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Anna Nicole Smith's WEDDING PHOTOS

Anna Nicole Smith's WEDDING PHOTOS

The Anna Nicole Smith wedding photos have arrived… check them all out in the gallery! Read more deets on the wedding after the jump…

UPDATE :: Apologies, images removed!

Anna Nicole Smith, 38, and lawyer Howard K. Stern, 37, boarded the 41-ft. catamaran Margaritaville in the early morning hours of Sept. 28 and set sail off the coast of the Bahamas’ Paradise Island – and then pledged their love in a commitment ceremony. During the simple ceremony, Smith and Stern exchanged vows and temporary rings before a Baptist minister and some of the couple’s close friends. Although the high-seas ceremony is not legally binding (and no marriage certificate was issued), the pair “made a commitment before God to be there for one another, to be each other’s strength during this difficult time.”

Howard and Anna were both crying and kissing and holding hands. It was kind of sad and happy at the same time,” friend and former Dynasty actor John James said. The bittersweet ceremony came, after all, on the heels of the still-unexplained death of Smith‘s 20-year-old son Daniel on Sept. 10, just three days after the former Playboy pinup gave birth to her second child, a 6-lb. 9-oz. daughter named Dannielynn Hope. After the ceremony, the couple literally took the plunge into the balmy waters off the coast of a nearby island. After guests toasted the couple with champagne and apple cider, the pair celebrated in their own special way – with some fresh Kentucky Fried Chicken, ferried to the wedding party by sailboat. Of the questionable timing of the ceremony, Smith‘s Nassau attorney Michael Scott explained, “This was intended to be a lift to steel them for Daniel‘s funeral.” And while their relationship came as a surprise to many, Smith‘s longtime lawyer and confidant revealed on Larry King Live two days before the ceremony that he had loved Smith “for quite some time,” and that he hoped they would someday marry. Stern, who also revealed in the Sept. 26 Larry King interview that he (not Smith’s ex, photographer Larry Birkhead, who has since filed a paternity suit) is the father of Smith‘s daughter Dannielynn Hope, has a tender moment with the 3-week-old baby girl. While still reeling from the sudden death of her son Daniel, Smith cradles Dannielynn, whom Stern has called their “one ray of hope.” “She is just devoted to this child,” a close friend said, “in the same way she was devoted to her son.

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  • someone

    What are temporary rings? This is laughable

  • sommer

    Anna look very happy, God bless her and her new family.

  • woohoo

    lookin like trailer as usual!

  • Canadian Chick

    She looks rough

  • erin

    what in god’s name is wrong with her face?!!?

  • Hil

    Ew, that is one fug face.

  • Stanley

    Looks at the hook on that rat faced prick’s nose!! You could fish with his face. I hope these two burn in hell. This woman is too stupid to live any longer and her husband is a greedy little rat.

  • Anna Nicole

    Damn! I knew I should have had those wedding pics photoshopped before selling them. My face looks like its been dipped in a vat of boiling oil!

  • Rae

    That is definitely a FRIENDS ONLY kiss!! You can tell he looks into it, but she looks tight lipped!! SHOCKER!!! They both look loaded in the 2nd pic.

  • freidaflo

    Her lawyer is quick on the draw.Married (though not legally binding)her, father of the baby?, just a few days after her son’s death. What’s that.?
    Some lawyers are smarter than others. I guess.

  • Nika

    Howard is a druggie and a dealer. Anna and the people around her are his biggest income source.

  • Jess

    Aww. I am happy to see them happy. No matter what anyone says, they look like brilliant parents. No offence to this Larry guy, but if he is just doing this for the publicity then he’s sick. It’s not just the fact Anna has lost her son, Daniel, but the fact there is a baby, Dannielynn Hope, involved in all of this.

    Where children are concerned it is not right to try and brake families up. Larry must really think, “Is what i am doing right? Am I gunna hurt Dannielynn Hope in the process?”

    Daniel died, apparently a drugs overdose so this Larry wants a paternity test and (as i read on another website) he apparently wants Anna to have a drugs test. Anna did not force Daniel to take drugs, it was an accidental overdose. He surely didn’t mean it.

    If any one has seen the photographs Hello magazine published, they would have seen how genuinly happy Daniel was as he cradled his hours old baby sister.

    Little Dannielynn Hope is adorable. xxx

  • dragonfly

    I do genuinely feel sorry for her loss, I have two sons myself, so I *do* emapathize, but DAYUM you could fry a piece of chicken on her cheek in this pic…. Yuck.

