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Sienna Miller: Hot Oscar Tip

Sienna Miller: Hot Oscar Tip

Looks like autumn is in full foliage! Sienna Miller certainly dressed the part as she took her two dogs Porgy and Bess out for a walk yesterday afternoon before roaming London’s Portobello Road for a shopping spree. Girlfriend needs a hairbrush…

In movie news, word on the street is that Sienna, 24, is being labeled as the new “go to the Oscars” girl by movie mogul Harvey Weinstein. Critics have been raving over her “amazing” performance in the new film Factory Girl, where Sienna plays Andy Warhol‘s muse Edie Sedgewick. More pictures in the gallery!

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sienna miller porgy bess 01
sienna miller porgy bess 02
sienna miller porgy bess 03
sienna miller porgy bess 04
sienna miller porgy bess 05
sienna miller porgy bess 06

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  • AddictedtoBAMZs

    Jude, you can do better than this!

  • AddictedtoBAMZs

    Only the boots look good…

  • AddictedtoBAMZs

    I know I am being silly, but it is fun to have the whole thread to myself…hate her hair.

  • AddictedtoBAMZs

    Isn’t that Norman on the left leash?

  • joys

    sienna is beautiful & sexy. eat your heart out coz your jealous.

  • AddictedtoBAMZs

    Hellooooo…..there’s an echo in here…I guess not that many people are interested in Sienna. I’m only here because…because….


    Hey ATB!! :-) Whoa! I hope that hair is for a movie!

  • AddictedtoBAMZs

    #5, joys…you’re probably Sienna’s mom, right? This ain’t sexy, mama…

  • AddictedtoBAMZs

    CLINIQUA…let’s hope! (Don’t say anything mean, her mama’s here with us…that’s about it, though. Slow night…)

  • AddictedtoBAMZs

    Can’t wait to read what Lainey has to say about picture # 3! ( Let’s just say it’s a very bad angle.) OK, I’m all out of clever comments. Back to Brangelinaville for me….see ya there, CLINIQUA.

  • AddictedtoBAMZs

    Kate Hudson’s son Ryder called. He wants his hair back. (It looks a lot better on him, as ridiculous as that may seem…)

  • Vix

    youre all just jealous cos she rocks. hair extensions are probaly for a film !!!

  • macheath

    I don’t want to sound like a defensive teenie, but really why do the other people who like Sienna lack the ability to type?

    I adore Sienna and her look. She reminds me of pictures of my (beautiful) mother in the 70s back in the Philippines.

  • bo

    she is just so wrong. i remember the times when she was a really cute girl. with those lovely curls, big smile, great skin, a little bit of curves.. she used to dress in a very not annoying style. i remember the uggs and jeans of her.

    but now.. c’mon. just look at her. piece of not cute trash.

  • Lori

    I do love her, but she does need to brush her hair. Very pretty girl though.

  • dolores craeg

    apparently she left jude’s house as that is his neighborhood to walk the dogs. if everybody who walked their dogsn probably early in the morning, looked this good it would be amazing. would you have her wear her hair in a chingon or in an up sweep?…should she wear a ball gown to walk the dogs. i think many of you need shrinks to understand why you are so hostile to a young girl walking the dogs. what are you all unhappy about. contented people don’t need to attack such an unimportant ritual as dog walking. give the girl a break.

  • madmaxine

    she’s only pretty when she wears a ton of make-up as she was in
    both layer cake and alfie. otherwise, plain jane.

    and she needs to stop wearing those extensions. just let your hair
    grow naturally…

  • Dancer

    Isn’t her role in Factory Girl (that is supposedly Oscar material) the one that Katie Holmes turned down when she started dating Tom. Wasn’t this the one he told her to give up because it wasn’t the image she wanted??? Or am I thinking of another movie???

  • AddictedtoBAMZs

    #17, dolores craeg…Oh Boo Hoo, delores. No one is being hostile! Silly is more like it, which is about as emotional as anyone should get on this subject. So, then…why are YOU so defensive? If someone who should know better and who aspires to be an international star and fashion icon wants to walk around in broad daylight with a floormop on her head, it seems to me she is trying to be funny, so why shouldn’t she get teased? Ah, me…some people take things like this WAY too seriously…

  • gala

    I think she’s really cute,I don’t care about herir

  • gala

    sorry I meant her HAIR

  • yep

    ok that wig doesn’t even look real!

  • Charles

    I like Sienna’s ungroom hair. It gives her an edgy. Some might consider Sienna’s out-of-bed morning hair is not a great look but somehow it just work on her. She always look great but what Sienna really needs is a new big. She’s been carrying her black Balenciaga bag for a while now and a change is for the better. I love the leggings, the boots, but I’m not very fond of her long top. It doesn’t look right. Everything else looks great on her. She’s such a fashion icon and I’m sure she doesn’t even think much about what to wear. Sienna is a true trendsetter. Compared to Kate Moss, Sienna and the supermodel is hand-in-hand right now.

  • AddictedtoBAMZs

    Charles, #24….She needs a “big” all right…a big shower and a big haircut and a big overhaul!

  • Ritzyjenfansarahpsycho

    Gorgeous, Oscar worthy, fashion icon! Is Huvane her agent? To each his or her own. Jude is certainly the best example a young lady can find for an outstanding, loving, caring father and boyfriend. Fanistons must love him. Maybe he is better suited for JA since he is obviously so much better than Brad with reference to loyalty, adultery, and homewrecking girlfriends. Yep. Jude and Sienna, they are the epitome of what every couple should be!

  • claudia

    i love da way she dresses.its so simple and different.keep it up.sienna.mwuah.

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