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Angelina Jolie Films 'A Mighty Heart'

Angelina Jolie Films 'A Mighty Heart'

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt (facing the camera in this TV screen capture) are in Pune, India shooting A Mighty Heart. (Their bodyguard Mickey pictured with them above.) The pair entered the Le Meridien hotel through the underground parking lot on Thursday. Brad and Angelina continued their cat-and-mouse game with the better of paparazzi and other photographers waiting outside the hotel to get the first photos of the couple in Pune.

Instead of stepping into vans at the hotel’s extrance — where photographers were gathered in anticipation — the stars stepped into an auto-rickshaw (inset) for a ride in the rain in the afternoon.

Angelina was dressed in a beige jacket, and Brad wore a pastel short-sleeved shirt. Both appeared relaxed. None of their three children — Maddox, Zahara, and Shiloh — was with them. They returned to the hotel an hour later, in the auto-rickshaw, looking none the worse for wear. More pictures in the gallery!

UPDATE :: New article added to page 2 of this entry!

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    Hey – how are you guys seeing that Ange has Shiloh in a sling..I don’t see anything!!

    Btw, bringing my post from the old thread over here:

    Okay – just to debrief you on the biggest bullshit tab story of the week…I’ll summarize…and try not to cough a lung up laughing at this one….Brad’s been e-mailing Jen about projects, Angie caught him — the article is about Angie getting warning signs that she’s losing Brad because she will not consent to marry him…they have even dragged Marcheline into this, and Marcheline is advising Angie to ‘marry Brad before she loses him’ and also that she ‘wants to see them married before she dies’ (are these tabloids pure evil or what?) The pics of Angie coming from her Mom’s house in the car talking on the phone – they used that one, where she’s emoting, to say that ‘Angie went to her Mom’s to seek advice about Brad.’ That’s right, it wasn’t a goodbye Mom, we’ll be in India for three weeks visit – it was, an ‘I need advice on my relationship Ma,’ visit (nevermind that we KNOW Brad showed up moments later – lolol)…they also say that “Angelina is whisking Brad away to India where she’ll be working on HER movie” (their EXACT quote) to try and get their relationship back on track and that she may end up marrying Brad to keep him, and to appease her dying mother. That’s right folks, no mention of Brad executive producing and him casting Angelina in HIS film – just Angie ‘whisking’ him away. LOL

    What I gained from this article is that L&S is truly the shittiest of the shitty shit rags.

    We learned that Brad desperately wants to marry Angie, and oh – he desperately wants their next kid to be bio, an right away – but he e-mails Jen Aniston…because he’s not getting Angie to do capitulate.

    …and somehow they expect us to believe it.

    Like I said, if I didn’t know any better, I’d think a Goddess circle member was an editor at L&S.

    240 | CLINIQUA

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    I adore just about everything they do. They are truly global citizens and are raising the kids the same, I’ll enjoy watching Mad, Z And Shi grow and the others that are soon to come.

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    I wonder if Jolie brought their whole security team with them. Remember them in Namibia with the green curtains and all. I don’t see any of that here. I think the Indians in India leave them alone and only watch or take photos from a distance. And someone said earlier they were at the Le Meridien. Didn’t they move into the bungalow yet? Maybe soon. Anyway, I really dont think the paparazzi will be crazy in India like they were in Namibia. Remember Brad had to go so far as to tell the papz to back off when they were going into a restaurant in Namibia? I dont think something like that’ll happen in India.

  • India

    And I bet you the western papz will not even try to travel to india. And if they do, they’re askin for more than they can handle…

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    Cliniqua…Even Brad said that Life & Style mag is full of lies. maybe that’s why they will be continuing their attack on Brad & Ange.


    Boy, this sure isn’t Namibia! At this rate, we’ll have new pictures 3x a day! I LOVE IT! I hope we get to see MZS, while there in Pune too! Have a good night ladies!

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    I think they are pretty much going to be hounded. I wish they weren’t, but from all the excitement before they even got there…..

    CLINIQUA – thanks for the mess of L&S. They really shovel the shite don’t they? Poor Marcheline, she’s been “dying” for 2 years now.

    Not to be too impatient, :lol: when is TMH due out? I think this is going to really be a hit. Angie is going to own at least half the world after this.

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    14 | CLINIQUA

    ITA. L & S was really full of shxt. other tabs have stop all this Brad and Angie separating. it’s only L & S continuing the triangle. I really think they were in Huvane payroll or is the editor has some connection with Huvane.

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    ^^^ I posted this pic on Bradforums. It’s has to be one of the most beautiful pictures I have ever seen of Angelina. I don’t think many of seen it. Just wanted to shared.

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    I might as well post my commentsto this new thread. I have to open 4 threads. BEAUTIFUL!
    Thanks stardust.

    :D :D :D We LOVE you!!!

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  • India

    PUNE: High-profile VVIP security is all about brains, not brawn. It’s about silence and swiftness; not about noise and public nuisance.

    That’s the message which came in with a bang within 24 hours of the arrival of Hollywood stars Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt’s in Pune.

    While Indians are used to suffering messed-up schedules due to indefinite traffic halts, diversions and traffic jams caused by VVIP movement, what stood in stark contrast was the manner in which Pitt and Jolie arrived and settled in a city hotel on Thursday.

    Absent were the fingeron-the-trigger men or the long, speeding convoys that Indian VVIPs love to flaunt as an indicator of their importance.

    And to think that Pitt is alone worth over $100 million and Jolie earns $16 million per film. Jolie, one of the sexiest American stars, has been in the news of late for adopting a Cambodian and an Ethiopian child and for her charity — she donates one-third of her earnings. In her own words, she does this “because I earn a stupid income for what I do”.

