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Katie's Head Over Tom's Shoulders

Katie's Head Over Tom's Shoulders

A head-over-shoulders Katie Holmes gave fiance Tom Cruise a hug as they cheered on daughter Isabella during her soccer game yesterday afternoon. When asked about 5-month-old baby Suri, Katie admitted, “She’s great… But I hate being away from her.” Tom had this to say: “She’s beautiful, man, just beautiful!” More pictures in the gallery!

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isabella cruise soccer game 01
isabella cruise soccer game 02
isabella cruise soccer game 03
isabella cruise soccer game 04
isabella cruise soccer game 05
isabella cruise soccer game 06
isabella cruise soccer game 07
isabella cruise soccer game 08
isabella cruise soccer game 09
isabella cruise soccer game 10
isabella cruise soccer game 11
isabella cruise soccer game 12
isabella cruise soccer game 13
isabella cruise soccer game 14
isabella cruise soccer game 15
isabella cruise soccer game 16
isabella cruise soccer game 17
isabella cruise soccer game 18
isabella cruise soccer game 19
isabella cruise soccer game 20
isabella cruise soccer game 21
isabella cruise soccer game 22
isabella cruise soccer game 23
isabella cruise soccer game 24
isabella cruise soccer game 25
isabella cruise soccer game 26
isabella cruise soccer game 27
isabella cruise soccer game 28
isabella cruise soccer game 29
isabella cruise soccer game 30

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  • Team Jolie

    Am I the only one? Doesn’t she look like Jackie O with the Little

  • Mire

    Katie is a very pretty soccerMom Tom and his/their kids are very lucky. Good thing Conner and Bella need a Mom.

  • elena

    doesn’t he EVER leave her hand? how ridiculously fake their ‘love’ seems to be! every f***ing time! annoying!

  • ?

    elena, to me it looks like she wants to hold his hand.
    The glasses don’t look good on her.

  • Mire

    Not only pretty but caring as well , Tom needs to marry Katie so the 5 of them can be a real family and everyone will get off his back!

  • None

    I see Katie can wear heels. She must have some say in their relationship about wearing heels. She no doubt towers over him in flats or barefooted. With heels, she really towers over him.

  • Mire

    Katie is pretty but the glasses make her face look almost to thin.

  • Lost and Delirious

    Katie’s stunning! Who give a f**k she’s taller than him?? They make a great couple. Love her BOOTS!

  • Matt

    She’s SO HOT!!!

  • Tom Cruise is a HOMO

    Katie has aged like 10 years since she hooked up with the gay dwarf. That’s the effect of too much brainwashing and auditing.

  • Courtney

    She looks pregnant in the pics of x17 for sure

    (plz check out my site ppl! leave some comments)

    I dont see the attraction in Katie Holmes or Tom Cruise by the way lol
    I really cant stand Toms god damn ugly hair!

  • bart

    why is she dressed like it’s freezing outside and everyone else is wearing lighter clothing? is tom that disgusted about women that he can’t bear to see a naked ankle? and the entire outfit katie’s wearing is a fashion don’t…

    And what about the ridiculous sunglasses ? she’s turning into a bug.


    They are so fucking phoney..and it is obvious… they shouldn’t try to so hard to fake it…he is so obviously gay and she is so obviously a beard…and what is up with this fake parent shit…

  • Sue

    If she hated being away from her baby so much, guess what? She’d be away from her less. No hopping planes to Vegas and going out to dinner several times every week. Katie Holmes: Giant phoney.

  • Rita

    Some retards here are so entertaining.
    FYI its cold and raining in some parts of Cali.recently.
    Im sure some of you bright people know the weather in many parts of the country get so unpredictable nowadays ala global warning.

  • smplyjenn

    definately pregnant

  • peace

    run Katie run!!!

  • Dancer

    What has happened to Tom’s face? Within months he seems to have grown a double chin and he looks puffy. Wow, he is not aging well.

  • VA

    Tom looks bloated and shaggy. Is that his daughter in the background being completely ignored?? And Kate – please dress your age! Why are you dressed so inappropriately for a soccer game, lighten up – literally!

