Orange ya glad to see Nicole?

Orange ya glad to see Nicole?

Nicole Richie strolled through Beverly Hills yesterday afternoon in her usual over-sized orange peepers and Balenciaga Motorcycle Bag. She was spotted across the street from La Scala restaurant on on North Canon Drive. More pictures in the gallery!

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nicole richie balenciaga 01
nicole richie balenciaga 02
nicole richie balenciaga 03
nicole richie balenciaga 04

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  • gala

    those are ugly glasses

  • Anne


  • anorexicsocialite

    thats a nasty stain on her $1200 bag and the jeans are not doing it for me….i know skinny jeans are over but she looked so much better in them

  • mandy

    oh her grandpa-eque sweater

  • Betsy

    her hair looks like shit maybe its falling out because she doesn’t eat

  • jackie

    She looks so unwell.
    Her hair is so thin.
    Get some help girl!

  • longlois1

    WHAT is with her HAIR?? NASTY!

  • d.c.

    she’s stuck in starvation mode.. THE MOST LETHAL MENTAL ILLNESS: ANOREXIA

    Starving to death is not beautiful or poetic; it is an ugly death and a painful one. Starved bodies ache all the time. The skin bruises, the muscles cramp and deteriorate, the brain slows and slurs, the bowels stop working on own (there is nothing glamorous about that), The breath smells foul, the bones splinter and hurt and break, the body is constantly weak but ceases to be able to sleep restfully (why? because your body thinks it needs to stay awake to hunt for food, the body assumes it is in a famine)… the mouth dries, the eyes fog, the heart flutters and beats hard and painfully, and there can be many scary moments prior to actual death where the body feels so sick and like its dying (because it is).

    Starving oneself will compromise the body in many ways. Metabolism is changed in such a way that it becomes more likely that fat is retained. People who eat more food than anorexics can maintain a naturally slim body. Once the metabolism is damaged beyond repair, weight can be gained on only a few hundred calories a day. Anorexia will stop growth in height, and can result in shrinking height due to osteoporosis. The brain can shrink (the brains of anorexics have less grey matter). Cessation of menstruation or erratic menstrual cycles can also result (which may continue after recover and hurt the ability to have children, as will osteoporosis). Hormone imbalance, which can cause growth of facial hair and heart strain, can also result from anorexia. Purging can cause blood vessels in the eye to rupture, resulting in blindness. Other physical complications include fatigue, skin problems, fine hair growth on the body, kidney and liver damage, and cardiac arrest (usually due to low potassium).

    Anorexia has the highest death rate of any psychiatric disorder. Between 5 and 15% of patients die during treatment, and the number that die altogether is probably 20%. Anorexia affects 5 to 10% of all American women, and at least 20% of college women binge and purge on a regular basis. The disease usually starts between ages 14 and 17. (Source: Bulimia/Anorexia, The Binge/Purge Cycle and Self-Starvation, by Marlene Boskind-White, Ph.D. and William C. White, Jr., Ph.D., 2000)

    Bulimia is also life threatening. The sudden change in electrolyte balance when purging can stop the heart from beating. Most bulimics who die do so in the act of purging.

  • ThisGirl

    She is one sad 8 year old boy.

  • amy

    you all need to back off of nicole! you know shes a humman too.give her some respect

  • the one who knows

    her hair is not falling out smarties.. they are extentions and they are old.

  • whatever

    i’m sorry but she looks like shit

  • tim

    i love her nicole call me 1 570 687 0249 your so funny and regal

  • gia

    love that balenciaga!and this stick has one in every color – the yellow one is to die for.

  • tim

    dont be jealous of her regal factor

  • Joanna

    I’m sick of all you fatties criticising people who are skinny and labelling them as anorexic! None of you could honestly say that you KNOW she’s anorexic so give her the benefit of the doubt for Petes sake! She looks alot better than she did when she was fatter.

  • Danny

    whoever thought skinny jeans were over is seriously disturbed.

  • rachel

    how can she stand to see everything in orange?

  • mila

    its just the lighting the sunglasses are actually brown. they are vintage christian dior sunglasses, rare and fantastic! If it were a trend everybody would wear it, because it isnt everyone finds them ugly.

    if she wants to be skinny let her be skinny!