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TomKat's Wedding Wars

TomKat's Wedding Wars

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes (with most of the weight from her pregnancy all gone!) were out for some fine dining last night at CUT, Wolfgang Puck’s steakhouse at the Beverly Regent in Beverly Hills. Tom and Katie took the night to hammer out details for their upcoming nuptials. Here are the reported deets: Katie has tapped Carolina Herrerra to design a one-of-a-king A-line dress with a mile-long train and Tom will have his 11-year-old son Connor as his best man. Check out more pictures in the gallery!

Life and Style Weekly also speculate that Tom and Katie will star in an upcoming film together: “Tom is looking for a movie that will make the most of their chemistry. He’s devoting himself to putting together a project that will not only make Katie a bona fide star, but will put him back in the good graces of the movie-going public.”

[Pictures via x17online]
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  • FIRST!!


  • BLEH


  • Tyson

    Give them a break. show them some love!!!! I think Katie looks cute in that dress.

  • A Fan2

    I agree Tyson. I think it is time for people to leave Tom alone. So what he went overbroad with his love for Katie. Love can be crazy sometime. They look great together. Their baby looks really cute. I don’t care about his religion “scientology”. But, whatever rocks your boat and makes you a better human being. He is a good actor and should be appreciated for that and his humanity. Enough said, I am off the soapbox now.

  • Dandelion

    Katie looks lovely. Actually, this is a very nice-looking couple, and the little baby is a cutie-pie too. I hope everything works out. The adults in this relationship are doing exactly what they want to do. Katie loves Tom. It’s obvious. She’s heard the rumors by now, and she still loves him.

  • Kathy

    A mile long wedding train? She’s not a virgin, nor is she a Princess. How can it possibly take that long to get married? We’ve been had folks! The baby has only been seen once in a magazine and everyone assumes that is “their” baby. They never carry a diaper bag and spend a lot of time shopping and eating without EVER taking that baby anywhere. How do we even know the baby is real at all? Every other star has their children out. This is the fishiest relationship I have ever wittnested out of Hollywild!

  • ????

    she shouldn’t wear heels with Tom . Tom looking much more smaller with her. The two making a movie together ? Can Kathy act ? she was just a small TV actress before meeting Tom. she was not even a B-list , lucky to hook up with Tom, he might be gay but he’s rich. hmmm, some girls like it.

  • #?!*^$

    They will be making a movie together. Kate finally had something to do aside from shopping and dining.

  • tried and true

    ICK TOM! Do something with your hair! You look so slimey with it plastered to your forehead. Cut it short again and wear it up from your face. You look so queer…stranger and so less attractive than you used to be. ICKO!!!!

  • txlonghorn

    Katie actually looks extremely sickly and tired to me. Hopefully, she’s doing alright

  • olia

    Is Tom pregnant or what? Coz he looks like he is.

    Another day without Suri… I wonder if we will ever see the real Suri, not photoshoped. Coz she was looking very sweet in the Vanity fair pictures. But we all know that in real life she must be looking little different. I read somewhere (even before pictures were published) that some worker at the Vanity fair sad that they were photoshoping that pictures for something like 20 days.

  • Spammy

    Oh my god don’t you think that the paps were not tipped off….I mean every meal, every game they are freaks and attention seeking twats. My opinion that anyone who uses their kids for publicity the way they do should be shot!!!

  • jolie

    whats wrong with katie? look at her eyes, looks like she’s all doped up. Neither of them look happy, are yu kidding? The smiles look fake, they look stressed out. Would love to be a fly on the wall… behind the scenes.

  • Me Again!

    Good for them…they will finally get the wedding thing rolling.

    They look great…IMO.,,but what’s that…as long as they are happy.

  • ALEK


  • Leila

    Why does she wear black recently?
    Does she want to be like Angelina?

  • lainey

    Why does she wear black recently?
    Does she want to be like Angelina?

    18 | Leila

    YES :D

  • Yesssssssssss!!!!

    I’m not a fan of Katie but who in their right mind wants to be like Jennifer Aniston???she is a manipulative whore, asexual and trashy….

  • Joker

    She wants an A-line dress because though she appears to be slim from top to bottom, she’s actually a little pear-shaped, you can see it in Thank You for Smoking. (Nothing to do with the pregnancy, real or not)
    They are publicity whores.