  • VA

    And, um, yeah, you can’t take a baby to a soccer game? If you miss her Kate, then be with her!

  • married lon?

    I ahve been married for 11.5 years. I love my husband but I see no need to hold his hand every time we are at the kids games or out in public-but to each his/her own

  • aycaramba

    i heard nicole kidman is preggers bout 3months? true?

  • Kristen

    I enjoyed the pictures. They’re my favorite Hollywood couple.

  • diamond

    Both of them are totally ignoring Isabelle while posing for the cameras. They are never with their supposed “beautiful” Suri. What part of that makes you think they make good parents.

  • http://??? skylar

    I bet the other parents with that they would just go away.

  • Oat

    They are both dressed like they just came into money and are
    trying to be something they are not.

    When you have money and statis you do not need to dress to

    Proof they are not “good parents”. If they were at the park for the
    kids they would be dressed like all of the other parents, casual.
    They are dressed up for a photo-op/job interview.

    And FYI it was 83 degrees F in the LA basin yesterday. Probably
    close to 90 F in the sun.

  • xoxo

    Is it just me or does Isabella not seem to be enjoying all this extra attention? soon she’ll be asking tom not to show up at her soccer games with all the comotion it causes!

  • sd

    why would they put suri through the onslaught of papparazzis? it would just freak a little baby out.
    also, it is hollywood. everyone is crazy. everyone.
    so at least they are crazy while supporting their kids.

  • http://justjared sherilyn


  • kuala

    It looks like they are walking ahead of Isabella to shield her from the papparazzi. Isabella and Connor usually don’t leave with Tom and Katie so that they don’t have to be mobbed by the press. But from pictures that I saw at a different website, it looks like Connor left early with Tom’s sister so Bella had to go home with Tom and Katie.

  • Joker

    I think Katie is responsible for whatever is happening to her right now. I agree that if she missed Suri as much as she says she does, she wouldn’t be away from her so much. Bella is old enough to understand if Katie wants to stay home for at least a few of her soccer matches and her Dad comes out to watch her play. I also think that holding hands constantly, while seated, standing, walking, etc… is more a sign of insecurity about ownership of each other from the two of them than anything else. Whatever it is, it looks contrived by now.
    And can someone please do something about this (now very wealthy) woman’s sartorial disasters?

  • Dancer

    Nicole Kidman has mentioned going to both Bella and Connor’s soccer games. She manages to stay incognito and not have a trail of paps following her to them. I realize the kids wanted to stay in one place and that was LA and Tom was the one that decided to stay with them, but surely he can also manage to attend a few games without the paps following him and Katie? I bet Brad and Angie attend Maddox’s games–they are more photographed than TomKat. They manage to do things incognito. To me this is Tom putting a spin on his damaged reputation.
    And as to the person that said why are we picking on Katie? It isn’t her character–it is the way she looks like a Stepford wife. This was a woman who had opinions, a career, a life before Tom and now she is like a shadow. She mimicks everything he does. It is like she is an airhead. Doesn’t have an original thought anymore. If she chooses to stay home with the baby and Bella and Connor–fine. But you can be a homemaker-stay-at-home-mom and have original thoughts in your head. You don’t have to walk behind your husband grasping his hand like a lifeline do you? Well?

  • susie

    who the hell goes to a soccer game dressed like that? Heels on grass, good move. Tight, dressy clothes, even better. If they want to be the perfect soccer parents, why don’t they start looking the part. Weird.

  • Ian

    Im jealous of Tom. Katie is simply the best and Tom is not the only one in love with her.

  • Dana

    She does look pregnant. Look at the picture at

  • dancer

    #35 Sue
    Nicole does go to the games when she is at her place in CA. She has mentioned this on I think David Letterman and in an article in a British magazine. She is super overprotective of the kids. In another interview she mentioned the kids didn’t want her nomadic lifestyle and Tom was the one that decided to make a home in one place. I’m not criticizing their parenting techniques, I’m just saying Nicole manages to go to the games when she is in LA without a trail of paps. As do other Hollywood parents.

  • Joker

    Dancer I agree with you.