    Although it was wellknown that Brangelina were expected in Pune in the first week of October for the shooting of their film, A Mighty Heart, there was complete secrecy and lack of information on how and when exactly they would arrive here. Would they fly into Mumbai and then take a helicopter to Pune? Or would they fly directly into Pune?

    Also unknown was where exactly they would be staying in Pune — whether it would be the farmhouses of builder Avinash Bhosale or industrialist Cyrus Poonawalla, or Hotel Le Meridien. When they did reach Pune, the entire media and some paparazzi from abroad were taken unawares.

    A Bombardier aircraft belonging to the Raymonds group quietly landed at Pune’s Lohegaon airport at 2.40 pm. According to top airport officials, they were not given the identity of the VIP occupants and neither were they told about the destination they were headed to.

    It was only after Brangelina descended and entered into a Mercedes van that went right up to the tarmac, that their arrival was confirmed.

    After that, there was complete confusion over whether the Mercedes van, followed by two other vehicles, was headed towards Le Meridien or to either of the two farmhouses located far apart from one another in the city.

    Significantly, the involvement of the local police was kept at the barest minimum as a result of which journalists were unable to get any information on the couple.

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    32 | lol | – And don’t forgot Star, they are as bad as L&S. I really hate those two piece of trashy rags

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    Wow thats a really nice photo of Angelina. Looks like a Barbie doll!

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    Remember Brad had to go so far as to tell the papz to back off when they were going into a restaurant in Namibia? I dont think something like that’ll happen in India.

    26 | India |

    restaurant in LA not Namibia.

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    38 | India | – Thanks for the picture link, Angie looks AMAZING

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    Thanks Missouri Fan and whoever else for the link to the barbie doll photo of Angie (well i think she looks like a barbie doll, lol)

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    Thanks whoever else for the link to the barbie doll photo of Angie (well i think she looks like a barbie doll, lol)

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    The barbie doll , link given by STARDUST.

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    But Jared, dont stop!

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    The Enquirer has evidently paid Brad’s highschool girlfriend to spill the beans, the hilarious part is — even though the headline takes a jab at Brad: “BRAD PITT’S FIRST LOVE TELLS ALL” “EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS” “HE DUMPED HER JUST LIKE JEN” (LMAO at the last!)

    – they met when she was 14 and he was 15…they dated for 4 years…til right before his sr year…but “never did the deed – I was a good girl” she says – LOLOL…and a stupid girl too -lolol…

    I’m just kidding…unless she’s lying…she says her husband of 13 years, an accountant in Springfield, won’t see Brad’s movies, but she sneaks out of the house to see them.

    INSIDE, the woman is actually VERY complimentary of her sweet as pie highschool boyfriend, and speaks of him very VERY fondly. That’s what most women will pick up from this article — that Brad is the same yesteday, as today, as he will be tomorrow…which is, thoughtful, considerate and amazingly sweet…

    ….the only thing she says she cried and cried over and threw out his cards and letters – is when he ‘suggested that they cool it’ – his senior year….then he started dating someone else….a girl named Becky Beck (LMAO, Hellooooo midwest!).’

    Of course NE has to get in their digs, right…and oddly enough – they seem to put words in Tonya’s mouth – as there are no quotes from her about Brad’s current life, and you would think she doesn’t judge him in anyway by the tone of the article…but NE, very strangely says FOR her; ‘Tonya most sympathizes with Aniston whose 5 year marriage ended in divorce after he fell for Angelina Jolie, and like Aniston she knows the sting of being dumped by Brad.’ I personally think Tonya said no such thing.

    It’s truly hilarious — that even at 15, they want Brad to have been ‘faithful’ to the age of 18-19 even though he was getting nada from this chick…hello?!…he was a strapping boy!!

    …..but even still, they say that Brad felt guilty and poured out his love in an apologetic and loving looong letter in Tony’s highschool year book…extolling her virtues – he would come back from Univ of Mizz to be her senior prom date…

    …and STILL he got none. LOLOL

    What a kind gentleman – he’s unlike a LOT of guys I know…who would not even have been bothered.

    But listen to what he did for her while in highschool, you’ll swoon…I was actually tearing up…

    “Perfect beau Brad gave Tonya a ring and earrings – and felt her pain when she was rejected for the cheerleading team as a junior. “Brad started a campaign to win me a spot on the team,” Tonya remembered fondly. “He made up ‘Tonya can cheer’ flyers, handed them out and put them up around school. He sent me flowers too. It didn’t help, but it was so sweet.”

    Brad was on the highschool student council, tennis squad and debating team btw, and Tonya says he showed no desire to be an actor.

    “It’s sort of weird seeing Brad up on the big screen. But I don’t think he’d be where he is now if he were with me. Brad’s dreams obviously weren’t a home life in Springfield, Missouri.”

    There are exclusive pics of a very young Brad w/ Tonya at the prom, and goofing off with her.

    Like I say, this article could have been used to show what a truly kind and special man Brad is — consistent and real and compassionate and loving…he feels for other people…but hey, it’s the NE, and that doesn’t sell as much as implying he can be a bit of a cad – but any woman reading this will know it’s not true. WE *KNOW*. This girl Tonya is no slender beauty queen, and she probably wasn’t even that popular….but he loved her very much. She’s probably mortified at the bit about Aniston, because my intuition tells me she didn’t agree to that part, or volunteer it.

    I wish I had had a boyfriend like that in highschool. :-)

    Angelina, you done GOOD.

  • Missouri Fan

    49 | guli |
    Good night !
    Me too was the other one besides you, me & CCCC. “Chica” had 4 computers that night!