  • Babel

    This is a couple boring! Brad and Angie are most interesting how couple and how family. They are hot, gorgeous and sexy. They kids are super cute, Maddox is adorable and Zahare is beautiful and for Shiloh i haven’t words to describe her. In this world there is only a family that count and this family is The Jolie-Pitt. Tom and Katie can’t be compared their. Neither Suri can be compared to Shiloh. Shiloh is most beautiful baby in the world, Suri is weird

  • someone

    I think Kate is looking so much better than she did…And the baby is a doll, I hope they are happy..Also..this has nothing to do with AJ or obsessed fans of AJ or JA need to get off your soapboxes and realize there are other people in the world..

  • Nona

    When is Tom going to lose the baby weight?

  • jinlan

    OMG they are obnoxious. As soon as gay Tom’s career is falling they are all over. Leave them alone? Oh please their relationnship has been a public mess and they made it that way. he is desperate for attention now. And he is an obinoxious egotistical ass.

  • kaniid

    OH God the Gay midget and the zombie. He looks like a creepy old fart with his young niece towering over him. blech!

  • SandiJ

    Her shoes are too big. She’s so cute though. You can see where Suri gets her eyes. *katie squint*

  • Babel

    No only a fan of Brad and Angie and of their hot family

  • Dancer

    They both look horrible here. Tom needs to realize he is in his middle 40′s. What is with the hair. Is he trying to recapture the Beatle haircut? And Katie looks awful. She looks pale and gaunt. Plus, why does she wear shoes that are too large? You can see the inside back of the shoes. God knows she shoe shops enough–you’d thinks she’d get a pair that fits her feet. These look like they come off with every step. I don’t mind that they are out without the kids, both Tom and Nicole were very protective of Bella and Conner and rarely had them before the cameras. Of course now that Tom needs his image revamped, he has them before the cameras pushing his selfish agenda.

  • malibumom

    This should be a lesson to all young women who are trying to “be something”-No man, no amount of money, no amount of fame or fortune can take away the deep and cavernous pit of self-doubt, low self-esteem and low self-image some young women have. Acheivement and a deep faith in something or someone supernaturally greater than yourself can do more for you than trying to find someone to fulfill you. Achievement gives birth to confidence and confidence is the springboard for more achievement. Thus you learn to work hard and reap the benefits without standing in the long line waiting with others for someone to take you away (try calgon). Katie Holmes is a beautiful young lady. I have no idea what her personal motives are so my comments are general. However, when I see her I am reminded of a young Aussie who was talented and classy and who remained in the shadows until she was set free and immediately she blossomed into an A-list star who is one of the best actresses out there. There are so many young so called “starlets” who have become disillusioned because they have found out that not only is there no “room” at the top, But the top really doesn’t exist. I wish I could talk with Lindsay Lohan and Jessica Simpson just for a few minutes. Lindsay really really has the potential to be a mega movie star, but her life style is going to ruin her forever and really it is a shame. So with that said, I just want to say that I think Tom is a good actor. I think he possibly is a great dad to his older kids. But my personal opinion is that he has disrespected Katie, her family, her religious beliefs, and their daughter, and SHE opened the door and welcomed him in to do so. And by the way, she looks fabulous in that dress, but when she takes it off she is still the same person she was before she put it on.

  • peace

    i’m really hoping TomC and Katie don’t do a movie together, please don’t do it, pleaseee!!!

  • Babel

    “However, when I see her I am reminded of a young Aussie who was talented and classy and who remained in the shadows until she was set free and immediately she blossomed into an A-list star who is one of the best actresses out there” Are you talking about Angelina, malibumom? If is yes you have right, angelina is the best actress in the world nobody is how her. Katie is bad actress and nothing special how woman

  • Maria

    What chemistry? They have chemistry? Give me a break!!

  • tutu

    She looks beautiful and really lost the baby weight! Unfortunately, it
    seems to have transfered onto him (nice double chin Tom…)

  • anon_lurker

    that dress is wwwaaaayyyy too tight for her. she might’ve lost some weight but not enough by the looks of those seems.

