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Angelina Visits Mommy Dearest

Angelina Visits Mommy Dearest

Angelina Jolie took the time yesterday afternoon to visit her mom, French actress Marcheline Bertrand, at L’Ermitage Hotel in Beverly Hills before leaving the country. (Marcheline is reportedly battling cancer and undergoing chemotherapy sessions.) Angelina will be traveling to India within the next few weeks for a reported month-long trip to shoot the upcoming film A Mighty Heart — she plays Marianne Pearl, the wife of the slain Wall Street Journal journalist Daniel Pearl. Check out more pictures in the gallery!

Angelina was spotted chatting away on her cell phone in the car after visiting her mom. Brad Pitt was spotted visiting The Ermitage Hotel later on his motorcycle. Funny inset picture, no? (:

[Pictures via x17online]
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angelina jolie visiting mom 01
angelina jolie visiting mom 02
angelina jolie visiting mom 03
angelina jolie visiting mom 04
angelina jolie visiting mom 05
angelina jolie visiting mom 06
angelina jolie visiting mom 07
angelina jolie visiting mom 08
angelina jolie visiting mom 09
angelina jolie visiting mom 10
angelina jolie visiting mom 11
angelina jolie visiting mom 12
angelina jolie visiting mom 13
angelina jolie visiting mom 14
angelina jolie visiting mom 15
angelina jolie visiting mom 16
angelina jolie visiting mom 17
angelina jolie visiting mom 18

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  • aveeno1

    1st! she looks great!

  • aveeno1

    and she doesn’t look as thin, she’s got a glow on her.. nice of her and Brad to visit her mum

  • lookwhaticando

    JJ, what’s going on with the site. I can’t get past page 3. Is anyone else having this problem. Thanks for the Picture of Ang though.

  • Passing Through

    Awwww…ain’t that sweet. The went to visit her mother before they leave the country.

  • Mrs. Smith

    Thanks for the new picx Jared. Great way to start the morning with
    pics of this beautiful woman. She’s beautiful, as always, and had
    probably gone to see her mom before she left for India. Yes, how nice
    for Brad to also go see mom-in-law before leaving. LOVE this family!

  • Marcheline

    So some dork is firing flash bulbs in her face through her windshield while she’s driving and talking on a cell phone? Sounds like a perfect recipe for an auto accident. Not to mention a ticket for Angie!

  • nickybja

    i think she looks as though she were crying. this does not look like someone who is happy atferall she is visiting her sick mother.

  • QQQQ

    Thanks Jared for the pics….

  • Canadian Chick

    I hate people that drive big SUV’s! A very big no no for the environment!

  • ((chanel))

    nice she looks beautiful on the 8th pic she looks like crying but she looks gorgeous wish her the best

    angie 4 life!


    Thanks JJ for the new thread!

    Morning All!

    |#5 Passing Through |

    They should be leaving any day now?

    Have a good one, everybody!

  • ((chanel))

    6 | Mrs. Smith
    brad and angie are going to india? when? does someone know?

  • Julie

    wow, new pictures !!!!
    great couple !!!
    so glad to see Brad visited her mom too

  • Babel

    Great jj new pics of Brad and Angie great. Angelina is gorgeous how always nobody is beautiful how her, nobody

  • Frenchy

    Awww she looks like she’s been crying. How sad to have someone in your life going through such a life threatening health crisis. I wish them strength and saying a prayer for the family.

  • freidaflo

    THanks JJ
    She’s a loving daughter.
    The India trip is at least a month. They will be halfway around the world. Both want to make
    sure her mom will be OK.
    Worry is never out of someone’s mind esp . with a
    very sick love one. Hope for the best for all of them.

  • Etta


  • Cindy

    She looks amazing, she has a glow of a pregnant woman,
    love her

  • QQQQ

    19 | Hate them! | Thanks for sharing, we really appreciate it

  • Mrs. Smith

    ((chanel))…..yes, they are going to India to shoot “A Mighty
    Heart.” According to reports, they will be there for one month, so
    I’m sure it must be quite wrenching to leave her mom for such a
    long time, especially if she is sick. Apparently they are very, very
    close, and Angie has called her mom, her ‘best friend.’

  • black girl

    i wish her mum perfect heath so that she will be able to see her great grandchildren. I will alway love angie and i wish her and the family happiness.

  • em

    She does look sad. I hope everything is okay with her mom, who isn’t French btw.

  • hmmm

    You are such an idiot. She is upset over her Mom…You have seen the way she looks at Brad haven’t you? Yea right BBT made her so much happier.

  • susie

    Is this the same picture over and over at different distances?

  • Etta




  • ((chanel))

    guys lets just ignore the haters we all know that what they say is not true and they are just jealous angie is amazing and gorgeous

    angie 4 life!


