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Once an Ex-Con, Always an Ex-Con

Once an Ex-Con, Always an Ex-Con

Finally! An episode (“Buried”) that is actually worth recapping about! First off, body count: 2. First off, Governor Tancredi, I knew he was a goner the second he saw Kellerman…all this to save his daughter. Your father does love you Sara! Who else felt bad that she found him that way? And did the murderer leave a key? Puzzling.

Jeannette, the lady of the house is being held captive by the cons. Her daughter Ann who also happens to be a local cop comes home, only to be taken hostage as well. The gang finds Westmoreland’s money as Ann gets close to breaking Sucre down. Speaking of Westmoreland, is Michael ever going to keep his promise to him? LJ is released and Lincoln and Michael separate for now with plans to meet in 3 days at Bolshoi Booze.

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And in one run-on sentence…go! Kellerman has a change of heart just as Sara sees her suicide being set up as Tweener confesses to Debra Jean, Mahone confesses to Tweener that he killed Oscar Shales and does the same thing to the youngin, and just as the gang is about the leave, Sucre changes his mind and decides that he wants the money all for himself! Say it isn’t so Papi!

Since Prison Break won’t be returning until October 23rd, here are some spoilers hold you over. Do not continue reading if you don’t want to know what’s in store for your cons! Plenty of rendezvous along the horizon! LJ and Linc run into some trouble when they reunite. Maricruz leaves Hector at the altar and she’s on her way to meet Sucre! Michael and Sara meet again. Michael attempts to get ahead of Mahone by meeting the ex-Mrs. Mahone. All this and much more! Stay tuned!

PS :: Savor these screencaps. The next all-new Prison Break episode (“Dead Fall”) airs in three long weeks — Oct. 23!!

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  • natasha
  • Estelle

    Thank you so much JJ, I miss the episode yesterday and I was hoping you will post this today…and of course you did. YOU ARE THE BEST JJ.

  • Jolie4ever

    too bad Tweener had to die :(
    oh yeah! Sarah’s dad, too :(
    sad, sad episode…bad Sucre!!!

  • woohoo


  • Kiddo

    Yeah, cheers Jared, your pics and updates are invaluable for me who lives in England – don’t get PB till NEXT year, and I can’t wait till then to find out what happens, so I love your caps. I also love your updates on Wentworth Miller. Your site is THE best blog site, definately.

  • b/w miller

    what’s for the wait.? that was a great epi thanks jared

  • Lauren


  • Scillajean

    for me it was a great episode like the others 6 so JJ thanks but ALL worth recapping. Now we have to wait two mondays with no Prison Break, i’m already so sad :-(

  • mahsnowy

    Thanks jared nice pics. I am suprised how greedy surce is. Michael know about the money. I think he should get it as he got them all out for their sake. Anyway nice pics!!

  • rozmarinn


    You got it all wrong! Sucre those not wont the money for him self. In fact he says no one is going anywhere, but that those not mean he wants the money. Maybe he wants to call the police and give them all up and the police women to back him and give a good word his was so maybe he gets release or less sentence.

  • Melissa J

    Episode 7 Is my favorite episode so far In season 2, I was on the edge my seat the whole time, I knew what was gonna happen with Tweener, but I’m still f****** pissed about It, I know that Mahone will get his In the end! I really believe that the whole Sucre thing Is something that he and Michael planned to get the money away from T-Bag and C-Note, I really don’t think that Sucre would do that to Michael after coming this far. I was totally not expecting what happen to Gov. Tancredi. I believe Kellerman will save Sara by shooting the man In her apartment and telling her to run for her life, thus her meeting Michael. (I don’t believe It’s Kellerman In her apartment, It’s someone else from “the company”) Can you Imagine T-Bag with an asian hand, lol! Haywire just cracks me up, I really would like to know what they plan to do with him once he gets on his little boat? C-Note get to your family already! I almost cried when Michael was with Lincoln, can’t wait till they meet up again! Can you tell I loved last night’s episode? Now the only episode that could top episode 7 Is the episode that Michael and Sara reunite! Love there scenes together! Have a good night everybody!

  • Alexanderina

    Thank you Jared for the new PB thread and the pics and the spoilers, you are the BEST. I can’t believe that we have to wait 3 weeks for the next episode of PB, last night episode was fantastic, I can’t believe Tweener is dead and the Governor, and that Sucre(Papi) is a traitor. Oh I can’t wait for 10/23

  • peja

    I hope what you said is right Melissa J about Sucre. It’s fucked up if he’s thinking about himself. I like Sucre and I’m going to hate him if he betrays Michael. Great episode. Thanks JJ

  • lisa j

    I really hope Michael and Sara don’t end up together. I can’t stand her!!!!!

