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Jude & Sienna's Weekend Romp

Jude & Sienna's Weekend Romp

Jude Law went shopping at a pet store in London this past Friday with girlfriend Sienna Miller and 4-year-old son Rudy Law. New pet pooch perhaps?

The next day, Jude , 33, and Sienna, 24, got their drink on at the Clifton Hill pub after having dinner at upscale Japanese restaurant Zuma, located at 5 Raphael Street in Knightsbridge. Very cute outfits on both of them but oh-so-matchy outfits. More pictures in the gallery!

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jude law sienna miller 01
jude law sienna miller 02
jude law sienna miller 03
jude law sienna miller 04
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  • Julie

    Just decide already.

  • Fleasha

    She should know better than wearing a shirt/dress that falls awfully close to her cooch…

  • Bibibilouba

    That jean skirt is suited for a hoar. The boots with flowery dress is hoar looking. And I could never wear someone’s old hair stitched on my scalp. She is so yuck. And the worst is that all the girls out there will want to look the same !

    Oufff… it might be mean, but it feels so good to get it out.

  • Sandy

    What a delightful collection of pictures. They do look like a couple and I’m so glad they are over having to play games with the press. I wish them happiness only and success and I think it will all
    come this year. They make a lovely family.

  • Sandy

    In reply to the person above – Sienna looks perfectly fine in the dress and boots (which I love
    and would love to have a pair myself. They are
    perfect (and match a bag I have) This is IN STYLE
    at the moment and they are both always stylish
    so what are you talking about – do you even know?
    Not everyone can wear dresses like that but if you
    have good legs you do and she can and does. No
    need to be jealous, they are human beings in a
    crazy celebrity world and need to find happiness
    where they can.

  • elle

    rudy turned four last month

  • canuckistani

    She looks awful. Since the first breakup with Jude after his nanny romp, she’s turned into some exhausted looking skank who’s let herself go. She no longer has my respect, and he never did.

  • dolores craeg

    unlike all the mean spirited and disconted people who are always posting negatives…
    (( makes you feel better right?) i want to wish jude and sienna all the luck in the world…you see i’d rather see people happy. they apparently love each other and frankly that’s what this world needs . that’s what people need. maybe if they were loved they wouldn’t be so resentful of others who are tring to make a go of it.i’ve been married longer than most of you were born and i want to tell you …it’s hard getting through this life without someone who loves you….good luck jude and sienna.

  • Daphne

    They look good in the pics, like they belong together. He always looks scrumptuous to me. His hair colour is interesting — it seems to look light or dark depending on the pic. I like her flowery dress. It goes well with the hair and boots, sixty-ish mod. The other dress is ugly though, like she forgot to wear pants. It looks like a T-shirt people wear to bed.

  • Daphne

    Forgot to say — Looks like Jude has new favourite shoes, a weird cross between trainers and dress shoes. I’ve never seen shoes like that before.

    It still bothers me that Sienna Miller has no neck. It’s a blight really. She’d be pretty if only her neck weren’t so stumpy. It’s why she looks better with longer hair. Jude’s neck, on the other hand, is God-like perfect.

    There’s another kid in some of the pics. I think his older boy Raff was there too.

  • Liz

    Rudy is a cute little cherub.

  • dolores craeg

    sienna lifting rudy…is she practising to be a mommy one day. jude you looked so happy on the blueberry nights set, in toronto for the film festival , in new orleans for the premiere of all the king’s men and at the opera the other night. your face has been lit up with smiles for quite a while. now we know why…you’re back with your honey and ovbiously that’s excactly where you want to be. sienna, keep that smile on jude’s face. you know how to do it.

  • Dr Jube

    I think she looks gorgeous (not sure about the tshirt/dress, though) and he looks HOT. Jude Law is unbelievably gorgeous. Those who go on about Sienna lookinng like a whore (hoar? um..) in the flowery dress or boats, or who can only go on about her ‘short neck’ are plainly, insanely jealous!

  • Dr Jube

    ..excuse my typo, I meant ‘flowery dress and BOOTS’, though, the girl could wear a boat and look awesome.

  • Courtney

    That couple sickens me. They are both whores.

  • Charles

    Sienna and Jude are always stylish. They are definitely style icons right now. Sienna looks very pretty here in these pictures. She know what looks good on her and she goes for it. I don’t think she care what the critics say and she shouldn’t. Fashion is constantly changing and people have different views of what’s hot and not. Sienna is just a perfect example of creating her own fashion identity and she really does it quite well.

  • Junk

    I agreewith the comment above. My dad was in Paris to visit me the other day and while walking on the street he asked if the neighborhood of the Galeries Lafayettes was known for prostitutes. I said that is was not and he pointed to a teen in boots with a short dress and said : I keep seeing girls dressed like that ! So funny. Thanks Sienna for this fantastic look ! (P.S. My dad is 44, and nor an old grumpy retard)

  • siennashortneck

    Short Neck!
    That is what it is ! she is goergous in my opinion but has a short neck for sure!

  • sassysoul

    If they are happy, great for them. I wouldn’t call what Sienna is wearing “stylish. Maybe it depending on your location. If I walk down the streets in NYC dress in that outfit. I wouldn’t receive any good compliments, believe it!!

  • Rudy

    Indeed Rudy is cute but he does not look happy with Sienna. Poor Rudy!

  • Daphne

    Hey Dr. Jube, I said she has a stumpy neck because that’s what she has. Though she has beautiful legs and a pretty face, her NECK is too SHORT to be elegant. How does pointing out a clear flaw in a celeb’s look make me “jealous”? I am no where near as pretty as her or any of the starlets out there, but I can still have an opinion about who is better-looking and better dressed. How does that make me “jealous”? Get off your high horse!