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Brad & Angelina Pictures in Pune!!

Brad & Angelina Pictures in Pune!!

The paparazzi in Pune are going wild! Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt (both pictured above if you look closely) are indeed shacked up at Le Meridien hotel in Pune, India!!!!!!! (Notice the Le Meriden umbrella held up by hotel staff.) I’m sure Brad & Angie‘s three children — Maddox, Zahara, and Shiloh — were not far behind. Check out the pictures in the gallery…

[Pictures via x17online]
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angelina jolie le meridien 01
angelina jolie le meridien 02
angelina jolie le meridien 03
angelina jolie le meridien 04
angelina jolie le meridien 05
angelina jolie le meridien 06
angelina jolie le meridien 07

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  • sarah


  • ((chanel))


  • Angie

    Second! hehe
    Thanks JJ, so they really are in Pune :)

  • allelou

    FIRST.. loves the brangelina!

  • Deede

    Hope they have a lovely time in India. The Le Meridien Hotel is a beautiful place. I wish them peace and happiness…

  • raqchel

    Damn this is insanity. Some of the good people of Pune are really going nuts over these two. Gesh! I hope they have mickey to keep the paps at bay.

  • Africhic

    Oh my good, the pictures are lovely. We want some of Brad, Maddox, Zahara and Shiloh. I hope they have fun in India

  • India

    JARED, I WILL DO ANYTHING FOR YOU IF YOU GIVE ME MORE PICTURES OF BAMZS IN INDIA! PLEEEEASE! I’LL DO ANYTHING! OMG, I CAN’T BREATHE! MORE, MORE, MORE! OMG! OMG! OMG! PUHLEEASE MORE PHOTOS OF BAMZS IN INDIA! PUHLEEEASE! And no i m not insane. I just can’t belive they’re in my family’s country!!!! AHHHH!!!!!! They’re like rock stars! Brangelina, let us see you more in India. And no i m not in iNdia. I’m in America. I’ll just die if i don’t get to see more photos of them in India.

  • India

    Did anybody see the photos of the hotel in India? Gorgeous. It’s on under the title “Gwyneth Paltrow in India 6 motnhs”. Don’t know why they did that, but they’ve been doing that in other ways too, like “that place” under Kate Hudson’s papz photos.

    The people and photographers in India better not let me down. Come on! More Indian pics of Brangelina please!

  • madmaxine

    wow, you can barely see angie in these photos and you guys are
    going apeshit over them, calling them “lovely.” HILARIOUS!

  • raqchel

    that last pic is a little scary. Yikes! I guess thats the down side to being famous.

  • Vera

    can’t wait for clearer pics!

  • India

    HOw is the last pic scary. everywhere you go you get papz like that. it’s no different.

  • raqchel

    14 | India |
    hey wuz up!
    I could just be me. I would loose my shit big time if someone was following me all the damn time. I would seriously be wearing orange. Im just saying it looks kind of chaiotic in those pics.

  • suspicious_package

    Dear 8 – is that your IQ as well as your number in the thread? Going down on her brother? Ooo, aren’t you the clever one! Must have taken a lot of brain power to come up with that one.

  • faithinhim

    Jared & Audrey – I hope you’re getting some sleep. You’ve gone
    above and beyond for us BAMZS fans. Thanks for all the updates.
    You guys are great!!!!

  • anon


    Please delete d #8

  • spamthehaters

    yawn. can’t stand either one.

    18 | Stephi |

    And yet you still post on about forum about Angelina and Brad ditto “so ridiculous”. How utterly pathetic. You obviously care (in a hateful way) more than you wish to admit. Sad really.

  • WTF?

    Poor, nightmare, childish, alone, old, ugly, dumped-again Jen Jen. Can you say, ” What was I thinking when I said no to having children with this man?” Guess what F**k-up – YOU WEREN”T you need an actual brain for that.

  • Just wondering

    she cant hold her own damn umbrella?

    8 | d

    It’s the perks of staying at an expensive hotel.

  • stardust

    I wonder how they are going to shoot the movie in Pune. It’s monsoon season in India and it’s raining like cats and dogs. Hopefully the rain will let up for a while.

  • India

    People, why are you here talking about Jennifer Aniston? WILL YOU STOP WITH THAT?? THAT’S WHAT THE FANISTONS WANT! DUH! FORGET ABOUT IT!



  • stardust

    she cant hold her own damn umbrella?

    8 | d

    That’s a common thing in India. They treat their guests with utmost respect and in India most celebrities have a person that usually carries things around for them. Now you may think, what kind of job is it to hold a umbrella for someone, but in a country with one billion people, people happily to take such jobs because atleast it means they can earn a living and feed their families. It’s better than sitting on a street and beg for money. Most households in India also have servants and drivers for their cars. Most middle – class families can afford them and it’s a way to provide jobs for those who need to earn a living but don’t have an education or any degrees.

