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Welcome to the Fight Club, *****!

Welcome to the Fight Club, *****!

ONLINE EXCLUSIVE! Benjamin McKenzie definitely maintains his hunkalicious status in the season 4 premiere of The OC. His character, Ryan, is so distraught by the death of Marissa (Mischa Barton), he blows off college and enters the world of cage fighting. The OC episode “Avengers” airs Nov. 2 @ 9PM on FOX. ROUND ONE, FIGHT!

There are more pictures in the gallery, so be sure to check them out! The latest Oct. 9 issue of In Touch Weekly is running some of these same pictures… out on newsttands today. After the jump are some pictures of Ben filming scenes for The OC last week on Sept. 19.

You can wipe that drool off your chin now…

A little video preview of season 4 premiere of The OC
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benjamin mckenzie shirtless 01
benjamin mckenzie shirtless 02
benjamin mckenzie shirtless 03
benjamin mckenzie shirtless 04
benjamin mckenzie shirtless 05
benjamin mckenzie shirtless 06
benjamin mckenzie shirtless 07
benjamin mckenzie shirtless 08
benjamin mckenzie shirtless 09
benjamin mckenzie shirtless 10
benjamin mckenzie shirtless 11
benjamin mckenzie shirtless 12
benjamin mckenzie shirtless 13
benjamin mckenzie shirtless 14
benjamin mckenzie shirtless 15
benjamin mckenzie shirtless 16
benjamin mckenzie shirtless 17
benjamin mckenzie shirtless 18
benjamin mckenzie shirtless 19
benjamin mckenzie shirtless 20

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  • FIRST!!

    first again


    do you stay on this website hoping to be first to post?

  • Tyson

    Hot damn. That is one hot bod.

  • John Jacob Astor


  • Michal

    Wow, Ben is looking so HOT ! I cant wait for the 4th season of oc !

    Thank you so much Jared :)

  • Anna

    OMG He’s gorgeous. If FOX use these to promote the show then the rating will go through the roof.

  • Dana

    OMFG. He is simply amazing. The OC should have this scene on a loop all season.

  • black

    That has to be the biggest bullshit ever!

    And this guy Ben looks like russel Crowes lost son.


    three words: hot… hOt… HOT!

  • Mandy

    Oh my god, you are right he does sooooooooo look like russel crowe its almost scary. they should play father and son someday

  • http://deleted mellie

    i can’t wait to see the new season of the oc…YEAH!!

  • Omerim

    Not only that he looks like young Russell Crowe, he is no less talented and he’ll prove it if he’ll get the chance after The OC ends next year.

  • Renata

    Hot, and talented and smart and…. HOT…

    Gotta luv Benny;)

  • Mel

    @ Omerim:

    Don’t be so sure that this is the last year. Anything could happen.

    But Ben looks fantastic, thanks Jared!

  • Omerim

    It is better for Ben that this will be the last year and he could out and do movies that fits his talent.

  • Hutu

    Heaven forbid, posting pics of an OC actor that isn’t that bobbleheaded moron with no talent? Are my eyes deceiving me?

    Good stuff, for once.

  • miranda

    Wow. That’s fabulous. I always thought that Ben McKenzie was a cutie, but this is a totally different league. Amazing. He can also act. Way to go. Thanks for this great stuff.

  • kelly

    And here me thinkin ben was puttin on a little weight and i used to think he was the fittest guy ever i even hav a huge poster on my wall thts like 3 years old in his fit days but now i want a new poster with this on it’s just restored all the lust i used to have for him

  • kelly

    still in shock really thought he was growing man boobs because the stuff he wears on the oc seems to make it look tht way

  • Hil

    This man is sex on legs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • cnaj


  • Pink Sherbert

    Very hot! My hubby looked like this when we first married….and ripped and shit…

  • Kat

    Thanks Jared.
    These pictures are amazing.
    I just hope, FOX finally noticed what a jewel they have in Ben and give him something to do this season.
    Wonderful actor and a great body. And smart as well. – God sometimes does give with both hands.

