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Sienna Pulls Double Duty

Sienna Pulls Double Duty

Sienna Miller (nice slippers!) certainly is taking on the role of mother in the lives of boyfriend Jude Law’s kids. She was spotted carrying 4-year-old son Rudy and ushering Rafferty (he turns 10-years-old this Friday) into the car. (It seems they were celebrating Rafferty‘s birthday as Jude looks to be carrying a birthday cake out of the house.) More pictures in the gallery!

According to reports, Sienna just picked up her first house in London because she always wants to have a home of her own and is tired of “living out of my handbag”. Inset: Jude and Sienna went to the movies together yesterday in London.

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  • grantani


  • Sandbitch

    At least now he can screw the kids nanny with the door open. I’d like to see Sienna pick that huge kid up and carry it after she’s given birth to one herself. She really should be saving her back and pelvic floor muscles. Stupid girl probably thinks they last forever as well…

  • d.c.

    Both of them are whinners, egotists and creepy. Poor kids., their mom is not much better.

  • Julia

    d.c. I agree…He’s weird i talked to him and after 3seconds i realized it’s not even worthy.

  • some girl

    Julia, what did he say to you?

  • Me

    Yeah! I have missed Sienna! Looking forward to lots more pics!

  • dolores craeg

    jared, once again i have to thank you for giving us more jude. unlike some of the people who post and take pleasure in ripping into jude i am a die hard fan and appreciate the fact that you are always respectful of him. as you know i dislike nasty comments about anybody…constructive criticsm i appreciate i just don’t understand hateful….jared again you feed our jude appetites and i am very grateful. please keep it up.

  • Sandy

    This may create some sort of record but I will add to the Judefest with positive comments. Jared knows I am proud that the hand of friendship has been offered to me and glad to be of help
    since this is one of the few public sights I go onto.
    Jude has won my heart and respect many times
    over and I appreciate so much the good work done
    by this site which is informative and so careful to be
    truthful. It sets new standards for the internet and
    increases recognition of things worth talking about
    in relation to celebs. Keep up the good work – jared
    and Jude both. I don’t want to leave Sienna out –
    she looks so involved with those children in a good
    way. Of course they are absolutely gorgeous so who would not love them. How does the song go -
    Love and Marriage…etc. Can one be far behind the

  • Maddy

    My god, he looks great in those jeans. Edible. Sienna looks fantastic, too. Whether they make it or not is beside the point to me — I just love the pics of them.

  • dolores craeg

    judewatcher….you did my heart good by your supportive comments. usually i’m swimming upstream against the anger that so many (i’m sure young people) have on the internet. this has nothing to do with jude…..i just wonder is this anger indicative of certain age groups. has courtesy and respect towards other people gone out the window. if so i feel sorry for a certain element…they’re living in the world but they are not getting the most of it.. kindness begets kindness…trust me. and as far as the beautiful mr. law is concerned i can’t wait to see breaking and entering and holiday…..his face is the best medicine and that body is not too bad either.

  • Charles

    Sienna always look amazing! How does she do it? The influential style icon always have a unique approach to fashion. I just love seeing her pictures because everything she wear is just unique and fashion forward. Sienna’s look in these pictures are fantastic. The cardigan, the short dress, the long boots over leggings are just current trends right now that are hot in the UK and in the States. I see many young Hollywood stars mimic Sienna’s personal style and that’s just goes to show how influential she is. Sienna is an “It” right now and her taste for fashion has never falter. Well, maybe except that darn Balenciaga bag she always carry around. Sienna definitely need a new signature bag.

  • rudy

    Hear, hear, dolores, sandy & jude watcher! I love Jude to death. He is a brillant talent – not to mention absolutely delicious! Whatever personal problems he may have are HIS business and don’t change those two things. Jealousy is a product of insecurity, plus it’s a major waste of time and energy because it changes nothing. It only serves to make miserable people more miserable. There will always be someone with more talent, beauty, money, whatever, so save the hate people & channel that energy into something worthwhile.

  • gia

    whew! thank God skinny jeans are out now – she looks ridiculous.

  • remember da truth

    #2 sandbitch
    You sound like you’re bitter that she’s young and pretty and
    you’re still trying to lose baby weight.

    I think it’s great she’s so comfortable with the kids.

  • Kiddo

    hmmm, I don’t understand why jude law gets so many parts…he is an awful actor. and sienna only got where she is because of him. I prefer people with talent

  • Kiddo

    and I’m not ‘hating’ – just stating the facts

  • Daphne

    I am with JudeWatcher, Sandy, Dolores and all the supportive people. It looks to me like J & S must have something worthwhile since they have stuck together through hell when it would have been a lot easier to ditch each other, and I say this as someone who has never been at all impressed with Miller. Whether they last is another thing, but why bash them for it?

    I think (hope) the ugly hatefulness shown by some here are just a peculiarity of the internet. It seems somehow all the angry maladjusted people end up on the gossip sites. If Sandbitch (#2 & 3) dared say anything like that in real life, she’d get smacked so hard her head would spin. And #4 Julia decides someone’s not worthy after 3 seconds! Oh yeah really. Julia I think you are a pap photog and he swore at you, eh.

  • Daphne

    Kiddo, you say Jude is an awful actor and you are entitled to your opinion. But that’s not fact. I happen to think he is one of the best, if not the best, of his generation. His colleagues and many respected filmmakers speak very highly of him. The latest is Kate Winslet who spoke as if in awe of him. I’d take their opinion over yours any day.

  • Dr Jube

    Kiddo, if you think he’s a terrible actor, you need to see Close or The Talented Mr Ripley.
    By the way, he was nominated for an oscar for Ripley (for which he also won a BAFTA) & Cold Mountain.

  • ashley

    I have been in love with Jude for 7 years. He is amazing. Still only human, and im sure has many imperfections (nanny thing for instance)- but hes absolutely adorable. I will always support what he does. Always. Love you, babe. Always =) *Hugs and Kisses*


  • mob