  • Ciev

    13 | Melissa J |
    wow i thought the same exact things you did about that episode.
    i’m glad someone else thinks that maybe Sucre taking all the
    money is part of a plan w/ Michael. i mean that’s too coincidental
    that Michael runs into Sucre in the woods. maybe i just want to
    believe Sucre is still a good guy. and i miss David aka Tweener. the
    actor did a great job, all of them do. we saw it coming but damn
    that Mahone.

  • danni

    FINALLY torrents are back up and i saw this episode!! but OH MY GOODNESS!! finally a action packed episode i was on the edge of my seat for the entire 40mins!! cannot believe he killed tweener :( how sad!!
    and poor sara … though i wonder who left the key and what it is?? hmm … as for haywire LOL building his little raft? that is so adorable!! hehe wonder what the deal is with sucre though?? *thinks*

    and can they really make us wait 3 weeks? thats not nice PB!!! :p

  • Melissa J

    #18, Danni, I believe It Is a safety deposit box key holding Important files that Sara’s father had on Burrow’s case, I remember a scene this season where Gov. Tancredi was asking about the files and what was In them, I believe he put them In a safe place (safety deposit box) which she will find, and she’ll start uncovering the truth about Lincoln’s case, and therefore run to Michael, of course we all know I can’t wait for that to happen! *Squeel*

  • 8Toes

    I really hope that the dog will eat Haywire or that he’ll succesfully sail off to Holland and leave the show for good. Why is he still in the show? I really don’t see the significance of his role (Comic relief? Not doing it for me). With Haywire gone, maybe we could get 5 more precious minutes with Wenty on Mondays :o) Counting the days till Oct 23rd…

  • Melly

    haha 8toes, i agree we need more Wentworth – i am normally not one to say that someone is hot, i will usually keep it to myself, but this man if HOT HOT HOT HOT HOT, DID I SAY HOT! i would do anything for that one, oh man.. wentgasm.. LOL.. I dont like Haywire much either, and i thought for sure he was gonna kill that dog and i was gonna have to change the channel, but then the dog took the beef jerky and like was good again. but i think he is gonna kill that dog yet, he is nuts, something is wrong with him… he has seen cast away one too many times.. LOL. LOVE YOU WENTWORTH… side note – i saw a candid of him with some fans, he looked kinda not nice in person, i hope it was a bad shot and that he isnt a D***head in real life, much to fine for that!!! i like to ramble.. LOL.

  • Sarah B.

    Thanks for the spoilers. 3 weeks to wait….. I definitely needed them.

  • meemee

    It was such an amazing episode. Two shockers in one night!

  • Melissa

    Haywire cracks me up! lol

  • danni

    ahh thanks Melissa!! good thinking 99!! :) :) well lets hope everything is ok with sara and she puts 2 and 2 together and quick smart! .. she looked so so scared when she saw kellerman

    haywire might seem like a dead end character but he is hillarious … the whole boat thing to holland was funny!! a nice break from being on the edge of my seat hehe

  • Jackie

    this was the best.But RIP for the ppl that died and tweener …RESPECT MAN RESPECT…..he wanted to come back to to girl ….i taught he was an asshole in the first season…I cried in time there was too much emotions going on…..linclon leaves and is to meet wentworth in 3 days and on and on my god…7 weeks just for them to get the money …damn man whyyyyyyyyy …plus i’m not happy at the fact that there not showing more of wentworth miller..This time i guess they did…..god i;m so afraid for everyone P.S the death toll is 4 ..the lawyer,the mob guy,sarah’s dad and tweener.

  • Allison

    Ditto on waiting the three weeks! Stupid sports! I cannot believe that douche bag Mahoney shot sweet Tweener! Even though his talking annoyed me I was growing on him, especially since he tricked those FBI agents into bringing him to that girl’s house. And I think Kellerman is growing a heart. I hope that was him behind Sara when the episode ended! I can’t wait until the 23rd, it’s too long away!

  • katarina

    that was amazing..sucre the double crossing ****. lol. went looks and acted great as did the rest of the other actors. Cannot believe the ppl hu died in this really got to me especially tweener! Great eppy all the same…i need this jared becaus ein england ..we wont see this till next year so keep them cming!!!!!

  • greek lover


  • Sarah

    OMG!!!!! WENTWORTH MILLER IS SOOOO SEXXYYY!!!!! I MEAN COME ON CAN HE LOOK ANY BETTER!!!! thannnxxx AGAIN Jared!!! u just made my day AGAIN!!!