  • mona

    this is turning into a freak show. for anyone who claims Tom is such a “great dad” (because he makes every soccer game into a photo-op), look at Bella’s face on those photos. She’s used as a prop and she knows it. It’s all about *Kate* and proving Tom is a real man. No straight man constantly holds on to a woman, he’s so awkward with her. I feel sorry for those kids. Nicole was surely pushed away by this control freak who still thinks we’re all buying his BS. *Kate* looks like she’s lobotomized. The grin is almost frozen on her face. Their outfits are ridiculously inappropriate for a soccer game. He looks bloated.

  • oat

    All any star has to do to be left alone, is to make themselves
    available to to the paps.

    If tomkat would stop and talk and pose for pap pictures ALL OF
    THE TIME, then the pics would be worthless, of no value. A dime a

    And if they took their own pics of suri and plastered them on the
    web, that would maker her less sought after too.

    PAP Pics are taken for money. The more pictures that are out
    there the less value in them.

  • Zoe

    It is very difficult to satisfy some idiots!

    Some couple don’t hold hands, don’t touch each other in front of the people, you idiots think that they are not in love.

    Some couple hold hands and touch each other, you idiots call them fake!

    You are really unbeliavable! Are u really enjoying to be stupid?

  • gia

    Confucius say: they be freakazoids!
    And what weight has she lost please! Her belly’s out-to-here, she’d better be preggers again or calling Jenny Craig stat!

  • Tomkat’s Love Child

    Looks like Tom’s gaining a little weight — makes him look girly. BTW – who in the hell dresses like that to a soccer game? More appropriate for a funeral.

  • rob enderle

    >, to me it looks like she wants to hold his hand.

    Are you kidding? You cant read the body language?

    Look at his hand in every picture, there is no relaxed neutral position holding, he is directing her every move, pulling, leading, yanking, clutching towards his midsection.
    WHO the hell walks with someones hand in theirs and have it cocked at the elbow 90degrees towards him like in the last 4? He arm doesnt look confortable in any of these pictures.
    DO you know when you hold your arm like that? When a women holds you are the forearm. Not when you hold their hand.

    Of course, those are kind of things that come from years of hetero interplay, good and bad.

    He reminds me of the doppelganger plots in scifi movies, You know, where a perfect double of a person (an alien or shape shifter) takes over the life of a human and one of his closest friends notices that he seems like himself but he does things ‘just’ a bit differently than everyone else, as if he is doing things for the first time (in reality, the evil double is doing things for the first time and is unfamiliar with social protocols)
    THATS what Cruise reminds me of!!

    His couch jumping, whirlwind european romance are all things he THINKS is what romance is all about because after all John Cusack put that ghetto blaster in taht movie and chicks like that kind of stuff.
    Everything he does seems scripted yet slightly off…which is why he is as fascinating a train wreck as Courtney Love.
    Of course, the day he realizes that his El Ron was what he was and the sham he is living, it will be ugly. There wont be a way ‘out’ of Scientology which wont end in tragedy for him and I think were just rubbernecking on the side of the road waiting for the gas to ignite.
    Tom Cruise is reality TV at its finest.

    Yes, Angelina went from total lunatic to Mother Theresa in 3 years thanks for brilliant PR work but she was barely known before she ended up poaching some other douche’s sperm donor. Cruise was a superstar for parts of 3 decades, so his fall will be brutal unless he sticks to non-english speaking continents then he’ll do fine working for Six Flags.
    Maybe they’ll even let him on the big boy rides.

  • shirls

    Gosh, as soon as i saw picture17 before reading the comments i thought “Wow i think she’s preggers” then i read the comments and thought “Yep she is” but thats just me probably wrong.

  • sunny

    Nicole never wanted to be a mother!!!Dancer is Nicole overprotective of the kids???? are you kidding????She ‘s living in NASHVILLE. Nicole ‘s too SEFABSORBED!!!

  • Human

    *rob enderle* if you are giong to type essays on other celebs then at least get your facts straight. Angelina has been doing UN work for the last 6 years not 3. Yes i know its more fun to twist facts ;)

  • An

    They look like twins!