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Jude Law is Lickable

Jude Law is Lickable

The lickable Jude Law emerged from his North London home earlier today after what seems to be a long night. Jude, 33, carried around a bottle of water and aa cranberry-flavored Emer’gen-C Vitamin C super energy booster (personally, I dig the lemon lime). He was headed to a film studio for a bit of work…

Inset: Jude dropped by to watch the Spurs play soccer and prepare for the UEFA Cup against Slavia Prague. “I started supporting Spurs because of my grandad, Eric Law, who was a lifelong Spurs fan,” said Jude. “He took me to my first Spurs game and I’ve been coming ever since. I’ve been bringing Raff (his son) along as a Season Ticket Holder for the past five years and it’s been quite an experience.”

More pictures in the gallery of Jude Law out and about in Primrose Hill yesterday with 3-year-old son Rudy Law. Jude told paparazzi that “He was not a celebrity, he was an actor”. Check it!

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  • Hil

    Please, can Jude have my babies? Please?

  • sultrydame

    He’s looking rather gruffy.

  • AddictedtoBAMZs

    Jude is a gorgeous man, wonderful father, talented actor. Just lacking a little as a husband or boyfriend, that’s all….

  • case

    Hey looks good. I actually really like that dirty, rock look on him.

  • aycaramba

    in a scale of 1 to 10 i’d say about 9 xcept he needs a haircut a buzz cut would do look very good on him yeh…..

  • macheath

    Aww. I think he should keep the hair. It looks really good in that unkempt way AND hides the receding hairline :X

  • Josmary

    VERRY sexy and his son is sooo cute :O)

  • Sandy

    Keep it up Babe! Eminently lickable, Yeah and that Rudy just picture him 20 years from now.
    God, he will be awesome.

  • Shanna

    Good father??? Not really – a good dad wouldnt sleep with the nanny. He
    looks fugugly IMO

  • Vic

    I think the hair really works for him. It’s sexyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.

  • dolores craeg

    this man really moves around. in the last two weeks he was in toronto, new orleans, japan and new york and now he’s on his home turf. i love the fact that his jet lag is showing a little. i wouldn’t mind waking up to that sleepy look. i love jude’s hair long and wavy even curly. he’s gone from a golden boy in wild to a beautiful man and he hasn’t missed a beat. keep it up jude….your adrenoline for all of us. as forudy….jude’s gonna have to set up a moat to keep the hoardes of females away….like daddy…like son.

  • jordie

    As usual he looks like he has a hangover. I think he is a horrible father after sleeping with his kids’nanny!

  • C.D.

    Damn he looks OLD AS HELL!What the fuck happened? Did the nanny suck the youth right out of him or what?

  • Daphne

    ‘Lickable’ is absolutely right! I love him scruffy. I love him scrubbed… It looks like he just got out of bed there. Makes me wish I were in bed with him.

  • Guillaume

    Rock N Roll outfit, nice. Nice than the traditionnal suit

  • Daphne

    Love the messy hair. Love the Law. Wish I were in bed with him though I wouldn’t let him roll out of it like here.

  • movie fan

    How does his personal relationships have anything to do with his
    being a good father? So judgemental, you people! He is a loving,
    protective father, and even the paparrazzi, who spend more time
    with him than most people, remark on what a great father he is.
    His ex-wife is the one with parenting issues.
    So Sienna drives him crazy and he has a fling, while still single.
    Like this has never happened before? Just because in one area he
    is not a saint doesn’t mean he’s not, as addictedtoBAMZS says, a
    talented actor and wonderful father.

    He needs to be a bit more selective in his roles. He can do light
    comedy, as in Alfie, but he shines as a rogue, or a guy in pain. I
    hope he gets his rest, and we see him onscreen again soon!

  • peyton

    I cannot belive you people! Jude is one of the best father’s i’ve ever seen, and you have the nerve to call him a terrible one just because of the nanny. It wasn’t under Jude’s care where Iris swallowed an ecstasy tablet, it was under his ex-wife’s — so slam her. And if you were with Sienna, then you’d want to cheat to.

  • dolores craeg

    anybody who knows jude always says he is the most caring and protective father that they have ever seen. so those of you who don’t have the honor of knowing him don’t talk about what you don’t know. it makes some people feel superior to attack a person who really is. i don’t know what kick you get out of it but i’ve met jude law and he is the sweetest most charismatic person…he made one mistake and everybody attacks. when you never err and are perfect than you can judge him.

  • Mery

    Five years ago, Jude was a beautiful boy. Today he is a irresistible man. This is a difference.

    I think he is a good father. A young man, divorce man, but he travel with his kids, his hanging with them, much more than another father, non separated and non actors.

    All the people forgive his affair if “she” isn’t the nanny. I don’ understand the interest for this story, when is a businees he and Sienna.

    I’m sorry my bad english.

  • movie fan

    You have good English, Mery — some people who have English as
    their first language are not as clear in conveying their thoughts!

    Yes, glad there are people here agreeing he’s a good father. He
    certainly deserves all the kudos for balancing his family life and
    work life. And if I saw an ordinary, non-celeb guy looking like THAT
    on the streets, I’d crash my car! He is totally HOT!!

  • Susie

    How dare anyone call him a bad father. He’s clearly a hands-on dad. The pap pics show him running around with them doing all sorts of activities. He flies half way around the world to be with them on important days even when he’s got business. He calls them every day when he’s away. I see him doing all this from the pap pics and from what his ex-wife says. She admits she couldn’t have chosen a better man to father her kids — she said this even after their divorce. Those who criticize him must be really ugly people to take joy in pointing fingers. On top of that, the nanny thing is his own private business. It’s not like he showed up drunk on movie sets (like some other actor!). If he ever did that I’d want my money back.

  • Clint

    He still looks gorgeous. I’d love to sink my cock deep into his tight ass.

  • Dr Jube

    uh, too much info, Clint.
    Jude could wear a hessian bag and look HOT. Lickable? Yes, yes, indeed he is.

  • rafael

    i agree with Clint.
    Jude is hot!

  • rafael

    btw..i’m going to jerk off rly soon

  • cypher

    jude needs an early night , bless ‘im.

  • MrP

    Anyone knows what kind of Coat he’s wearing on that small picture?
    i know its a sailor coat of some kind but you guys know the brand?

  • Fireman Vin

    Well MrP, its called a peacoat, and is indeed a sailor’s coat. As for the brand, I don’t know. There are quite a few designer brands who make it, but its traditionally a Naval issue. All designer brands are just fancied up versions of the ones produced by the Navy. Look up your local Army/Navy shop and see whether they sell them. A Navy issue one in the US should be around $100 or so.

    BTW, Clint and Rafael are right…but I’d rather be on the other end of Jude