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Pitt Spotted In Pune

Pitt Spotted In Pune

I’m duly impressed by Pune paparazzi. Here are the latest and greatest pictures of — what seems like — Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie relaxing at Le Meridien Hotel in Pune, India. Baby Zahara (inset) seems to be pointing something out to daddy Brad. No sign of Maddox or Shiloh yet… Check out the bigger pictures in the gallery!

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  • Jenny89

    OK how many threads are you going to put up! lol you must be tired.

    Thanks Jared!

  • Just Jared

    *Gasping for air* Yeah, I worked up a good sweat today.

  • tabitha

    Brad is holding Z.Nice pictures.


    OMG…he is — nice catch Tabitha…she’s pointing with her wee little finger. awwww.

    Man we are being spoiled today Jared – these pics are coming so fast andfurious, I don’t even know where to find everybody. LOL

  • sheryll

    what can i say jared?…your the man.havent you sleepin’…….thanks anyway.

    hmmmm, bamzs rocks!

  • Canadian Chick


  • maria

    Brad looks so f’in gorgeous, JJ you’re killing me!

  • sheryll

    be ready guys….all the haters are coming….bwahahaha…eat your heart out haters…we are being spoiled by jared here.

  • BeCool

    Cool Pictures, can’t wait to see more!!!

  • angelah

    Hi to all of you guys that are here!

    Thanks for posting the new pics again j@red, you so rock. But I’m somewhat dizzy now due to all of these new threads// :-x

  • tabitha


  • angelah

    i was jp, dont kick me out..heh


    DAMN JARED! Give me a moment to catch up! LOL!
    You the man Jared!

  • Tijen

    Jared – Thank you for all of your hard work today. We appreciate it!

  • bamzs 4-ever

    Thank you Jared. I love all the pictures.

  • old hag

    Thank you jared. I’m expecting more of these picture coming out in the next few months. Babel, TGS promotion , Benjamin Button shooting, then Oscar. wow ! great !

  • bamzs 4-ever

    Hey where is Shiloh and Maddox? I only see Z’s little hand.

  • nk

    I’m duly impressed by Jared producing all these photos for us to
    salivate. Thanks!
    Is there a country they haven’t been to yet?

  • African Girl

    And we are duly impressed by you Jared. My God, you are fast! Thank you very much.

    Look how cool, calm and collected they are. It’s like they tune the chaos out…..impressive.

  • Maniston

    Jared, you da man!

    Don’t forget BAMZS Fans to see The Departed this weekend if its playing in your area. Brad is producer and he now has a growing family to feed so open your wallets. LOL

  • phie

    Wow love them. Thanks jared for those pictures take a rest but make sure you post some pictures of this loving family everyday for BAMZS lovers!!!!

  • bamzs 4-ever

    I love it how Angie is sitting there, probably reading the script. While Brad is holding Z and discussing or planning some work with the guy holding a pencil.

  • movie fan

    Has anyone seen The Departed yet? Was it crowded today?

  • stardust

    I want Angelina to wear a sari like this. I think it’s gorgeous.

  • ((chanel))

    angie and brad they look beautiful

  • Hot Damn

    3 | tabitha

    Damn, you have a good eye. I didn’t even notice Zahara! I thought Brad was showing that guy how to comb his hair.

    From what I can see… Angelina is looking goood… they both are.

  • angelah

    24 | movie fan
    saw it after my 11 o’clock class. Good amount of ppl (in my area). THe movie was good! lol @ jn’s dildo.

    (pay back to pay back)

  • India

    AH, A NEW THREAD. NO WONDER IT WAS GETTIN QUIET AT THE LAST THREAD. WHY DON’T YOU PEOPLE OPEN YOUR MOUTHS… OR TYPE SOMETHING…LOL . Jared! You did work up a sweat! Gonna send you something for that! (Money.. tickets to somewhere… I’ll think of something!) Much appreciated! YOU’RE THE MAN!

    Oh, Jenny, let him put up as much as he can…. yes, yes! :-D

    LOOK AT JOLIE AND ZAHARA! Zahara is pointing to the air while Brad’s holding her. Angelina looks so relaxed. I hope they enjoy themselves. They can setup a gorgeous big, big newly renovated house in India, if they want. That’s what some Indians do when they move to the West and earn a living they could never earn in India. They go back to India and build a house for themselves for when they retire or need a place to stay when they go visit. Earning enough for a house in india is not alot. I know alot of people, not just Indians, who are not from America or what have you and they go back to their country (like Puerto Rico or elsewhere) and build a house for themselves that they would never really have if they had stayed in their own country.