    ..and why are some people saying these photos of her are heartwrenching – wtf are YOU seeing that I’m NOT. it’s amazing what we assume from a still pic – the description says she was talking animatedly on the phone (which is obvious), NOT crying. Geez. what do these two have to do?? laugh maniacally like hyenas 24/7 to get people to get off their case assuming this and that.

    …and all I know is…that “Your comment is awaiting moderation,” must be my personal punishment for yesterday. It’s really pissing me off.


    Okay – it’s gone. Sorry. I’m such a B’ lately – I need to repent. LOL Great thread JJ, makes up for yeaterday. Sorry about my complaining. You rock as always.

  • em

    Angie’s mom poignant remarks to Shiloh’s People cover best describes Brad and Angie’s commitment to each other-”Maddox, Zahara, and Shiloh are deeply loved children. They have very kind and caring parents who love and support each other in everyway.” It must be so reassuring for Angie’s mom to see her daughter finally settled with someone like Brad. I read that she adores Brad and vice versa.

  • anon

    I’m NOT an angie fan but I am a fan of letting her live a normal life. She seems like she tries to maintain some form of normalcy but is simply not allowed to.
    She’s clearly not happy here and yet the papo’s snap snap snap her picture. JHC! Let her drive somewhere in peace. And what the hell are those pictures of a window? Celebrity watching has gone from a fun/random hobby to disturbing. Let her visit her ill mother in peace.
    okay I’m done venting. Sort of like the telephoto lens of katie holmes through her window. That’s beyond doing your job…that’s stalking!

  • goddess

    She’s pretty even without any make-up. unlike the leathery skin , manly chin X.

  • Rorschach test

    What you see is a woman attempting to drive a car & talk on a cell phone at the same time while having camera flashing her in the eyes…..Anything else you *think* you see is you PROJECTING. And that goes for both Fans & Haters.

  • susie

    how is everyone reading so much into the same 2 pictures over and over?

  • Meli

    27 | CLINIQUA
    I agree with you.She is talking to the phone and at the same time she is blinded by the flashes of the photographers.That’s why she has that expression on her face.SHE IS NOT CRYING.Come on people,imagination has limits.I suppose that there will be a lot of haters who will say that she is crying because she is so unhappy with Brad.Well,dream on.

  • Future Request

    Hey Jared, in the future under the little synopsis’s you write, could you start posting the actual caption that came with the pics too? Thanks a lot.

  • Jeannified

    Love her!!! Glad she constantly visits with her mom and that Brad does too!

  • ((chanel))

    35 | Meli
    yeah your right shes talking on the cell phone and at the same time she is blinded by the flashes of the paparazzi thats why looks like crying but the truth is shes not crying she looks beautiful

    angie 4 life!

  • raqchel

    why does it look like the paps are holding some kind of visual out side this womans apartment. Thats sick they should leave these people alone. Its pretty obvious they want some privacy. But the damn paps continue to be all up in their grill 24/7. Their is no need for paps to be snapping pics of someone while they are driving thats dangerous.

  • ro

    Nobody said she was crying because she was so happy. No need to jump all over people now. She does look slightly upset and that could be for any number of reasons. I think YOU should not look so deep into the word “upset”.

  • Meli

    Dear Jared,i have to ask.Are these the new photos from eastnews that everybody was talking about,or should we expect more?

  • think positive!

    Meli and CLINIQUA.I completely agree with you guys.What the hell some people are saying.She is not crying for f****ing sake.She talking on her sel phone and and as you can see it’s night in the pictures so flashes of the paparazzis are much lighter.That’s why she is having that expretion on her face.
    I’m so happy for them that they went to visit Marchelline before they will leave for India..I hope she is not very ill..

    Thank you Jared and Audrey! You’re simply the best!

  • mona

    She looks like she’s been crying. I hope her mom gets better.

  • Tijen

    I am sure she is worried about her mother. Aren’t they leaving for India next week? She probably hates to be so far away from her mom.

  • Alexanderina

    This is such a treat . Thank you Jared for the new pictures and Thread, you are the BEST :). She looks beautiful as always

  • Alexanderina

    That is so wonderful that her and Brad went to visit her Mom, before they leave for India. I wonder when they are leaving

  • anustin

    thanks to you jared!new thrade!

  • Alexanderina

    28 | CLINIQUA | – ITA with you Cliniqua, she is not freaking crying, how do some people come up with she crying is beyond me

  • pandy

    In the 5th picture looks like she is cryng.

  • The real lou

    Hello everyone!I don’t think she crying,but oh well.Please let’s not spend the day analyzing pictures.

  • Alexanderina

    50 | The real lou | – Hey The Real Lou, ITA with you, let us join enjoy the new pictures and wish them a safe trip to India and wish Angie’s mom all the best.