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Clive Owen Saddles Up

Clive Owen Saddles Up

Dangerously sexy Clive Owen was spotted at Plaza Athenee’s Hotel in Paris, France this past Sunday. He attended the Prix de l’Arc de Triomphe at the Hippodrome de Longchamp — France’s most important horse race and part of the prestigious World Series Racing Championship. GIDDY UP!

A recent quote on Clive by George Clooney in the upcoming Vanity Fair issue: “[Clive Owen is] the big find in the past two or three years. I think he’s a movie star. He’s, like, a man — there’s a sexuality and a masculinity that I think is really interesting.”

And a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Mr. Clive Owen. He turns a healthy 42-years-old today!

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  • ntt

    ITA with GC. Clive is one sexy man. I love him in “Beyond Borders”.



  • Estelle

    Thank JJ, finally you’ve got my freebie # 4 his own thread. GC is right about CO, he is a sexy gorgeous man.

  • Vix

    does anyone remeber him in Chancer ? sooo sexy !

  • Orchid

    The first time I saw Clive Owen was in “Beyond Borders” with Angelina. That was a sad movie.

  • the tempest

    What a man, I love Clive. The first kiss between him and Angelina in Beyond Borders is just AHHH! He looks a bit thin, though.

  • macheath

    Oh, juciefruit. I don’t know if you saw Derailed, but the only reason to see it was Derailed. It was a crap movie that was poorly cast (quite frankly, Clive was too good for it), and Jennifer was obnoxious in it. Why do they rave about him? Something to do with looks and talent and screen presence, but apparently, that doesn’t matter when it comes to film actor with a respectable career. Not to mention a self-assuredness that won’t be budge. I don’t know why baby-faced little pretty boys (many whom have been on this site cough) get away with strutting around LA and London are allowed to be cocky ass bastards but Clive Owen, a freaking manly man, isn’t allowed it himself.

    p.s. Thanks for the pics, JJ. I love it when you post these worthwhile guys. A little more Clive, JRM and James McAvoy and a little less Ben McKenzie ;)

  • Ant

    He looks manorexic. American’s just do not react to this guy. He’ll never be big in the states just like Jude Law will never be. Jude because he’s soo fem and Clive because, well he’s just not that good or attractive

  • oldie

    watch him in Sin City

  • Lori

    He is so sexy!

  • aycaramba

    he’s got that pilot look n i love pilots…..

  • macheath

    Oh, juciefruit. Your reading comprehension skills amaze me. When did I say he was a star in America? When does being a “star” really matter? Hell, he’s a Brit! Why should he care all that much about America? Is that honestly more important than honing one’s craft and playing interesting roles in interesting movies? Clive has had many opportunities to become a “star,” but he has shied away from it every time. He doesn’t want fame. I love how you judge his personality all on one interview, too. Should I judge you based on one or two poorly punctuated comments? You people act like all he wants to do is break into American mainstream! Please! Like it’s his fault that one of the biggest chunks of the movie industry is based in America or that American projects want him in them. I think it’s presumptuous to assume that your opinion and that of a few people are representative of the entire American viewing audience. I’m sorry, but not all of us worry about looks or being in, like, the hottest movie ever, omg.

    p.s. He’s always been that skinny. He has a disproportionally large head, but he gained some muscle a few years ago for some roles and obviously lost it again. The man is 42 (TODAY!). Cut him some slack.

  • yep

    He is a very talented actor. so what if he isnt a “star” in the states. Paris Hilton is a star to many people. Bleh.
    And as for Aniston sitting by him very humbly on Larry King? LOL that is the way she SHOULD HAVE BEEN ACTING. She at least knew enough to know he is way out of her league, talent wise.

  • ntt

    And as for Aniston sitting by him very humbly on Larry King? LOL that is the way she SHOULD HAVE BEEN ACTING. She at least knew enough to know he is way out of her league, talent wise.

    18 | yep |

    So true! :lol:

  • ntt

    If being famous means playing a dumb blond on tv for 10 years, and being dumped by Brad Pitt, then I am sure Clive is glad he is not famous. He is a talented actor with sexy good looks. What more does one want to ask for?

  • looloo

    Aniston and Paris Hilton are on the same level. overated “star” not actors.

  • movie fan

    #25 jo45
    Because YOU don’t like him and some people who equate making
    money for a sitcom as being smart, you think NOBODY thinks he’s
    a good actor? He is a GREAT actor, and no, just because paps
    shoot him at Longchamp doesn’t or he has to promote movies
    means he wants fame.
    He has been in so many good movies, that weren’t big hits. he
    had the chance to be Bond and turned it down, over and over
    again. He is well-known for what he can do onscreen, adn yes, he
    is VERY masculine, smoldering sexuality. Young no-nothings who
    worship being on tabloid covers of course won’t get Clive Owen —
    he’s over their head.

  • rachel

    i’ve always thought he was super gorgeous. he’s got that brooding and mysterious persona, that makes him so sexy.

  • ana

    he is soooooo gorgeous!!! and that accent…beautiful!!!

  • Arleen

    Eres lo mas HERMOSO que DIOS ha HECHO, Lastima que tienes como esposa una ¡GARRA!. YO tengo 3 crios y sin cirugia estoy ESPECTACULAR, Pues paresco de 26 años, con un cuerpo de adolecente y con una madurez que no cualquiera tiene.