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Fergalicious Music Video

Fergalicious Music Video

Fergie recently filmed the music video for her next single, “Fergalicious”, off her debut solo album, The Dutchess. In the video, Fergie smothers herself in Victoria Sponge Cake (a soft cake named after Queen Victoria), rolls around in a huge chocolate mud pie, and has a chocolate fight with her female friends. More pictures in the gallery including a new photoshoot…

The Fergalicious music video will air on TRL later this month. Can’t wait! What do you think of Fergie Ferg‘s new music video look?

DOWNLOAD :: Fergie – “Fergalicious” [mp3]

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  • gala

    looks hot

  • alana

    im sorry that is just gross looking!

  • d.c.

    She always looks like she crawled out of a dumpster..

  • Van

    Gwen Stefani called, she wants her look back.

  • Liz

    I think she looks good. I’m sure most women won’t like it
    because…well, it’s giving them reason to nitpick. I really do like the
    outfit she’s wearing though and her body looks amazing.

  • RAGE


  • Maggie

    what a skank.

  • Courtney

    I LOVE her album!! Every song could be a single!

    IM REALLY excited for the video!

  • Nai

    Her music sucks. She has a great body, but her face needs some work. Especially her eyebrows. I think the archs are too severe looking.

  • Shel

    Link doesn’t work

  • anie

    Her CD is hot, so is she!

  • Ridiculon

    Dear Fergie,

    there’s something wrong with your face

    love always

    someother person with a ridiculous name too

  • londonbridge

    Shes ugly and has no talent her last video broke the cardinal rule in music video, having back up dancers that look better then the lead singer then again the curd on the bottom of my shoe looks better

  • Fleasha

    Are they rolling around in tuna?
    Yes yes, they say it’s mudpie, but it looks more like rank tuna to me…

  • carrie

    She has a beautiful voice and her CD shows it off. It’s a great fun CD with sad sweet love songs too! And she is so pretty! I saw her in person and she is very pretty and great on stage.

  • all in sync

    shut up

    Fergie u ROCK

    UR f.ucking beautiful
    stuped loser haters

    u rock
    Keep making it do what it do

  • mona

    Yeah, it looks like she rolling around in shit! Scatilicious!

  • sarge


  • Kat

    Stop with the FERGIE hatred already! Unlike Gwen, this gal has talent and LOOKS hot!

  • Svensta

    She’s great!!
    and I agree with Kat^^
    She does have talent, so stop hating. Sad people…

    I love her, her voice is beautiful & so is she.

  • Enri

    Her album is hot, and Fergilicious is gonna be a good sinlge.

  • +greenpeace+

    is the link already expired? could you pls re-upload it back Jared? thanks….

  • Saydi

    thats hot cant wait to see the new sinle looks good

  • Dena

    I love you fergie! you songs are totally awesome and the haters are just mad because they can’t sing!

  • ?

    Fergie rocks!!!!

  • Stephen

    omg you jealous ugly girls make me laugh. Eneough with the jealousy already lol. Fergie keep doing yo thing gurl and stay sexy.

  • christine

    all you haters out there stop talking shit. if you dont like fergie
    then why do you even bother to leave a comment about her.
    fergie rocks. she is beautiful and has an amazing voice. im
    finally glad she wrote a song for all you haters called PEDESTAL.
    maybe you should try listening to it. FERGIE ROCKS!!!!!

