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The Elusive Mr & Mrs Smith

The Elusive Mr & Mrs Smith

Brad and Angelina are supposedly in Pune, India but one one’s seen them. So are they there, or aren’t they? Above is a hotel employee of Pune’s Le Meridien standing guard over equipment believed to belong to Brad & Angelina‘s three children — Maddox, Zahara, and Shiloh. Here’s a recent article published from the Times of India newspaper thanks to Gabriella!!

The cloak of secrecy shroading the arrival of Hollywood stars Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt in Pune was so strong that through the stars are believed to have arrived and have chcked into their suites at Pune’s Le Meridien hotel in the afternoon, no one was willing to say for sure that the stars had finally arrived.

Jolie and Pitt — with their three children, nannies and bodyguards in tow — are believed to have landed at Pune’s Lohagaon airport at 2:45PM in a plane chartered from Gautam Singhania’s MillionAir fleet in Mumbai.

(Continued after the jump)

(Continued before the jump)

Three cars whisked the group away to the Le Meridien hotel, which the stars are believed to have entered through the staff entrance. Sources say Brangelina – in Pune to shoot for A Mighty Heart, a film based on a book by Marianne Pearl, wife of slain journalist Daniel Pearl — had booked eight suites at the hotel.

The hotel management, of course, refused to say whether the stars had arrived. “We can’t confirm if they are here,” Jaswinder Narang, general manager said. But the fact that room service had started servicing the rserved suits and that a security guard had been posted at the spot told another story.

Having signed strict confidentiality agreements, those involved with the production of A Mighty Heart were also tight-lipped. Kailash Surendranath — responsible for line production of the film in whcih Jolie stars as Marianne Pearl — would only say that he was scheduled to join A Mighty Heary‘s production team next week.

Baby seats and boxes of baby equipment for the two babies — four-month-old Shiloh Nouvel and 19-month-old Zahara — spotted by journalists also hinted that the Jolie-Pitt might have arrived.

But seeing is believing. As Sam, a British journo, parked in Pune along with paparazzi from England, France, and Switzerland put it: “I won’t believe they are here till I see them.”

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  • missy


  • micro

    Love this family.

  • Holy Candy

    Brad may be a cheating ass, but he sure did help produce a gorgeous baby.

  • Yawn

    3 | Holy Candy|

    Oh go on back to your lameass website, stop polluting JJ.

  • MM

    oh, my God, this family is just too beautiful! I’m sooo glad B&A found each other, it was Fate!

  • mamadog

    Thanks, Jared! Wow, two threads in one day — you are the best!

  • Jenny89

    3 | Holy Candy

    Thank you for your insight.

    Thanks Jared for the new thread :D

    Z is so cute!

  • OG

    finally a website I can get behind! I can’t get enough of these kids, I can see why Brad has settled down! LOVE ‘EM

  • Dani

    Thanks for the update! I hope they have good luck with filming! A friend of mine actually just got back from India.

  • African Girl

    Goodness, the media frenzy is quite overwhelming isn’t it?

    Thanks Jared….you are too good to us.

  • Alexanderina

    452 | Renee | – Thanks Jared for the new Thread, 2 in one day, you are so good to us :)

  • Alexanderina

    10 | African Girl | – I know AG, let the craziness begins with the paps, I hope that JPs, can get some kind of privacy, but I do want to see new pics though

  • still friends
  • Vera

    I hope we see new pictures soon too but I guess it is for the
    best that they have some privacy now and then. “sigh”

  • Observer2

    Holy Candy, you’re might be a dumbass, but you’re right. Brad and Angelina do make beautiful babies.

  • QQQQ

    15 | Observer2 | :lol:

  • Renee

    This is nice. Thanks Jared…I love seeing pictures of the little ones. According to the article, we might be BAMZSXYZ really soon….hehehe….
    468 | Alexanderina | they are so loud and into this game at Shea! This is the 20th anniversary of the 1986 WS. If the Yanks and Mets go all the way this year, we may have to part as friends…LOL. What are they chanting?

