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Brad & Angelina in HOLLAND!

Brad & Angelina in HOLLAND!

Hollywood’s hottest couple looked positively dapper and sophisticated in business attire on the runway this past Wednesday, Oct. 4! Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie boarded a private jet late in Rotterdam, Holland after reportedly meeting with high up executives. Another source claims Brad and Angie will be snatching up real estate in Holland. Inset: Looks like Brad made a quick wardrobe change before his flight out of Rotterdam! The couple’s philanthropic and political adviser Trevor Neilson accompanied them to the airport…

Next stop? Pune, India! More pictures in the gallery…

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  • Spammy

    Wow they look wonderful together! It looks like Ange is holding onto a pair of slippers – must be for travelling…kind of makes you like her even more!

  • http://no monica


  • Vera

    can’t keep up with these two! Lovely.



  • kitty

    OK, seriously, how can you tell if they look wonderful together? They’re never even looking at each other. How would anyone know they’re a beautiful couple? Gah.

  • Linely

    Angelina was in Marseille (… Zidane you know!?) yesterday! She shot in my district and I during this time read some tricks on her on the net!

  • Vera

    well I mean we have seen them up close before. Them being
    beautiful is kinda common knowledge…I’m just diggin’ on their
    outfits. They look great.

  • pl

    Brad looks sharp and handsome and Angie is forever beautiful

  • Nika

    Rumor is, they’ll buy a house in Holland.

  • Neat

    Loves it! thanx for posting jared! they look good!

  • julia

    Angie is so beautiful!!!!!

  • briseis

    Man, they look sharply dressed! I love this look on them, especially Brad.

    Wow, so many threads in just a few days. Thanks, Jared and Audrey!

  • Pol

    thanks for the new pics. They look great.

  • NaNa

    I am wondering what Brad and Angie is planing.
    They are never idle, it seems.
    Since I see a picture of their consultant (the guy in black suit talking with Brad), the business they had in Holland was somthing to do with Jolie-pitt foundation.

  • Sher

    Did you guys notice that Bradley is checking our his missus long lesgs in high heels in those pic? Too funny….very cute. Lotsa poon in Pune, don´t you just love it?

    Jared you rock…

  • LV

    They are going to look for a house at the Leidsegracht in Amsterdam according to the dutch media.

    OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMG I really want to see them.. I am only 10 min away from there.

  • LV

    OMG.. if this was wednesday.. than I guess they are already gone. Than the rumours of them having arrived in Pune are probably right.

    Gosh they look so hot on these pictures..

  • Leo

    That’s Trevor Neilson with them so they must of been there on some sort of official, charitable business

  • LV

    You know what is really weird.. the dutch media must have been late with this as well. The only report I heard is that they would be here next week. Turns out now they are already or have been here. I find it amazing how this was kept so quiet.

    I guess Amsterdam would be a good place for them to live.. LOL

  • ell

    JJ thanks !!!

  • freidaflo

    Great- -
    Breakfast with the Pitts.
    What a goodlooking couple…

  • Leo

    I doubt they’re buying a home in Amsterdam . The media of every country has them buying up homes left and right wherever they are. If they were to buy overseas it would probably be France since they both seem to love it there.

  • ell

    Media didn’t know nothing about this two. and that is good. They live there lives .and that is the best thing to do -

    And that is what I love about this couple :lol:

  • Ruth

    Thanks JJ for new pics, Good morning BAMZS fan, Im finding it hard to keep up, but Im enjoying it.

  • ell

    24 | Ruth

    You are not the only one !!!

  • LV

    Actually Brad already had a home here. And he used to live here many years ago for about 3 months. Brad has been seen here many times when there would be very little media attention to it. A friend of mine went to a museum and met him there. This was a month or so after he had been here for oceans. He then came back and no one knew about it. But because I had seen this meeting picture of my friend I knew it had to be true.

    But you are right, Leo. Almost every country is mentioning that they have plans to buy property there..

  • freidaflo

    Anyone notice, AJ is on the move.” Hurry up Bradley”. I love a very active,confident woman.
    Any other woman would be clinging to Brad up to the plane ramp. Nice pics.
    Thanks again — JJ

  • twinkle

    I LOVE THIS COUPLE, Very active…have beautiful children
    thanks JJ for the new pics, can’t wait for the other pictures

  • Ruth

    Glad your are here ell just want to tell you how much I love your videos.

  • freidaflo

    26 LV
    Brad has a home in Holland.!!
    He said he was a drifter when he was younger.
    Understandable. Fate brought them together.
    Both enjoy travel and adventure.
    Watch out , World… the Jolie- Pitts maybe in your
    neighborhood anytime soon.
    LV , thanks for letting us know…..

  • earlymoring

    Thrilling, gorgeous and sexy!!!!!!
    I love them, I love them!!
    I’m sure, Brad is checking Angie’s sexy ass and legs while he is
    pretending to listen to that airport staff.

