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Sky Captain Angelina Reporting For Duty

Sky Captain Angelina Reporting For Duty

Here’s a flashback behind-the-scenes look at Angelina Jolie in 2004′s Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow also starring Jude Law and Gwyneth Paltrow. More pictures in the gallery!

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angelina jolie sky captain 01
angelina jolie sky captain 02
angelina jolie sky captain 03
angelina jolie sky captain 04
angelina jolie sky captain 05
angelina jolie sky captain 06

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  • Maria

    JJ!!! You’re back!!! What’s happening? Don’t do this to us — we’re having heart problems when we can’t post onto Jolie-Pitt site.

  • Ivy

    I never saw this movie. Odd that both Angie and Gwyneth are in it.

  • Maria


  • Ivy

    Why arent my posts showing up?GRRRR

  • Just Jared

    I have to close the BAMZS threads every so often because it bogs down my server lots. Sorry, been trying to solve this problem!

  • trini gurl

    thanx so much Jared! She is gorgeous as always.

  • Tayane

    She appears just some minutes, half an hour maybe. And the role is not really genial. but she’s still pretty!

  • briseis


    I am so glad that you are back! I always feel bummed when I have no problems logging into dlisted, Philton, FF, but always, always have a problem with JustJared. And yet they say Perezhilton had two million hits in one day last week, and his site doesn’t crash.

    It seems there is always some ongoing change here — now there’s no report abuse button, no preview comments window, and there’s only 25 posts per page. How come all these constant changes?

    No matter, though, I am still a JustJared fan (because of the Brad/Angelina threads) and will always remain so.

    Thanks for the new thread — it’s really a non-news thread, but a sandbox for us BAMZS lovers.

  • Ivy

    She look stupid. Sorry. Don’t find her appealing in any way.

    3 | SAM\

    I dont think the character she was playing was SUPPOSED to look “appealing” SOME actors have to play the same role after another.. with perfect hair, perfect wardrobe. BORING!

    Angie is NEVER BORING!

  • you’re stupid

    She look stupid. Sorry. Don’t find her appealing in any way.

    3 | SAM
    i think you’re looking at your reflection in the mirror

  • think positive!

    THANK YOU THANK YOU JARED!!You are the best!!

    10 | briseis | -There is a “Flag comment” button now.It’s the same with the abuse one.You can flag the comment and Jared will delete it ASAP.I did it and it works fine! ;)

  • simon

    Dear jj, I guess I am not like all of the
    rest, and I am going to tell you how I
    really feel about the new thread: thanx
    for NOTHING!
    If there are bad pix of AJ, these must be
    But, THANX for all of the previous ones.
    I mean it.

  • Just Jared

    I think commenting has been restored, guys… Cross your fingers that it stays this way!

  • surprised? not me

    After repeated inquiries about the fate of the $4 million in People-magazine money Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt promised to donate to childrens’ charities, the couple made a surprise announcement last week. A spokeswoman for the couple says the Jolie/Pitt Foundation has pledged $1 million to Global Action for Children and $1 million to Doctors Without Borders. The news more or less resolves any lingering questions about what the pair actually planned to do with their Shiloh windfall. While the global obsession with the world’s most beautiful and selfless couple seems to be a boon for charities, Brangelina isn’t above making a bit of change on the side. “They’ve made tons of money through Getty,” crows a high-level magazine editor, describing how the couple recently tried shopping photos of themselves leaving a restaurant to the photo agency for $150,000. Do gooders, my ass.

  • Eyes


  • Bdj

    Thanks for the new thread Just jared. However, I must say that you dug deep in the vault for these pictures. You know that you are my favorite blogger, but stills of the “Good Shepard” may have been more appropriate. However, since I am a fan of AJ, I will go with the flow. Thanks again, Just Jared.

  • think positive!

    15 | Just Jared |-THANK YOU MAN!

    Yes I think something about “The Good Shepard” would be more appropriate also but we have to appreciate the hard work Jared does for us! Maybe he will put something about it later in the week!


    ****The news more or less resolves any lingering questions about what the pair actually planned to do with their Shiloh windfall. **** –#16

    Shaddup you ass. Anyone framing some little bitchy blurb in that manner, ‘resolves any *lingering* questions,’ is OBVIOUSLY doing a hit job on them to begin with, you dolt. Like Brad & Angelina have to set up or “stage” sh*t to make dough. Even if that were true, and the busy couple somehow needed a little cash on the side – what makes you think they’d have to “shop” it, like friggin’ Kristin Cavaleery or Asslee Simpson?? They have people beatingd own their door every day throwing money for movies, endorsements, pics, spreads etc.. at them. You’re a simpleton.


  • ((chanel))

    i have this movie she looks pretty in these pics shes the best!!!!does anyone know were is angie now in new york or los angeles?

    angie 4 life!

  • Just Jared

    Thanks, think positive!

  • The real lou

    #20 CLINIQUA,You crack me up!Thanks Jared for the new thread.

  • Just Jared Fan

    I liked Jolie in this movie, And the thread is just fine, its nice of jared to put up a new one,

  • Estelle

    Thanks JJ for the new thread

  • think positive!

    22 | Just Jared | -You welcome “boss” LOL! Anytime! :) BAMZS fans ROCKS!


    Jared is working again? Cool!


    Uh, people…you are NOT helping in my bid to get rid of this thread. I don’t know about you – but I don’t want to look at fuzzy sky captain for the next 5 days. Because I guarantee that’s how long it’s going to take turn over pages on THIS ho-hum thread!

  • gitane

    so it’s working at last! yippee! thanks for the new thread jared!

  • Ivy

    Thank you JJ for all your hard work!! It really is appreciated more than you will know.