  • bdj

    Thanks Just Jared for the new thread. I am enjoying all this suspense. You are building up to the big picture reveal. I posted in the other thread that I am catching up on BP’s movies. I just saw “Sleepers” and it was a good movie. I have also enjoyed reading all the great posts. The fans of BP/AJ are witty and informative. Thanks to all.

  • Jolie4ever47

    Shiloh got daddy’s eyes…she’s so adorable

  • Frenchy

    Maybe Brad & Angelina can use Paris Hilton as a decoy. Have her suddenly appear out of nowhere and have all the paparazzi breaking their necks to photograph her and then BAMZS can sneak in a side entrance to the hotel.

  • Alexanderina

    17 | Renee | – This is the year of the Mets, nah we will still be friends when the Mets and Yankees makes it to the WS. I can’t figure out what they chanting, its to loud

  • kd

    Shiloh is VERY VERY cute. But I can’t help think that she looks like any other VERY VERY cute baby. Now, Suri on the other hand is not. I have never seen a baby as cute as her. All that hair, her adorable smile, her beautiful dark blue eyes….she really is beautiful.

    Now everyone, don’t get me wrong I love Brangelina and their gang, but Suri is way cuter than Shiloh…..AND you ALL KNOW IT!!!

  • AddictedtoBAMZs

    Hi BAMZs fans…be sure to support THE DEPARTED this week-end, knowing part of Brad’s revenue from his films will always be going to charity. I think (truly hope) the era of the airhead no-talent hollywood “celebrity” is coming to an end, and Brad and Angelina are ushering in a time of purpose to accompany fame. Every time I read about another young actor or actress taking part in a charity I feel they are emulating Brad and Angie. It is true that Elizabeth Taylor, Audrey Hepburn, Bono, etc. all were very active in years past, but not since Brad and Angie has humanitarianism been so embraced by those whose fame can bring awareness to causes. I’d be interested to know if Madonna ever involved herself with this kind of work before…

  • Observer2

    Kd, put the doobie down.

    I don’t think Suri is way cuter than Shiloh and I’m allowed to have an opinion that’s not yours.

    Plus, Suri’s not even Tom and Katie’s. She was a rental.

  • um

    I think comparing babies is so wrong. And besides, you cant really compare a shot of Shiloh to an airbrushed photo spread by a world famous photographer. They are both cute.. I just happen to disagree with you about which is cuter but really… Who cares and why does it matter?

  • yep

    Shiloh is a perfect blend of her perfect parents, and she is so beautiful.

  • Missouri Fan

    Adorable Jolie-Pitt’s children!

  • Passing Through

    Plus, Suri’s not even Tom and Katie’s. She was a rental.

    24 | Observer2

    BWWAHAHAHAHAHA! Yeah…they got her from US Rents It’s Babies division.

  • Missouri Fan

    Jared & Audrey, thanks for the new thread!

    Will always love this family !

  • Kitten

    Zee and Shi are cuties I just don’t know who’s cuter. they’re just two loveable little girls.



    Look at the kid’s gear………Awwwwwwwww.

  • rosie

    Children are better than dogs.
    Jennifer goes home to dogs.
    I would rather go home to see kids.

  • crybabyAniston

    I’m so excited. This city is going Brangelina crazy and they haven’t even seen them yet. I just hope it doesn’t get out of hand.

    Don’t you just love this…we’ll get to see more photos of BAMZS.

  • Renee

    23 | AddictedtoBAMZs | I hope you are right. We have certainly seen the worse of the no talent reality star wannabes for a lifetime. I just hope the athletes get on board as well. Those in the public spotlight CAN AND DO make a difference. We can’t leave it up to the average man/woman or those in public office.
    I plan to see The Departed this weekend. I’ve always liked Leonardo Di and Matt has definitely caught my eye.
    METS WIN…… …
    Good nite and sweet BAMZS dream


    All the kids are gorgeous. So happy for Brad/Angie. Shiloh has a little Jon Voight in her……..