  • http://??? skylar

    Ben does remind me a lot of Russell Crowe. They even have the same tendency to put on weight. But Ben looks like he’s in the best shape of his life in these pics. He’s a good actor and good to look at.

  • Autumn


    Man, Ben is amazing beyond words. If only The OC kept the focus on Ryan, the show wouldn’t be in so much troubles. Actors like Ben don’t come every day. He’s got the whole package.

  • pud333

    Cage fighting? Jesus. I didn’t know the writer’s guild allowed monkeys to join their union.

  • angelah

    pic#2 whooo!

  • Lyndt

    Effing hott! That totally re-ignited my Ben-Love.

  • tootsy

    Stupid Fox and Josh Shcwartz. They have a diamond in their hands and they wasted him.

  • Wendy

    Marissa killed him. Great!

    Ben is a good actor but The OC is over.
    GA and CSI are better.

  • Melis

    so scary how much he looks like RC, oh my please let him age well! Coz we all see how RC looks now Fugs! (get off tv Ben your better and we don’t have to put up with Fug/less talented co-stars or you can just show them up on the big screen)

  • danny

    Ii’m a guy and a total straight, but i salute you dude. You’re ripped. Very good actor too. Never thought about RC, but now i see it.

  • francisca

    now thats what keeps me coming back for more…..ben is one hot guy…

  • design_offcier

    i just don’t get any of the appeal of the oc. then again i didn’t get laguna. i couldn’t get past that god-awful theme song and mischa barton is/was repulsive. i guess i’m over my silly stereotypical smart kids tv shows.

  • sera

    “His character, Ryan, is so distraught by the death of Marissa (Mischa Barton), he blows off college and enters the world of cage fighting.”

    Right…because whenever someone loses someone close to them the first thing that comes to mind is participating in a cage fight. I know everyone deals with their grief differently and that this is the OC and not real life, but c’mon! At least they could try to make it a little realistic.

    Btw, Ben looks hot! lol

  • rafael

    Adam is hotter.

  • sarag

    Adam is hot for 12 year olds.

  • Renata

    hottie ;)

  • Emma

    Wow. Wow. Who knew Ben had a bod like that?!?! he was always kind of the guy next door but WHOA! ratings are going to go through the roof for FOX. and a good thing too. the OC is awesome. and after the death of marrissa, people may not of watched it but this will bring them back!!!

  • Michal

    love you Ben :)

  • LondonGirl

    Is it just me or does he not look like a young Russell Crowe? The resemblance is uncanny.

  • Fx0RnSEI2d

    Hi! Very nice site! Thanks you very much! VUa6xRH8nbqw1d

  • estefania

    Yooo amo esta serieeeeE es de+2 buenaaaA!! no me perdi ni una de sus temporadasSS!!… Amo a ese tipo0 es de+2 hott xd..!!=D

  • kim

    the oc is not has good when mischa is gone .and ben and mischa
    were acting very well because they were looking like if they were
    realy in love .ben and mischa you should realy be togheter.

  • kim

    ben and misha were actou realy well because they realy seamed
    to be in love. ben and mischa you should really be thougheter.but the
    o.c. is not has good when mischa is dead.

  • http://oiuhoiuh woow

    wow he is so hot hot hot!! and in picture 2…his arms oh yes, hes the hottest!

  • abbie-lauren

    he is sooooo damn hawt. love him. so gutted now the O.C is finished. gorgeous and a fantastic actor.

  • http://amorplatonico valeria

    este chavo lo amo es todo para mi me buelvo loca por el si lo tuviera enfrente le diria cuanto es que lo amo

  • Annu

    The guy is just gorgeous, but I can´t watch the series of OC anymore because I`ll start to cry and it won’t stop for hours. It`s so sad that I can`t be there as Mischa to kiss and hold him. If he would be mine I would hold on to him forever and ever, he`s really my dream man.

  • eLLIE

    He looks so hot that even hurts. You can’t help but stare at those muscles. Love his body! Love his character Ryan!