  • Fleasha

    Lawyer = Liar

  • sprite

    It was nice of Britney to lend Anna her Dateline interview false lashes. They look as good as they did on Britney. Why is she all greasy?
    I feel for the lose of her son. Her new baby looks content.

  • LH

    Looks like she’s recently had a chemical peel…that or she’s using a ton of Retin-A.

  • alero

    I don’t understand this. Couldn’t they wait for her son to be buried before they had their “pretend” wedding?

  • Dawn

    I have very mixed feelings about the whole situation, but, in my true opinion, that baby isnt Howard Sterns. The dark hair would be more dominant. That baby has blond hair as does Anna and Larry. Just an opinion. I will be anxious to see the end result. (paternity result)

  • Deede

    Wow, people turned on Anna fast. Where’s all the sympathy so many of you expressed before?

    How would YOU look after jumping into the ocean? I guess YOUR makeup would STILL be perfect? HA!

    Women are so hard on other women. Shame on all of you for the horrible things you have said!!!

    Maybe in the midst of all the horror, she wanted a tiny sliver of happiness? Of course to many of you, she doesn’t deserve anything or she got what she deserved.

    Wonder how you all would feel if YOUR SON died right after you gave birth to a daughter?

    I guess your makeup would be perfect. Your eyes would NOT be PUFFY from crying, and I’m sure all of you had your PERFECT figures back before you every got out of the hospital. After all, aren’t all of you perfect?

    As far as the baby’s hair….how many baby’s keep the same color of hair that they were born with? My daughter’s hair was RED when she was born. She’s a blonde. Our son’s hair was blonde, and he has dark brown hair.

    Geeze. Come on people, you are BETTER THAN THIS.

    I find it hard to believe that so many of the same people that love BAMZS as I do, would be so damn hard on this poor women.

  • Rebecca

    She is the lowest person on the planet… her son just died and she is getting married and having parties on a boat… she is low… all she wants is $$$

  • Jackie

    i agree #4 what is wrong with her face…I do do very bad for sucks to lose someone u son …what makes it worst is it her son…but i hope for the best for her .

  • maia

    I’m not concerned with the way she looks as much as I am with her actions. 1) she marries her lawyer before her son is even buried. 2) She sells these pictures and those of her son’s last days almost immediately after his death. Think about it, if your 20 year old child died unexpectantly, would the first thought that runs through your brain be, oh, I bet we can sell the last photos of him for money. Jess and Deede, you guys need to get your heads out of your butt!

  • louveciennes

    Why did she smear Vaseline all over her face??

    Poor, crazy, dumb-as-a-box-of-hair Anna Nicole. I honestly don’t think she knows any better.

  • medullaMedulla

    DEEDEE, I perfectly agree with you, people let’s not be so judgemental on ANNA people have different ways of dealing with emotions especially the death of your only beloved son, getting married rigth after your loved one died is part of grieving, in ANNA’s case Daniel was the man of her life , she decided to get close to Howard because she realize how short life can be.
    Tell me , how many 09-11 widows are still single??
    About her face, she is not afraid to jump in the water to protect her make up, and also know that it’s hot and sunny down there.
    She looks good after just giving birth, c-section , grieving, weeping, sadeness and all
    I am sure in a few months she will get her slim body again.
    As for Larry Dickhead, he is in it for the money baby! but remember going after someone’s money have serious consequences, if he saw ANNA using Methadone while pregnant if he is a concern parent why he didn’t react? why now,because of the millions ANNA will get for her late husband. Larry’s lawyer made a threat to ANNA on national TV I would like to know which law school she attended, because this is a confidential family matter in the best interest of the baby because if Larry is the father, one day baby Dnnielyn will exclude him from her life after she finds out that he called her a drug baby and everything else that he spiling on national TV and as he said to the American public……..what a looser.