  • fergie girl

    she’s hot hot hot hot,sexy cant wait for this video

  • rockingg

    all you, who talk stupid things about fergie, it’s just cause you are jealous, it’s true, we keep it fresh, cause keeping it fresh is my ………..,,,,, fergalicious and here i come ganna rock, yeah

  • A Dude that cares

    first of all there are way too many haters, can’t you just let a girl who has something keep it without slingen the mud you all were born under at her. She has worked hard to get where she is in life and it just shows how jealous many people are of her you must really envy her to be leaving such nasty comments. At least she has her heart in the right place, don’t dream it be it and thats why all you lazy mofos will get nowhere in life because you sit at your darn CPU all day with nothing better to do then read gossip and write crap all day, it really makes me laugh at how vulgar and discusting the people can be… Well thats enough of my rant, MORE POWER TO YOU FERGIE AND ALL THE OTHER WOMEN OUT THERE WHO WANNA MAKE SOMETHING OF THEMSELVES!!! :p

  • Brigitte Liu

    Fergie is my role model. Although all my friends do not agree with me, I think that Fergie always looks her best. She has a wonderful figure and I will always love to have a figure like that. Many people think she can’t sing, but I like her catchy voice and her wonderful songs. Especially London Bridge which is her first single. Way to go Fergie!!! You will always rock.

  • fergie’s cunt

    congratulations fergie, most pop op transexuals don’t enjoin the success you do!

  • fergie’s qunt

    congratulations fergie, most post op transexuals don’t enjoin the success you do!

  • fan

    Fergi ur are the hotest girl eva like o my good i love ur new song and others


    fergie you sooooo pretty nd i love your eyebrow ring!! i love your songs as a single nd i love the black eyed peas so all the bitches hoo comment all that mean shit are losers and need to get fucking lives!!!!! i love your fergalicious video nd you definitly dnt have to change anything bout yurself! keep singing nd looking good


  • chicken nugget

    tim and john say chicken nugget rib and u smell

  • sabrina jones

    hey i thick fergie is a great singer

  • Britnie

    Fergie is great she has the best voice ever and she knows what is good and what isnt

  • D@!$Y

    hey fergie i luv the song fergalicious n all ur songs flying solo n wit the black eye peace so yea that ma sopng # 1 right there o n ur really pretty am ur fan # 1

  • $3xY

    Heyy fergiee!!! OMG I LOVE UR SONG FERGALICIOUS!! its the best song ever madeee

  • Sexy fergie lover

    fergie! OMG i sooo freakin luv u! ur sooo sexy doing that cake fight, OMG!!!! i mean uve got to keep on movin that booty girl!! (see u backstage at ur concert in costa rica – take ur booty!) oh, and dont stop doing that COOL songs, girl!!!

  • fergalicious ladies

    hey chicky wut is up that eyebrow ring u NEEEED to take it oout it makes u look really retarded, no affence i mean u sing great and all but u need to get rid of it. i love the song fergalicious evry time i call my friend i tell her to play it 4 me. i can c how u make the boys go loco with that body. u look so hot. u need to keep on making those videos and if u dont like fergie u need to go away cuz no body cares wut u have to say so just shut ur frickin mouths ok. luv u always fergie but take out the eyebrow ring really im not kidin.

  • amelia

    i luv you song fergalicious.and london bridge it is the asomeist.any who byebye!!pip pip cherrio.or what ever my friend ali says at the end of her notes Any how byebye!!

  • http://windowsmediaplayer chicken nugget dippingsauce

    um hi my name is robert and i like cake but i dont like it when people sit in my cake so i dont like your video…cause its affending my cake……so stop sitting in it kbye. =)

  • http://windowsmediaplayer chicken nugget dippingsauce

    oh yeah i forgot to tell you i like chicken nuggets and dipping sauce too =) mmmmkbye.

  • n@t@l!e

    OMG Fergalicious has gotta be one of the best songs you have ever done. zoop zoop you rep it for the white gals lol. keep it up coz u heeeeeeeeeeeeevy n u ber pretty trus love ya mail me bk plz xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • http://www.babyurl/ sheala

    wana hav sex? fergie?

  • http://www.babyurl/ sheala

    hey! i luv ure song its hot and sexy!!!

  • matt

    this video is crap.
    shes a slutty whore.
    watch out ‘fergie’ im going to slit your throat.

  • Aciana

    I love your song even if there are some haters, keep the songs comin’ and I keep buyin’. :D