video imagery. A UK newspaper reported, “While the Queen is happy for her portraits to be sold to raise money for the gallery, Becks made sure the footage of him was tightly controlled.”

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  • Mya


  • Mediterranean

    Does she really have to be like this? Even Marilyn and Princess Di had their comfotably dressed up and no-hair-do with no make up days for God’s sake!

    What does she do in life with all that money but spending stupidly? She is annoying and ugly.

  • Tayane

    seconde. i’ts so cool to see CRUZ grow up.

  • Mariah

    I agree Mediterranean…

    Also, isn’t it more logical that they were picking Brooklyn up from school and baby Cruz just came with? It would be pretty sad if baby Cruz was dropped at day-care when Ms. Posh herself has sooo much time on her hands, what she can’t even be bothered to look after even one of her kids?

  • Ronn

    Uh, “Tayane”, or whatever your name is, I think you need to go back to your trailer park in Kentucky and fuck your cousin.

  • Jason M.

    i think the ignorant poster’s name was “me”, not Tayane, who was the poster above the bigot. but seriously that person has problems.

  • deus ex machina

    I’ve never seen Posh smile. She always looks terribly miserable.

  • Alice

    I think she’s cute and they make a cute couple. Nothing at all wrong with sending a 19-month old to daycare so he learns to play and socialize with other kids.

  • angelah

    cute family :-)

  • LondonGirl

    Posh is one of the most pathetic creatures I’ve ever seen. Heaven forbid she have a day when she doesn’t look ‘perfect’ and actually pays attention to something (or someone) other than herself. She must have serious self-confidence issues. I wish she and Brand Beckham would just go away. They’re a waste of time, air and news space.

  • ADA


    She looks great, and she hardly looks “too” dressed up. She’s just wearing jeans, a jacket and a simple shirt for God’s sake.

    From what I can see, they look like wonderful parents. They are always very affectionate, kissing and hugging their kids (see above!) and obviously spend a lot of time with them. They are raising three gorgeous children and keeping their marriage together admirably in the face of such adversity as far as the press and media are concerned.

    Some people just need to find something to pick on.

  • taylor

    I think they are such a cute family .. so what if she sends her child to daycare? my children were at daycare at a very young age … i think they are such a cute family and i think she looks pretty.. she’s not dressed up at all and barely has any make up on … i wish them the best of luck with everything …

  • Posh_Fan

    Umm Cruz is not in a daycare. If you listen to David’s recent interview, he’s home with Victoria all day. God forbid if Victoria actually goes somewhere because of work leaves him with his grandmother. ..cause surely she’s the only celeb to do so. And how the fuck is she dressed up? And I wouldnt be too happy if photographers were in my child’s school as well. Maybe we should stop judging them by what we see in the papz.

  • Crystal

    They’re an adorable family. I love them.

  • Aleesha

    I dont know man, she’s not even touching her kids and she’s hardly with them, she’s got her handbags and her hands tucked in her pockets. she’s either camera shy or she’s just not interestd in her family.


    She is very good mom and good wife

  • Dawn

    The thing that is so disturbing about her is that SHE IS A FREAKIN SKELTON! Wake up. The thing that was disturbing about the picture is how big her purse was. She was holding on to it for dear life, instead of her precious child. He’s obviously the MOTHER and the FATHER!

  • nikki

    That little one Broklyn,is toooooo cute. Looks like a typical English football-crazy bloke.

  • babs

    Their oldest son looks like another English soccer player: M. Rooney!!!!!

  • movie fan

    She’s home all day with the kids, and if she wants to let David
    carry the baby for once, why not? Jeez, people just want to pick
    on them. A seven-year-old would want to walk on his own, anyway,
    and I’m sure they both have their turns holding the young ones.
    What kind of mother wouldn’t let the father hold her baby?

  • Mariah

    Posh-Fan: God forbid if Victoria actually goes somewhere? She goes somewhere every single day! whether it is just shopping in town or flitting to one part of the world or another— doesn’t leave much time in her precious day to actually interact and pay attention to her boys’!

    No this woman is a self-obssessed, paranoid, anorexic nut-case– who absolutely does not deserve all of the attention that is heaped upon her– she is a waste of space… I totally agree with you LondonGirl!

  • sss

    Hey “ME” Get the f*** off this website then. PRICK. God, are there really people like that left in the year 2006?? YOU ARE A SAD SAD CASE AND WILL LIKELY (HOPEFULLY) DIE ALONE

  • Mickey

    Have you all ever seen pictures from victoria with her boys??? She loves her boys, david, brooklyn, romeo and cruz! if you want to see some really cute pictures of the whole beckhamfamily you have to go to the homepage! There you can see, that she touches her boys all the time and that normally she is the one which hold cruz and do some things with brooklyn and romeo! And it’s just normal that the father will hold his boy. brooklyn gets 8 in march. of course he don’t want to hold hands with mummy!!!! That’s just normal!

  • Suzy

    I think it’s interesting that people ( Londongirl) are always shittin on Posh for being “dressed up” and well kept. She’s in the public eye! i’m sure if you were to pick up Star or US Weekley and see her in those pics where the celebs aren’t wearing make-up and weren’t looking in tip top shape, you’d be shitting yourself about why she left her house looking like crap. what the hell does it matter to you if she wants to look decent when she goes to pick up her kids. I mean she has a right to seeing that these pics are posted and it’s not even a celeb event she going to. Apparently picking up her kids at school is worthy of a photographer’s time and ours to check out! Otherwise you wouldn’t have shit to grapple about!

  • jaybe

    Hes hot!

  • ghadghooda

    hi becks
    i am ghada an egyption girl.this is the first time i send to you . i cant talking english very well but i try because i am so young. but here is a way to try to write in english. i am so happy that you know my name and my country. all EGYPTION love you so much and i am one of them.i am not going to talking to much about myself but i might do that to know me.becouse all the world know you and love you but i am not a star like you.i can be a star but in the future. nothing i can telling you but the only thing that WE LOVE YOU AND ALL EGYPT LOVE YOU

  • d-beck

    wat’s wrong wif the dad holding his son?
    criusly, u f*king haters need to get a life..

  • d-beck

    another thing..
    i wonder where romeo is?