  • India

    Well, it is the NORM for people working at these expensive hotels to hold the umbrella for rich people, especially women. She probably didn’t ask for it.

    Brad is behind the man holding the umbrella.

  • India

    Well, actually you don’t have to be rich and you don’t have to be in a hotel. It happens alot.

  • Just wondering

    Thanks for the information India and Stardust.

  • Tabitha


  • bamzs 4-ever

    Thank you JJ for the new thread! You rock!!!

  • India

    Brad I’m so glad you and the kids are with Angel Angelina in India. Being in India can be a spiritual experience, but you won’t realize it until you come back to America. I suffered from serious homesickness when I went to india my first week at the age of 14, but no sickness. Just jetlag. But India is a whole different experience (especially depending in what city, village or state you’re staying at) than anywhere else. You have to be understanding to people. They may act differently, but they give you the utmost respect, even if you don’t ask for it. Visiting the city areas is not really a spiritual experience. But when you go to the village areas, and no it’s not so bad, you will leave feeling like a whole new person. If you stay in the urban areas in India, you’re really not experiencing the best parts of iNdia. And when you see the children and women, they peak at you and when you glance at them they all start giggling. The children in India are the best part.

  • spamthehaters

    Oh dear somebody with their shouting capital letters is missing their meds.

  • Oh be quiet

    This is a FREE blog space – if someone wants to rant about Aniston I say go for it, more power to ya. Not to mention it can generate some good laughs.

  • Observer2


    Do you talk to your mother like that with that mouth. If you don’t, then you know your mother would be appalled by the way you’re doing it here.

  • India

    I wonder if they’ll visit other areas of india, if not now, but later whenever they can. You have to let go of your prejudices when you go to india. Only then will you enjoy it.

  • d MENTED

    d as in douche-bag.

  • India

    Rant about Aniston? For what? AND DEPRESS THE REST OF US???


    I’ve posted over 10 comments this morning and none show up!

  • Tita

    Good laughs and Aniston don’t depress me – they go together like, well like, Angie and Brad.


    Fix it!!!!!
    None of the threads work for me!!!

  • gitane

    my oh my! they are most certainly an internation sensation! be safe BAMZS and enjoy your time in india!

  • Alexanderina

    Jared, have I told you how much I adore you :), you are the BEST. Thank you for the new Thread and Pictures.

  • Just wondering

    Here is a video of a news report. No new pics of Brad or Angelina. (Thanks to Brad News)

  • lingering doubts

    Lingering doubts remain:—

    1) Everyone thought of Vince and Jen’s break up, thinking , well, it didnt work. So the break up.

    2) Has this ever crossed your mind, given Jen’s deception to the public in the past , (her lied to the public about a baby is on the way, when in fact, we saw her smoking cig after cig), could she have also used Vince, stringing him along in order to promote her career or saving her image?

    3) It’s ok if Jen and Vince use the media to promote the movie. But what if Vince is NOTpart of this media promotion? What if Vince is really sincere and serious in the relationship? What if it is Jen who is using Vince?

    4) here is an excerpt from Us Weekly Oct 16, 2006
    it is a tabloid , but if this source is correct it explains why she attacked brad the way she did:

    “Now says the source she feels like Brad is winning, and she never felt that way before…”

    5) Is Jen treating the whole thing as a game, a race, a REVENGE???? Did she use Vince and backfire????

    6) Considering the timing of this break up, had Vince been part of the promotion game, he would have waited until the sales of the DVD is finished. But he did NOT. May be he is never part of Jen’s game. And when he found out about this, he called off the whole thing.

  • kiki

    d, does writing with capital letters makes you feel better? Please go back to your hospital, after lobotomy it’s dangerous to wander outside alone. Dr. Feelgood is waiting for you.

  • Cyndi

    look so good together.

  • NoAniston

    Yeah I agree, I think Bamzs fans should stop talking about Aniston if not minimize. She is no longer relevant to Brad, the more fans still include her in every Brad and Angelina discussion, the more the tabs will continue to include her in their B & A write-ups.

    I suppose we can discuss her when under an Aniston thread, but not in a B& A thread.
    Although one can defend B&A when there is an Ansiton fan here that makes hate/bad remarks on B&A, in the same way that the JA fans can also defend their idol if there are haters in a JA thread.

  • Gussie

    It is now Sat 1:07 am in Pune, we won’t get better pictures until tomorrow…

  • Lucy

    These two are my favorite Hollywood couple.

  • Estelle

    Thanks JJ for another thread, already 3 pages here, geez, never going to catch up, ok BBL after depo. I’m sure it will be over 20 pages for sure.

  • pandy

    They are amazing.

  • truth

    Nice having people from India around to explain things.