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Foxy Fights Through the Pain

Foxy Fights Through the Pain

Seems like biking and running are the choice sports for Hollywood’s leading men. 40-year-old Lost actor Matthew Fox was spotted getting his sweat on during a film break in Hawaii. Foxy looks pained in more than half of these pictures but the results definitely show on Lost! Many more pictures in the gallery…

Matthew Fox‘s upcoming football drama We Are Marshall co-starring Matthew McConaughey will be released just in time for the Christmas season, Dec. 22.

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matthew fox running biking 01
matthew fox running biking 02
matthew fox running biking 03
matthew fox running biking 04
matthew fox running biking 05
matthew fox running biking 06
matthew fox running biking 07
matthew fox running biking 08
matthew fox running biking 09
matthew fox running biking 10
matthew fox running biking 11
matthew fox running biking 12
matthew fox running biking 13
matthew fox running biking 14
matthew fox running biking 15
matthew fox running biking 16
matthew fox running biking 17
matthew fox running biking 18
matthew fox running biking 19
matthew fox running biking 20
matthew fox running biking 21
matthew fox running biking 22
matthew fox running biking 23
matthew fox running biking 24
matthew fox running biking 25
matthew fox running biking 26
matthew fox running biking 27
matthew fox running biking 28
matthew fox running biking 29
matthew fox running biking 30

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  • Julia

    Damn he’s soo sexy ! I always wanted to have a closer look at his ass and this is just perfect. Plus, i love the bulge ! Nice thing you got there Matthew, i knew it !

  • matt

    Why can’t he take a page from the Gyllenhaal/McConaughey biking/running rule: DO IT SHIRTLESS!! There are definately not enough Matthew Fox shirtless pics out there!! He is too hot!!!

  • Tocolo Piacerre

    Good god.

  • chrissy

    i can see something poking out but it’s small …oh well

  • Hil

    I love it when he licks his lips. Lick!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Matthewfan

    I’ve always viewed Matthew Fox as one of the sexiest actors in Hollywood. These pics just confirm the facts. He’s very humble…kinda shy…and has no clue just how HOT he truly is! That combination is irresistable in a man. Matt’s a walking sex god. He’s just so beautiful.

  • jaromir

    LOL, he has a little wee wee. But then again so do all guys when they’re exercising, its science you know.

  • black

    Holy shit!!

    Could somebody please tell him not to flash us with his genitals?!

    Man…..I think today I lost more than my appetite.

  • Pink Sherbert

    why is his weiner looking all weird and such?

  • Matthewfan

    Geez, people…give the guy a break!! He’s out jogging… minding his own business… dressed in comfortable spandex jogging attire. He’s oblivious to some photog snapping pictures of him from across the street, and could probably care less what the pics look like. It’s the angle and the way the sun is hitting the spandex in his crotch area that’s showing the shape of his genitals. I’m sure it’s not intentional on Matthew’s part. Any male dressed the exact same way would look just like he does around the genital area. GET A LIFE folks….he’s exercising for Christ sake.

  • laura

    I’m more Brad Pitt xD

  • juju

    holy hotness, yes yes yes!

  • anon

    Matthewfan I totally agree!! He is so damn hot..especially on Lost!! We need more Foxy candids JJ!! Thanks tho

  • ash

    Hot hot hot! More Foxy, jj!

  • EtotheG

    Sure, he’s hot, but am I the only person who finds cycling shorts to be as sexy as… Donald Rumsfeld?! As sexy as Jake, Matthew and Lance are, I find those shorts a MAJOR turn off (blech)!

  • david

    Without spandex, we would have never been able to see the goods. God bless Spandex. God bless Matthew Fox. for wearing them. I’ve never had a thing for Charlie from Party of Five, but now I have to rethink my position.

  • design_officer

    oh please there is absolutely nothing about spandex that
    warrants the description comfortable. i don’t care who you
    are or what you are doing, there is no reason for you to
    draw attention to your twig and berries. especially if they are
    very withered berries and a piece of a twig. personally i wear
    a thin pink leotard so that not only can people see my bits
    but they can also see my man nipples. dress like slobs like
    the rest of us do and you will be fine.


    Matthew is so sexy, funny I hate dhima s teh preachy brother on POF but love him on Lost. must be the muscles
    also I am sure he is a grower not a shower.
    not to get overly graphic but come on ladies we hav all been with men who seem t o have baby penises and voila with a little love ya got 8 inches on your hands

  • Brad not

    Brad Pitt has paparazzi nude pics on teh internet and you can actually SEE his stuff. Now THAT’S SMALL !

    Matthewfan you’ve certainly haven’t seen those pics or you wouldn’t say that.

    I like spandex. Every man (taht isn’t FAT) should wear them !

  • black

    Yeah, but Brad Pitt grows….
    Pitt is way cooler than this guy.

  • David

    I think many people here have a very “generous” estimates of the average penis size. For people who think Matt is below average, you are either extremely lucky, or youre in for a huge dissapointment in the real dating world.

  • zombiezgrl

    Wow…I feel like I know Matthew MUCH better now!
    Now, if only Jakey would wear spandex…..

  • dlVfju77D8

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  • jjaneuzpgd
  • Someone

    iuuuuuuuu he is horrible


    I remember how we’ve got these pics in Russian Lost site.
    And everybody (including local Skater and Anti-Shippers and so on) said that is’s a big ship))) and after that there were so quiet that evening though usually Lost fans are so talkative))
    Love photos and love Foxy) and waiting for his skinny-deeping ones as I promise to show them in all our Lost site and I’m used to hold my word.
    He’s so real man!

  • mokamoka

    yuummy!!! I really wanna lick his sweat. So damn hot!!




    YOUR ACTING SKILL IS MARVELLOUS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!