  • traci

    Several things here. First, Anna is NOT naturally this blonde if blonde at all! Stern is dark. This child has what appears to be blonde if not almost reddish color hair. Im not saying Birkhead is the father, but Iam saying that STERN is not.
    Why is it that nobody is questioning the Methadone and where the hell it came from? A nurse has stated that she found that drug in Anna’s room before Danny was there. Birkhead has raised some interesting points in this regard. Was Danny NOT feeling well and Methadone was offered to him by Anna or Stern? Could this be the reason that someone on that floor in the hospital heard Anna yelling that it was “his” fault? Did Stern give the Methadone to Danny the same way has has reportedly been supplying it to Anna? I’d like to know if Anna has been precribed Zoloft as well since that was also found in Danny’s blood but he did not have a precription for that either. Wake up people and start asking questions.
    I have not heard one person come out saying that Birkhead is a kook yet everyone knows Annas history. Who do you think is more credible here?
    For all of you sympathizers here. I feel for any woman that loses a child. I do not have one ounce of sympathy for someone though that loses a child, sells his last known photos for money and then runs off and stages a “pretend” wedding before the child she is so desperately grieving for has even been laid to rest. Oh yea, then sells those photos for a million dollars. If that is not sick, I don’t know what is. Save your sympathy for someone who is really suffering from such a loss and is not so drugged up that they can’t even speak. The only one I feel sorry for here is Danny. That poor boy suffered his entire short life having been born to a mother like Anna.
    IMHO, Danny is finally at peace and I hope the suffering she inflicted on that poor childs life comes back to bite her in a huge way. Although I question the integrity or sanity of any man that would become involved with a woman like Anna, I would prefer to see Birkhead or almost any other person gain custody of that child then see her raise and ruin another human life. Other than herself, I don’t think that woman is capable of loving another person and all of her future decisions will be based on what is best for her. What we have seen in the past couple of weeks is absolute proof of this.

  • that is all

    It looks like she needs bed rest or something. She does no look sober. The baby is cute!

  • sprite

    29 | traci

    Well said traci, I totally agree!

  • Nick

    She looks really torn up………..not

  • Dancer

    Rebecca and rest–
    Hopefully you have never lost anyone that you have loved like a child or spouse, but I can tell you some of your actions are totally bizarre. You will do anything to escape a pain so crushing, so forever…that you really do seem crazy. Maybe she is grasping at the hope of happiness in the future. Maybe she is just trying to escape the pain. MAybe she figures she’ll need the million to fight Larry Birkett. You have to ask yourself does Larry love Dannilynn or is he in it for child support. It is really easy to criticize if you’ve never been there. Those of us that have, have far more compassion because we know what it is to look into the bowels of hell and know the pain will never leave.

  • medulla

    Traci, I am no fan of ANNA and never will be.
    I do not approve of her lifestyle I feel so sorry for Daniel not ANNA.
    I am just sick of Larry dickhead and the way he went on the air and to anyone who will listen that he is the father , he wants full phisycal custody and that the baby is addicted to drugs, why not give ANNA sometime to grieve and burry her son, maybe even she is still in denial about the death of Daniel, she is trying to not face it, and she is clinging to Howard for support.
    If the baby is Larry’s they need to work together behind close doors for the sake and well being of little Dannie so she does not end up with issues when she is a teenager like Nicole Richie and all of them Hollywood mess up kids.

  • dawn

    wow, did she just suddenly gain 234234 lbs? last time i heard of her, didn’t she do this weight loss program?
    i do feel bad about how her son just so suddenly passed away, but that woman needs to find herself some dignity.. STAT.

  • gia

    Becky, you’re so right ON! Don’t know her intentions re $, but whatever happened to mourning someone!

  • Kellie

    29 | traci

    Well said traci, I totally agree!

    And to whomever feels that she needs time to overcome the lose of her son…her actions are speaking loud and clear. He hasn’t even been buried yet and she’s running off and staging a wedding…on a boat…frolicking in the ocean…whatever happened to having someone come to the house and performe the ceremony? Why did it have to be this big to-do?

    So she could sell the pictures!


    I wonder if she’s trying to get pictures of her son in this casket so she can make some more money! Sick bitch!

    People that go through the hell of losing a child or spouse as someone put it do weird thing, yes. But not like what she’s doing. And you’d think that Howard would have enough sense not to have this type of in your face wedding. Ok, so your getting married…get married…but at a time like this…when she’s in the public eye…he should have known better than to have an in your face wedding and publish the pictures. DUMB ASS!

    Some lawyer…he should be fired! And as her husband, can he even represent her anymore? Probably not…that’s why they’re selling all these photos…they’re going to have to pay a real lawyer to chase after her dead husbands millions…

  • traci


    It sounds as though you have suffered such a loss and for that, I send you my deepest sympathies. I have 3 children and a husband and I can tell you if something happened to one of them, I would be devastated for life.

