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Why Vince Left Jen

Why Vince Left Jen

Us Weekly is reporting that Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn are kaput. Here’s their story:

After weeks of distance both emotional and real, the relationship ax fell the week of September 9 for Vince Vaughn and Jennifer Aniston. A source close to Vaughn tells Us that the split happened just before the actor left for London to begin work on his holiday comedy, Joe Clause. “It’s not common knowledge, but we’re not together anymore,” Vaughn told the insider September 13, adding that they solidified the breakup in a long phone conversation. “We’ve split up.”

Confirms an Aniston pal: “They’re 100 percent done.”

Soon afterward, Vaughn, 36, canceled plans for Aniston, 37, to visit him in London for a September 23 party, says the source. What went wrong? Source tell Us that the relationship began to unravel almost immediately after Vaughn’s June 27 proposal to Aniston.

Not a good day in the press for Jennifer Aniston!

Us Weekly: “Why Vince Left Jen” SPLIT! Vince takes back the $500,000 engagement ring as the couple suddenly cools. What went wrong, who’s to blame and how Jen‘s coping.

In Touch Weekly: “Did Jen Have a Boob Job?” She’s been in hiding for two weeks and now Jen‘s chest looks much bigger. A plastic surgeon weighs in.

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320 Responses to “Why Vince Left Jen”

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  1. 1
    Mediterranean Says:

    next victim please?

  2. 2
    Gussie Says:

    What proposal??? She wishes…

  3. 3
    Mediterranean Says:

    I wonder if her PR team approved this break-up of the-never-be-together-just-for-cameras relationship?

  4. 4
    sad Says:

    That relationship was a promotinal tool, for her movie the breakup, isn’t the dvd suppose to drop Jen and Vince were friends with benefits in my opinion, and they both used her divorce and their “relationship” for career advancement. They planned this **** from the time she appeared on the balcony with him and this proves to me, that aniston will do anything to promote and advance her career. Thank God Mr. Pitt woke up and got the hell out of there.

  5. 5
    EHEHEH Says:

    Screaming fits are heard coming from the next beach!

  6. 6
    ChinIsUgly Says:

    Must avoid the next Vanity Fair, hate pity parties and stupid acusations.

  7. 7
    Mediterranean Says:

    for those who consider this supposed-to-be couple perfect match, where are you now???????

    VV was not even rebound, this togetherness (???) was a pre-ad for their movie.

    ooo gush, now she is going to start all over again same things, walking alone with/out her dogs on the beach, pitty parties, girlfriend get togethers in front of cameras, saying things about VV, inteviews, sensitivity chips, hair colour hints, Ophrah and champain, faintings, looking thoughtful etc.


  8. 8
    lmao Says:

    Pity Party # 2 anyone? Muhahahaha.

    I see Vinnie boy got a brain transplant and MOVED ON! Lmao.

  9. 9
    Doubt Says:

    I think that US is a bit mad at Jen over the fuss she made about not being engaged. Notice how they still talk about how things started to unravel after the proposal. What proposal?

    Also can we quit with the Brad thing and having children. although some of you may have had children because a man wanted you to, those of us with self esteem don’t let ourselves be used like that.

    Talk about someone who takes work over family look at angie taking the children all over the world instead of giving them a solid home just so she can shoot a movie. No other actress has started such a big picture just months after giving birth. Oh yeh she is really into family. she makes sure that the press always catches her with her children for photo ops so she looks like a great mother but can’t even take a few months off to be home with them. Just becuase you can produce and adopt them to please a man doesn’t mean you can look after them.

  10. 10
    freidaflo Says:

    Both used each other to the maximum for pr purposes. Just don’t know who was most desperate, the ex sitcom star or the balding comedian. … tsk ..tsk…

  11. 11
    lookwhaticando Says:

    Well, I am very happy for Vince for finally getting out of that FAKE realationship. I wonder who’s coattail, she has in mind now..