  • Ivy

    28 | CLINIQUA |

    Sorry Cliniqua LOL Just had to give a shot out to JJ!
    But I would like new pics : )

  • dragonfly

    Anybody seen this yet?

    La Jolie Vogue September 27, 2006 Lainey’s Entertainment

    Photographed by Annie Leibovitz, Angelina Jolie is expected to grace the cover of Vogue just in time to support the 22 December release of The Good Shepherd directed by Robert DeNiro, co-starring Matt Damon, filmed when the Chosen One was conceived, in which she’s said to have an outside chance at another Supporting Actress nomination next year.

    In the latest issue of Newsweek, Annie explains that the shoot took place on an old airfield as selected by the subject, who arrived in her own plane for the session, followed the next day by Brad Pitt. She also mentions that Angelina was getting back in to form after pregnancy and was looking forward to bringing back her sexy and from what I hear, sexy is an understatement…not that that’s particularly profound, seeing as we’re talking about Angelina Jolie.

    Still, just got a tip that the photos are nothing short of spectacular, perhaps some of the best that have been taken of Jolie to date, with a new ‘softness and glow’ nauseatingly attributed to her new family unit. Gag all you want, I’m just tellin’ it as I hear it.

    Anyway, there were apparently a few shots so beautiful that Brad went bananas and depending on what makes it into the spread, I’m told he wants to keep a few for himself, with a promise that they will never be released, never to see the light of day.

    Now before you ‘Brangelina’s’ start losing your sh*t and naming babies 4 and 5, let me just put it out there yet again that the Family has been pretty tightly sealed for months now, which is why Life & Style Weekly keeps talkin’ out of its ass, which is why you won’t get any snippet of anything Pitt-related unless it’s sanctioned by THEM.

    In other words, take it with a grain of healthy, smutty skepticism and then by all means… gush away.

    Brad went “bananas” over the new pics of his baby Angie. Can you say WOOT!? Luv it. Luv it.

  • Julie

    to surprised, not me #16
    I dont think you ever understand the complexity of setting up a corporation. Setting up a foundation is similar to setting up a corporation. There are many paperwork involved, both with the state of Calif and the IRS.
    There was never a foundation established until these Shiloh pictures. Setting up a foundation and be qualified is not that simple. There are papers to be filed with the IRS. You dont want to get it wrong otherwise you lose the exempt status. As to the disbursements of funds, you dont want to disbuse hastily. Think of the endowment at Harvard, they are very careful so that the money can continue to do future funding.

  • Julie

    i mean disburse

  • Julie

    yeah, i am all for new pics
    new pics

  • Ivy

    Hey.. if we cant have “new” pics, what about the old W magazine pics. I would love to see them again!!

  • dragonfly

    julie – don’t bother talking to surprised?. The post quotes nothing and nobody reliable, it names no person, and it reads like a tab. Ignore it. It’s complete horse manure and nothing more.

  • Ivy

    #31 I meant a shout out to JJ, not a shot.. obviously.

  • The real lou

    Ok CLINIQUA,I will admit I could go for different pictures.

  • Mrs. Lenny

    Need new pictures. Sky Captain is not the one.

  • gitane

    the pictures aren’t the best, but the point is we have a new thread! do you still look at the pics once we’ve gone past 50 posts? i don’t. i’m all about the convo!

  • the real tita

    I rented this movie but fell asleep just as they were being attacked by that monster or eye. Goes to show you how Gwynnie and Jude bored me to tears. I was so in a hurry to return the movie that too late did I realize that I never even got to see Angelina’s part in it. That sucked.

  • old lady

    Any picture of Aj with two or one eye is always welcome to these old tired eyes of mine.
    Thanks JJ and Audrey. I realized you must have a lot of problems keeping up with this blog site.
    God bless you and all the fans.

  • Mrs. Lenny

    I can’t remember who commented on the Monster or Alien or whatever the hell that things is. I agree. It is really fucked up ugly. I can’t wait for it to go.

  • dragonfly

    Well guys….I see some of you don’t like these pics, but we can at least talk about and anticipate the new Vogue Angie spread. How sexy that Brad apparently wants to keep a few of the “too beautiful” shots for himself? He seems to just treasure Angie, and I get the vibe that their realtionship is so precious to him, to them both actually. The way they take time to nurture it and keep the flames fanned on their passion just says to me that they believe the the same thing I do regarding being a parent, and that’s this: The best gift you can give your children is 2 parents who love and are passionate about each other. It’s a recipe for long-term success.

  • Ivy

    41 | gitane | I admit that I still look at the pics no matter how many posts there are. But you are right, the important thing is WE CAN POST AGAIN!!!!

  • NaNa

    JJ works very hard and wonderfully.
    And I love any kind of Angelina’ pictures.
    However, Angelina’ TGS screen capture would be great to look at.

  • Mrs. Lenny

    Aaaaah dragonfly,that’s sweet.

  • think positive!

    45 | dragonfly | -I completely agree with everything you said! Lets just use this thread for talking and not for pictures.Just chatting with eah other and talking about our family! :)

    I wish they will have a safe trip to India!

  • The real lou

    #45 dragonfly,that was wonderful.

  • dragonfly

    Aaaaah dragonfly,that’s sweet.

    48 | Mrs. Lenny |
    Yeah, I’m just so twitter-paited that Brad wants to keep some of Angie for himself…….how delicious is that? LOL! ::sigh::

  • gitane

    46 | Ivy

    i just want everybody to calm down and not bite the hand that feeds us! jared pulls threads out of his ass to keep us happy and complaining is not an endearing quality. besides, he’s working through some technical issues and those of us who have little patience should cultivate some.