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Angelina & Annie Talk Kids

Angelina & Annie Talk Kids

Upstairs hang photos of Angelina Jolie, clad in red and posing in a desert, shot for an upcoming issue of Vogue. Jolie, says Annie Leibovitz, “is so cool. We just talked about our kids — real stuff, stuff that matters.” And recently, Leibovitz shot Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes with daughter Suri for the current Vanity Fair. “Being a mom yourself, you sort of get it,” she says. “It’s cuckoo, what’s going on — a bounty on the kid’s head for a picture. I was so happy to go in and defuse this thing.”

A recent USA Today article covers Annie Leibovitz‘s focus is on her daughters and two of her most recent, most talked about photo shoots — Suri Cruise and Angelina Jolie. In recent news, according to sources, the Jolie-Pitt family has already made their way to India to shoot the upcoming drama, A Mighty Heart. Angelina stars in the film, Brad is a producer.

More pictures in the gallery including Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt enjoying time with Maddox and Zahara at ‘Pups’ in Berlin, Germany. Angelina was about five months pregnant with baby Shiloh.

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angelina jolie annie leibovitz 01
angelina jolie annie leibovitz 02
angelina jolie annie leibovitz 03
angelina jolie annie leibovitz 04
angelina jolie annie leibovitz 05
angelina jolie annie leibovitz 06
angelina jolie annie leibovitz 07
angelina jolie annie leibovitz 08
angelina jolie annie leibovitz 09
angelina jolie annie leibovitz 10
angelina jolie annie leibovitz 11
angelina jolie annie leibovitz 12
angelina jolie annie leibovitz 13
angelina jolie annie leibovitz 14

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  • Canadian Chick

    so im first thats great

  • Canadian Chick

    They look really cute!

  • Joker

    These are cute pictures of a family having a good time out and about. The kids are precious and I love the interaction between Z and Angie.

  • gitane



    who’s ready to get their party on?!!

  • Miamigirl

    I love these pictures of Angelina and Zahara. They all look so happy. They make such a nice family. It’s good to see them all out together.

  • cheryl

    What a beautiful family. I can’t wait to see the Vogue pictures. They will be gorgeous

  • Pol

    thanks for the article. I would love to see angie on that red dress.

  • bdj

    Love the pictures Just Jared. Maddox, Zahara, and Shiloh are three bless children and bring much joy to their parents. keep up the good work. I love your site and all the threads.

  • anustin

    LIBERATIONNNNNNNNNNNN!……….Morning jared!Im giggling!

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    What a great gift for the big day today!!!!!!
    Thanks Jared!

    The celebration is all set at the Yahoo group, in “Photos”, named “BLD Celebration”.

    It’s editable, so you can add names, pictures if you wish, or delete whatever you all want.

  • Leila

    They are so beautiful.Good family.
    I love Brad Pitt so much.

  • ariel

    Always a gorgeous family! Love to now, love them forever. BLD today! Can I bring peameal bacon & icewine for the bash, since I am from Canada?

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    Good Morning all!! thanks j@red for this new thread, it was just getting full on the other one..

    Hehehe @ pick #11 ;-)

  • sad

    the first two pictures, I have never seen, I didn’t know Brad went up there to

  • aileen

    Thanks Jared for the article & pics. Love BAMZS!

    VV & JA can’t compare. As if these 2 (JA/VV) are a couple. Give me a friggin break.

  • angelah

    Oops HAPPY BLD yall!!! :lol: whoo!

  • Lainey

    October 2,2006

    Last Word

    Tomorrow on eTalk – exclusive pics and ooey gooey insider scoop on the Pitts in India. If you miss it or if you don’t live in Canada, will post it in next column.

    Til then, I am yours in gossip,

  • think positive!

    Happy BLD!. According to Lainey, the jolie-pitt family is already in India. She will have exclusive photos and insider information on e-talk today.
    2018 | cyanide |

    Is that for real? Well I can not wait!!



    Guli the 10 bottles of ouzo and the 2 cases of mavrodafni are already here and I brought that delicious mousaka too…Please come everybody cause I’ll dring and eat everything all by my self! LOL ;)

  • Eva

    Hey Did anyone read that TMZ article last week, something about trouble in paradsie, Brad wnats another Kid Angie does not… I know that its probably rubbish, but please fill in if you have any news

  • gitane

    Yahoo! This is your celebration
    Yahoo! This is your celebration

    Celebrate good times, come on! (Let’s celebrate)
    Celebrate good times, come on! (Let’s celebrate)

    There’s a party goin’ on right here
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    Everyone around the world
    Come on!