  • CCCC

    Good morning all, what a nice surprise. Beautiful couple. Thanks JJ for the new pix.

  • Leo

    Pitt never owned a home in Amsterdam. He lived there briefly after Thelma and Louise came out but he never bought property

  • Elmo

    A publication in India has put out an article like they did in Canada saying help us find “Brangelina” They’ve asked people to send in pictures and video.

    India is completely out of control and the media inappropriate

  • Original Curious

    Thank you Jared and Audrey. It is so nice to wake up to my favorite family. They definately look like they were there on business, and I’d sure be holding slippers if I had to wear those heels! any guesses on what’s in the bag Brad is holding? It almost looks like a money bag! lol

  • hoo


  • Leo

    Pune: It’s official and confirmed! Hollywood’s star couple Brad Pitt and Anglina Jolie are in Pune at the Le Meridien.

    After weeks of speculation, Brangelina finally arrived in Pune on Thursday afternoon.

    The couple was spotted stepping out of their hotel on Friday afternoon and heading to an unknown destination.

    Many members of the press, both, National and International, were parked outside the hotel ever since the celeb couple arrived.

    Rumour mills had been working over time but no one had confirmed till now if the couple had landed.

    “Yes, they (Pitt and Angelina) are here. It’s not a secret, they are here,” an airport official had said earlier.

    Pitt and Angelina are in the city to shoot A Mighty Heart, a film on the life of journalist Daniel Pearl.

    The film, produced by Pitt’s production house, is based on the book of the same title by Daniel’s wife, Mariane Pearl.

  • Elmo

    Angelina is holding a rolled up t-shirt and khaki’s which is what the India press said she was wearing when they landed in Pune. They probably changed on the plane

  • Missouri Fan

    a wakeup happy smile to see these


    Many Thanks Jared & Audrey!
    You’re are very KIND to BAMZS fans
    GOOD Friday to both of you !!


    MF will always love the JOLIE-PITTs FAMILY..

    BREAKFAST COFFEE to everyone !


  • Gussie

    September, 27: LA, USA (photos of Angie visiting her mother)

    October, 2-3: Marseille, France (reports of Angie shooting there) NOT confirmed

    October, 4: Rotherdam, Holland

    October,5: Arrived at Pune, India

    Love the schedule…

  • piyutra


  • freidaflo

    26 LV
    33 LEO
    Each of you has your own info .about Brad’s real estate. No reason for upmanship here.
    Maybe BRad brought a small prop.(rising star,inexpensive dutch cottage) had a family member do the purchase to avoid the hooplah.
    A house not in Brad’s name.
    I live in florida ,close to the beach. There are so many million dollar houses whose owners come about 1 month (coldest winter up north) a year.
    My hubby fishes with a retiree whose job is just to maintain 3 of these houses. Tight lipped , just says very rich owners from up north. It can happen.
    Brad’s prop. in Holland, true or false. For me it just doesn’t matter. They are now citizen of the world.

  • Gussie

    43 | stop it |

    Such unreasonable hate, such a blindness to evidence: I am so sorry for you, but do keep venting if it makes you feel more adequate.

  • freidaflo

    44 OOPs!!
    Should say “bought” not “brought”.
    Morning excitement plus senior moments = disaster.
    Have a nice day all. Will soon be departing for the DEPARTED.

  • Just the facts

    26 LV
    33 LEO
    Each of you has your own info .about Brad’s real estate. No reason for upmanship here.
    44 | freidaflo

    What are you talking about? I don’t read any one upmanship going on with those posts

    Pitt did stay in Amsterdam for about 3mos after T&L came out. It’s well documented. He’s spoken about it over and over again but he DOES NOT own property there.

  • Mediterranean

    to Natasha,

    To fell in love and to be with someone you need more that supposed-to-be-sexy legs; something like brain and heart above the legs!!!

  • bdj

    Thanks Just Jared. This is turning into “Where in the World is BAMZS”. Love it. I check your site each day to see and read the current whereabouts. All the haters need to get a grip. This couple is living their lives full of travel and adventure while you whine on a blog. Best wishes and safe travel to BAMZS. Hope they have a lovely and productive stay in India.

  • Ant

    Pitt likes his women long and lean. He always has. The only one who’s been short and what would be considered chunky for him is Aniston and she’s by no means heavy. She’s just “thicker” then the women he’s always been attracted to.

  • trivia

    Love these two. Hah, they’re going to adopt three more kids next year. Brad Pitt has sure found his woman.

  • Just the facts

    People can criticize Angelina all they want. The fact is, she’s the one he’s getting into bed with every night and she’s the mother of his children and she’s the women he doesn’t leave for more then 3/4 days tops at a time.

    So um, apparently big calves don’t do it for him