  12. 12
    James Says:

    I say we’ll see wedding pictures in the next couple of weeks. They are probably pulling the old, “let’s throw them off the scent before the wedding day” bit. Aniston thinks she just smart enough to pull it off, but as we all know, she isn’t.

  13. 13
    Boobjob Says:

    She must be so jealous of Angie’s huge boobs from pregnancy, she has hers upgraded again.

  14. 14
    crisscross Says:

    #11 shut up, it wasn ‘t as if it was some man she just met asking her to have a baby, it was her husband of 5 years. What does a woman starting her family have to do with low self esteem. Having said that, who cares? She has moved on with her life and so has Brad. Stop trying to justify selfishness with stupid comments.

  15. 15
    lookwhaticando Says:

    12 | Doubt |
    Howl on Babe, Howl on,,, lololol

  16. 16
    smozan Says:

    Good; they were completely mismatched. Although he did seem like a good rebound, definitely not marriage material. I think she needs to sink her claws in some younger meet and outwardly play the field for awhile.

  17. 17
    ZeNd Says:

    Im personally believe that Jen still have feeling for Brad and so do Brad and they will end up together again. Not now may be, but they will… it’s like a real drama… =P

  18. 18
    mona Says:

    Oh, no!! that means we have to endure another round of “how is Jen coping” covers, pity parties and long walks on the beach (shorts, tank tops or pert nipples optional). I don’t think I can stand seeing her tight-lipped, sour puss on the cover of all the tabloids, all the time for another month or two (until the DVD comes out). BTW, where are all those ladies screaming vince is the perfect man for her, so much “classier” than brad? There was never a real relationship there, I agree. Most of it was hype for the tabloids, no doubt fueled by her own agent.

  19. 19
    anon Says:

    Pity Party #2, here we come….. I really hope she spears us, it wasn’t a real relationship anyway, it was just to pimp the movie.

  20. 20
    smozan Says:

    #22 – I cringe whenever AJ or JA posts go up – people go absolutely bonkers. And I, liking both equally, always feel the need to defend whoever is being attacked. Jen is pretty, Angie is a good mom, if people disagree why the heck do they have to be so adamant in making others see their point of view.

  21. 21
    mona Says:

    omg.I can’t stand a) people in denial who still think Brad loves Jen and Jen loves Brad and they’ll get back together b) those who think that because Angie has kids and makes movies she must be a bad mother (because having kids must mean you have to give up a career). FYI–#12 “Doubt”–you don’t know another actress who started a movie so soon after giving birth? LOL!!! Kate Hudson (6-8 weeks), Uma Thurman–6 weeks–Kill Bill, no less, more recently Rachel Weisz–also just a month or two after giving birth. And that’s just a few examples, there are many more. Angie waited several months and there is absolutely no reason why she can’t be a good mother while making a movie. If you want to pick a fight over Angie, choose a better one. This argument totally fails.

  22. 22
    freidaflo Says:

    #12 -Doubt
    Home is anywhere as long as the family is together. AJ stayed home a few months after Shiloh’s birth. They plan an alternate schedule so either will be there for the kids. Brad is the producer of the film. Locations are chosen close to their temp. residence. Both parents are never apart from their family longer than 2 days. If you’re that observant you’ll notice that .
    BTW , AJ’s last movie The Good Shepherd was shot summer 2005, it is Oct.2006 now.

  23. 23
    lookwhaticando Says:

    Im personally believe that Jen still have feeling for Brad and so do Brad and they will end up together again. Not now may be, but they will… it’s like a real drama… =P

    20 | ZeNd
    Why that’s the funniest thing I have read in weeks,, weeks I tell ya.

  24. 24
    last laugh Says:

    where are those ladies screaming Vince is much better than Brad, Vince and Jen are gonna last, Vince is very loyal….. hahahahahhahahahaha. frankly, can’t stand the 2nd round of pity party.

  25. 25
    bamzs 4-ever Says:

    What movie career? This woman will never make it in the movie business! Go back to TV where she belongs and stay there.

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