    I can also tell you I have been around those that have suffered terrible losses and not understood some of the things that they did in the months following. I did however understand that they were having a rough time and were trying to make it through in any way they could. On the other hand, their behavior was NOT in any way disrepectful to the person they had lost.
    The actions that Anna has displayed since her sons death have been incredibly disrepectful to his memory. The largest of which is what allows his remains to not have YET at this point been laid to rest. The fact that other family members and their grieving has be discounted so that she may go on in her merry ole way. Thus the reason I stated that she loves and thinks only of herself. It is shameful. Feel sorry, oh so sorry for the Grandparents and other family members that have not been able (and may never be able) to say goodbye to this dear child. It is my opinion that their very relation to Anna has caused THEM deep suffering for many years.
    As far as Birkheads motivations go, until someone comes forward and tells us all that he is scum from the bottom of the earth, has molested a child in the past, has other children he walked away from or something along those lines, I will believe that he is truly concerned for the well being of this baby. Would ANY of us do less then what he has done if we thought for a minute that the baby was of our own blood? I don’t think so. How can anyone make excuses for Anna’s behavior and in the same breath fault this man for fighting for what he believes to be his own flesh and blood? I wonder sometimes what this world has come to.

  • erika


  • Jo

    Looks like someone burnt her face. Reminds me of bad ‘skin resurfacing’ pictures.

  • sprite

    38 | traci |
    Again another great post.

    Dancer I am sorry for your personal loss.
    Yes I have had to help with a very young child, 8 yrs old, burial. It was excrucating. I wouldn’t wish that on anyone. And yes everyone does handle it in thier own way. But never once did anyone involved ever try to do anything but protect and respect the memory of that young life lost.
    She hasn’t even buried her beloved son yet. Anything else comes after.
    She wouldn’t need any money to fight Larry B. if he really isn’t Dannilynn’s daddy.
    Something is off here.

  • Alisha

    What the heck with all the heckling?? Geez. Why not let her have this one joyous occcasion… one can only imagine how much despair she’s been in since her son passed away.

    …besides. Duane “Dog” Chapman’s daughter was killed the day before his marriage, so why wasn’t that painted as some heartless act?

  • RockStar

    The reason why she got married on the day she did was because Daniel had picked it out.

  • RockStar

    The reason they got married on this day was because Daniel had picked it.

  • Renee

    ok, is anyone worried that there is a newborn baby out in the sun? hello! get that baby indoors. Whatever you do w/ her stupid mother is fine w/ me. NEVER marry your lawyer. Conflict of interest. Howard is smart. He’ll get some of Marshall’s money.

  • Patti

    Look at the picture of them kissing…he is totally pulling her into him, and she looks like she is bracing herself away from him. This is a staged marriage if I ever saw one. I feel really bad for her, and I hope that she finds much joy in Dannilynn, but why couldn’t they have gotten married, if that’s what they needed to do, without the “celebration” and circus. The woman just lost a child, her bearings cannot be back to normal. Howie is just jumping right in and getting what he wants while she is vulnerable.

  • Kellie

    IMHO the explanation of the wedding date being that of Daniel’s choice to me is just a cover for their lack of class and tact.

    Here’s how I see it happened. Howard is talking to Anna about Berkhead wanting a DNA test of the baby. And according to the law where she is, if there is a marriage and the man is stating he is the father, there won’t be a DNA test. The law says that if the husband says he is the father, no need for DNA testing. This we’ve already read on other sites as well. So Howard tells Anna that they should hurry up and get married, publish pictures so that the marriage is common knowledge and the laws there will be in their favor. Also, so the public doesn’t freak out, let’s just say that it was Daniel’s choice to wed on this date since he would have still been visiting with us and the baby. Everyone wins here…and no DNA will be done on the baby.

    As far as this Berkhead dude. I’m with the rest of you guys…I’ve not heard one bad thing about him. No drugs, alcohol or child porn and the like. None of the media has dug up anything from his past. I do however question his timing. He didn’t come forward until after Daniel died. He and Anna broke up after she was what, 5 or more months pregnant. She didn’t announce it to the world until she was 5 months along. When she actually gave birth to the baby I read that he put up a statement on his website that said he knew nothing of a baby. Now all of a sudden he’s going to anyone in the media who’ll give him 15 minutes of their air time and claiming he’s the father and acting all emotional. It doesn’t add up.

    If in fact this is his daughter…I’m all for him and his legal search for the truth!!!!!!!!!

  • lnbJpwmqgd

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  • Victoria

    I just have to comment on the reply above about Anna not being a real blonde and Larry either, saying that the baby appears to be blonde if not reddish color hair. And determining by that (educated?) guess that STERN is not the father, just makes me laugh. People’s hair changes as they get older! Most children’s hair that is blonde when young turns dark as they age. Anna could definitely have been blonde or even reddish haired, as could Howard as a child! I had black hair as a newborn, then turned white blonde as a young child, to now a light brown as a woman. Great hypothesis Tracy. I think I’ll just wait until DNA evidence determines who the real father is.

  • http://msn Reddonn

    I don’t think so….