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Katie Gabs with the Girls

Katie Gabs with the Girls

Katie Holmes (looking refreshingly happy) continues to rapidly lose her baby weight. She was spotted eating lunch at Orso restaurant in Hollywood yesterday afternoon with a few of her girlfriends. (Back in August, Tom and Katie met with high-up executives at Orso restaurant.) More pictures in the gallery!

[Pictures via x17online]

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katie holmes oros restaurant 01
katie holmes oros restaurant 02
katie holmes oros restaurant 03
katie holmes oros restaurant 04
katie holmes oros restaurant 05
katie holmes oros restaurant 06
katie holmes oros restaurant 07
katie holmes oros restaurant 08
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katie holmes oros restaurant 20
katie holmes oros restaurant 21
katie holmes oros restaurant 22
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  • babysmomma

    She is looking better these days.

  • patricia

    i don’t see her looking better at all, a comb is welcome!

  • Beth

    She looks like a tired, happy mommy to me.

  • kuala

    she has a tendency to twist her face into odd expressions sometimes which can make her look less pretty, but i think she looks very pretty when her face is relaxed. i like the first few pics, esp #2 and 4.

  • Joker

    Where’s her scientology handler? Or is the brainwashing complete? Mwahahahahahahahaha.

    Also, given that she overdresses and grooms for a little league soccer game, I agree with #2 Patricia that she could put a little more thought into the way she looks for lunch with her girlfriends.

  • Mediterranean

    Where does she find these outfits with these colours, for God’s sake? She seems always shopping, waste of time!

  • anon

    I think she look not that good, in some pics she look …Umm AWFUL!

  • Claire

    k… I want to know what was in that overnight bag that she was lugging around? It looks so heavy! And who is the chick to her right? She doesn’t seem to like her in the slightest bit. And what ever they were talking about looks like Katie didn’t like it. And the woman to her left either… gosh I wish those photogs had video with sound!

  • Claire

    oh and Kate is really starting to look like Katie again

  • diamond

    I think she looks like hell and I agree she dresses up perfectly for a soccer game but for this it looks like she picked clothes up off the closet floor. Again no “baby”.

  • d.c.

    She’s recuiting.. very intense, awesome and glib.. haha? If Tom doesn’t deliver some worthy acting parts, and she gets some of her maturing freedom back after hanging around the film crew.. apart from him.. she’s outta there.

  • Debra Johnson

    Katie looks like, well, Katie. She’s a jean wearing girl and has always been. She went to lunch, not the Oscars. Geeze!

    She’s trying to have lunch and not worrying about having a silly perfect look on her face at all times. Surely you guys have facial expressions when you are listening to people talk?

    I wish her the best on her wedding this month!

  • Dominique

    God I hate this woman. If Tom needed a beard he should have just stuck with Nicole. At least she was talented, beautiful, elegant and sophisticateed. What is he doing with this piece of grunge? I know Tom is no prize himself but surely with his money he could have gone a bit more upmarket from Katie Holmes?

  • Sue

    She looks like a trainwreck, as usual, and totally out of it.

  • Grrrrrrr

    How about Suri? … I remember , few days ago, I read how much she misses Suri …. and now result that the only thing she can (want to)do is be out without her..

  • meemee

    I love her bag!!

  • toots1467

    Posh needs to take Katie shopping! What is she wearing? Posh wouldn’t be caught dead in that. I think Katie better give her a call.

  • Mire

    Poor Katie she can’t even have lunch with friends! But she always looks so pretty love the pants!!!!!

  • um

    she looks so lost without Tommy holding her hand. Odd not seeing them together as they usually seem to be joined at the hip. Then again, maybe Tom is in her bag??!??

  • april

    Katie has no junk in her trunk.

  • nikita

    She seems the kind of girl that is too lazy to take care of her looks, there is no excuse for a woman to look homely especially when a person is a celebrity, she looks unkept most of the time


    Every other normal mother is seen with their baby at least once.

    There have be 0, ZERO pics of the “happy but tired mom” with baby Suri.

    It’s just weird she’s never seen holding the baby doing NORMAL stuff.

  • Bo-Jangles

    Where on earth is baby Suri? Why does she never go out with that poor child, it’s like a prisoner in its’ own home!

  • lara

    Is Suri a prisoner in her mansion? No she’s just tired to “read” a lot of ridicolous comments about herseslf! Go tomkat you are lovely couple

  • Bo-Jangles

    Oh lara, bless you and your vivid imagination! Fancy believing that Suri can read! I merely allude to the fact that Suri is NEVER seen outside the house with her mother and father and clearly is being kept inside with the “crazy” scientology cult crew. Poor child, she’ll have no life.

  • chiara

    Does any body know what brand make is that bag of hers? I loveeeeeeeee it!

  • Samantha

    I think people should think before they speak(write). For all those MOMS out there you know where I’m coming from. Just because Katie didn’t get all dressed up to have lunch with the girls doesn’t make her nasty, grungy, etc. Sometimes you just don’t feel like putting on all that make-up or styling your hair perfectly everyday. I’m am Mom & I know I don’t. Give the girl a break. Her outfit is cute as well. Yeah, I don’t like to leave my Baby but sometimes you just need a break from them & go with the GIRLS! If I were in Katie’s place I don’t think I would put my baby in the spotlight all the time like some other celebs do. They (the babies) will get their day(s) to shine when they get older. Some things are just meant to be kept to yourself.

  • suze

    she’s looking older.


    HER OUTFIT IS PERFECT. simple and well put together, at least she’s not trying to seek attention.

    The purple top is great with her complexion, the pants fit nicely and her sunglasses are magnificent.