  • sprite

    Happy BLD everyone.

    I mostly lurk but had to join in the celebration!
    I’ll bring eggplant parmigiana and fudge walnut brownies.
    Should I borrow my nieces paintball gun for the party spoilers?
    The pictures are great, never get tired of seeing this happy family!

  • donegaveup

    Wouldn’t you love to spend a typical evening at home with this beautiful family? Eat dinner with them and then observe while they did their after dinner stuff,…playtime…. baths, whatever. Find out if they read the kids a story before they go to bed. I’d sure love it just ordinary family stuff, I can relate to that. Its been a long time since I read a bedtime story or rocked a little one to sleep.

  • piyutra

    There are 5 pics that I never see before.
    Thank you so much Jared!
    Such a beautiful family : ) I love pic no.12 the most , they are soooo CUTE :D

  • raqchel

    Happy BLD everyone.

  • ((chanel))

    hey guys so then angie and brad are in india wish them the best! what does BLD mean??? lol

  • piyutra

    20 | gitane


    BAMZS 4 EVER!!!

  • Gussie

    Happy BLD everyone!!!

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    Happy BLD everyone….

    Anna – Great work with the pics on YG….

  • Anna

    Happy BLD everyone….

    Anna – Great work with the pics on YG….

    Thank you :)
    I lied-can’t go to sleep yet-I read the posts and add the food as they bring it in :)

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    BLD yeah! Congratulations, BP! :lol:

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    Good Morming All,

    Bravo, bravo I just saw your work and it’s tres perfect. You set the mood for this wonderful occasion. I say, you and Gitane should set up a Cyber party planning biz. I loved the ballons, the flowers, the candles and most of all the CAKE, very appropriate….lol. Lmao at Cliniqua’s Poem, so nice.

    Thanks Jared, you are the best.

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    Aren´t we going to have a special thread just for BLD?

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    African Girl, did you notice that the Divorce Cake photo is from ….nowhere else but “”?
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    love them so much, they’re a beautiful family!

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    34 | Anna – :lol:

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    Morning Everyone and thanks Jared fort the pics and new Thread.


    I have the tequila, the white Zinfandel, wine coolers and pot roast :)

  • remember da truth

    It’s Brad Liberation Day! The anniversary of the divorce being

    Great day!!

    Agree with Joker, the interaction between Z and Angie is terrific,
    so full of love and sheer joy at having her in her life. She seems to
    get a kick out of her.

  • Alexanderina

    4 | gitane | – Hiya Gitane, I am so ready to get this party on :lol:

  • Anna

    It just warms your heart to see such total interest and attention to the kids insted of each other…what genuinely great parents they make, and what lucky children they have!!!!!!!!!!

  • think positive!

    OMG! were are my good manners!

    Thank you Jared and Audrey for the new thread.You are always the BEST!!!!

    And the pictures are priceless! And some of them I had never seen before such as #1,2,3,4,7,8,13,14.
    All these pictures are new to me.Thank you Jared once again!

  • gitane

    smell that ya’ll? it’s called freedom!!! HAPPY LIBERATION DAY BRADDY!

    alright. i know it’s early, but where’s the cake and the mavrodafni?!!!

    to the person looking for a “special thread” this is it, baby! enjoy the party!!!

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    40 | Alexanderina

    HELL YEAH! i just wish i could be on yahoo, too and see all the pics and videos! you guys are going to have to import some of that over here for me since i won’t have access until later. the fic won’t go up until tonight, either :( but it’s coming!

  • think positive!

    It just warms your heart to see such total interest and attention to the kids insted of each other…what genuinely great parents they make, and what lucky children they have!!!!!!!!!!
    41 | Anna |

    ITA! girl.When they are the tow of them it’s just the tow of them (Basky anyone?) But when the kids are around their whole focus and attention is with them always.

    God bless the BAMZS !!

    BTW-I have to check your work on the YH group and catch up with the e-mails.BRB!


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  • Lynn Campbell

    Thanks, JJ, I love all these pictures. I think Angelina and Brad are just a couple of big kids themselves. I too think their house must be a blast at night, it is probably just one big playtime. How lucky these children are to have them as parents. Happy BLD!

  • Alexanderina

    Just a little something:

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