    I’m watching UGLY BETTY, this show is FUNNY!

  • Jen’s PR machine

    US magazine.
    Some excerpts:

    Men may come and go in the life of self described neurotic, Jennifer Aniston, but no one has remained as steadfast as her publicist, Stephen Huvane, who guided her through her press offensive against ex Brad Pitt and her coy “are they or aren’t they dance ?” dance with the media over Vince Vaughn.

    Given Vaugh’s reluctance to get caught up in a girlfriend’s personal soap opera, he couldn’t have picked a worse time to date Aniston. Her september 2005 Vanity Fair attack on Pitt(an exhaustive tell-all about which she has said she had no regrets) was the first in a series of therapy-session cover stories designed to reveal just enough about her personal life -and Vaughn’s- to keep people interested. It was a well used tactics
    This vicious cycle of media courting and thwarting which a friend of Vaughn’s called “Jen’s world” was a major turnoff for Vince.
    Vince mom think Jennifer is too needy and controlling.

  • AddictedtoBAMZs

    kd….not true at all. Suri is as cute as can be in a pixyish way, while Shiloh is still very much an infant. I know you are here just to be a pest and see how riled up you can get everyone, but we are too decent to get into opinions about which tiny little one is cuter…


    |#18 bdj |

    SLEEPERS is a very good movie…..

  • alba

    SHILOH IS THE CUTIEST BABY!!! she looks Bradley !

    I sure baby Suri is cute too but I am still waiting to see the real-natural pics of her and not the airbrush-fake ones

  • crybabyAniston

    All you have to do is look at their photo from TBU promotion in Paris and London. Dayum! The love was strong and caring…NOT!

    I thought Vince was going to throw Aniston overboard.

  • um

    43 | crybabyAniston |

    Maybe Vince realized he just couldnt quit Kevin Spacey and decided he was through living a lie.

  • Renee

    33 | COLD HARD MATH | I hope you’re right. My boys need to knock out 2 games in a row and get it over with. The Mets are quite impressive being that El Duque and Pedro won’t be pitching. The team has heart and guts….
    I hope we get new pictures of the family. Shiloh is growing so fast….she is every bit of 4 months now…LOL She is so cute and those cheeks….

  • nona

    My dream picture is seeing all five together…with all five smiling. I know it is too much to ask but, I remember seeing Z smiling as an infant.. such a beautiful smile.. and Maddox also has a beautiful smile. We all know Brad and Angie have great smiles… you know Shi will also.

  • malibumom

    I predicted the LeMeridian or somewhere close to the water Yay! Now let’s see if he’ll go to the 2-wheeler manufacturing plant and if they’ll look at buying italian furn./ Rugs/ and a few pcs for the kids with ref to clothes. I can’t believe Lainey didn’t predict this too!
    Oh yeah -Here’s my opinion-Brad could have had Shiloh all by himself. That little princess is his twin! I really don’t think she looks like Angie that much but Brad-well as we say in the south-”He wrote his name all over it and then some!

  • Alexanderina

    33 | COLD HARD MATH | – Yep, Subway Series here we come lol

  • bc

    Why did US magazine turn on Jennifer like that? Now she will always go to People magazine with her breaking stories.

  • AddictedtoBAMZs

    #36, Renee…you’re right about the athletes. They tend to do more photo-op stuff at hospitals, fund raisers, etc. I could be wrong, but the only true activist/ athlete I can remember was Roberto Clemente, killed flying to Puerto Rico to deliver supplies. He was mourned by millions. Anyone else here old enough to remember that day or just me?

  • OG

    I hate to sound bias but I would LOVE to see a little Bradley running around in the future. Oh, to see Brad grow up again before our eyes!

  • bc


    I am sorry, but I don’t see much resemblance to Jon Voight …at this time anyway. I wonder is she will look anything like Angelina in time.