  • angelah

    Oh the movie/characters also had some hilarious lines!! that is all..

  • em

    Jared you are on a fast track to anything Brad and Angie the last 24 hours. Thank you! I adore Brad and Angie and their beautiful children.

  • India

    I wanna see Zahara in a silvarkamese – sp? (indian dress for any age). Or you can call it silvar for short.

  • angelah

    24 | stardust
    She’ll be so beautiful wearing that sari :oops:

  • Um

    I thought Brad was showing that guy how to comb his hair.


  • guli

    JARED and AUDREY you are the BEST….. Many thanks…

  • org Ruth

    24 | stardust
    that Sari is gorgeous, I could see Angie in that.

  • India

    lol, Um

  • stardust

    Thanks Jared and Audrey. I’ve already said this but you two rock!!!

    This is the best site for BAMZS fans. :)

  • bamzs 4-ever

    Hey just a thought, maybe Z saw the photographer and point at him/her to her dad. Woudn’t that be cute?

  • angelah

    ..requited love…

  • India

    Stardust, the women over there have to teach Angelina how to PUT ON the sari. That’s a TASK in itself! LOL… My mother has an obsesion with saris. I have no clue why. But she keeps them locked up and has hundreds of beautiful, beautiful saris. She kills me if I even touch her saris. Don’t ask me why… I guess it’s her little obsession.. They must be expensive. I never ask.

  • QQQQ

    Thanks Jared & Audrey, U totally ROCK….

  • QQQQ

    24 | stardust | That sari is gorgeous…. She would look fabulous in it

  • AddictedtoBAMZs

    Have you seen the news clip from India yet? Two interesting images…first is a still of Brad, and Mickey is behind him. Something is behind MICKEY, however, and whatever it is makes Mickey look like he is wearing Mickey Mouse or Goofy ears. Silly. At the end of the clip a photo of Marianne Pearl is shown, and when you see it , it will make perfect sense that Angelina will play her in the movie. There is no question she can and will look very much like her. Go see The Departed everyone! Brad’s charity work will benefit…

  • India

    This site is the best site for obsessive people, like me, Jared. LOL…

  • angelah

    43 | AddictedtoBAMZs
    please can you provide the link?

  • Jenny89

    38 | bamzs 4-ever

    LOL Yeah that would be cute :)

    I read somewhere Brad has a buddist tattoo to protect his family-kids- from demons. Seems to have worked on Aniston lol. Sorry I needed to make that joke.

    Thanks again Jared, Love Angie’s hair :D

  • angelah

    43 | AddictedtoBAMZs
    please, can you provide the link?

  • piper, with a low

    Wow… an embarassment of riches. More BA threads. I can’t wait to see more group pics with all of their kids. And I will be too through if their candids and BA are totally relaxed and natural.

  • India

    Yea, can all of you provide the links you posted before on the last thread and the one Addicted just mentioned.
    PEOPLE! You should know this….
    I know, i’m being way too demanding here! Cut me some slack!

  • kk1

    Jared-You are the best! My favorite family TOGETHER in India. I was so happy to see that Mickey is there in India with Brad and Angie, he will make sure that all are protected. Brad and Angie are just amazing, they make it look so easy to pack up the kids and travel all over the world. They are one unit and refuse to leave their children with caregivers while they travel and and “do their thing” as many others do. Shiloh’s passport at her age of four months has been to more countries than mine. LOL. Little Z’s hand pointing at whatever is so cute, she has been photographed doing that a number of times. She seems like a very curious and aware 21 month older who observes everything. I just cannot understand anyone who does not or will not accept that the members of this family are totally bonded together. Why does anyone with any intelligence at all keep whining and making critical or negative remarks abut this family? Are some people blind? Are just mentally ill? All these people who scream about upholding family values of love and respect and togetherness, don’t they see that this family exempifies those values? The Jolie-Pitts are ALWAYS TOGETHER, one does not leave the other for weeks and months at a time, they work together, they share interests like their Jolie-Pitt Foundation, they speak of all their activities as “we” activities, they express their love of their family(by family I mean Brad, Angie, Maddox, Zahara, and Shiloh) to all. I have seen a “giddy” Angie (Namibia interview) and recently a “giddy” Brad(Toronto interview), love has a tendency to induce that state of euphoria. It can’t be denied.