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Wentworth Miller Backs It Up

Wentworth Miller Backs It Up

He’s got the most seductive scowl on television…

Tattoo artist Tom Berg recently posted pictures of Wentworth Miller having his tattoo applied for hisPrison Break character, Michael Scofield. A definite must-see for all Wenty fans! Check out the gallery…

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wentworth miller tattoo 01
wentworth miller tattoo 02
wentworth miller tattoo 03
wentworth miller tattoo 04
wentworth miller tattoo 05
wentworth miller tattoo 06
wentworth miller tattoo 07
wentworth miller tattoo 08
wentworth miller tattoo 09
wentworth miller tattoo 10
wentworth miller tattoo 11
wentworth miller tattoo 12
wentworth miller tattoo 13
wentworth miller tattoo 14
wentworth miller tattoo 15
wentworth miller tattoo 16
wentworth miller tattoo 17
wentworth miller tattoo 18
wentworth miller tattoo 19
wentworth miller tattoo 20

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  • Alpha Michelle

    THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH, JARED!!!! You just made my sucky Sunday MUCH, MUCH better. Somehow, having to go to college tomorrow doesn’t feel that bad now. Can this guy get ANY better?

  • Frak

    Yes, he can be gay, that’d make him A LOT better imo :D

  • Hil

    WENTGASMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-D

  • Pat

    Went is sooooooooo! sexy.

  • meemee35

    Went is sooo fine. Thanks for the pics JJ

  • Emily

    Oh Lord! SOOOOOOO hot, I can hardly stand it. Thanks for the wonderful birthday present Jared!

  • Andrea

    Wow, he is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Estelle

    Thank you JJ, he is gorgeous,

  • Melissa J

    He looks so yummy, I swear he makes me sqeel like a giddy little girl! *Major Wentgasm*

  • christina

    Oooh yeah!!!!! Gosh I miss Went taking off his shirt on Prison Break.

  • b/w miller

    went would be the perfect james bond. he’s so hot. thanks jared.

  • Trina

    Thanks J now I can go to bed with a smile on my face :)

  • Juliet


  • mahsnowy

    Tattos is so interesting to be look at as it is hard job to do it. Of course Went is cute anyway LMAO..

  • http://??? skylar

    God, he’s gorgeous. Thank you, Jared.

  • geniass

    Where’s the kleenix?


    julie actually he got fat last season but he has shed those pounds

  • Missy

    “He’s like a VISA card… accepted anywhere” LOL! I love it! Great pics to brighten up a day filled with Uni work. Thanks Jared!! XOX

  • Sarah B

    oh how I love you.

  • much_mischief

    ….sexy beast!!!!

  • robsie

    went you’re sooooooooo sexy….. so pretty and delicoius!!! lol i love you went

  • peja

    So handsome in a suit.

  • Kristi

    Wenty is soooooo hot! He is NOT gay! he is the best thing to be on television or anywhere else in a long time.

  • Marleen

    I love him so much!!! Thanks for the pics!

  • Mink

    Suit, no suit, whatever… Just: THE hotness!

  • Hil


  • Grace

    He is so perfect and gorgeous! Please take off the shirt in Season 2!

  • Violette

    Hey! No dissing Went #4!! Have you at least seen him in action? :) He may not be your conventional handsome but he can really sweep you away :)

  • chelle

    i would love to be the one putting those tats all over wents

  • sara

    he is ultra HOT! so so so cute…

  • mary

    mary……21….. New Zealand

    I want to know what happens if he loses weight/gains weight. How does that affect the tattoos? Like, would they still fit him? Or would they enlarge them?

  • Went is hot

    Went fan 17 Ireland (good idea sara) but i think all types of people love went what pisses me off is that im half his age

  • amy

    Went is hands down the most gorgeous guy in Hollywood or period for that matter….oh how I love him.

  • none

    sexyyyy ..looking at these pics turns me on

  • Zack

    I think i need a cold shower.

  • lesley

    can i get the job as tattoo artist on the next season of prison break?????????

  • http://N/A YAWE FOREVER

    he is so hot, thanks daddy/papa two,
    yaweh forever, and there are no others, yoohooo!

  • Lindsay

    Everything about Wentworth Miller is perfect – I. LOVE. HIM!!!!!!

  • design_offcier

    for some reason this show like many others has sophomore slump for me. the writing has just been really predictible. i even knew what otis on the right meant. and i don’t like how they’ve taken michael’s character from calm, intelligent, and collected and made him into this new thing that talks all the time. for me season 2 just lacks the interest and suspense of season 1. maybe part of it is because i watched it on itunes in a span of a couple of weeks with no commercials to break anything up. sucray’s mouth drives me absolutely insane how he over-acts with it for emphasis. turn that frown upside down.

  • All for Went

    #47 (design_offcier), I am with ya. Wish there’s a way to write to Fox to voice our opion. : )

  • 8Toes

    I agree, last night’s episode was good – hopefully PB2 has finally found it’s footing. We had Michael + Linc separating for 3 days, the gov’s apparent “suicide”, Kellerman developing the hots for Sara (?) and a pill-popping lunatic who’s hot on their trails, I’m hoping the writers will developed these storylines well from here on. One thing though, I could do without Haywire. I mean if he’s there only to provide comic relief, he’s not doing it for me plus he’s stealing precious airtime from Wenty. I don’t know, that’s my 2 cents. Oh and 3 WHOLE WEEKS until the next episode – my heart’s hurting from this temporary separation anxiety :O)

  • Saydi

    wow hotfire *for u chanty lol* hes so lil n cute awww nice tats

  • AlphaMichelle

    Count me in as a Wentworth fan! I’m 24 years old from San Juan, Puerto Rico. Yes, the guy’s hot as hell, but it actually was his acting abilities what attracted me. A hottie with brains AND a good actor? Darn, he’s the whole package! Lucky the one who steals his heart!

  • Miller girl

    oooooooh ma gawd! Dis guy’s soooo hot! U’v made my day Jared! And my birthday 2! thx a lot!

  • Madeeya Heke

    oh. my. fuckin. days. If looks could kill, i’d be long dead by now!

  • maristella

    sei veramente topo!!!!!……ti adoro!!!!!e ti stimo!!!!!!

  • http://CLAUDIAX3 Claudia

    Hay paucho yo quiero de eso. jajaja
    estas bien bueno mi amor.!!!!



  • Mary

    Hello I´m spanish.. but I speak English..
    I´m fan to Prison Break… I saw all the episodies… at the moment I´m seeing spell two… Each episodie is excelent!…

    The personajes are excelents!… very professionals… they do a very goos job…
    But I recognize to Stinky (Went Miller) is handsome…
    Prison Break is the best serie than I can see in my live… because it catch you..


  • Scott Vandermeer

    Thanks SoOoOoOoOoO much.I’ve been searching forever 4these pics.I AbSoLuTeLy LoVe art work/tatts.Trying to get something similiar,LOL.