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Fergie Dances With Herself

Fergie Dances With Herself

Fergie Ferg takes the cover of Rolling Stone as this year’s Hot Issue Cover Girl. Here’s the juicy interview with Fergie:

It’s two in the afternoon on a Friday, and Fergie Ferg is at Pastis, an enduringly trendy French bistro in Manhattan’s meatpacking district. She’s seated outside, which is a little risky in the meatpacking district because there are always celebrities floating around — a moment ago Penelope Cruz strolled up in an extraordinary amount of makeup, looked around and wandered off — which means there’s always paparazzi lurking. A sexy blond star with a hot single, “London Bridge,” who’s one-quarter of one of the biggest hip-hop groups in the world, the Black Eyed Peas, and who’s got a hot actor boyfriend, Josh Duhamel — all that adds up to honey for shutterbugs. Even now, across the street, there’s one shooting Fergie through a telephoto lens. But Fergie doesn’t notice. She’s too busy making up words.

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“I love imitating instruments,” Fergie says of her vocal style. “Sometimes you can’t understand what I’m saying because I’m going for an instrumental sound. It would ruin the sound if I pronunciated correctly.” Fergie favors linguistic mash-ups, like that portmanteau pairing of “enunciated” and “pronounced.” Earlier, she unveiled her new favorite: risiculous. “When something is so, so sick, it’s risiculous,” she says. “It’s sick and ridiculous. Risiculous. See, I have my own dictionary.” When asked if she’s a tomboy, she says, “I’m not that categorizable, if that’s a word.” It’s not. “But it is in my dictionary. OK? Sometimes I can be tomboyish, and sometimes I can be girly. It depends on what mood I’m in. I like the balance. That whole woman/ little girl thing, I like to play both of those.”

Thirty-one-year-old Stacy Ferguson’s natural uncategorizabilty is why one moment she’s tomboyish in a sporty tank and Adidas running shoes, dancing like one of the boys, and then a lady in heels, a Betty Boop-ish flirt who winks seductively, blows kisses and says breathily, “Bye, you.” Growing up in suburban Southern California, just outside L.A., she had friends who went to the beach and listened to Guns n’ Roses, and cholo and chola friends who’d listen to oldies and go cruising. “I was always kind of eclectic in my tastes,” she says.

Fergie is all about the contradictions, the little enigmas. She was a good girl, an A student, a self-proclaimed people pleaser, who grew up and became a crystal-meth addict. (The ring she wears through her right eyebrow is a present she gave herself five years ago when she kicked meth.) Her debut single, “London Bridge,” is built around a shadowy metaphor. When she says, “How come every time you come around my London, London Bridge wanna go down,” what exactly does “London Bridge” mean? Is it panties? A body part? She resists a direct answer: “It’s ambiguous.” But even so, you get the sense: It’s a sexual euphemism. It’s not clear, but it’s not complicated.

More contradictions: She’s in a rap group and she’s rapping on “London Bridge,” but her debut album, The Dutchess, certainly isn’t a rap album, and she doesn’t call herself a rapper. The Dutchess includes a wide swath of flavors, from the fun not-rapping of “London Bridge” and “Fergalicious,” inspired by J.J. Fad’s “Supersonic,” to pillow-talk R&B ballads, rockers and reggae-tinged grooves. Fergie rhymes, she sings, she chats, she stops in the middle of “Clumsy” for a speech, she does whatever she wants, ’cause she’s uncategorizable…

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  • Nicky

    She looks like a drag. Oh, wait. She is.

  • Betsy

    maybe she shaved her armpits this time

  • Saydi

    yeh do admit that arm pit pic grooosssss! but sometimes she looks good still

  • Courtney

    The covers hot!! She’s the gorgeous but with edge. Love it!

  • c

    It’s weird how much she looks like Kirstie Alley in that photo.

  • aycaramba

    her boobs r way 2big, is that even real whoa that is a big boobs ewwww…..

  • Katie

    I guess now a days Rolling Stone will put anyone on it’s cover…wtF??

  • jason

    Come check out Fergies only nip slip, at

  • rashroosh

    iheard that she done like amilion plastic surgery she dosnt look normal at all!!!!!!her face freaks me out and please the rolling stones cover for what?????????all she sings is lalalalalala stupid bitch.

  • Kristine

    Kind of reminds me of Kirstie Alley.

  • Hil

    I love Fergie Ferg long time.

  • stacy

    when does this issue come out?- its jack nicholson on the cover still :S

  • andy

    So how much photoshop was needed for that shot. And by the way – it’s called Tower Bridge, not London Bridge, you ignorant wench.

  • angelina

    she looks pretty!! you go fergie furge :)

  • plankton

    poem about fergalicious ==>

  • Not As Bitch As Fergie

    I´M GONNA PUKE! REALLY! FERGIE PUT YOURSELF ON FIRE! JOSH IS TOO GOOD FOR YOU, SLUT! and what a nickname – fergie?? you are way too stupid. BITCH! hope you die in your AIDS! and look at her legs, they seem skinny, but she actually is fat and her butt is as big as america. omfg, rolling stones, why do you put so ugly and bitch people to cover?
    it is amazing what photoshop can do, but it can´t make an alien normal. look the way she smiles…
    I bet she don´t have any money beacuse all of her money goes on plastic surgery, which, as u can see does not help. so please, fergie, don´t never ever sing act or whatever on screen, u are really dumb also beacuse you think you look good.
    AND josh, will be mine :) so eat shit and die whore!

  • kylie

    you people can be so evil on here at times!!!! 1. FERGIE IS NOT FAT 2. whats wrong with her smile? 3. she aint dumb and 4. SHE HASNT EVEN HAD PLATIC SURGERY!!!!! your all just mean who have nothing better to do with your sad pathetic lives than sit in front of computer screens talking crap about people!!!!! YOUR THE DUMB PPL NOT FERGIE