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EXCLUSIVE: Maggie Gyllenhaal Gives Birth to Baby Girl

EXCLUSIVE: Maggie Gyllenhaal Gives Birth to Baby Girl

Maggie Gyllenhaal and fiance Peter Sarsgaard are officially proud parents! Maggie gave birth to her first daughter late Tuesday, a source close to the Gyllenhaal family confirmed exclusively to JJ.

Maggie and Peter decided to name their daughter Ramona Sarsgaard. Ramona was born around 8PM at a NYC hospital. The newborn’s arrival came two weeks before Maggie‘s expected delivery.

This is the first child for Maggie, 28, and Peter, 35.

Congrats to the happy couple and, of course, baby Ramona! Uncle Jake must be so proud! More details coming at you soon…

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43 Responses to “EXCLUSIVE: Maggie Gyllenhaal Gives Birth to Baby Girl”

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  1. 1
    Lori Says:

    Congrats Peter and Maggie!!

    I can’t wait to see Uncle Jakey with his niece!!!

  2. 2
    Hil Says:

    Congrats to the Gyllenhaal family!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love you guys!!!!!!!!!!

  3. 3

    Ramona? Like Ramona the Pest?


  4. 4
    Hil Says:

    I LOVE Beverly Cleary!! I grew up on those Ramona books. It’s such a lovely name. Very old school. Very Maggie-esque.

  5. 5

    Congrats to Peter & maggie! Wow With all the girls roaming Hollywood lately from celebs, another girl just making this generation of pink power once again.

  6. 6
    Susan Says:

    What an exciting time for Maggie and Peter. My congrats to them and the whole family. Damn, lucky little lady has Jakey for an Uncle! lol

  7. 7
    lee Says:

    congrats is in order

  8. 8
    SquallCloud Says:

    Yay! The beautiful Gyllengaard is here! Can’t wait til the next generation of this amazing family starts making a name for herself. Congratulations!

  9. 9
    Fleasha Says:

    Aww, bless~

  10. 10
    julian Says:

    i think i have his shirt if it’s from h&m!

  11. 11
    Kristy Says:

    I think she looked cute pregnant… she should stay that way.
    I’m undecided whether she’s hot or not. She’s interesting though, which is a compliment.
    He’s hot.
    So their baby should be too. Not that it matters.

  12. 12
    viki Says:

    hey, i was just thinking about what jake might call his children when he has some. he said he like to killa a mocking bird ans he called his dogs atticus and boo, so i was thinking he m ight call them jem gem if a boy and scout if a girl

  13. 13
    Kat Says:

    These two seem like relatively NORMAL celebs–Best of luck with your new baby girl!

  14. 14
    Kellie Says:

    Ramona? ??????????????????????????????

  15. 15
    skyla Says:

    Maybe Ramona will rival Shiloh in the beautigul baby stakes. Especially if she has her dads eyes and eyebrows they are to die for.

  16. 16
    Human Says:

    Aww congrats to her, she seems lovely and very interesting person. I’m glad more actresses are realizing their nature as women and don’t deprive themselves or their men from creating family, career should always come second.

  17. 17
    Alien Says:

    To Human.
    Wait. Should career always come second for women or people in
    general? Cause if your saying that only for women you sure are

  18. 18
    remember da truth Says:

    Human, what the heck are you talking about? Is a woman’s
    nature only as a breeder? What is wrong with you? And how is
    having goals other than popping out babies depriving their men?
    What if the men have other goals, too? It’s only a problem if one
    wants it and the other doesn’t, and one is constantly lying about
    it (not that I’m going to mention any names cough — anuston —
    To think that a woman HAS to have kids to be a woman is an
    insult to women, men, and especially those that CAN’T have a

  19. 19
    Human Says:

    remember da truth, i dont know what part of my post was so offensive!?!? Is it wrong to say it’s woman’s nature to become a mother, wait is being called a mother to you is offensive?? I did NOT say women MUST have kids but to prefer career over family is something i am againt. Having kids should not go against your ambitions, are you saying mothers dont have ambitions but popping out kids? You can be a working mother but the notion that you deprive yourself and more specifically your partner from creating a family fearing that other producers might lose interest in you is despicable, this applies to women AND men. At certain age, just let it go and be natural. Beside i didn’t insult anyone, i said i am happy that many actresses are realizing that creating a family is important, not for me, but for them.

    Alien, of course this applies to men as well.

  20. 20
    Beth Says:

    Human: heh! Sounds like you got jumped! I understand what you meant. But some people are more career oriented and some more family oriented. It just depends on the person and sometimes how you are raised. Sometimes it is better for the more career oriented to be career oriented. These people make our country a little more richer. The family oriented raise their kids with a little more family mind set. And some can do both with the ut most competence. It all depends on the person. Different strokes for different folks! I support them all. Oh and congratulations to the happy parents!!

  21. 21
    malibumom Says:

    Human-I’m with you-I understand-I love the part about women not worrying that producers will drop them. This was very very common just a few years back-My interpretation of the HW baby boom is that women are showing that you can have a family and a career and still be a top box office draw-this speaks volumes to closed minded little greedy power hungry men who would rather screw young new actresses and convince them this is the way things go while simultaneously firing more seasoned actresses who choose to have families . It is a immoral, pathetic, revolving door that women like Julia, Reese, Catherine Z Jones, Angelina,Maggie, and a host of others have closed and created their own door. I applaud each and everyone of them. By the same token, I applaud and respect all women who choose NOT to have a family, kids, or both. Unfrotunately, we don’t hear enough about these. Congrats to Maggie and Family

  22. 22
    gala Says:

    I don’t like the name Ramona, but I think it’s a beautiful baby

  23. 23
    Rinna Says:

    Congratulations to Maggie and Peter!

  24. 24
    d.c. Says:

    Why have a baby if you don’t raise it. Poor kid if that is not true. Luckily she has a tight and loving family to fill in any absent gaps.

  25. 25
    viki Says:

    how do you know its beutiful if there are no picutes posted on here

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