  • sofaking stoopid

    babel… just because two pretty people have a baby, does NOT mean that that child will be pretty. in fact, usually 2 ordinary looking people have the most beautiful babies.

    and it’s zaharA dumbass

  • mona

    how can anyone say they look great or have “chemistry” is beyond me. First of all, she looks like she lost too much weight too quickly–her face looks tired and gaunt, her eyes are sad and unresponsive. He looks like a jerk, but what’s new–maybe the double chin, dorky haircut and the need to cover his bloated body with a turtleneck and a suit (Tom’s new PR strategy: dress in a business suit, regardless of circumstances, wear black to soccer games etc). They’re not even holding hands–he’s handling her like a prop and has a constant need to lead her. the way their touch each other is very uncomfortable and shows a total lack of intimacy between them. I’m sure the wedding will be huge, to compensate for the sham that is their relationship.

  • sacha

    Cruise and Holmes are two very beautiful people. Who are the people writing the warped and ugly comments above? Failed actors? Angry wannabes? Stop feeling sorry for yourselves. S.

  • mona

    people who write all those “they’re wonderful, they’re in love, leave them alone” are either a) delusional or b) Scientologists. There is no way anyone with an ounce of common sense would not see right though this PR stunt. They’re transparent!

  • Mediterranean

    Tom looks like his mother more and more.

    They have a right to believe whatever they want to believe as long as they are not a danger to the society.

    IF he is a gay, it is his own business. If the ladies who accepted him being gay and still be with him, what are we supposed to do? Shake them by shoulders and shout out “you are stupid”? These ladies must have their own reasons to be with a gay.

    Maybe next time, Katie would prefer to wear the shoes in her own size, not bigger! (pic 5)

  • malibumom

    No I was talking about Nicole Kidman. Nicole Kidman is an Aussie (short for Austrailian) Angelina is an American.

  • Gibbie

    I just have to ask do they hold hands like that? Right-to-right or left-to-left but not the normal right-left? It bugs me!

  • fanny

    Shiloh ‘s a beauty but Suri ‘s the most beatiful baby girl i’ve ever seen in my life!In my opinion Branngelina & Tomkat are both lovely couples.Can’t stand Nicole- Keith:so fake!

  • amel

    Tom is working on his turkey gobbler. Katie always looks stoned

  • marilu

    Tom better watch that double chin, he’s looking his age. Katie doesn’t appear to be breastfeeding and looks sickly. What’s up with that?

  • Str8Thongz

    Katie makes TOm look older by the day! UGhhhh
    But I have to say I like the fact Katie sill wear heels after Nicole was told “she could not”. I guess it pays not to be a giraffe and be with Tom.

  • That is all

    Sorry, but Tom looks like a butch Lesbian. Katies looks are changing… kinda zombie-ish.

  • kidi

    They seem so phony together, like business partners. Which may
    be the extent of the relationship.

  • anie

    Katie looks like crap. But I am sure Tom won’t let her take a pill to help. She looks worn out and drawn.

  • Dandelion

    Is this a competition between couples? Tom & Katie vs. Brad & Angelina?

    All of them look great okay. Both couples have beautiful families (although most of us have no way of knowing what a great beauty Shiloh is right now).

    Every one of these folks will grow old like everybody else and look like hags one day. This is life.

    If Katie Holmes is being played, well, then she wants to be played. She’s not some innocent child any longer. You might say it’s a hoax, but at least there are no exes and heartbreak surrounding them. They were two single people who got together, had a child, and are attempting to “do the right thing” and build a family. I’m rooting for Tom and Katie. Tom has had some long-term relationships with women that loved him. He’s not THAT bad! If he was that terrible, believe me, you would hear it. The only people complaining about Tom are fans and people who don’t come into contact with him. His co-stars and other industry people love him. Even Brooke Shields has gotten over it.

  • Kathy

    Well notice, that Katie is no longer doing all the grinning and smile cracking she did last year. Now she look somber. And WHAT marriage? They haven’t gotten married yet. If they loved each other, why would it take that long to get married? If the baby were real, why do we never see it out at the “kids” ball games? Even Tom’s Mother is at those games if you look closely at the photos. So WHO is watching their baby? They never even TALK about their “supposed” child. Too weird.

  • Dandelion

    Maybe the nanny is watching the baby. Maybe Katie’s mom is watching the baby. Maybe Tom’s daughter is old enough to babysit. Who knows? I applaud them for not shoving that poor baby out to the public. Maybe after the singer “Moby” criticized them, they’ve decided not to give anyone access to Suri. I don’t know. And I don’t care. The baby is real. The baby is Tom’s and Katie’s. It’s a sweet little thing. What a precious face. Tom is a good father. God, if all men and women were devoted to parenthood like that. This world would be a much better place.