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Wentworth Miller is Shellshocked

Wentworth Miller is Shellshocked

Above is C-Note (Rockmond Dunbar, L), T-Bag (Robert Knepper, C) and Michael (Wentworth Miller, R) getting interrupted just after finding the money in next week’s Prison Break episode “Buried.” And now check out this celebrity lookalike:

Aaron Carter & Robert Knepper. Long lost brothers?
Thanks to The Poster List!!

And now, read on for the synopsis of last night’s episode “Subdivision″: Ok, who here has been seriously bored by Prison Break lately? The story moves forward but I am losing interest here! Here’s a tip Mahone: Haywire is the easiest one to catch but yet he eludes the authorities once again! He is good!

Sara receives crane #3 and attempts to dial the number on this bird but no luck. Any ideas on what these “numbers” mean? I am assuming it is a huge scavenger hunt for the doctor to connect the dots, so to speak. Governor Tancredi figures out that Lance/Kellerman is up to no good and that Sara was right about a lot of things. Too bad the appearance of Lance at the supermarket abruptly ends the last conversation father and daughter will ever have. Come on, it is Prison Break, people die!

(Continued after the jump)

(Continued before the jump)

The boys rendezvous in Tooele, Utah to find the silo where Westmoreland buried the money under. Michael goes incognito as an electrician with his crew. Sucre and C-Note join the crew, much to Michael’s chagrin. T-Bag tries to get himself some tail from the lady of the house Jeanette, but she only has eyes for our Linc. Lincoln ends up finding the silo…only a little more to go to get the loot! However, their plans are jeopardized when T-Bag gets a little angry and Jeanette calls the police. And another inmate, Tweener is gunned down by Mahone!

Next week, Haywire returns in Billy’s clothes, Sara gets deeper into the conspiracy, Lincoln is determined to get LJ, and the boys hit the jackpot! For a hint on future episodes, visit Michael is “FISH 40”!

[Written by geniass]
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  • Koru

    I don’t know about the rest of ya, but I wish the electricians that come to my house looked like that! …T-Bag excluded. And when Went was talking about getting the “juice running” woooo… lol

  • wontingwitch

    Who you tellin? He can turn the juice back on alright…

  • Jolie4ever

    I am disappointed that they didn’t show much of Wentworth last night or even the prior episode. What’s up with that???


    i agree the show is a little boring….but i’m hanging in there

  • Emily

    I don’t think the second season has been boring at all; in fact, I actually like the second season better than the first. It has given me the chance to start liking characters who previously bugged the hell out of me (i.e. Tweener).

    Plus, you can’t expect every episode to be as exciting as the end of last’s nights, otherwise they wouldn’t have enough plot to fill out an entire second season.

    I can’t wait until next weeks episode, the last five minutes of last nights show were just too much!

    (And the Carter/Knepper look a like thing is hilarious!)

  • Jolie4ever

    I am disappointed that they didn’t show much of Wentworth last night even the prior episode…What’s up with that???

  • Selma

    wahahahahaha to the Aaron Carter & Robert Knepper pic XD

  • Melissa J

    I loved last night’s episode, T-bag was awesome, loved watching him and Jeanette, I’m glad that Sarah was told about Lance (Kellerman) to some degree anyway, and I was on the edge of my seat yelling “Run Tweener, run!” God, I love this show! Can you say addicted!

  • Janelle

    I didn’t understand that bit about for a hint on future episodes…was that a joke??

  • Matt

    First cranes had a series of dots. Next cranes have a series of numbers, formatted like telephone numbers. Telephone pads have letters on them. Match the dots (. .. … ….) to the corresponding letters and you get a message forming. Rendezvous…

  • Jen

    If you look at Bolshoi Booze upside down it looks like a number

  • Nikki

    DOTS: 322-124-3324
    PHONE#: 736-339-8687
    Decode: RENDEZVOUS

    DOTS: 422-131-2231
    PHONE#: 786-369-6468
    Decode: SUNDOWNHOT

    DOTS: 23133121
    Number: 35445266
    Decode: ELGILANM Or Elwood, UT

    Yey Michael and Sara Rendevous

  • Mallory

    Yeah someone figured out the 3 cranes to spell out RENDEVOUS SUNDOWN HOT El WOOD, UT
    the “hot” is short for hotel and Elwood, Ut is a real place. I’m not sure how they got the last two but if you type in the first crane numbers into your text messages on your cell phone using the T-9 system it spells “rendevous”

    also the numbers bolshoi booze spells are 320091045709 but I have no idea what it means

    also the is a real site but no far it means nothing and it is fake and owned by FOX

  • danni

    yeah im kinda unsure about this season … some parts of each episode are like OH MY GOD but for most part im kinda bored!!

    but the end 20mins of last nights episode were crazy!! hehe im hanging now until next monday!!

    but poor tweenerrrr :( melissa i was like you, on the edge of my seat yelling runnnnnnnn runnnn hehe

  • Nikki

    Bolshoi Booze is a number upside down. It’s the coordinates of proally some hole or path through mexicos border.
    look here

  • Nikki

    ok so I solved it all. The Mystery of it everything. The first 3 posts on the site will tell you everything.

  • danni

    *clap clap* nikki arnt you a clever cookie!! :) :) thanks for the link … veryyyyyyy interesting!!

  • pg

    i luv PB spoilers, thanks

  • Monchichi

    This week’s episode was nail-biter – loved it! Thanks for cracking the codes Nikki. Can I suggest that we fans of the Pretty rent a caravan and wait for Went at Hotel Sundown? Hahhahaa!

  • A:et

    I loooooooooooove Prison Break, a specially Went. :3 *drool*

  • Lindsay

    Ok, Michael Scofield flipping out on T-Bag in the beginning of the episode is the whole reason I turn the tv on Mondays at 8 pm! IT. WAS. AWESOME. Also, LOVE the whole electrician thing – very porny (bow chicka bow bow) – and yes, I have no shame.

  • corona

    wow. and i thought i was a prison break addict. way to go nikki! :D

    did anyone notice, in episode 3 (scan) michael’s tattoo read 38 12 1037. 12 miles after turning on route 38 right? but the trip meter of the car read 18 miles when they stopped on the bridge. haha spoof :D

  • Caramel

    did tweener die?

  • woohoo

    Wentworth Miller is the most beautiful man I have ever seen

  • Pat

    I agree with woohoo!!

  • angelcake

    #24 yo lindsay, thanks for the heads-up! and the bow chicka bow wow was hilarious. loving jj!!!

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